[multi] NO$GBA 2.8a

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Martin Korth autor popularnej serii emulatorów no$cash (no$sns, no$gba, no$nes, no$msx, no$sns, no$cpc, no$c64, no$gmb, no$k2)  udostępnił nową wersję emulatora handheldów NINTENDO - GameBoy Advance i Nintendo DS.

Tak jak w wypadku pozostałych projektów z serii NoCash, autor zdecydował się zmienić dostęp do najnowszych wersji - są one dostępne dla wszystkich, a nie jak wcześniej poprzednia wersja była publicznie uwalniana, a wersja najnowsza tylko dla osób dotujących projekt. Warto więc pomyśleć o dotacji, zważywszy, że Korth tworzy projekty, które należą do jednych z lepszych emulatorów obsługiwanych platform.

NO$GBA, tak jak NO$PSX został udostępniony w dwóch wersjach - deweloperskiej (z debuggerem) i typowo dla graczy, gdzie cały śmietnik dev został usunięty.


NDS No$gba:New Super Mario Bros
New Super Mario Bros

No$gba version 2.8a 03 May 2015

  • dsi/help: added little-endian AES pseudo code with double-checked test values
  • dsi/files/help: added camera pit.bin and jpec/exif specs (unknown signature)
  • dsi/files/help: added TWLFontTable.dat specs (with unknown compression)
  • dsi/files/help: added specs/compression for "wifi firmware" (unknown purpose)
  • dsi/files/help: added specs for TWLCFGn.dat (user settings) (as far as known)
  • dsi/files/help: added specs for misc files and log files
  • dsi/files/help: more details for "tad" files (sd card .bin) and for HNB_.lst
  • dsi/files/help: added partial specs on certificate and whitelist stuff
  • dsi/help: notes on emmc decryption being possible for boot code and partitions
  • dsi/mem/help: added info on various main ram regions (2FFxxxxh and 2000400h)
  • debug: filesystem viewer: allows to view eMMC partition trees (like NDS carts)
  • debug: filesystem viewer: double click saves selected file (to fixed filename)
  • dsi/help: specs for eMMC images ("DSi-#.mmc" with "DSi eMMC CID/CPU" footer)
  • gaming version: fixed crash when starting emu without cartridge in nds mode
  • debug version: fixed messed intro screen when booting without cart in nds mode
  • nds/3d/help: added note on invalid gx commands being ignored by hardware
  • nds/3d: made 'invalid gx command' warning optional (as part of bad io warning)
  • gba/help: updated gba/thumb open-bus specs in unpredictable things chapter
  • gba/emu: better prefetch for reads from unused memory by code in WRAM/OAM/BIOS
  • dsi/help: added summary (and complete list) of files/folders on SD/MMC storage
  • layer setup: allows to disable video layers, 3d effects, and 3d hide tests
  • layer setup: allows to disable nds sound channels, and separate sound formats
  • gba/bios-clone: swi cpufastset length rounded-up to n*8 words (thanks ricardo)
  • nds/auxspi: forces spi-busy bit (and unused bits) to zero (thanks Frederic)
  • setup: added "setup_nds_system" in gaming version, too (thanks Kokoji)
  • setup: fixed some crashes on gba/nds/dsi mode changes (mainly tty-related)
  • dsi/help: added MBR, VBR, FAT, and LFN specs to SD/MMC filesystem chapters
  • dsi/help: added console id chapter (cid, 4004d00h, barcode, mac, wfc id)
  • dsi/help: added AES ndma notes (block size, start-ndma before starting aes)
  • dsi/aes: emulates aes-io-ports, and aes-irq (no aes-dma yet though)
  • dsi/aes: ported AES functions to native DSi-style little-endian format
  • dsi/help: updated AES i/o port chapter (many details, additions, corrections)
  • dsi/help: discovered eMMC 120bit CID value (at 2FFD7BCh in main ram)
  • dsi/cartbooter: allows dsiware/system code to exceed 4MB (unlike ROM carts)
  • gui: help-engine on win95/winNT4: forces IDC_ARROW (instead of IDC_HAND)
  • gui: uses GetScrollInfo/SetScrollInfo in help-engine (except for win31...?)
  • dsi/help: identified AIC3000D as TSC2117, added lots of specs from datasheet
  • debug: added SPI logging option (in TTY window) (cart, powerman, flash, tsc)
  • dsibrew: updated the NUS Downloader/database page (some additions/corrections)
  • dsi/help: added note on teak being actually used (by two system utilities)
  • dsi/cartloader: added ".app" to standard extensions (for nus downloader files)
  • dsi/help: added more cart header details (region flags, system/dsiware flags)
  • dsi: emulates dsipstat.bit6=1 (lcd init ready) (needed for dsi system menu)
  • nds/dsi: allows writing dispstat.bit7 (MSB of 9bit LYC) (unlike 8bit gba LYC)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.9b 30/09/18

