[MULTI] Emma 02 V1.33

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[MULTI] Emma 02 V1.33

Emmma jest multiemulatorem egzotycznych mikrokoputerów, o których w Polsce prawdopodbnie nikt nieslyszał. Część maszynek można było złożyć samemu, część dzielnie pracowały w Serbii, Hiszpanii, czy też Danii. Wśród emulowanych mikrokomputerów jest też jeden fliper (Cidelsa), parę konsolek do gier (RCA Studio II, Victory MPT-02, Visicom COM-100). Lwia część konstrukcji pochodzi z końca lat 70 i nawet, ze względu na historię warto na nie rzucić okiem.

Changes introduced in V1.33



  • Added Microboard System emulator with support for
    • 11 CPU Boards: CDP18S600 to CDP18S610
    • Memory boards: CDP18S620 4K RAM, CDP18S621 16K RAM, CDP18S623A 8K RAM, CDP18S625 8/16/32K ROM, CDP18S626 32/64K RAM/ROM, CDP18S627 4K ROM, CDP18S628 32K RAM/ROM and CDP18S629 32K RAM/ROM
    • Others: CDP18S640 A/A1 Display, CDP18S641 UART, CDP18S646 Printer, CDP18S651 FDC, CDP18S652 Memory & Tape, CDP18S660 Memory & I/O, CDP18S661B Video (NTSC) and CDP18S661V3 Video (PAL)
  • Removed CDP18Sxxx emulators as they are replaced by the Microboard System emulator
  • Moved VT font file setting to VT Setup window
  • Bug fixes and GUI improvements

Changes introduced in V1.32



  • Added CDP18S600 emulator
  • Added CDP18S601 emulator
  • Added CDP18S603A emulator
  • Added support for 38400 baud terminal emulation
  • Added support CDP1804/1805 counter mode 4 and 5


  • Added back the 'old' dissassembler format as supported in V1.23 and earlier. To use this save the output file as name.txt instead of name.asm
  • Added CH, CNTR and CIE values on Debug tab
  • Added register trap option for CH and CNTR on Debug tab

Changes introduced in V1.31


  • Added support for the CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit including 'real' single step mode
  • Corrected bug in CDP1805 instruction handling for BCD substraction instructions
  • Corrected timing issue when using CDP1804/1805 instructions
  • Changed calculation of CPU speed on Debugger / message tab to 'restart' after a computer is stopped/started via F12 or RUN button switch
  • Fixed a bug causing new SW files never to be found on first start-up of Emma 02


  • Support added for Elf Chip 8 variant (extra OUT4 / Fx75 instruction)

Video Coin Arcade

  • Changed video timing to a 60 Hz frequency

Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf

  • Added support for the 'real' Single Step feature for the Quest Super Elf
  • Bug fixed on OSX causing EFx not being reset after hex keypad press when using 'screen' keypad
  • Changed handling of 'IN' EF so that EF4 will always be set to 0 on an IN press even if EF4 is used for other 'HW'
  • Added an option to activate EFx on every hex key press via a checkbox which is now possible to use in Elf runtime. This is replacing keyboard type Hex (+EF) which is removed.
  • Added EF Button (EF3/EF4) support for Elf II
  • Added games: Blockade, Cosmac Cosmos, Cosmac Cowboy, Dog fight, Dot-dash, Miniature Golf and Space Invaders
  • Fixed a bug in key file handling which caused the Key file not to work on start-up but only on restart


  • Changed video timing to a 60 Hz frequency (and CPU clock to 1.76)

VIP2K Membership Card

  • Support added for PAL video, including PAL sequencer ROM file
  • Changed F12 press to reset intead of stop of switch run mode

Chip 8

  • Included Dot-dash, Minature Golf and a code correction on VIP Dog Fight

RCA Studio IV

  • Changed video timing to a 50/60 Hz frequency for PAL/NTSC
→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.30

Changes introduced in V1.30


  • Added Microtutor II emulator
  • GUI improvements, including split of windows/linux and OSX main xrc file allowing for a faster start-up
  • Added a check if any of the 1802 SW folers are empty; if so a question for re-isntallation of the files will be given on start-up
  • Changed FRED 2 to FRED 1.5, latest information I have received is that the FRED 2 ran on an 1802 and the 1.5 on an 1801


  • Added 'SCRT' option in Debug 1802 tab to hide showing tracing for SCRT handling. See help pages for more details.

