[multi] NO$GBA 2.7b

[1] @ Wtorek, 12 Listopada 2013 00:25CET

Martin Korth autor popularnej serii emulatorów no$cash (no$sns,no$gba,no$nes, no$msx, no$sns, no$cpc, no$c64, no$gmb, no$k2)  udostępnił nową wersję emulatora handheldów NINTENDO - GameBoy Advance i Nintendo DS. Jak zwykle do pobrania za free jest wersja 2.7a, która ukazała się w sierpniu, a dotujący projekt mogą już pobrać najnowszą wersje...

Ehhh... a ja jak  na złość zapomniałem adresu strony html dla tych ostatnich:(

9 Nov 2013 - version 2.7b

  • No$gba v2.7b bigger nds flash.sav, 16bit audio, poc-xboo
  • a22i: prevents unsupported [dest-1] for .pack_lz77 (fixes no$firmware loading)
  • help: added caution on unsupported [dest-1] for LZ77UnCompVram bios function
  • sav: support for 1024kbyte and 8192kbyte nds flash save memory (both untested)
  • sav: dynamically allocates save memory as needed (between 128k and 8192kbyte)
  • bugfix: hwreset preserves gba/sav media creation date (got destroyed in v2.7a)
  • nds/help: added more nds cartridge rom IDs and nds flash IDs (thanks jimmsu)
  • poc/clone: fixed bug in pocketstation bios-clone (added INT_BASE to show_date)
  • poc/loader: accepts checksum for newly discovered « J110″ BIOS version
  • poc/emu: applies 4×4 pre-zoom (less tiny window, avoid StretchDIBits failure)
  • poc/help: added notes on BIOS versions (in no$psx help, see there)
  • poc/help: added POC-XBOO circuit and sample code for xboo TTY debug messages
  • poc/xboo: tty debug window (ascii characters transferred via FUNC3 feature)
  • poc/xboo: verify-before-write and skip-if-same (higher lifetime/faster upload)
  • poc/xboo: pocketstation upload/download memcard and download bios functions
  • nds/help: added basic notes on special ds carts (infrared, nand, microsd slot)
  • sound: optional 16bit output (instead of 8bit) (maybe fixes ´noise´ problems)
  • gui/setup: uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet
  • The v2.7b update uses some new dynamic memory allocation code to support bigger .sav files – this part wasn’t tested very well yet (my PC is just too slow to play NDS games on it, sorry).
    Before starting the update, it may be recommended to backup your GBA/NDS .sav files (from the battery folder), and GBA .sna files (from the snap folder).


→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.9b 30/09/18

30 Sep 2018 - version 2.9b

  • web: created no$project patreon page, https://www.patreon.com/martin_korth
  • dsi/emu: allows 8bit vram writes on dsi (if enabled in SCFG_EXT9.bit13)
  • dsi/help: added note on dsi debug blowfish key used when SCFG_OP nonzero
  • carthdr/help: added carthdr[0B0h] "DoNotZeroFillMem"=unlaunch fastboot ID
  • dma/help: added note on dma-fill via 40000Exh being slower than stmia/ndma
  • dsi/help: added note on broken cameras being more common than unknown cameras
  • dsi/tsc/iomap: shows tsc page 0,1,3 registers (page 3 is hidden in aes tab)
  • dsi/tsc/emu: basic emulation for reading/writing tsc page 0,1,3 registers
  • dsi/startdirect: initializes GPIO registers (sound,powerbutt,wifimode)
  • a22i: throws error message on forward references within .pack blocks
  • nds/cart: supports flashcarts with arm9 code below offset 4000h (ievolution)
  • nds/bugfix: resurrected BG0CNT/BG1CNT.bit13 (unlike GBA) (thanks chocoreep)
  • dsi/help: info about ST NAND02G AH0LZC5 emmc chips (thanks barawer+trade girl)
  • dsi/emmc: emulates different eMMC CSD's (matched to four known eMMC CID's)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.9a 24/07/18

