[Multi] KindRed 1.07 Preview 1

[1] @ Poniedziałek, 29 Czerwca 2015 00:35CET

KindRed, dawniej SuperSlueth, ma pozwolić zaemulować nam większość konsol z rodziny Nintendo - póki co, pozwala spokojnie pograć w gry z Super Nintendo i Game Boy Color. Jak dla mnie i na pierwszy rzut oka program ma jedną wadę w grach SNES brak skalowania okna.

Version 1.07 Preview Build 1 29.06.2015

  • [SFC] Rewrote S-DSP module
  • [SFC] Rewrote SPC700 module
  • [SFC] Updated SA-1 instruction set
  • [SFC] Fixed SA-1 interrupt detection
  • [SFC] Fixed SA-1 8-bit character DMA
  • [SFC] Rewrote Super FX module
  • [SFC] Added Super FX Cache RAM
  • [SFC] Fixed Super-FX PLOT and RPIX
  • [SFC] Fixed Super-FX register map
  • [SFC] Partial S-CPU conversion to new scheduler
  • [DMG] Added Gameboy Classic
  • [DMG] Added MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5 mappers
  • [DMG] Added MMMO1 mapper
  • [DMG] Added TAMA5 mapper
  • [DMG] Added HUC1, HUC3 mappers
  • [DMG] Added Pocket Camera mapper
  • [DMG] Added dmg.pal
  • [DMG] Added dmg.rom
  • [DMG] Added dmg.ram
  • [ALL] Fixed Pause operation
  • [ALL] Updated kindred.db
  • [ALL] Updated toolsninja.exe


→ NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 2 28/08/18

Version 1.11 Preview Build 2 (2018-08-28)

 Happy 20th Birthday

  • [IBM] Updated PIT
  • [IBM] Added .ini files for XT and AT
  • [IBM] Added all standard floppy formats
  • [IBM] Added ibmreadme.txt, ideinfo.txt
  • [ALL] Fixed OpenGL driver (white screen on some systems)
  • [ALL] Added Parser for INI files
→ NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 1 28/05/18
Aerial (SEGA of America, Inc., 1990)

Version 1.11 Preview Build 1 (2018-05-28)

  • [IBM] Added IBM PC AT
  • [IBM] Added some more EGA/VGA mapping modes
  • [IBM] Added RTC for IBM PC AT
  • [ALL] Added more screen rendering options, Direct3D and OpenGL
  • [ALL] Fixed Screen Capture Buffer Overrun

At the moment there is only support for IDE harddrives (an AT compatible bios that supports IDE is needed). Not all AT compatibles will work due to advanced features not yet supported. Protected Mode is nowhere near complete, don't bother trying to install Windows 3.1 just yet.

→ NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.10 Preview Build 1 24/12/17

Version 1.10 Preview Build 1 (2017-12-24)

  This release is dedicated to the memory of Gary Lowrie. Thank you sir.

  •   [IBM] Added IBM PC XT
  •   [IBM] Added 8088 CPU
  •   [IBM] Added Floppy Drive
  •   [IBM] Added Hard Drive
  •   [IBM] Added VCF XT-IDE
  •   [IBM] Added DMA, PIC, PIT, PPI
  •   [IBM] Added MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA
  •   [IBM] Added Microsoft Compatible Serial Mouse
  •   [IBM] Added 83 Key XT Keyboard
  •   [IBM] Added Tecmar Captain
  •   [IBM] Added 80x86 disassembler
  •   [NES] Added TV-NET controller
  •   [NES] Added TV-NET
  •   [ALL] Added 720x540 Window Size (VGA)
  •   [ALL] Added hotkey editor
→ NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.09 Preview Build 2 23/01/17

kindred 1.09 Preview Build 2 (Windows, 32-Bit)

  •   [ALL] Rewrote main video renderer
  •   [ALL] Added selectable aspect ratio to video renderer
  •   [ALL] Added various window display sizes
  •   [ALL] Updated readme.html


→ NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.09 Preview Build 1 07/01/17
Lion King (Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc., 1994)

kindred 1.09 Preview Build 1 (Windows, 32-Bit)