Video Terminal

  • Fixed a bug causing external terminal not to work when using an actual terminal via null modem cable

Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf

  • Changed the TIL313 emulation to new graphics as also used in the Microtutor II

VIP2K Membership Card

  • Added 'Auto Arcade Key Definition' checkbox
  • Added popup menu

MS 2000

  • Fixed crash when using popup menu (F7)


  • Fixed crash when using popup menu (F7)
  • Added support for second cassette interface

Telmac TMC-600

  • Fixed crash when using popup menu (F7)
→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.29

Changes introduced in V1.29 / December 21 2018



  • Fixed a bug in update check, should work again from V1.29 and onwards
  • Fixed bog in MCDS and MS2000 start butons which were switched around

Cosmac Elf

  • Fixed a bug in update of address leds

Cosmac Elf 2000

  • Fixed a bugs in ElfOs (elfos2k_0_2_8b.hex, elf2k-installation.ide) and Elf2K ROM (v88b.bin) when running on intel 8275 video. These versions are NOT formal released versions but patched by me.
  • Added a feature to correct IDE file if used in combination with intel 8275 video
  • Added intel 8275 MINIMON-8275 with patched @ command to use R3 instead of R0 (R0 cannot be used in combination with intel8275 as it is used for video DMA)

VIP2K Membership Card

  • Included latest VIP2K Monitor including Chip 8 Interpreter designed by me :)
  • Improved Key handling
  • Improved auto LOAD/SAVE function
  • Fixed hanging of Emma 02 when sequencer ROM is not available
→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.28
RCA Video Coin Arcade Swords (Joseph Weisbecker, 1975)

Changes introduced in V1.28 / November 12nd 2018

  • Added VIP2K Membership Card emulator
→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.27

Changes introduced in V1.27 / September 23rd 2018


  • Added emulators for the RCA Studio IV, FRED1 and FRED2
  • Added SW from The Sarnoff Collection at The College of New Jersey
  • Added SW from the Hagley Museum and Library: Sarnoff/RCA Collection -Joseph A. Weisbecker's archived manuscripts and materials -Accession 2464 -Box Number AVD B41


  • To get the latest SW installed for the Coin Arcade, Studio II/III and COMX-35 make sure to select 'File / Re-install / 1802 Software files'.
  • The wav files that are needed to run some FRED SW that are using voice on tape are not included in the installation package due to the large file size. When these files are needed Emma 02 will download the needed files after user ccnfirmation.


  • Changed libcurl to support SSL (windows version, OS X and Linux already included support)


  • Re-designed pseudo code (chip-8, ST2 etc) (dis)assembler to use syntax files
  • Added debugger and (dis)assembler for the Studio IV pseudo code
  • Added debugger and (dis)assembler for the FRED1 CARDTRAN pseudo code
  • Added debugger and (dis)assembler for the FRED2 FEL-1, FPL-2 and FPL-4 pseudo code
  • Added debugger and (dis)assembler for the Coin Arcade GPL-A (2K RAM & 2K ROM versions), GPL-2, GPL-3 and GPL-4 pseudo code
  • Added debugger and (dis)assembler for the VIP STK and Test Word pseudo code
  • Removed 'Chip 8' button as the direct assembler now allows 1802 or pseudo code input without need of switching mode
  • Changed disassembler (when using 'Dis' button) to put all pseudo code in as 'comments'


  • Added help pages for the added computers and debugger features
  • Syntax description for SYSTEM00, 1801, CARDTRAN, FPA-1, FPL-2 & 4, GPL-A (2K RAM & 2K ROM versions), GPL 2, 3 & 4, FEL-1, STK, Test-Word


  • Included SW from Nicole DiBisceglie: The Amazingly Average Adventures of Arnold the Disembodied Head

Video Coin Arcade

  • Included additional games from the Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ: Mines 2, Scramble-Split Second, Touche !!, En Garde !!, Katch and Kaleidoscope.