30 Sep 2018 - version 2.9b

  • web: created no$project patreon page, https://www.patreon.com/martin_korth
  • dsi/emu: allows 8bit vram writes on dsi (if enabled in SCFG_EXT9.bit13)
  • dsi/help: added note on dsi debug blowfish key used when SCFG_OP nonzero
  • carthdr/help: added carthdr[0B0h] "DoNotZeroFillMem"=unlaunch fastboot ID
  • dma/help: added note on dma-fill via 40000Exh being slower than stmia/ndma
  • dsi/help: added note on broken cameras being more common than unknown cameras
  • dsi/tsc/iomap: shows tsc page 0,1,3 registers (page 3 is hidden in aes tab)
  • dsi/tsc/emu: basic emulation for reading/writing tsc page 0,1,3 registers
  • dsi/startdirect: initializes GPIO registers (sound,powerbutt,wifimode)
  • a22i: throws error message on forward references within .pack blocks
  • nds/cart: supports flashcarts with arm9 code below offset 4000h (ievolution)
  • nds/bugfix: resurrected BG0CNT/BG1CNT.bit13 (unlike GBA) (thanks chocoreep)
  • dsi/help: info about ST NAND02G AH0LZC5 emmc chips (thanks barawer+trade girl)
  • dsi/emmc: emulates different eMMC CSD's (matched to four known eMMC CID's)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.9a 24/07/18

24 Jul 2018 version 2.9a

  • emu/dsi/clk: supports ARM9 134MHz mode (but waitstates are too fast for now)
  • bios/help: swi waitbyloop timings for arm7/arm9 rom/cache nds/dsi 67mhz/134mhz
  • cart/emu: supports ds cart reset tricks (via toggling scfg_mc_msb or exmemcnt)
  • dsi/emu/help: scfg_clk.bit7 is read-only on arm9 (value mirrored from arm7)
  • dsi/help: added notes on 'flipnote lenny (or whatever it is called)' exploit
  • dsi/help: solved unknown last bytes in boot info block (SHA1 on 60h-byte area)
  • dsi/mmc-image: alternately accepts no$gba-footer at emmc offset FF800h
  • nds/dsi/cart/help: romctrl notes on (in-)official ways to reset cartridges
  • nds/dsi/cart/help: romctrl notes on wrong and slow 1t-rom timings cart header
  • dsi/debug: reformatted scfg7/scfg9 iomap windows, with new scfg details
  • dsi/teak/help: added offical names for bits in ar/arp/stt/mod (from .dll)
  • dsi/teak/help: many new stt/mod/ar/arp/cfgi/a0e/vtr details (thanks wwylele)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.9