24 Jul 2018 version 2.9a

  • emu/dsi/clk: supports ARM9 134MHz mode (but waitstates are too fast for now)
  • bios/help: swi waitbyloop timings for arm7/arm9 rom/cache nds/dsi 67mhz/134mhz
  • cart/emu: supports ds cart reset tricks (via toggling scfg_mc_msb or exmemcnt)
  • dsi/emu/help: scfg_clk.bit7 is read-only on arm9 (value mirrored from arm7)
  • dsi/help: added notes on 'flipnote lenny (or whatever it is called)' exploit
  • dsi/help: solved unknown last bytes in boot info block (SHA1 on 60h-byte area)
  • dsi/mmc-image: alternately accepts no$gba-footer at emmc offset FF800h
  • nds/dsi/cart/help: romctrl notes on (in-)official ways to reset cartridges
  • nds/dsi/cart/help: romctrl notes on wrong and slow 1t-rom timings cart header
  • dsi/debug: reformatted scfg7/scfg9 iomap windows, with new scfg details
  • dsi/teak/help: added offical names for bits in ar/arp/stt/mod (from .dll)
  • dsi/teak/help: many new stt/mod/ar/arp/cfgi/a0e/vtr details (thanks wwylele)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.9

 No$GBA version 2.9 14 Jun 2018

  • webpage: added credit card payment option plz send money if you like my work
  • dsi/exploit: released unlaunch.dsi (first ever released dsi bootcode exploit)
  • utility/upload: added dslink-compatible wifi upload function (nds/dsi only)
  • utility/upload: wifiboot 2.1 dslink-clone (proper cache init/initback)
  • utility/upload: wifiboot 2.0 dslink-clone (dwm-w024 and arm7i/arm9i areas)
  • dsi/emu/cartloader/help: takes WRAMCNT from MSBs of MBK9 entry in cartheader
  • dsi/emu: mirrors read-only SCFG_EXT7 bits from SCFG_EXT9 and vice-versa
  • arm/cpu/help: notes on cache clean vs invalidate and cache-write-bufferability
  • dsi/help: added caution of forward references in Device List structure
  • dsi/cartloader: rejects large modcrypt areas (eg. crypt.size>arm7i.size)
  • dsi/cartloader: supports small modcrypt areas (eg. crypt.start>arm7i.start)
  • dsi/modcrypt/help: added notes of several weird modcrypt corner cases
  • arm/debug: I/O map cpmem9 shows PU dc/cc/wb (data/code cache and wbufferable)
  • spi/powerman: emulates dslite/dsi registers: powerman[4] and powerman[10h]
  • dsi/korea/help: notes korean font file (diff names, crisp clear, less tiles)
  • dsi/korea/help: korean firmware version numbering as in china, 1.4.6 is newest
  • dsi/help: added note on smaller cert.sys files (for korea or before dsi-shop?)
  • dsi/wifi/emu: emulates sdio cmd5,cmd3,cmd7,cmd15 and reset_control.bit8
  • nds/wifi/help: added description for 48080DAh W_RX_LEN_CROP register
  • dsi/wifi/help: sdio init via cmd5,cmd3,cmd7,cmd15, rtc.fout, scfg/gpio etc
  • dsi/wifi/help: added sdio pins on daughterboard and pinout for ar6013g chip
  • dsi/sdmmc/help: described 40048F6h (bit0 = SD_WRPROTECT_2 for eMMC chip)
  • dsi/scfg/help: details on scfg_ext7 and scfg_a7rom, updated mbk chapter
  • dsi/scfg/emu: emulates scfg_ext7 and scfg_a7rom access right bits
  • dsi/scfg/emu: emulates arm9.mbk1-5 writes in respect to arm7.mbk9 setting
  • dsi/emu: removed most in_32 notyet warnings, added more out_xx notyet warnings
  • dsi/mmc/emu: warning if .mmc file without footer (need CID and Console ID)
  • dsi/help: added notes on bits in SCFG_A9ROM/A7ROM being set-once bits
  • dsi/wifi/help: described 4004C04h.bit8 needed for DWM-W024 in NDS-wifi mode
  • dsi/sdmmc/help: notes on SEND_OP_COND, and on ALL_GET_CID vs max CARD_CLK_CTL
  • dsi/exploits/help: added some notes on recently released exploits and tools
  • dsi/biosdumping/help: notes on voltage errors and CE2 idea from dark_samus
  • dsi/help: added info on valid ARM9+ARM7+ARM9i+ARM7i areas for NDS and DSi mode
  • dsi/help: added info on RSA signatures for newer non-whitelisted NDS carts
  • dsi/carthdr/help: added notes on Access Control entry (request AES keys)
  • dsi/carthdr/help: digest, modcrypt, twl-total can be ZERO (optional entries)
  • dsi/sdmmc: added provisions for SDHC emulation, filesys viewer supports FAT32
  • arm9/emu: allows exception vectors at 00000000h or FFFF0000h (thanks dave)
  • dsi/help: added details on ECC keys/certificates (using ECC curve sect233r1)
  • carthdr/help: added some more cart headers entries for dsi (and nds with rsa)
  • help: specs for DSi RTC extras (up counter, alarm date, and FOUT selection)
  • debug/elf: processes/skips dwarf4/dwarf5 DW_FORM tags (for homebrew PSX games)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8f