  •   [SFC] Added input mapping for NTT Joypad
  •   [SFC] Updated SETA-DSP (UPD96050)
  •   [SFC] Updated SCPU Multiply/Division cycle processing
  •   [SFC] Updated PPU vertical synchronization
  •   [SFC] Rewrote PPU object rendering code
  •   [SFC] Updated State information to be cycle relevant
  •   [SFC] Updated SA1 memory map timing
  •   [SFC] Reworked SPC700 CPU core
  •   [SFC] Reworked SA1 and 65816 CPU cores
  •   [SFC] Updated DMA and H-DMA timing and protocol
  •   [SFC] Added S-RTC (all four clocks supported)
  •   [SFC] Added RTC-4513
  •   [SFC] Added SPC7110 decompression
  •   [SFC] Added BS-X flash cartridge (all commands supported)
  •   [SFC] Fixed BS-X mapping
  •   [SFC] Updated BS ROM detection
  •   [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2J5B) (Sangokushi III)
  •   [SFC] Added board (SHVC-BJ5M) (Sangokushi IV)
  •   [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2A5B) (Sangokushi Senshi)
  •   [ALL] Updated kindred.db


→ NOWSZY [Multi] KindRed 1.07 Preview 3 02/10/15

Version 1.07 Preview Build 3 10.02.2015

  •  [NES] Added Famicom Data Recorder


→ NOWSZY [Multi] KindRed 1.07 Preview 3
Nintendo 8 Nes:KindRed:River City Ransom:American Technos Inc.:Technos Japan Corp.:Jan, 1990:
River City Ransom (American Technos Inc., Jan, 1990) w nowej wersji emulatora KindRed

Version 1.07 Preview Build 3 29.06.2015

  • [NES] Added Famicom Data Recorder [FDS]
  • Updated Famicom disk writer [C64] Added CIA, PLA, SID, VIC module
  • [C64] Added Cartridge Mapper
  • [C64] Added Keyboard and Joystick support
  • [NES] Fixed bug in $4016 which broke Famicom Keyboard support
  • [ALL] Fixed Scheduler module reconfiguration
  • [ALL] Added Run script to Tools menu


→ [Multi] KindRed 1.06 Preview 1
Nintendo 8 Nes:KindRed:River City Ransom:American Technos Inc.:Technos Japan Corp.:Jan, 1990:
River City Ransom (American Technos Inc., Jan, 1990) w nowej wersji emulatora KindRed

Version 1.06 Preview Build 1 10.08.2014

  • [FDS] Added Famicom Disk Drive
  • [FDS] Added RAM Adapter
  • [NES] Many Picture Processing updates
  • [NES] Updated Audio Sequencer
  • [NES] Added custom mapper (Bandai DATACH)
  • [NES] Added Famicom Basic Keyboard
  • [NES] Updated WRAM power-on default (fixes Minna no Tabo, River City Ransom)
  • [ALL] Added Joystick support (Preliminary)
  • [ALL] Rewrote virtual device system
  • [NES] Added Bus Conflicts
  • [NES] Added Save State system (Preliminary)
  • [NES] Added custom mapper (Taito TC0690)
  • [NES] Added board (SZROM)
  • [NES] Updated SRAM initialization (fixes Famicom Wars)
  • [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2K0N)
  • Updated kindred.db
  • Updated ninja.exe
→ [Multi] KindRed 1.05 Preview 1
Castlevania: Dracula X (Konami (America), Inc., 1995)

Version 1.05 Preview Build 1 (27-08-13)

  •   Added NINA Header Support
  •   Added New Memory Mappers system
  •   Rewrote CHR mapping subsystem
  •   Updated NES Picture Processing Unit
  •   Rewrote mapping system
  •   More CX4 LLE updates
  •   More 65816 Emulation Mode updates
  •   More PCBs added to the database
  •   Updgraded to Embarcardero Delphi XE2
  •   updated sleuth.db

Version 1.04 Preview Build 7 (29-09-11)

  •   NES Wave, Triangle, Noise and DMC emulation
  •   More PCBs added to the database
  •   Removed DSP and CX4 HLE
  •   Additional database fields and updates
  •   Replaced NES Scheduling System (Dynamic)
  •   Fixed incorrect Game Doctor SRAM Mapping
  •   NEC UPD77C25 and CX4 LLE
  •   Fixed bug with breakpoints being flushed not long after they are loaded 
  •   Fixed some HDMA issues
  •   Added IPS Support for SWC and headerless ROMs
  •   More updates to the user interface
  •   Fixed Major error in State Save for SAPU
  •   Updated SCPU registers to match power on defaults
  •   Added startup symbol file sleuth.sym
  •   Finished support for WLA Symbol and Sleuth Symbol files
  •   Isolated and improved Game Doctor Mapping
  •   Updated SA-1 65816 Core to match SCPU
  •   Updated SPC700 Opcodes ADC, SBC, ADDW, SUBW, MUL, BRK, DAA and DAS
  •   Updated BGxxofs registers (thanks to anomie for the research)
  •   Added six more PCB types (thanks again to JohnDie)
  •   Modified Directional Pad button masking for Joypads
  •   Fixed Overdump Detection
  •   Upgraded to Borland Delphi 2005 Personal
  •   Updated sleuth.db