 No$GBA version 2.9 14 Jun 2018

  • webpage: added credit card payment option plz send money if you like my work
  • dsi/exploit: released unlaunch.dsi (first ever released dsi bootcode exploit)
  • utility/upload: added dslink-compatible wifi upload function (nds/dsi only)
  • utility/upload: wifiboot 2.1 dslink-clone (proper cache init/initback)
  • utility/upload: wifiboot 2.0 dslink-clone (dwm-w024 and arm7i/arm9i areas)
  • dsi/emu/cartloader/help: takes WRAMCNT from MSBs of MBK9 entry in cartheader
  • dsi/emu: mirrors read-only SCFG_EXT7 bits from SCFG_EXT9 and vice-versa
  • arm/cpu/help: notes on cache clean vs invalidate and cache-write-bufferability
  • dsi/help: added caution of forward references in Device List structure
  • dsi/cartloader: rejects large modcrypt areas (eg. crypt.size>arm7i.size)
  • dsi/cartloader: supports small modcrypt areas (eg. crypt.start>arm7i.start)
  • dsi/modcrypt/help: added notes of several weird modcrypt corner cases
  • arm/debug: I/O map cpmem9 shows PU dc/cc/wb (data/code cache and wbufferable)
  • spi/powerman: emulates dslite/dsi registers: powerman[4] and powerman[10h]
  • dsi/korea/help: notes korean font file (diff names, crisp clear, less tiles)
  • dsi/korea/help: korean firmware version numbering as in china, 1.4.6 is newest
  • dsi/help: added note on smaller cert.sys files (for korea or before dsi-shop?)
  • dsi/wifi/emu: emulates sdio cmd5,cmd3,cmd7,cmd15 and reset_control.bit8
  • nds/wifi/help: added description for 48080DAh W_RX_LEN_CROP register
  • dsi/wifi/help: sdio init via cmd5,cmd3,cmd7,cmd15, rtc.fout, scfg/gpio etc
  • dsi/wifi/help: added sdio pins on daughterboard and pinout for ar6013g chip
  • dsi/sdmmc/help: described 40048F6h (bit0 = SD_WRPROTECT_2 for eMMC chip)
  • dsi/scfg/help: details on scfg_ext7 and scfg_a7rom, updated mbk chapter
  • dsi/scfg/emu: emulates scfg_ext7 and scfg_a7rom access right bits
  • dsi/scfg/emu: emulates arm9.mbk1-5 writes in respect to arm7.mbk9 setting
  • dsi/emu: removed most in_32 notyet warnings, added more out_xx notyet warnings
  • dsi/mmc/emu: warning if .mmc file without footer (need CID and Console ID)
  • dsi/help: added notes on bits in SCFG_A9ROM/A7ROM being set-once bits
  • dsi/wifi/help: described 4004C04h.bit8 needed for DWM-W024 in NDS-wifi mode
  • dsi/sdmmc/help: notes on SEND_OP_COND, and on ALL_GET_CID vs max CARD_CLK_CTL
  • dsi/exploits/help: added some notes on recently released exploits and tools
  • dsi/biosdumping/help: notes on voltage errors and CE2 idea from dark_samus
  • dsi/help: added info on valid ARM9+ARM7+ARM9i+ARM7i areas for NDS and DSi mode
  • dsi/help: added info on RSA signatures for newer non-whitelisted NDS carts
  • dsi/carthdr/help: added notes on Access Control entry (request AES keys)
  • dsi/carthdr/help: digest, modcrypt, twl-total can be ZERO (optional entries)
  • dsi/sdmmc: added provisions for SDHC emulation, filesys viewer supports FAT32
  • arm9/emu: allows exception vectors at 00000000h or FFFF0000h (thanks dave)
  • dsi/help: added details on ECC keys/certificates (using ECC curve sect233r1)
  • carthdr/help: added some more cart headers entries for dsi (and nds with rsa)
  • help: specs for DSi RTC extras (up counter, alarm date, and FOUT selection)
  • debug/elf: processes/skips dwarf4/dwarf5 DW_FORM tags (for homebrew PSX games)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8f