No$gba version 2.8e 23 Jul 2017

  • nds/3d/help: note on MTX_PUSH/POP/STORE/RESTORE in Mode1 (thanks staplebutter)
  • nds/3d/emu: matrix stack in mode1 behaves like mode2 (fixes light directions)
  • dsi/mmc: supports MMC commands CMD1 and CMD6 (somewhat needed for libnds)
  • dsi/sd: added warning on trying to use SD card in 4bit mode with pull-up on
  • dsi/i2c: support softreset via bptwl (keeping main ram and bptwl regs intact)
  • dsi/help: added notes on warmboot info at 2003000h (for autostarting a title)
  • dsi/help: more details on 2FFD7BCh (scr,type,hcd,csr,clk_ctl,card_opt,device)
  • bios clone: reproduces div-zero, fixed crash on div-overflow (thanks endrift)
  • gba/io: emulates some more unused bits as non-writeable (thanks endrift)
  • gba/help: note on BLDALPHA being R/W (unlike official specs, thanks endrift)
  • debug/help: note on nds9 debug message ports 4FFFAxxh working on gba/nds7 too
  • setup: renamed "Emu Identification" to "Debug I/O" and enabled it by default
  • gui: fixed window positions/fullscr when taskbar at upper/left (thanks joseph)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8e

No$gba version 2.8e 11 Feb 2017

  • gba/bugfix: forces WAITCNT.15=readonly (for DKong:KingOfSwing, thanks endrift)
  • dsi/teak/a22i: added TeakLite II assembler (supports most TL+TL2 opcodes)
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for teak cpu flags (which opcodes affect which flags)
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for memory mapped I/O ports on teak/dsp side
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for teak CPU registers, details for operand encoding
  • dsi/teak/help: specs for teak st0-2,icr plus undoc stt0-2,mod0-3
  • dsi/emmc: detects/supports debug-version eMMC images (tweaks port 4004024h)
  • dsi/help: cleaned up some RSA descriptions, notes on debug-version RSA keys
  • dsi/help: first attempts on describing SCFG_xxx registers for ARM7 side
  • nds/wifi/help: added details on ds-download-play's openpgp-rsa-sha1 signature
  • dsi/boot: mimmicked support for booting with AR6013 (when WifiFlash[1FDh]=2)
  • dsi/dsdump: released dumping tool for dsi memory areas and chip IDs
  • nds/wifi: released dswifi ASM port (and bugfixes for original dswifi-library)
  • dsi/wifi/a22i: added assembler support for atheros/xtensa instruction set
  • dsi/wifi/disass: fixed bugs for ANY/ALL/4/8 and EXTUI-based SHR pseudo-opcode
  • bugfix: handles 16bit (not 32bit) return value of GetKeyState/GetAsyncKeyState
  • nds/wifi/help: added note on W_IF acknowledging for counter half-overflows
  • dsi/tmd/help: added age ratings and public/private .sav entries in .tmd specs
  • dsi/devicelist/help: added DSi SD/MMC Device List chapter (for carthdr[1D4h])
  • dsi/startdirect: initializes device list, aes keys, etc. (still imperfect)
  • fontfile/help: more info on dsi font file (compression, nitrofont, characters)
  • lz/help: added pseudo code for lzss, lz11, and lzrev decompression
  • bootinfo/help: SHA1 WifiFlash[00h..27h] and eMMCBootInfo[00h..FFh,180h..1FFh]
  • whitelist/help: info on RSA-SHA1's, SHA1-HMAC's and missing RSA check in v1.4E
  • flipnote/help: info on various flipnote files, rsa, md5, xor-encryption
  • rsa/help: added info on rsa basics, rsa pseudo code, rsa big-endian format
  • rsa/help: added note on SWI 23h using OpenPGP Message Format (RFC 4880)
  • rsa/bios: 80x86 dsi bios clone supports RSA bios functions (SWI 20h..23h)
  • nds/bugfix: disables dsi I/O ports in DS mode (avoids misdetecting DS as DSi)
→ NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8d

