[Multi] kindred 1.10 Preview Build 1 24/12/17

[10] @ !!! Czwartek, 28 Grudnia 2017 19:03 CET [28-12-2017 19:03 CET]

[Multi] kindred 1.10 Preview Build 1 24/12/17

KindRed, dawniej SuperSlueth, ma pozwolić zaemulować nam większość konsol z rodziny Nintendo - póki co, pozwala spokojnie pograć w gry z Super Nintendo i Game Boy Color. Jak dla mnie i na pierwszy rzut oka program ma jedną wadę w grach SNES brak skalowania okna. Ciekawostką jest dorzucenie również emulacji.... Commodore C64;P

Version 1.10 Preview Build 1 (2017-12-24)

  This release is dedicated to the memory of Gary Lowrie. Thank you sir.

  •   [IBM] Added IBM PC XT
  •   [IBM] Added 8088 CPU
  •   [IBM] Added Floppy Drive
  •   [IBM] Added Hard Drive
  •   [IBM] Added VCF XT-IDE
  •   [IBM] Added DMA, PIC, PIT, PPI
  •   [IBM] Added MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA
  •   [IBM] Added Microsoft Compatible Serial Mouse
  •   [IBM] Added 83 Key XT Keyboard
  •   [IBM] Added Tecmar Captain
  •   [IBM] Added 80x86 disassembler
  •   [NES] Added TV-NET controller
  •   [NES] Added TV-NET
  •   [ALL] Added 720x540 Window Size (VGA)
  •   [ALL] Added hotkey editor
→ [Multi] kindred 1.09 Preview Build 2 23/01/17

kindred 1.09 Preview Build 2 (Windows, 32-Bit)

  •   [ALL] Rewrote main video renderer
  •   [ALL] Added selectable aspect ratio to video renderer
  •   [ALL] Added various window display sizes
  •   [ALL] Updated readme.html


→ [Multi] kindred 1.09 Preview Build 1 07/01/17
Lion King (Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc., 1994)

kindred 1.09 Preview Build 1 (Windows, 32-Bit)

  •   [SFC] Added input mapping for NTT Joypad
  •   [SFC] Updated SETA-DSP (UPD96050)
  •   [SFC] Updated SCPU Multiply/Division cycle processing
  •   [SFC] Updated PPU vertical synchronization
  •   [SFC] Rewrote PPU object rendering code
  •   [SFC] Updated State information to be cycle relevant
  •   [SFC] Updated SA1 memory map timing
  •   [SFC] Reworked SPC700 CPU core
  •   [SFC] Reworked SA1 and 65816 CPU cores
  •   [SFC] Updated DMA and H-DMA timing and protocol
  •   [SFC] Added S-RTC (all four clocks supported)
  •   [SFC] Added RTC-4513
  •   [SFC] Added SPC7110 decompression
  •   [SFC] Added BS-X flash cartridge (all commands supported)
  •   [SFC] Fixed BS-X mapping
  •   [SFC] Updated BS ROM detection
  •   [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2J5B) (Sangokushi III)
  •   [SFC] Added board (SHVC-BJ5M) (Sangokushi IV)
  •   [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2A5B) (Sangokushi Senshi)
  •   [ALL] Updated kindred.db


→ [Multi] KindRed 1.07 Preview 3 02/10/15

Version 1.07 Preview Build 3 10.02.2015

  •  [NES] Added Famicom Data Recorder


→ [Multi] KindRed 1.07 Preview 3
Nintendo 8 Nes:KindRed:River City Ransom:American Technos Inc.:Technos Japan Corp.:Jan, 1990:
River City Ransom (American Technos Inc., Jan, 1990) w nowej wersji emulatora KindRed

Version 1.07 Preview Build 3 29.06.2015

  • [NES] Added Famicom Data Recorder [FDS]
  • Updated Famicom disk writer [C64] Added CIA, PLA, SID, VIC module
  • [C64] Added Cartridge Mapper
  • [C64] Added Keyboard and Joystick support
  • [NES] Fixed bug in $4016 which broke Famicom Keyboard support
  • [ALL] Fixed Scheduler module reconfiguration
  • [ALL] Added Run script to Tools menu