No$gba version 2.8e 23 Jul 2017

  • nds/3d/help: note on MTX_PUSH/POP/STORE/RESTORE in Mode1 (thanks staplebutter)
  • nds/3d/emu: matrix stack in mode1 behaves like mode2 (fixes light directions)
  • dsi/mmc: supports MMC commands CMD1 and CMD6 (somewhat needed for libnds)
  • dsi/sd: added warning on trying to use SD card in 4bit mode with pull-up on
  • dsi/i2c: support softreset via bptwl (keeping main ram and bptwl regs intact)
  • dsi/help: added notes on warmboot info at 2003000h (for autostarting a title)
  • dsi/help: more details on 2FFD7BCh (scr,type,hcd,csr,clk_ctl,card_opt,device)
  • bios clone: reproduces div-zero, fixed crash on div-overflow (thanks endrift)
  • gba/io: emulates some more unused bits as non-writeable (thanks endrift)
  • gba/help: note on BLDALPHA being R/W (unlike official specs, thanks endrift)
  • debug/help: note on nds9 debug message ports 4FFFAxxh working on gba/nds7 too
  • setup: renamed "Emu Identification" to "Debug I/O" and enabled it by default
  • gui: fixed window positions/fullscr when taskbar at upper/left (thanks joseph)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8e

No$gba version 2.8e 11 Feb 2017

  • gba/bugfix: forces WAITCNT.15=readonly (for DKong:KingOfSwing, thanks endrift)
  • dsi/teak/a22i: added TeakLite II assembler (supports most TL+TL2 opcodes)
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for teak cpu flags (which opcodes affect which flags)
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for memory mapped I/O ports on teak/dsp side
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for teak CPU registers, details for operand encoding
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for teak st0-2,icr plus undoc stt0-2,mod0-3
  • dsi/emmc: detects/supports debug-version eMMC images (tweaks port 4004024h)
  • dsi/help: cleaned up some RSA descriptions, notes on debug-version RSA keys
  • dsi/help: first attempts on describing SCFG_xxx registers for ARM7 side
  • nds/wifi/help: added details on ds-download-play's openpgp-rsa-sha1 signature
  • dsi/boot: mimmicked support for booting with AR6013 (when WifiFlash[1FDh]=2)
  • dsi/dsdump: released dumping tool for dsi memory areas and chip IDs
  • nds/wifi: released dswifi ASM port (and bugfixes for original dswifi-library)
  • dsi/wifi/a22i: added assembler support for atheros/xtensa instruction set
  • dsi/wifi/disass: fixed bugs for ANY/ALL/4/8 and EXTUI-based SHR pseudo-opcode
  • bugfix: handles 16bit (not 32bit) return value of GetKeyState/GetAsyncKeyState
  • nds/wifi/help: added note on W_IF acknowledging for counter half-overflows
  • dsi/tmd/help: added age ratings and public/private .sav entries in .tmd specs
  • dsi/devicelist/help: added DSi SD/MMC Device List chapter (for carthdr[1D4h])
  • dsi/startdirect: initializes device list, aes keys, etc. (still imperfect)
  • fontfile/help: more info on dsi font file (compression, nitrofont, characters)
  • lz/help: added pseudo code for lzss, lz11, and lzrev decompression
  • bootinfo/help: SHA1 WifiFlash[00h..27h] and eMMCBootInfo[00h..FFh,180h..1FFh]
  • whitelist/help: info on RSA-SHA1's, SHA1-HMAC's and missing RSA check in v1.4E
  • flipnote/help: info on various flipnote files, rsa, md5, xor-encryption
  • rsa/help: added info on rsa basics, rsa pseudo code, rsa big-endian format
  • rsa/help: added note on SWI 23h using OpenPGP Message Format (RFC 4880)
  • rsa/bios: 80x86 dsi bios clone supports RSA bios functions (SWI 20h..23h)
  • nds/bugfix: disables dsi I/O ports in DS mode (avoids misdetecting DS as DSi)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8d