26 May 2016 - version 2.8d

  • dsi/rsa: supports unencrypted "rsa" signatures (via hooked RSA swi functions)
  • dsi/sdmmc: supports NDMA sdmmc start condition (for SD data32 read/write)
  • dsi/sdmmc: supports SD card initialization (CMD0,2,3,7,8,9, ACMD6,13,41,42,51)
  • dsi/sdmmc: created/included empty sd-card-image (file dsi-1.sd, in dsi-sd.zip)
  • dsi/sdmmc: fixed irq-retriggering (recurse irq_stat on irq_mask changes)
  • dsi/sdmmc: adjusts insert/eject and write-protect flags depending on dsi-#.sd
  • dsi/sdmmc: prevents RXRDY in DATA32 mode (@@skip_rxrdy_in_data32_mode)
  • dsi/help: added notes on EMPTY sd-image (dsi-#.sd) (DSi SD/MMC Images chapter)
  • dsi/help: added notes unencrypted signatures (see BIOS RSA Functions chapter)
  • dsi/help: added notes on encrypted twl-*.der files (in "verdata" NARC file)
  • dsi/help: added CRC32 checksums for currently known/dump-able DSi-BIOS areas
  • dsi/debug: shows insternal sd/mmc registers in iomap screen (cid,csd,csr,src)
  • sample: updated magic floor gba/nds version, now with working dsi cart header

    → NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8c
    Rockman Zero GBA No$gba
    Rockman Zero GBA No$gba

    07 May 2016 - version 2.8c

    • webpage: added some dev forum links (http://4dsbrew.org and http://gbadev.org)
    • help: added "us" to known dsi-regions (including its countries and languages)
    • dsi: re-ordered wram as C-then-B (fixes 3780000h boundary issue on us/sysmenu)
    • dsi/wifi/help: added specs for WMI commands/events (and for BMI boot-commands)
    • dsi/sdmmc/help: added sd/mmc state info (specs when/which command can be used)
    • dsi/softreset: allows rebooting dsi firmware via NUM-* (reinit DSi registers)
    • dsi: can boot NDS games from within DSi mode (tweaks non4MB via fake_scfg_ext)
    • dsi: supports NDS-backwards-compatibility-touchscreen mode (for NDS games)
    • dsi: supports NDS-bios-mapping in DSi mode (for NDS games booted via sysmenu)
    • dsi: supports firmware-coldboot (when bios_intro enabled with nds_mode=DSi)
    • dsi: bugfixed jumps in new wram via addr_code_table (fixes many DSi problems)
    • dsi/help: added DSi Atheros Wifi I2C EEPROM info (access and partial content)
    • debug/gui: fixed system colors used for cpu-flag checkboxes (swapped red/blue)
    • dsi/help: added notes on dumping wifi bios, and on dumping dsi keys from 3ds
    • dsi/help: added flipnote fileformat, added notes on shared2000 file
    • nds7: emulates disabled bios area being FFh-filled (define_nds7_bios_rom)
    • aes: forces instant completion on aes-body-len-zero (boot sysflaw via sysmenu)
    • sdio/wifi: initializes 0500458h to ZERO (indicating not firmware yet uploaded)
    • dsi/bugfix: moved "sdmmc_try_drain_write_buffer" after status/state handling
    • dsi: wifi init mimmicked good enough to run bootcode without WLFIRM 2 error
    • dsi/sdmmc: supports card_irq
    • dsi/i2c: omits ACK response on non-existing devices (especially A0h/E0h cams)
    • dsi/misc: omits arm7 warning on 4004001h access, sets DSi flag in cart.chip.id
    • dsi: emulates SCFG_MC register (else hangs after starting a game in bootmenu)
    • xtensa: auto-resolves special registers mov opcodes to symbolic sfr_xxx names
    • dsi/loader: supports loading AR60xxG.rom (for disass at atheros:8E0000h)
    • dsi/mapping: supports MBK mapping to TEAK memory space (for teak disassembler)
    • dsi/sdmmc: supports WRITE_MULTIPLE command (requires eMMC image with CID+ID)
    • dsi: supports 32bit 4004D00h read, and more 16bit/32bit access for other ports
    • dsi/jpeg/help: added notes on computing jpeg/exif MAC signatures (via AES-CCM)
    • dsi/sdmmc: emulates fifo16/fifo32, irq-edge-triggering, fixed bits, etc.
    • dsi/help: added lots of details on sd/mmc/sdio controller's I/O ports
    • dsi/help: updated dsi exploits chapter (notes on resurrected dsiware hax, etc)
    • dsi/help: addded teak instruction set specs (encoding, syntax, params)
    • dsi/help: added atheros/wifi registers specs (for sdio side and xtensa side)
    • dsi/debug: added teaklite II disassembler (see menubar, window, teak)
    • dsi/wifi/debug: added xtensa disassembler (see menubar, window, atheros)
    • dsi/wifi/help: added xtensa/cpu instruction set and xtensa/cpu register map
    • dsi/sdio: partial sdio/atheros simulation (passing most of "PRE-AUTH" phase)
    • dsi/help: added sdio specs (cmd52/cmd53 and cccr, fbr, cia areas)
    • dsi/boot: fixed initialization of emmc-info in main ram
    • dsi/help: added various details (initial ram, etc.)
    • nds/debug: optional IPC fifo send/recv logging (in tty debug message window)
    • dsi/bptwl: supports writing BPTWL registers (except invalid/readonly ones)
    • debug/tty: displays sd/mmc command names, and resolves sdio func:addr's
    • debug: accepts mirror of 3800000h at 3FF0000h without warning (common on dsi)
    • dsi/help: details on tmd, tickets, and big-endian aes-cbc decryption