→ [Multi] KindRed 1.07 Preview 1

Version 1.07 Preview Build 1 29.06.2015

  • [SFC] Rewrote S-DSP module
  • [SFC] Rewrote SPC700 module
  • [SFC] Updated SA-1 instruction set
  • [SFC] Fixed SA-1 interrupt detection
  • [SFC] Fixed SA-1 8-bit character DMA
  • [SFC] Rewrote Super FX module
  • [SFC] Added Super FX Cache RAM
  • [SFC] Fixed Super-FX PLOT and RPIX
  • [SFC] Fixed Super-FX register map
  • [SFC] Partial S-CPU conversion to new scheduler
  • [DMG] Added Gameboy Classic
  • [DMG] Added MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5 mappers
  • [DMG] Added MMMO1 mapper
  • [DMG] Added TAMA5 mapper
  • [DMG] Added HUC1, HUC3 mappers
  • [DMG] Added Pocket Camera mapper
  • [DMG] Added dmg.pal
  • [DMG] Added dmg.rom
  • [DMG] Added dmg.ram
  • [ALL] Fixed Pause operation
  • [ALL] Updated kindred.db
  • [ALL] Updated toolsninja.exe


→ [Multi] KindRed 1.06 Preview 1
Nintendo 8 Nes:KindRed:River City Ransom:American Technos Inc.:Technos Japan Corp.:Jan, 1990:
River City Ransom (American Technos Inc., Jan, 1990) w nowej wersji emulatora KindRed

Version 1.06 Preview Build 1 10.08.2014

  • [FDS] Added Famicom Disk Drive
  • [FDS] Added RAM Adapter
  • [NES] Many Picture Processing updates
  • [NES] Updated Audio Sequencer
  • [NES] Added custom mapper (Bandai DATACH)
  • [NES] Added Famicom Basic Keyboard
  • [NES] Updated WRAM power-on default (fixes Minna no Tabo, River City Ransom)
  • [ALL] Added Joystick support (Preliminary)
  • [ALL] Rewrote virtual device system
  • [NES] Added Bus Conflicts
  • [NES] Added Save State system (Preliminary)
  • [NES] Added custom mapper (Taito TC0690)
  • [NES] Added board (SZROM)
  • [NES] Updated SRAM initialization (fixes Famicom Wars)
  • [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2K0N)
  • Updated kindred.db
  • Updated ninja.exe
→ [Multi] KindRed 1.05 Preview 1
Castlevania: Dracula X (Konami (America), Inc., 1995)

Version 1.05 Preview Build 1 (27-08-13)

  •   Added NINA Header Support
  •   Added New Memory Mappers system
  •   Rewrote CHR mapping subsystem
  •   Updated NES Picture Processing Unit
  •   Rewrote mapping system
  •   More CX4 LLE updates
  •   More 65816 Emulation Mode updates
  •   More PCBs added to the database
  •   Updgraded to Embarcardero Delphi XE2
  •   updated sleuth.db

Version 1.04 Preview Build 7 (29-09-11)

  •   NES Wave, Triangle, Noise and DMC emulation
  •   More PCBs added to the database
  •   Removed DSP and CX4 HLE
  •   Additional database fields and updates
  •   Replaced NES Scheduling System (Dynamic)
  •   Fixed incorrect Game Doctor SRAM Mapping
  •   NEC UPD77C25 and CX4 LLE
  •   Fixed bug with breakpoints being flushed not long after they are loaded 
  •   Fixed some HDMA issues
  •   Added IPS Support for SWC and headerless ROMs
  •   More updates to the user interface
  •   Fixed Major error in State Save for SAPU
  •   Updated SCPU registers to match power on defaults
  •   Added startup symbol file sleuth.sym
  •   Finished support for WLA Symbol and Sleuth Symbol files
  •   Isolated and improved Game Doctor Mapping
  •   Updated SA-1 65816 Core to match SCPU
  •   Updated SPC700 Opcodes ADC, SBC, ADDW, SUBW, MUL, BRK, DAA and DAS
  •   Updated BGxxofs registers (thanks to anomie for the research)
  •   Added six more PCB types (thanks again to JohnDie)
  •   Modified Directional Pad button masking for Joypads
  •   Fixed Overdump Detection
  •   Upgraded to Borland Delphi 2005 Personal
  •   Updated sleuth.db