26 May 2016 - version 2.8d

  • dsi/rsa: supports unencrypted "rsa" signatures (via hooked RSA swi functions)
  • dsi/sdmmc: supports NDMA sdmmc start condition (for SD data32 read/write)
  • dsi/sdmmc: supports SD card initialization (CMD0,2,3,7,8,9, ACMD6,13,41,42,51)
  • dsi/sdmmc: created/included empty sd-card-image (file dsi-1.sd, in dsi-sd.zip)
  • dsi/sdmmc: fixed irq-retriggering (recurse irq_stat on irq_mask changes)
  • dsi/sdmmc: adjusts insert/eject and write-protect flags depending on dsi-#.sd
  • dsi/sdmmc: prevents RXRDY in DATA32 mode (@@skip_rxrdy_in_data32_mode)
  • dsi/help: added notes on EMPTY sd-image (dsi-#.sd) (DSi SD/MMC Images chapter)
  • dsi/help: added notes unencrypted signatures (see BIOS RSA Functions chapter)
  • dsi/help: added notes on encrypted twl-*.der files (in "verdata" NARC file)
  • dsi/help: added CRC32 checksums for currently known/dump-able DSi-BIOS areas
  • dsi/debug: shows insternal sd/mmc registers in iomap screen (cid,csd,csr,src)
  • sample: updated magic floor gba/nds version, now with working dsi cart header

    → NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8c
    Rockman Zero GBA No$gba
    Rockman Zero GBA No$gba

    07 May 2016 - version 2.8c

    • webpage: added some dev forum links (http://4dsbrew.org and http://gbadev.org)
    • help: added "us" to known dsi-regions (including its countries and languages)
    • dsi: re-ordered wram as C-then-B (fixes 3780000h boundary issue on us/sysmenu)
    • dsi/wifi/help: added specs for WMI commands/events (and for BMI boot-commands)
    • dsi/sdmmc/help: added sd/mmc state info (specs when/which command can be used)
    • dsi/softreset: allows rebooting dsi firmware via NUM-* (reinit DSi registers)
    • dsi: can boot NDS games from within DSi mode (tweaks non4MB via fake_scfg_ext)
    • dsi: supports NDS-backwards-compatibility-touchscreen mode (for NDS games)
    • dsi: supports NDS-bios-mapping in DSi mode (for NDS games booted via sysmenu)
    • dsi: supports firmware-coldboot (when bios_intro enabled with nds_mode=DSi)
    • dsi: bugfixed jumps in new wram via addr_code_table (fixes many DSi problems)
    • dsi/help: added DSi Atheros Wifi I2C EEPROM info (access and partial content)
    • debug/gui: fixed system colors used for cpu-flag checkboxes (swapped red/blue)
    • dsi/help: added notes on dumping wifi bios, and on dumping dsi keys from 3ds
    • dsi/help: added flipnote fileformat, added notes on shared2000 file
    • nds7: emulates disabled bios area being FFh-filled (define_nds7_bios_rom)
    • aes: forces instant completion on aes-body-len-zero (boot sysflaw via sysmenu)
    • sdio/wifi: initializes 0500458h to ZERO (indicating not firmware yet uploaded)
    • dsi/bugfix: moved "sdmmc_try_drain_write_buffer" after status/state handling
    • dsi: wifi init mimmicked good enough to run bootcode without WLFIRM 2 error
    • dsi/sdmmc: supports card_irq
    • dsi/i2c: omits ACK response on non-existing devices (especially A0h/E0h cams)
    • dsi/misc: omits arm7 warning on 4004001h access, sets DSi flag in cart.chip.id
    • dsi: emulates SCFG_MC register (else hangs after starting a game in bootmenu)
    • xtensa: auto-resolves special registers mov opcodes to symbolic sfr_xxx names
    • dsi/loader: supports loading AR60xxG.rom (for disass at atheros:8E0000h)
    • dsi/mapping: supports MBK mapping to TEAK memory space (for teak disassembler)
    • dsi/sdmmc: supports WRITE_MULTIPLE command (requires eMMC image with CID+ID)
    • dsi: supports 32bit 4004D00h read, and more 16bit/32bit access for other ports
    • dsi/jpeg/help: added notes on computing jpeg/exif MAC signatures (via AES-CCM)
    • dsi/sdmmc: emulates fifo16/fifo32, irq-edge-triggering, fixed bits, etc.
    • dsi/help: added lots of details on sd/mmc/sdio controller's I/O ports
    • dsi/help: updated dsi exploits chapter (notes on resurrected dsiware hax, etc)
    • dsi/help: addded teak instruction set specs (encoding, syntax, params)
    • dsi/help: added atheros/wifi registers specs (for sdio side and xtensa side)
    • dsi/debug: added teaklite II disassembler (see menubar, window, teak)
    • dsi/wifi/debug: added xtensa disassembler (see menubar, window, atheros)
    • dsi/wifi/help: added xtensa/cpu instruction set and xtensa/cpu register map
    • dsi/sdio: partial sdio/atheros simulation (passing most of "PRE-AUTH" phase)
    • dsi/help: added sdio specs (cmd52/cmd53 and cccr, fbr, cia areas)
    • dsi/boot: fixed initialization of emmc-info in main ram
    • dsi/help: added various details (initial ram, etc.)
    • nds/debug: optional IPC fifo send/recv logging (in tty debug message window)
    • dsi/bptwl: supports writing BPTWL registers (except invalid/readonly ones)
    • debug/tty: displays sd/mmc command names, and resolves sdio func:addr's
    • debug: accepts mirror of 3800000h at 3FF0000h without warning (common on dsi)
    • dsi/help: details on tmd, tickets, and big-endian aes-cbc decryption