  • New emulator for the FRED 1 machine running a 180x like prototype called SYSTEM00
  • Support for two types of tape formats: PM System and 5.2/6.2 Tone
  • Support for Keypad and punched card input
  • Support for stopping tape loading via tone on tape (or wav file) as such allowing voice on tape and computer actions to be aligned
  • Included SW from the Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ: 1K Memory Test, 21 I & II, Acey Duecy, Add Drill, Animate Demo, Binary, Bowling, Calculate, Cardtran, Cartoon, Clue, Deduce, Deduce-leds, Demo, Digit Display, Dot Jot, Draw, Eng. Apt. Test, Erase, ESP I & II, Flip I & II, Hexapawn I & II, Hi-Lo, Jackpot, Life, Luckypath, Match I & II, Memory Test, Merry Christmas, Minikrieg, Nimnet, Pattern Puzzle, Prog. Apt. Test, Seasons Greetings, Slide Puzzle I & II, Space War, Spook, Spot Speedway I & II, Target, Tic-Tac-Toe, TV Sounds #1, Utility I &Amp; II, Write 0-1, Write CD I & II.


  • New emulator for the FRED 2 machine running a 1801 CPU with the same tape features as the FRED 1
  • Included SW from Paul Robson: Acey, Deduce, FEL-1, Jackpot, Life, Match, Spacewar, Speedway, Tag-Bowling. All this SW except FEL-1 was designed by Paul!
  • Included SW from the Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ: Calc, Computer Bowling, Curses Foiled Again, FPL-2, Fred Demo, GPL I & II.
  • Included SW from the Hagley Museum and Library: FEL-1 Example, FPL-4 Race Example, FPL-4 Random Example, Tape Software, XMAS Music & Show.

Cosmac VIP / VIP II

  • Included SW from the Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ: Android Signboard Demo, Curses Foiled Again, Curses Foiled Again Demo, Dragon, Eprom Burner, Language Sessions, Galaxy War, RCA Cosmac Picture
  • Included SW from the Hagley Museum and Library: 1K Memory Test, 4096 Bit Picture, Music Original_Sailors Hornpipe-Oh Susanna-Clarinet Polica, Music Original_Sonata in G (Beethoven), Snoopy Snipe Shoot, STK-1 - LANG, STK-2 - PROG A-B-C-D, Test Word Language, VIP 1K Memory test
  • Included SW from Brian Astle: VIP Roundup

Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf

  • Fixed a bug in setting of 'End' address for saving in Memory Access (Quest Super Elf)
  • Fixed a bug in setting of 'Exex' address for saving in Memory Access (Netronics Elf II)
  • Added support for bootstrap at 8000, needed for the Super Monitor
  • Added choice button for TIL311 or 313

Membership Card

  • Added Front panel option to select panel versions
  • Fixed WAIT and CLR buttons.