Version 1.03 (01-04-05)

  •   Added Export Data to the State Manager (wram, vram, dma and spcram)
  •   Added commandline loading of files
  •   Added Preliminary support for WLA Symbol files (breakpoints only)
  •   Fixed Serial data ports to correctly spool bit data
  •   Added Preliminary support for Super Turbo File and Turbo File
  •   Updated CPU timing to match hardware specifications
  •   Replaced CPU Operation Code timing with Cycle-by-Cycle
  •   Fixed SA-1 Normal DMA, was using CPU Bus instead of SA-1 Bus
  •   Fixed BS-X Mapping Registers incase 'BS-X.SRM' already exists and is corrupt
  •   Fixed SA-1 BWRAM Size Detection
  •   Added a couple more PCB types (thanks to JohnDie and the Dumper)
  •  Updated Licensee Names to match information obtained from the Nintendo Website
  •   Now using Maker Code instead of License Code for Licenses Names
  •   Added hints to the Gamepak Properties Window
  •   Updated Sleuth.db

Version 1.02 (24-12-04)

  •   Added SA-1 Bitmap File Registers and Character DMA Buffer Transfer
  •   Updated the SA-1 Registers and Memory Mapping
  •   Added PCB patching to Game Doctor 3 Headers
  •   Disallowed transfer from WRAM to $2180 and vice-versa for high speed DMA
  •   Added freeze in CPU execution to each scanline (OPHCT: 135-143)
  •   Modified Overdump detection to more reliablely identify open architecture
  •   Extended Database to override cartridge mapping using PCB indentification
  •   Added Support for BS-X Cartridge Mapping Registers
  •   Added Header Detection at Bank $40 for ROMs larger than 32Mbits
  •   Shifted OAM Address Reset to LineBlank/ForceBlank, should fix object corruption in Dungeon Master
  •   Adjusted the Color Map to produce slightly brighter colours
  •   Fixed the 65816 Reset to resemble an interrupt
  •   Fixed Window Handles for some problem Message Boxes
  •   Fixed NMITIMEN Register - XBand Modem BIOS (U) accidently caused NMI to re-interrupt
  •   Fixed 20Mbit Game Doctor file header
  •   Fixed Super Wildcard Real-Time Save Load
  •   Fixed SRAM Mapping in Game Doctor Mode
  •   Enabled Game Doctor SF III to Send BackupRAM
  •   Added Custom Paths for Gamepak, BackupRAM, PNG and State Files.
  •   Updated readme.txt
  •   Updated bpsfmt.txt
  •   Updated sleuth.db

Version 1.01 (04-10-04)

  •   Updated readme.txt  

Version 1.00 (22-09-04)

  •   First Public Release



  • 2013-08 Wow!! 15 Year Special Edition < kindred 1.05 Preview Build 1 >
  • 2013-01 Added NINA header support
  • 2012-11 Emulator renamed to 'kindred'
  • 2011-09 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 7
  • 2008-08 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 6
  • 2006-02 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 5
  • 2005-11 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 4
  • 2005-09 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 3
  • 2005-05 Completed Label and Breakpoint Symbol file support
  • 2005-03 Super Sleuth PE 1.03
  • 2005-01 Rewrote 65816 operation code (now cycle-based)
  • 2004-12 Super Sleuth PE 1.02
  • 2004-11 Extended database to include PCB Identification
  • 2004-10 First Public Release
  • 2004-08 Added Break-Point Save v2.00 and Real-Time Save support
  • 2004-07 Added Game Doctor mapping support
  • 2004-05 Added external database
  • 2004-04 Emulator renamed to 'Super Sleuth'
  • 2003-02 Joined Snes9x as a developer and started the Snes9x DSP Project
  • 2002-10 Ported from Borland Pascal 7 for DOS to Borland Delphi 6 for Windows
  • 1998-08 Project Started



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