    01 Jun 2015 - version 2.8b

    • dsi/boot: runs eMMC bootcode (see new "DSi Emulation" chapter in help text)
    • dsi/cartloader: allows secure area above 23bfe00h limit (for dsiware only)
    • dsi/wifi: loads WIFI-DSI.BIN file (else auto-generates dummy wifi calibration)
    • dsi/boot: copies dsi-bios keys to tcm/wram, and console IDs to AES keyslots
    • dsi/help: added notes on initial itcm/wram/aes content after bios-rom-bootcode
    • dsi/debug: displays all known dsi registers in f10-iomap (except cam/tsc)
    • dsi/camera: prevents ndma if camera=off, prevents hang-up upon infinite ndma
    • dsi/aes: bugfixed handling of aes-irq-enable-bit
    • dsi/sdmmc: eMMC command support (CMD2,CMD7,CMD9,CMD10,CMD12,CMD13,CMD18)
    • hwreset: initializes [curr_clks_segment]=-1=none (fixes initial arm7bios clks)
    • hwreset: cleaned up init on reset (among others forced arm9-then-arm7 order)
    • dsi/ndma: supports timer0-3, filldatap, fixed irq details, fixed total limit
    • dsi/ndma/help: details on ndma irq(s), ndma total length, and ndma filldata
    • dsi/gamecart: supports dsi-blowfish encrypted commands (requires dsi bios)
    • dsi/gamecart: supports command 3dh (enter dsi mode, with dsi secure area)
    • dsi/gamecart: supports reset via 40001A4h.bit29=0 on DSi7 side (not tested)
    • dsi/sdmmc: supports SDIO commands, ie. ignores them and throws some error bits
    • dsi/memory: better MBK1..9 initializion on reset, added partial MBK9 support
    • dsi/aes/dma: supports AES_in and AES_out NDMA transfer startup modes
    • dsi/sdmmc/help: renamed nonsense "SEND" command names to "GET" or "SET"
    • dsi/sdmmc/debug: optionally logs sdmmc CMD/param's in tty debug log window
    • dsi/sdmmc: loads sector data from mmc-image file (for sdmmc read command)
    • dsi/sdmmc: obtains CID and CPU ID from mmc-image file (per-console IDs)
    • dsi/sdmmc: initializes sdmmc port 4004800-4004BFFh with some (guessed) values
    • arm/help: fixed "cache debug" numbering: p15,3,C15,Cn,0 (not p15,3,C15,C0,n)
    • layer setup: gouraud shading disable (force all vertices same as 1st color)
    • dsi/help: added info on DSiware files on internal eMMC and on software updates
    • nds/dsi/help: added details header[1Dh]=ds region, and on korean icon/title
    • dsi/help: added details on animated icon/title
    • poc: more accurate "garbage_byte" for memory areas without 8bit read access
    • poc: fixed several details in pocketstation bios clone
    • poc: better timing (freshen_waitcnt, ram/flash wait, 16bit/32bit bus, cpu clk)
    → [multi] NO$GBA 2.8