RCA Studio II, RCA Studio III

  • Added NTSC support for RCA Studio III, including a NTSC / Studio III ROM file.
  • Included SW from the Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ: Game Pack, Spacewar 2 & 3, ST3CTA Tester 3.
  • Included SW from the Hagley Museum and Library: Color Stars and Trek, Color Runs, Color Demo, Gunfight, New Studio 2-5 Game Set, Numbers, Secret Number

RCA Studio IV

  • New emulator for the RCA Studio IV including V2 and V3 ROM versions

Chip 8

  • Included SW from the VIP Game Manual: VIP Dogfight, Message Center
  • Included SW from the Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ: Alternate, Blackjack, Bingo, Clock Program, Game 16, Modified Kaleidoscope, Life, Pinball, Private Eye, Reversi, Space Explorer, Space Intercept, Video Display Draw, Wipe Off
  • Included SW from the Hagley Museum and Library: Tic-Tac-Toe, VIP Demo - King Kong, VIP Demo
→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.26

Changes introduced in V1.26


  • Added Coin Arcade emulator, including files from the Hagley Museum and Library: Sarnoff/RCA Collection -Joseph A. Weisbecker's archived manuscripts and materials -Accession 2464 -Box Number AVD B41 - Bowling, Chase, Mines, Swords and Tag-Bowling
  • Corrected 'rpm' installer package, 1.25 package did not include all Configuration and data files


  • Added support for the FEL (st2 like) language for the Coin Bowling and Tag-Bowling games


  • Updated to reflect changes for this release

Quest Super Elf

  • Fixed bug in P (memory protect) key

RCA Studio II, RCA Studio III / Victory MPT-02, Visicom COM-100

  • Renamed 'Victory MPT-02' to 'Studio III / Victory MPT-02'.
  • Re-ordered Studio computer list
  • Added support for the Studio III Tester 3 from The Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ, S.572.11 - ST3CTA Tester 3
→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.25

Changes introduced in V1.25

→ [MULTI] Emma 02 V1.19

Changes introduced in V1.19


  • Added support for the COMX SuperBoard (http://www.comx35.com/superboard.html)
  • Added a powerful ‘Direct Assembler’
  • Added VIP II emulator (http://www.cosmacvip.com/VIP2/VIP2.php), including FPB
  • Uplifted to wxWidgets 3.0.0
  • Moved version file to different internet location to try and speed up version check
  • Fixed F12 handling when using VT100
  • Fixed load/save machine code length (last byte was missed in some cases)


  • Replaced ‘old’ assembler and disassemble with the new ‘Direct Assembler’
  • Added option to change EF flags
  • Re-ordered debugger tabs
  • Corrected color settings for Pager


  • Fixed some incorrect links in the help pages


  • Added SuperBoard Support
  • Fixed bug in FDC ‘side’ handling (causing F&M Disk monitor not to switch to side B correctly)
  • Added Video log function
  • Corrected Thermal printer EF flag (CARDT7 is now working)
  • Correct mapping of 0DD-0DF memory when using floppy disk card
  • Fixed a crash when using a DOS LOAD while showing the debugger tab
  • Fixed load/save into/from slots

Cosmac VIP / VIP II

  • Added FPB rom, fpb.bin and fpb.color
  • Added support for FPB

Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf

  • Fixed a bug in the Device Port function that crashed on a ‘save’ of a new MC6845 address value
  • Added Super Basic files for 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 as well as configuration menus for the SB versions
  • Added check before trying to load Cosmac.ram file to make sure it exists

 RCA Studio II

  • Added games files for: fun with numbers, star wars, pinball, concentration match and bingo
  • Added Paul Robsons games: scramble, pacman, kaboom, berserk, asteroids
  • Add Lee Romanov’s game: rocket and climber
  • Changed text ‘Hex’ to ‘Key’ in keypad definition

Visicom COM-100

  • Added game files for: cas-130
  • Changed text ‘Hex’ to ‘Key’ in keypad definition

Victory MPT-02

  • Corrected colours
  • Replace default and pink options with Natural and Theoretical options
  • Corrected background colour switch
  • Corrected foreground colour when games don’t use colour info
  • Added games files for: fun with numbers, grand pack, star wars, pinball, concentration match and bingo
  • Added Paul Robsons games: scramble, pacman, kaboom, berserk, asteroids
  • Add Lee Romanov’s game: rocket and climber
  • Changed text ‘Hex’ to ‘Key’ in keypad definition


  • Added Pecom 32 ROM


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