    01 Jun 2015 - version 2.8b

    • dsi/boot: runs eMMC bootcode (see new "DSi Emulation" chapter in help text)
    • dsi/cartloader: allows secure area above 23bfe00h limit (for dsiware only)
    • dsi/wifi: loads WIFI-DSI.BIN file (else auto-generates dummy wifi calibration)
    • dsi/boot: copies dsi-bios keys to tcm/wram, and console IDs to AES keyslots
    • dsi/help: added notes on initial itcm/wram/aes content after bios-rom-bootcode
    • dsi/debug: displays all known dsi registers in f10-iomap (except cam/tsc)
    • dsi/camera: prevents ndma if camera=off, prevents hang-up upon infinite ndma
    • dsi/aes: bugfixed handling of aes-irq-enable-bit
    • dsi/sdmmc: eMMC command support (CMD2,CMD7,CMD9,CMD10,CMD12,CMD13,CMD18)
    • hwreset: initializes [curr_clks_segment]=-1=none (fixes initial arm7bios clks)
    • hwreset: cleaned up init on reset (among others forced arm9-then-arm7 order)
    • dsi/ndma: supports timer0-3, filldatap, fixed irq details, fixed total limit
    • dsi/ndma/help: details on ndma irq(s), ndma total length, and ndma filldata
    • dsi/gamecart: supports dsi-blowfish encrypted commands (requires dsi bios)
    • dsi/gamecart: supports command 3dh (enter dsi mode, with dsi secure area)
    • dsi/gamecart: supports reset via 40001A4h.bit29=0 on DSi7 side (not tested)
    • dsi/sdmmc: supports SDIO commands, ie. ignores them and throws some error bits
    • dsi/memory: better MBK1..9 initializion on reset, added partial MBK9 support
    • dsi/aes/dma: supports AES_in and AES_out NDMA transfer startup modes
    • dsi/sdmmc/help: renamed nonsense "SEND" command names to "GET" or "SET"
    • dsi/sdmmc/debug: optionally logs sdmmc CMD/param's in tty debug log window
    • dsi/sdmmc: loads sector data from mmc-image file (for sdmmc read command)
    • dsi/sdmmc: obtains CID and CPU ID from mmc-image file (per-console IDs)
    • dsi/sdmmc: initializes sdmmc port 4004800-4004BFFh with some (guessed) values
    • arm/help: fixed "cache debug" numbering: p15,3,C15,Cn,0 (not p15,3,C15,C0,n)
    • layer setup: gouraud shading disable (force all vertices same as 1st color)
    • dsi/help: added info on DSiware files on internal eMMC and on software updates
    • nds/dsi/help: added details header[1Dh]=ds region, and on korean icon/title
    • dsi/help: added details on animated icon/title
    • poc: more accurate "garbage_byte" for memory areas without 8bit read access
    • poc: fixed several details in pocketstation bios clone
    • poc: better timing (freshen_waitcnt, ram/flash wait, 16bit/32bit bus, cpu clk)
    → NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8a
    NDS No$gba:New Super Mario Bros
    New Super Mario Bros