    version 2.8

    • - help: updated gbatek standalone version 2.8 (with fairly complete dsi specs)
    • - dsi: no$gba is now having (more or less) working non-experimental DSi support
    • - dsi/cartloader: auto-encrypts modcrypt area if needed (requires good sha1hmac)
    • - gba/snap: fixed skipping empty-nds-chunks in gba-snapshots (thanks shiny.exe)
    • - newmem: avoids borland tasm32/tlink32 linker-error on "arm_memxlat_non_tcm"
    • - dsi/help: added list of known regions/countries (only europe is known yet)
    • - dsi/help: better ndma description (logical/physical blocks, and repeat modes)
    • - wifi/help: added new DSi access points specs (wpa/wpa2, and proxy settings)
    • - wifi/help: added formerly unknown NDS access points specs (mtu, ssid length)
    • - dsi/help: added average microphone specs for ARM7 side (A/D side is unknown)
    • - dsi/emu: supports fake camera access (outputting some dummy snow picture)
    • - dma: added warning on unsupported dma/ndma types (wifi,sd/mmc,aes,mic,mainmem)
    • - debug: fixed $profiler_id indices for dma-channel/mode names
    • - dsi/emu: supports basic aes and sd/mmc init (32bit 44xxh, 16bit 48xxh/49xxh)
    • - dsi/emu: supports i2c access (8bit 450xh) and gpio access (16bit 4C0xh)
    • - dsi/emu: supports new touchscreen controller (different SPI protocol as NDS)
    • - dsi/help: added description for new touchscreen controller (position/status)
    • - dsi/help: added notes on touchscreen in nds mode (no pressure & temperature)
    • - dsi/help: identified the dsi cameras as Aptina MT9V113 image sensors
    • - dsi/help: added initialization/transfer flowcharts for cameras on ARM9 side
    • - dsi/help: added initialization flowchart for Aptina cameras on ARM7 side
    • - dsi/help: added initialization flowchart for Unknown cameras on ARM7 side
    • - dsi/help: added undocumented aptina regs, and aptina REV3 additions
    • - dsi/help: added general dsi notes (eg. dsi detection) and info on exploits
    • - dsi/help: added notes on basic differences to NDS mode (changed details)
    • - dsi/help: added info about (mostly unknown) eMMC encryption (via CID register)
    • - dsi/help: added behaviour of SPI powerman (with differences in DSi/NDS modes)
    • - gba/nds/dsi/help: added BIOS RAM info (initial RAM content and IRQ/SWI usage)
    • - nds/help: cart header[06Eh] Secure Area Delay, and ROMCTRL.Bit28 gap CLKs
    • - nds/help: info on rom chip id bit31 cart protocol variant (gap/repeat/delay)
    • - xboo: supports dumping carts with rom chip id bit31=1 (protocol differences)
    • - dsi/debug: added tty.log options for I2C commands and NDS cartridge commands
    • - dsi/debug: prevents warnings on bigger New WRAM areas (unlike 32K for NDS)
    • - dsi/debug/emu: allows bigger DSi7/DSi9 bios regions (bigger than NDS7/NDS9)
    • - dsi/emu: allows reading/writing more scfg registers (as far as used by games)
    • - dsi/emu: initializes more scfg regs on reset (with suspected/guessed values)
    • - dsi/i2c/help: added Aptina MT9V113 camera specs (i2c registers and variables)
    • - dsi/i2c/help: added many details on bptwl chip (led/volume/misc controller)
    • - dsi/help: described power-button modes (auto-reset, irq, forced-power-off)
    • - dsi/help: major corrections to I2C control reg, added I2C signals chapter
    • - dsi/help: added details like headphone-connect bit, game-cart-insert-bit
    • - dsi/cartloader: bugfixed cartloader odd modcrypt lengths (eg. cooking coach)
    • - dsi/help: added GPIO specs (data in/out/direction, irq edge/enable)
    • - dsi/help: removed dsi cart protocol, instead added cmd_3Dh notes in ds chapter
    • - dsi/help: hardware/software info on wiring the eMMC chip to PC card readers
    • - dsi/help: info on sd/mmc I/O (from TC6387XB datasheet, tmio_mmc, dsi dumps)
    • - dsi/help: added specs for sd/mmc protocols (commands, repsonses, registers)
    → [multi] NO$GBA 2.7d

