[MULTI] MESS x86 i x64 0.156

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[MULTI] MESS x86 i x64 0.156

Obok MAME, jak zwykle pojawiła się również aktualizacja siostrzanego projektu - multiemulatora MESS, pozwalającego zaemulować bardziej lub mniej dokładnie sporą ilość mikrokomputerów 8- i 16-bitowych, konsol, a także tak egzotycznych konstrukcji jak komputery szachowe (przynajmniej w naszej strefie Europy).  

Mess 0.156 26/11/14

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
  • 05747: [Misc.] (apple2.c) apple2p, apple2e, apple2c (and probably others): The "Diagnostics Test" failed. (R. Belmont)
  • 05157: [Crash/Freeze] (apple2.c) ace100: Access Violation with
  • "-debug -flop1 4080trkd -ramsize 12288" (R. Belmont)
  • 05158: [Crash/Freeze] (apple2.c) agat7: Access Violation with
  • "-debug -ramsize 16384" (R. Belmont)
  • 05715: [Crash/Freeze] (wswan.c) wswan, wscolor: It crash if executed w/o cartridge mounted. (Fabio Priuli)
  • 05694: [Sound] All sets in coco12.c and coco3.c: audio output level incorrect when Cassette/Cartridge selected on SC77526 chip
  • 05252: [Crash/Freeze] (megadriv.c) genesis [madden98]: Madden 98 - black screen (David Haywood)
  • 05743: [Crash/Freeze] (dragon.c) tanodr64: The system is not working. (Osso)
  • 05660: [Misc.] (coco12.c) Coco 1, 2, 3: Implement virtual "Becker Port" for DriveWire support (R. Belmont)
  • 05738: [Crash/Freeze] (vtech1.c) vz200de: The system is not working. (Robbbert)
  • 05730: [Misc.] (gb.c) gbcolor: The demo "Demotronic by 1.000.000 boys" shows only a white screen. (Wilbert Pol)
New System Drivers Supported:
  • Simon [Sean Riddle, hap]
Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
  • Commodore 8296 [Curt Coder, Mike Naberezny]
Skeleton drivers:
  • LeapFrog Leapster [Team Europe]
  • Convergent NGEN CP-001, B28/38, 386i [Al Kossow, Barry Rodewald]
  • Siemens PC-D [Dirk Best, rfka01]
  • EC-1842 [Shattered]
  • TI Wiz-A-Tron [Sean Riddle, hap]
  • Comp IV [Sean Riddle, hap]
Software Lists:
  • pc98.xml: Added a large number of disk images, including a section of disks in currently unsupported disk formats (.FDD, .FIX, .NFD) so to document which games are available and which are not. Also, filled most of the information about release years and manufacturers. [Fabio Priuli]
  • to7_cart.xml: added more dumps. [Riley110]
  • included modern .dsk format among default supported formats. [Riley110]
  • m5_cart.xml: Added new dump for Pit Chaser cart. [Ola Andersson]
  • softlist: Added a Tandy MC-10 cassette softlist and added several images to Spectravision SVI-318/SVI-328 cassette list. [Riley110]
  • softlist: Added new lists for Mikro-80, Tesla PMD-85 and Videoton TVC cassettes. [Riley110]
  • softlist: Added new lists for Colour Genie, DAI Personal Computer and Jupiter Ace cassettes. [Riley110]
  • compclr2_flop: Added a few additional images. [Riley110]
  • softlist: Added new lists for Sord M5 and PTC SOL-20 cassettes. [Riley110]
  • softlist: Added info in many Eastern Europe computer softlists. [Riley110]
  • pokemini.xml: added some missing dumps. [Team Pokeme, Mityama]
  • Added Psion Organiser I softlist.
  • psion2.xml: documented more datapacks.
  • x07: added cassette software list. [Anonymous]
  • megadriv.xml: dumped Codemasters Cosmic Spacehead
  • + Fantastic Dizzy 2-in-1 cart. [sunbeam]
  • Add a software list for the Epson HX-20/PX-4/PX-8 systems
  • Add AmigaOS 3.5 to workbench list
  • apfimag: added software list for cassettes (they require you to mount the BASIC cart to be loaded, of course). [Fabio Priuli]
  • pet_cass.xml: Added many new images, including the Cursor tapes. [Dagarman]
  • amiga_workbench.xml: Added Workbench 1.3.3 (Rev. 34.34) [Guru]
  • astrocde.xml: added a few prototypes dumped last year. [BallyAlley]
  • ibm5170.xml: Added some PC game dumps. [Justin Kerk]
  • a800.xml: added some more cart dumps, including AtariScreiber, the extremely rare German version of AtariWriter. [K1W1]
  • PC, AT: Hook up missing softlists to various drivers [Justin Kerk]
  • ibm5150: add cassette softlist
  • added software list for Samsung spc1000 tapes [Fabio Priuli]
Source Changes
  • Renamed wizatron.c driver to ticalc1x.c, for TI tms1xxx-based calculators {hap)
  • i6300esb: Document more registers [O. Galibert]
  • Improve Epson LX-810L and ActionPrinter 2000 up to a point where they actually work. Devices boot and enter main input loop, but input is not yet implemented. It is possible to run the printers' self test. [Ramiro Polla]
  • dmv: added mouse input. (Sandro Ronco)
  • gamecom: [Robbbert]
    • Fixed timer in solitaire. Centipede is somewhat playable.
    • Fixed calculator.
    • Replaced crosshairs with mouse pointer.
  • ngen: mapped DMA controller, no idea what DMA channels map to what devices, yet.
  • apple2: rewrote all 8-bit Apple II drivers with an aim towards modernity and improved runtime performance, improved correctness, and missing features. Fixes MT #5157, 5158, 5747, and 5748. [R. Belmont]
  • ngen: mapped i8254, connected channel 2 to the serial clock, added RS232 ports and connected them to the uPD7201.
  • mc1502: mark CGA unremovable from its slot.