    No$gba version 2.8a 03 May 2015

    • dsi/help: added little-endian AES pseudo code with double-checked test values
    • dsi/files/help: added camera pit.bin and jpec/exif specs (unknown signature)
    • dsi/files/help: added TWLFontTable.dat specs (with unknown compression)
    • dsi/files/help: added specs/compression for "wifi firmware" (unknown purpose)
    • dsi/files/help: added specs for TWLCFGn.dat (user settings) (as far as known)
    • dsi/files/help: added specs for misc files and log files
    • dsi/files/help: more details for "tad" files (sd card .bin) and for HNB_.lst
    • dsi/files/help: added partial specs on certificate and whitelist stuff
    • dsi/help: notes on emmc decryption being possible for boot code and partitions
    • dsi/mem/help: added info on various main ram regions (2FFxxxxh and 2000400h)
    • debug: filesystem viewer: allows to view eMMC partition trees (like NDS carts)
    • debug: filesystem viewer: double click saves selected file (to fixed filename)
    • dsi/help: specs for eMMC images ("DSi-#.mmc" with "DSi eMMC CID/CPU" footer)
    • gaming version: fixed crash when starting emu without cartridge in nds mode
    • debug version: fixed messed intro screen when booting without cart in nds mode
    • nds/3d/help: added note on invalid gx commands being ignored by hardware
    • nds/3d: made 'invalid gx command' warning optional (as part of bad io warning)
    • gba/help: updated gba/thumb open-bus specs in unpredictable things chapter
    • gba/emu: better prefetch for reads from unused memory by code in WRAM/OAM/BIOS
    • dsi/help: added summary (and complete list) of files/folders on SD/MMC storage
    • layer setup: allows to disable video layers, 3d effects, and 3d hide tests
    • layer setup: allows to disable nds sound channels, and separate sound formats
    • gba/bios-clone: swi cpufastset length rounded-up to n*8 words (thanks ricardo)
    • nds/auxspi: forces spi-busy bit (and unused bits) to zero (thanks Frederic)
    • setup: added "setup_nds_system" in gaming version, too (thanks Kokoji)
    • setup: fixed some crashes on gba/nds/dsi mode changes (mainly tty-related)
    • dsi/help: added MBR, VBR, FAT, and LFN specs to SD/MMC filesystem chapters
    • dsi/help: added console id chapter (cid, 4004d00h, barcode, mac, wfc id)
    • dsi/help: added AES ndma notes (block size, start-ndma before starting aes)
    • dsi/aes: emulates aes-io-ports, and aes-irq (no aes-dma yet though)
    • dsi/aes: ported AES functions to native DSi-style little-endian format
    • dsi/help: updated AES i/o port chapter (many details, additions, corrections)
    • dsi/help: discovered eMMC 120bit CID value (at 2FFD7BCh in main ram)
    • dsi/cartbooter: allows dsiware/system code to exceed 4MB (unlike ROM carts)
    • gui: help-engine on win95/winNT4: forces IDC_ARROW (instead of IDC_HAND)
    • gui: uses GetScrollInfo/SetScrollInfo in help-engine (except for win31...?)
    • dsi/help: identified AIC3000D as TSC2117, added lots of specs from datasheet
    • debug: added SPI logging option (in TTY window) (cart, powerman, flash, tsc)
    • dsibrew: updated the NUS Downloader/database page (some additions/corrections)
    • dsi/help: added note on teak being actually used (by two system utilities)
    • dsi/cartloader: added ".app" to standard extensions (for nus downloader files)
    • dsi/help: added more cart header details (region flags, system/dsiware flags)
    • dsi: emulates dsipstat.bit6=1 (lcd init ready) (needed for dsi system menu)
    • nds/dsi: allows writing dispstat.bit7 (MSB of 9bit LYC) (unlike 8bit gba LYC)
    → NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.8