    09 Nov 2014 - version 2.7d

    1. nds-mode-option: added poppy nds-lite mode, and new (experimental) dsi mode
    2. gba-mode-option: renamed poppy bright color option to poppy nds-lite colors
    3. dsi/bios-clone: supports SHA1 swi functions via 80x86 code (swi 24h..29h)
    4. cpu/swi: allows executing buggy System Flaw SWI number, when warnings disabled
    5. dsi/help: added chipset pin-outs (cpu/ram/nand/snd/tsc/rtc/led/pwr/vol/etc)
    6. dsi/help: added pin-outs for all internal connectors on DSi main+dpad boards
    7. dsi/help: added dsi component lists for mainboard, wifi, battery, etc.
    8. dsi/help: warning on AES little-endian (ctr,mac,key, and 16-byte-xor-blocks)
    9. dsi/help: added details about modcrypt and AES special key_x/key_y feature
    10. dsi/emu: supports new shared-ram mapping (wram-a,b,c) in emu and debugger
    11. dsi/help: added sd/mmc pinouts, card shapes, and onboard NAND-solder pads
    12. dsi/help: added notes on DSi memory map (with extra Main RAM and WRAM regions)
    13. dsi/help: merged DSi7 and DSi9 BIOS chapters with overall BIOS descriptions
    14. dsi/help: added notes on DSi7 and DSi9 IntrWait/VblankIntrWait BIOS bugs
    15. dsi/help: added partial I/O maps for SD/NAND (based on linux "tmio_mmc" code)
    16. dsi/debug: resolves DSi I/O area 4004xxxh in debugger's code/data windows
    17. dsi/emu: added support for new I/O areas at 4004xxxh on ARM7 and ARM9 sides
    18. dsi/boot: loads ARM7i and ARM9i areas as specified in DSi cartridge header
    19. dsi/boot: loads DSi cartheader to 2FFE000h (instead of NDS header to 27FFE00h)
    20. dsi/boot: cartloader resolves modcrypt areas (within @@load_block function)
    21. dsi/emu: added provisions for new interrupt sources (IE2/IF2 registers)
    22. dsi/debug: disassembler resolves swi names for DSi7/DSi9 bios functions
    23. dsi/a22i: computes extended icon/title crc16's (on ".fix" and icon_version)
    24. dsi/a22i: fixes sha1's and applies modcrypt (on ".dsi" plus ".fix" directive)
    25. dsi/a22i: added ".dsi" directive (produces binary with .dsi extension)
    26. dsi/emu: implemented AES in 8086 asm (not mounted to DSi I/O emulation yet)
    27. dsi/help: added notes on extended icon/title (new unknown language, new icon)
    28. dsi/help: added SHA1 and SHA1-HMAC pseudo code (in BIOS swi chapter)
    29. dsi/help: added AES pseudo code (core, key, tables, and AES-CNT and AES-CTR)
    30. poc/bios: avoids unsupported 8086-bios irq/fiq/swi emulation (always use bios)
    31. dsi/help: added info on blowfish differences (cmd 3Dh, level=1, dsi-key)
    32. dsi/help: added info on additional known/unknown dsi cartridge header entries
    33. dsi/help: added BIOS dumping chapter (info on what is dumpable on gba/ds/dsi)
    34. xboo: added dsi cartridge dumping function (requires dsi7bios and nds-xboo)
    35. xboo: allows downloading NDS cart when GBA slot empty (txt_cartridge_missing)
    36. mem: faster gba slot access right changes (faster exmemcnt with new memsystem)
    37. web/donations: added bitcoin and classic bank details (instead of paypal)
    38. web: released pixel-edited dsi mainboard photo with signal names; twl_core.jpg
    wstecz03/05/2015 23:16
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