[multi] Retro Virtual Machine 2.1.4 18/01/23

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[multi] Retro Virtual Machine 2.1.4 18/01/23

To dość ciekawy projekt autorstwa Juana Carlosa González Amestoy, w którym w chwili obecnej zaemulujemy maszynki marki Sinclair i Amstrad tworząc ich wirtualne maszyny, środowisko pozwala nie tylko na odtworzenie ich pracy, ale dzięki shaderom także dość wierne odtworzenie obrazu CRT (dużo ustawień), dźwięku (znów jest na czym eksperymentować) .

Deathchase (1983, Micromega). Mervyn Estcourt. Moim skromnym zdaniem RVM najepiej wygląda w najprostszych konstrukcjach czy jako emulator CPC, czy ZX Spectrum.

RetroVM v2.1.4 (18/01/2023)

  • Possible fix for a bug that caused RVM not to open on Mac if RVM v2.0 had been used before.
  • Machine sounds (cassette, disk, etc) respond to the main volume of the emulator now.
  • Implemented the differences in the 0x3f port of the Japanese Master System.
  • Implemented sprite zoom bug in Master System I VDP

RetroVM v2.1.3 (05/01/2023)

  • Fixed XMEM when adding it to any Amstrad Plus.
  • Fixed a race condition that could occur when flashing a Dandanator CPC.
  • Fixed the Multiplay on Windows and Linux.
  • Added a submessage to the notification when a gamepad is connected with the device name (to facilitate debugging)

RetroVM v2.1.2 (03/12/2023)

Odrzucając to, co potrafi reszta emulatorów RVM ma bardzo fajny i rozbudowany zestaw zniekształcający emulowany obraz - wygenerowany widok wygląda prawie tak jak za czasów telewizorów Rubin;)
  • Added a new machine ‘GX-4000 with 128k Mod
  • The ‘P’ key functions as a pause again in the Sega Master System and the Sega SG-1000.
  • In the NTSC SMS2, the SMS2 image is now correctly displayed instead of the SMS1 image in the cartridge panel.
  • Fixed the port DFXX in the GX4000
  • Mapped the GX4000 pause button to the P key and the ESC key
  • Mapped alternatively the pause NMI button to the ESC key in the SMS and SG-1000
  • Enabled the ‘-ns’ no shader CLI switch
  • Copyright adapted to the new year!

RetroVM v2.1.1 (31/12/2022)

  • Fixed, the emulator will hang when inserting a disk in drive B of any Amstrad CPC
  • Added a message to warn that the emulator must be restarted when adding firmware to the firmware Vault
  • Added a message to the joystick emulation notification, with the keys that are used

RetroVM v2.1.0 (30/12/2022)

New machines

Amstrad CPC

  • Amstrad CPC 464 Plus
  • Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus
  • Amstrad GX-4000

ZX Spectrum

  • ZX Spectrum 48k NTSC
  • ZX Spectrum Pentagon
  • Microdigital TK-90X
  • Microdigital TK-95


  • Toshiba HX-10P
  • Toshiba HX-10S
  • Toshiba HX-10D


  • Colecovision PAL
  • Colecovision NTSC

Sega SG-1000

  • Sega SG-1000

Sega Master System

  • Master System 1 + FM Japanesse
  • Master System 1 NTSC
  • Master System 1 PAL
  • Master System 2 NTSC
  • Master System 2 PAL

New chips emulated

  • Texas Instruments TMS9918
  • Sega Master System VDP
  • Texas Instruments SN76489 (PSG)
  • Yamaha YM2413
  • Western Digital FD1793
  • Amstrad ASIC

New Features

  • MacOs Version universal (Intel / Apple Silicon)
  • App optimized to work on HiDPI displays (4k, retina display) on MacOs, Windows and Linux
  • Tape counter
  • Zip files support and zip with multiples files support
  • New overlay effect
  • New LCD on the overlay
  • New blur background effect
  • Keyboard support for joystick emulation
  • New audio engine using miniaudio
  • The app no longer uses SDL
  • Rewrited from scratch Amstrad CPC emulation, significantly faster
  • CRTC-0 and CRTC-1 Selectable in Amstrad CPC machines
  • ESXDOS Rom selectable in divmmc and zxuno
  • Support for changing internal ROMs in ZX Spectrum machines
  • Improved effects on the audio panel
  • New machine icons and flags
  • Reducd input lag
  • Reduced frame tearing


  • On AMD graphics cards on Windows, there is a bug in the latest OpenGL drivers that causes both RVM 2.0 and RVM 2.1.0 to flicker in black in full screen mode. It is recommended not to use any driver later than Adrenalin 22.5.2 while we try to fix the problem.
→ NOWSZY [multi] Retro Virtual Machine 2.1.9 9/10/23

RetroVM v2.1.9 (09/10/2023)