    version 2.8

    • - help: updated gbatek standalone version 2.8 (with fairly complete dsi specs)
    • - dsi: no$gba is now having (more or less) working non-experimental DSi support
    • - dsi/cartloader: auto-encrypts modcrypt area if needed (requires good sha1hmac)
    • - gba/snap: fixed skipping empty-nds-chunks in gba-snapshots (thanks shiny.exe)
    • - newmem: avoids borland tasm32/tlink32 linker-error on "arm_memxlat_non_tcm"
    • - dsi/help: added list of known regions/countries (only europe is known yet)
    • - dsi/help: better ndma description (logical/physical blocks, and repeat modes)
    • - wifi/help: added new DSi access points specs (wpa/wpa2, and proxy settings)
    • - wifi/help: added formerly unknown NDS access points specs (mtu, ssid length)
    • - dsi/help: added average microphone specs for ARM7 side (A/D side is unknown)
    • - dsi/emu: supports fake camera access (outputting some dummy snow picture)
    • - dma: added warning on unsupported dma/ndma types (wifi,sd/mmc,aes,mic,mainmem)
    • - debug: fixed $profiler_id indices for dma-channel/mode names
    • - dsi/emu: supports basic aes and sd/mmc init (32bit 44xxh, 16bit 48xxh/49xxh)
    • - dsi/emu: supports i2c access (8bit 450xh) and gpio access (16bit 4C0xh)
    • - dsi/emu: supports new touchscreen controller (different SPI protocol as NDS)
    • - dsi/help: added description for new touchscreen controller (position/status)
    • - dsi/help: added notes on touchscreen in nds mode (no pressure & temperature)
    • - dsi/help: identified the dsi cameras as Aptina MT9V113 image sensors
    • - dsi/help: added initialization/transfer flowcharts for cameras on ARM9 side
    • - dsi/help: added initialization flowchart for Aptina cameras on ARM7 side
    • - dsi/help: added initialization flowchart for Unknown cameras on ARM7 side
    • - dsi/help: added undocumented aptina regs, and aptina REV3 additions
    • - dsi/help: added general dsi notes (eg. dsi detection) and info on exploits
    • - dsi/help: added notes on basic differences to NDS mode (changed details)
    • - dsi/help: added info about (mostly unknown) eMMC encryption (via CID register)
    • - dsi/help: added behaviour of SPI powerman (with differences in DSi/NDS modes)
    • - gba/nds/dsi/help: added BIOS RAM info (initial RAM content and IRQ/SWI usage)
    • - nds/help: cart header[06Eh] Secure Area Delay, and ROMCTRL.Bit28 gap CLKs
    • - nds/help: info on rom chip id bit31 cart protocol variant (gap/repeat/delay)
    • - xboo: supports dumping carts with rom chip id bit31=1 (protocol differences)
    • - dsi/debug: added tty.log options for I2C commands and NDS cartridge commands
    • - dsi/debug: prevents warnings on bigger New WRAM areas (unlike 32K for NDS)
    • - dsi/debug/emu: allows bigger DSi7/DSi9 bios regions (bigger than NDS7/NDS9)
    • - dsi/emu: allows reading/writing more scfg registers (as far as used by games)
    • - dsi/emu: initializes more scfg regs on reset (with suspected/guessed values)
    • - dsi/i2c/help: added Aptina MT9V113 camera specs (i2c registers and variables)
    • - dsi/i2c/help: added many details on bptwl chip (led/volume/misc controller)
    • - dsi/help: described power-button modes (auto-reset, irq, forced-power-off)
    • - dsi/help: major corrections to I2C control reg, added I2C signals chapter
    • - dsi/help: added details like headphone-connect bit, game-cart-insert-bit
    • - dsi/cartloader: bugfixed cartloader odd modcrypt lengths (eg. cooking coach)
    • - dsi/help: added GPIO specs (data in/out/direction, irq edge/enable)
    • - dsi/help: removed dsi cart protocol, instead added cmd_3Dh notes in ds chapter
    • - dsi/help: hardware/software info on wiring the eMMC chip to PC card readers
    • - dsi/help: info on sd/mmc I/O (from TC6387XB datasheet, tmio_mmc, dsi dumps)
    • - dsi/help: added specs for sd/mmc protocols (commands, repsonses, registers)
    → NOWSZY [multi] NO$GBA 2.7d