Version 1.03 (01-04-05)

  •   Added Export Data to the State Manager (wram, vram, dma and spcram)
  •   Added commandline loading of files
  •   Added Preliminary support for WLA Symbol files (breakpoints only)
  •   Fixed Serial data ports to correctly spool bit data
  •   Added Preliminary support for Super Turbo File and Turbo File
  •   Updated CPU timing to match hardware specifications
  •   Replaced CPU Operation Code timing with Cycle-by-Cycle
  •   Fixed SA-1 Normal DMA, was using CPU Bus instead of SA-1 Bus
  •   Fixed BS-X Mapping Registers incase 'BS-X.SRM' already exists and is corrupt
  •   Fixed SA-1 BWRAM Size Detection
  •   Added a couple more PCB types (thanks to JohnDie and the Dumper)
  •  Updated Licensee Names to match information obtained from the Nintendo Website
  •   Now using Maker Code instead of License Code for Licenses Names
  •   Added hints to the Gamepak Properties Window
  •   Updated Sleuth.db

Version 1.02 (24-12-04)

  •   Added SA-1 Bitmap File Registers and Character DMA Buffer Transfer
  •   Updated the SA-1 Registers and Memory Mapping
  •   Added PCB patching to Game Doctor 3 Headers
  •   Disallowed transfer from WRAM to $2180 and vice-versa for high speed DMA
  •   Added freeze in CPU execution to each scanline (OPHCT: 135-143)
  •   Modified Overdump detection to more reliablely identify open architecture
  •   Extended Database to override cartridge mapping using PCB indentification
  •   Added Support for BS-X Cartridge Mapping Registers
  •   Added Header Detection at Bank $40 for ROMs larger than 32Mbits
  •   Shifted OAM Address Reset to LineBlank/ForceBlank, should fix object corruption in Dungeon Master
  •   Adjusted the Color Map to produce slightly brighter colours
  •   Fixed the 65816 Reset to resemble an interrupt
  •   Fixed Window Handles for some problem Message Boxes
  •   Fixed NMITIMEN Register - XBand Modem BIOS (U) accidently caused NMI to re-interrupt
  •   Fixed 20Mbit Game Doctor file header
  •   Fixed Super Wildcard Real-Time Save Load
  •   Fixed SRAM Mapping in Game Doctor Mode
  •   Enabled Game Doctor SF III to Send BackupRAM
  •   Added Custom Paths for Gamepak, BackupRAM, PNG and State Files.
  •   Updated readme.txt
  •   Updated bpsfmt.txt
  •   Updated sleuth.db

Version 1.01 (04-10-04)

  •   Updated readme.txt  

Version 1.00 (22-09-04)

  •   First Public Release



  • 2013-08 Wow!! 15 Year Special Edition < kindred 1.05 Preview Build 1 >
  • 2013-01 Added NINA header support
  • 2012-11 Emulator renamed to 'kindred'
  • 2011-09 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 7
  • 2008-08 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 6
  • 2006-02 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 5
  • 2005-11 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 4
  • 2005-09 Super Sleuth PE 1.04 Preview Build 3
  • 2005-05 Completed Label and Breakpoint Symbol file support
  • 2005-03 Super Sleuth PE 1.03
  • 2005-01 Rewrote 65816 operation code (now cycle-based)
  • 2004-12 Super Sleuth PE 1.02
  • 2004-11 Extended database to include PCB Identification
  • 2004-10 First Public Release
  • 2004-08 Added Break-Point Save v2.00 and Real-Time Save support
  • 2004-07 Added Game Doctor mapping support
  • 2004-05 Added external database
  • 2004-04 Emulator renamed to 'Super Sleuth'
  • 2003-02 Joined Snes9x as a developer and started the Snes9x DSP Project
  • 2002-10 Ported from Borland Pascal 7 for DOS to Borland Delphi 6 for Windows
  • 1998-08 Project Started



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