  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a disk into the ZX Pentagon machine would disable write protection.
  • Resolved a bug in WD1793 that prevented the Unreal demo from running when write protection was turned off.
  • Addressed compilation issues in XCode 15.
  • Updated Miniaudio to version 0.11.18.
  • Resolved display issues with warp shader stripes on 4K displays.
  • Improved drag and drop functionality for .rvmstate files across all machines.
  • Fixed instances where the emulator would hang when reading certain .rvmstate files.
  • Addressed an issue where the emulator would close unexpectedly when resizing the window on some Nvidia graphics cards.
  • Fixed Konami SCC Mapper bug
→ NOWSZY [multi] Retro Virtual Machine 2.1.8 1/09/23
Można polubić RMV - zwłaszcza jeśli ktoś tęskni do misterium odpalania gier na emulowanych maszynkach

RetroVM v2.1.8 (1/09/2023)

  • Fixed the annoying black screen bug on Nvidia cards under Windows.
  • Fixed the annoying black flashes bug on AMD cards under Windows.
  • Updated romdb for MSX cartridges.
  • Fixed a bug in the MSX guess mapper algorithm.
  • Improved performance on the Windows version.

RetroVM v2.1.7 (24/07/2023)

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when launching the emulator on a secondary screen in MacOS.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented reading and writing correctly on SD cards larger than 4GB, with the error being more severe on Windows.
  • More work on the timings of the TKs (Still not 100% accurate).


→ NOWSZY [multi] Retro Virtual Machine 2.1.6 01/03/23

RetroVM v2.1.6 (1/03/2023)

  • Adjusted the playback speed of the cassette on the MSX, ZX 128k, and all Microdigital computers, which was 2% faster than normal (yes, I have users with very keen ears ;) )
  • Removed the annoying debug screen in Windows
  • Some adjust to the Microdigital ULA contention (Not perfect yet)


RetroVM v2.1.5 (27/02/2023)

  • Fix sound after load a state in the ZX Spectrum Machines
  • Fix HDF file support
  • Fixed the category image for the Microdigital Machines
  • Fix RVM Hangs when no space left in the explorer window of a cpm disc.
  • Fix the timing of the out and in opcodes in the z80 (was incorrect in all the v2.1.x releases)
  • Fix some artwork
→ [multi] Retro Virtual Machine 2.0.beta-1.r0
Empire Strikes Back (1988, The Hit Squad)

v2.0.Beta-1.r1 27/12/2018

  • [UI]: Fixed bug that could cause a general crash when opening a popup
  • [Amstrad CPC]: Fixed CRTC bug when r1>r0
  • [ZX Spectrum]: Fixed the timing of the AY-8912 in the ZX Spectrum.
  • [CLI]: Fixed media loading on ZX.
  • [CLI]: Machines make a Hard-reset before starting, this makes that now work well the ZX-Uno and the Inves in the cli
  • [CLI]: Fixed bug if trying to load a snapshot that doesn't exist

v2.0.Beta-1.r0 22/12/2018

First public release


  • Multiplatform
    • Windows (Vista+)
    • Linux
    • MacOs (10.9+)
  • Multi System
    • ZX Spectrum
      • ZX Spectrum 16k
      • ZX Spectrum 48k (issue2/3/+/+English)
      • ZX Spectrum 128k (eng/spa)
      • ZX Spectrum +2 (eng/spa/fr)
      • ZX Spectrum +2A (4.0eng/4.0spa/4.1eng/4.1spa)
      • ZX Spectrum +3 (4.0eng/4.0spa/4.1eng/4.1spa)
      • ZX Spectrum +2E (eng/spa)
      • ZX Spectrum +3E (eng/spa)
      • Inves Spectrum +
      • ZX-Uno (v4.1/v4.2)
    • Amstrad CPC
      • Amstrad CPC 464 (CRTC-0)
      • Amstrad CPC 664 (CRTC-0)
      • Amstrad CPC 6128 (CRTC-0)
  • Multi machine
    • Possibility of opening several machines in parallel
  • Virtual Cassette
    • Support TAP,TZX,PZX,CSW,CDT in playback or recording.
  • Floppy disks
    • Low level disc (mfm)
    • New implementation of upd765
    • HFE/DSK support
  • Monitor
    • Emulation of synchronism (H-sync/V-sync)
    • New Shader
  • Joysticks / Gamepad
    • Autodetection
  • Devices
    • ZX Spectrum
      • DivMMC
      • Kempston Mouse
      • Magic-AY
      • Turbo Sound
    • Amstrad CPC
      • X-Mem
      • CPC Dandanator
      • AMX Mouse
  • Supported file systems in the integrated explorer
    • FAT 16
    • FAT 32
    • CPM
  • SD Emulation (SPI)
    • SD (max 2GB)
    • SDHC (max 32GB)
  • Development system (ALPHA)
    • Editable hexadecimal view
    • Editable disassembly view
    • Multiple monitors
    • Assembler with LUA pre-processor
    • Command terminal

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