    09 Nov 2014 - version 2.7d

    1. nds-mode-option: added poppy nds-lite mode, and new (experimental) dsi mode
    2. gba-mode-option: renamed poppy bright color option to poppy nds-lite colors
    3. dsi/bios-clone: supports SHA1 swi functions via 80x86 code (swi 24h..29h)
    4. cpu/swi: allows executing buggy System Flaw SWI number, when warnings disabled
    5. dsi/help: added chipset pin-outs (cpu/ram/nand/snd/tsc/rtc/led/pwr/vol/etc)
    6. dsi/help: added pin-outs for all internal connectors on DSi main+dpad boards
    7. dsi/help: added dsi component lists for mainboard, wifi, battery, etc.
    8. dsi/help: warning on AES little-endian (ctr,mac,key, and 16-byte-xor-blocks)
    9. dsi/help: added details about modcrypt and AES special key_x/key_y feature
    10. dsi/emu: supports new shared-ram mapping (wram-a,b,c) in emu and debugger
    11. dsi/help: added sd/mmc pinouts, card shapes, and onboard NAND-solder pads
    12. dsi/help: added notes on DSi memory map (with extra Main RAM and WRAM regions)
    13. dsi/help: merged DSi7 and DSi9 BIOS chapters with overall BIOS descriptions
    14. dsi/help: added notes on DSi7 and DSi9 IntrWait/VblankIntrWait BIOS bugs
    15. dsi/help: added partial I/O maps for SD/NAND (based on linux "tmio_mmc" code)
    16. dsi/debug: resolves DSi I/O area 4004xxxh in debugger's code/data windows
    17. dsi/emu: added support for new I/O areas at 4004xxxh on ARM7 and ARM9 sides
    18. dsi/boot: loads ARM7i and ARM9i areas as specified in DSi cartridge header
    19. dsi/boot: loads DSi cartheader to 2FFE000h (instead of NDS header to 27FFE00h)
    20. dsi/boot: cartloader resolves modcrypt areas (within @@load_block function)
    21. dsi/emu: added provisions for new interrupt sources (IE2/IF2 registers)
    22. dsi/debug: disassembler resolves swi names for DSi7/DSi9 bios functions
    23. dsi/a22i: computes extended icon/title crc16's (on ".fix" and icon_version)
    24. dsi/a22i: fixes sha1's and applies modcrypt (on ".dsi" plus ".fix" directive)
    25. dsi/a22i: added ".dsi" directive (produces binary with .dsi extension)
    26. dsi/emu: implemented AES in 8086 asm (not mounted to DSi I/O emulation yet)
    27. dsi/help: added notes on extended icon/title (new unknown language, new icon)
    28. dsi/help: added SHA1 and SHA1-HMAC pseudo code (in BIOS swi chapter)
    29. dsi/help: added AES pseudo code (core, key, tables, and AES-CNT and AES-CTR)
    30. poc/bios: avoids unsupported 8086-bios irq/fiq/swi emulation (always use bios)
    31. dsi/help: added info on blowfish differences (cmd 3Dh, level=1, dsi-key)
    32. dsi/help: added info on additional known/unknown dsi cartridge header entries
    33. dsi/help: added BIOS dumping chapter (info on what is dumpable on gba/ds/dsi)
    34. xboo: added dsi cartridge dumping function (requires dsi7bios and nds-xboo)
    35. xboo: allows downloading NDS cart when GBA slot empty (txt_cartridge_missing)
    36. mem: faster gba slot access right changes (faster exmemcnt with new memsystem)
    37. web/donations: added bitcoin and classic bank details (instead of paypal)
    38. web: released pixel-edited dsi mainboard photo with signal names; twl_core.jpg
    wstecz12/11/2013 00:25
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