  • ngen: added basic display, and other little bits of WIP.
  • made pla_device more generic
  • ngen: hooked up CRTC and adjusted CRTC clock, resolution and refresh rate are set to expected values.
  • pc9801_kbd: fix locks, add missing keys. [Octocontrabass]
  • vtech1: fixed cassette recording (thanks to ubee for reporting the problem)
  • mikrosha: add cartslot and one ROM cart
  • Added tms0970 device [hap]
  • Backport MBC1COL detection from GoodGBx [Cowering]
  • mc1502: re-add speaker output, add more BIOS versions
  • mc1502: add more ROMs
  • mc1502: re-add speaker output
  • redo merlin layout
  • added simon skillswitch, thanks to Simon from http://www.waitingforfriday.com for making a wiring diagram
  • dvk_ksm: DEC VT52-compatible video terminal
  • num9rev: add number 9 revolution 512x32 [Carl]
  • small cleanup to merlin.c, it is very similar to simon.c
  • px4: fix initial rs232 status after reset and add the dram test replacement roms
  • px4: support clock reading & writing
  • abc99: Identified unknown ROMs. [robcfg]
  • px4: use nvram for main memory
  • px4: clean ups
  • amstrad: add CRTC Cursor signal to expansion bus, connected to PlayCity which now has working NMIs.
  • amstrad: made PlayCity output in stereo, add the device has its own stereo audio output.
  • x820ii: Fixed ROM error. [Curt Coder]
  • psionla: added bios v3.0
  • Add zero() to (s)vga_device: zeroes all private variables but vtbls. The vga.memory is resized to 0.
  • added preliminary emulation of the Bit Corp Gamate [PeT]
  • amstrad: Added preliminary support for the PlayCity.
  • x820: Emulated the ASCII keyboard (key repeat is not working yet). [Curt Coder]
  • d88_dsk: Support some incorrect images [O. Galibert]
  • nes: fixed NINA-06 mirroring, making Krazy Kreatures and Mermaids of Atlantis working, and fixing a few glitches in other games (e.g. the Robert Byrne's Pool Challenge proto). [Fabio Priuli]
  • spc1000.c: documented hardware differences among models of the SPC-1000 series [zannylim]
  • Use the same list of centronics devices everywhere (except the Amstrad CPC), the list has been renamed as they aren't all printers. [smf]
  • astrocade: converted the expansion bus to be a slot device, and converted RAM expansions to be slot cards. As a result you now specify the expansion you want by using e.g. mess astrocde -exp blue_ram_32k or the Slot Devices menu of the internal UI, instead of using the DipSwitches menu. Check the -lslot output for a list of available expansions. [Fabio Priuli]
  • ti85: use direct update handler to remove boot memory mapping hacks [Jon Sturm]
  • Correctly model the behavior of a real Coco for the Cassette input in regards to audio (buzzing sound) coming from the port. [Richard Goedeken]
  • ap2_dsk: edd support [O. Galibert]
  • ap2_dsk: Fix broken detection of dsk [O. Galibert]
  • Assorted improvments to Russian-based computers [Shattered]
    • besta: fix doubling chars
    • ec1840: new BIOS ROM
    • ec1840: add older revision of BIOS
    • ec1841: change keyboard xtal freq, add speech synthesis swre
    • ec1841: new softlist item
    • ec184x: MDA clone
    • ec184x, iskr103x: use custom set of ISA cards
    • kb_ec1841: use correct clock frequency
    • isa_hdc: ec1841 compatibility
    • isa_hdc: implement WRITESBUFF command
    • isa_hdc: add ioport for DIPs, make ROM optional (makes this device work with ec1841)
    • isa_hdc: add DIPs, make ROM optional
    • ie15: use utf-8 in keyboard layout description
    • ie15: init palette, minor cleanup
    • iskr103x: CGA clone
    • poisk1: add newer revision of HDC BIOS
  • spc1000: converted the expansion bus EXT1 to be a slot device, moved FDD expansion to be a slot card, added emulation of the VDP expansion as another slot card. This makes Gun Fright, TwinBee and Zanac playable if you launch them with "-ext1 vdp" option. If you want to emulate a SPC-1000 with floppy drive, you have to add "-ext1 fdd" instead. [Fabio Priuli]
  • Convert PSX sio to use devcb. [smf]
  • astrocde.c: added support for 256K and 512K carts with bankswitch. [Fabio Priuli]
  • ti85: add basic support for the TI-84 Plus [Jon Sturm]
    • Add known dump of TI-84 Plus which has been sent to a mess dev and supports ennough asic functionality that it boots and runs.
    • Fixed up model enum to match style from the apple2 and used it to add support for where the ti84p differs from the ti84pse.
    • Consolidated code for the 15Mhz calculators so there is less duplicated code between the ti83pse, ti84pse and ti84 support code.
  • spc1000: added emulation of joystick inputs [Fabio Priuli]
  • spc1000: added support for tapes in .cas format [Fabio Priuli]
  • x820ii: Added keyboard ROM. [Gabriele]
  • spectum.c: remove weird loop range at border drawing, make Pentagon stereo, correct AY clock [MetalliC]
  • TRS-80 CoCo: implement virtual "Becker Port" for DriveWire support. [Richard Goedeken]
  • ti85.c: [Jon Sturm]
    • Improved support of TI83 Plus, TI83 Plus Silver Edition, and TI84 Plus, and TI84 Plus Silver Edition by switching over to bankdev and adding proper flash chips. They should be working now (press Q to power on).
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