[multi] Nemulator 4.2

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[multi] Nemulator 4.2

Kolejna wersja emulatora NINTENDO 8, który podobnie jak nes screensaver ekipy uberNES'a pozwala na tworzenie tapet z gier pracujących w tzw. attract mode. Od tej wersji emulator obsługuje również romy Segi Game Gear


Nemulator Gui - po zmianie na mocniejszą maszynkę, muszę przyznać, że oferowany przez program system tapety z gier jest cholernie wygodny.

nemulator 4.2 3/1/2017

  • Sega Game Gear emulation
  • NES: Fixed Aladdin (SuperGame) hang when starting game
  • NES: Added Mapper 190 (Magic Kid GooGoo) support

NOTE! nemulator requires updated libraries from Microsoft

NOWSZY [multi] Nemulator 4.4 13/06/2022

nemulator 4.4 13/06/2022

This release features NSF playback support and a bunch of bug fixes/improvements:

  • NES: Four-screen mirroring fixes for Holy Diver MMC1 version
  • NES: Sprite DMA fix for Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball
  • NES: PPU rewrite
  • NES: PPU timing changes to fix random crashes in Battletoads level 2
  • NES: vblank/NMI timing changes to fix glitches in Kick Master, Wolverine, and others
  • NES: Emulate pixel ouput pipeline (demo_ntsc.nes)
  • NES: Remove fast emulation mode
  • NES: MMC5 IRQ handling improvements
  • NES: Allow writes to MMC5 PRG-ROM area (fixes Bandit Kings of Ancient China)
  • NES: Disallow palette writes while rendering (fixes flashes during Solstice intro)
  • SMS: R register fix for Reggie Jackson Baseball (pitcher never pitches)
  • SMS: R register fix for Impossible Mission (same map used every game)
  • SMS: Adjust VDP IRQ timing (fixes Black Belt screen split glitches)
  • GB: LYC changes to fix glitch in Link Awakening's title screen
  • GB: Various PPU fixes (now passes dmg-acid2 test)

nemulator 4.3.1 8/10/2020

  • Fixed a bug that could cause nemulator to crash

nemulator 4.3 30/09/2020

  • nemulator now emulates the Nintendo Game Boy!
  • Fixed Punch-Out sprite corruption
  • Add NES Mapper 189 (Thunder Warrior, SF2 World Warrior)
  • NES APU IRQ Fixes (Fixes SMB3 Spade Panel glitch)
  • Use new API to disable screen saver
  • NES Mapper 32 fixes for Ai Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi (J)
  • Detect bad header in Youkai Kuraba, Family Boxing, Damist '89
  • NES MMC1 fixes for Ninjara Hoi! (J)
  • NES PPU fixes for Knight Rider
  • Add NES Mapper 13 (Videomation)
  • SMS: CPU fixes for Parlour Games
  • SMS: Fix region detection
  • SMS: Fix joypad 2 input
  • SMS: Fix IM mode 0 handling (Bubble Bobble, Alien 3)
  • SMS: CPU performance optimizations
  • Audio filtering improvements
  • Add option to not pause when window loses focus (app.pause_on_lost_focus in nemulator.ini)
  • NES: PPU fix for glitch in Solstice intro
  • NES: PPU fix for Isolated Warrior
  • SMS: Fix VDP IRQ timing
  • Reduced CPU utilization
  • Gamma correction fixes
  • Fix static for invalid non-NES games
  • Added icon

NOTE! nemulator requires updated libraries from Microsoft

→ [multi] Nemulator 4

nemulator 4.0 1/9/2016

  • Sega Master System emulation

nemulator now emulates the Sega Master System! Please note that rom path configuration has changed. Check nemulator.ini.

NOTE! nemulator requires updated libraries from Microsoft

→ [NES] Nemulator 3.5

nemulator 3.5 | 12/25/2015

  • Added support for VRC7 expansion audio. Note: requires updated libraries from Microsoft
→ [NES] Nemulator 3.4

nemulator 3.4 | 7/21/2014

  • Fixed status bar glitch in Burai Fighter
  • Added support for MMC5 and Sunsoft 5B expansion audio
  • Fixed an APU sweep unit bug
→ [NES] Nemulator 3.3
Nemulator w trybie attract, całkiem miły pomysł, jednak o niebo lepszy jest screensaver ubernes.

23/12/2013 nemulator 3.3

  • Improved image scaling. Adjust sharpness with 9 and 0 keys (sharpness in nemulator.ini).
  • Fixed side masking bug introduced in previous release.
  • Note: requires updated libraries from Microsoft


→ [NES] Nemulator 3.2
Nemulator w trybie attract, całkiem miły pomysł, jednak o niebo lepszy jest screensaver ubernes.

28/11/2013 nemulator 3.2

  • Controller reading fixes for Paperboy and other Mindscape games
  • Added support for the following mappers:
    • 64 (RAMBO-1) - Klax, Skull & Crossbones, Rolling Thunder
    • MC-ACC - The Incredible Crash Test Dummies
  • Option to stretch game to fit widescreen display (app.stretch_to_fit in nemulator.ini)
  • Option to suspend computer from quit menu (show_suspend in nemulator.ini)
  • Unofficial opcode support - fixes Streemerz (and other games using the MUSE sound engine) and Double Action Blaster Guys
  • New, higher quality, audio resampler
  • More accurate color palette
  • Note: requires updated libraries from Microsoft


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