[MULTI] EightyOne 1.30

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EightyOne to jeden ze starszych projektów emulatorów maszynek z Z80 na pokładzie i całkiem przypadkowo z tęczą w logo - potrafi nie tylko udawać konstrukcję od Sinclair ZX80, do Amstradowego ZX Spectrum +3 lecz także nieobce mu są Timexy, czy też bardziej egzotyczne klony ZX81 - Ringo i Lambda.  Dodatkowo bardzo fajny tryb TV, emulacja ZX Printera, debugger czego chcieć więcej;)

Version 1.3 - 07/05/2017 (by Paul Farrow and SirMorris)

  • Please Note:  If Upgrading from an earlier version of EightyOne, you may have to delete the file EightyOne.ini for the new version to operate correctly.

Bug fixes:

  • The Flash Load mechanism would not load certain programs, e.g. Software Farm's Bouncing Bert.
  • The ZXpand ôread only fileö problem where the ROM shadow is disabled after loading.
  • The vertical scrollbar shown in the History window was too far over and so was only partially visible.
  • Changed how the ZXpand ROM overlay works, which fixing a few problems with demos.
  • Locks the positions of the ôPrevious/Next Changeö buttons within the status bar of the    Memory window when resizing the window using the grip control.
  • Now correctly displays the address in the Memory window when in 'Word' view mode.
  • The tape block to wav file conversion did not always occur correctly.
  • Changed the number of T-states assumed per frame for the ZX81 and ZX80.
  • File default extension was sometimes .P instead of .O when saving in ZX80 mode.
  • Greys out the I/O area and Display Generation T-States count within the Debug window while     free running.
  • The ZX Interface 1 RS232 baud rate is now calculated based on machine clock rate rather than    hard-coded to 3.5MHz.
  • Fixed the alignment of Spectrum characters shown in the Memory window when in 'Traditional'    view mode.


  • ZXpand banner text changed to "ZXPAND EO x.y" to avoid user confusion with the real hardware  version number.
  • T81 format enhanced to tolerate new block types, specifically the block introduced by the    81-libretro emulator.
  • Inclusion of edition 1 ZX81 ROM.
  • Included support for the ZX81 edition 1 ROM floating point hardware fix.
  • The disassembler now handles instructions above $8000 on a ZX80/81 where bit 6 of the opcode     is set.
  • Improved the performance of the History capture feature under the Debug window.
  • Increased history storage to 3000 instructions (was 2000).
  • The History window is now refreshed when it gets resized by the user.
  • Added Clear and Reload options to the History window.
  • Memory edits are no longer allowed while the debugger is in free running mode.
  • The Memory window now refreshes after an edit is made.
  • The Memory window now displays offset numbers as column headings.
  • The Memory window now displays the address in the status bar when hovering the mouse cursor    over the Sinclair characters when in 'Traditional' view mode.
  • The Memory and Symbol buttons in the Debug window now toggle the visibility of their  respective windows.
  • The scrolling mechanism of the Memory window has been enhanced to provide more logical     behaviour.
  • The Tape Manager used to insert a description block with text ôCreated with EightyOneTZXö.
  • This has been changed to ôCreated using the EightyOne emulatorö.
  • - Added a feature to the Debug window to allow the user to specify the number of T-states that  are expected to have elapsed between consecutive hits of a specified address, useful for     verifying timing of flicker-free ZX80 programs.
  • Warn users when file/memory/snap load/save fails.
  • Default position of all windows set to be within typical monitor bounds.
  • Added 'Gather Windows' option to View menu to reposition all dialogs to ensure they appear     within the monitor bounds.
  • Added 'Enable Splash Screen' option to the View menu.
  • SoundOutput visible status now saved in configuration file.

Version 1.2 - 30/11/2015 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes to:

  • Words were incorrectly displayed for the stack in debugging window
  • Labels no longer displayed for read, write, input and output breakpoints
  • Writing to Chroma QS Character RAM ignored unless QS Character mode enabled
  • Last IO accesses

Alteration to Memory Window scrolling

Version 1.1 - 25/11/2015

ZXpand emulation source code lost: http://www.sinclairzxworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1477

  • Reconstructed ZXpand support (by SirMorris)
  • Added support for (by Paul Farrow):
    • Chroma colour interface (see www.fruitcake.plus.com for details of the interface)
    • Spectra colour interface (see www.fruitcake.plus.com for details of the interface)
    • IF2, ZXC2, ZXC3, ZXC4 ROM cartridges (details available at www.fruitcake.plus.com)
    • P81 file format

Bug fixes to (by Paul Farrow):

  • Jupiter Ace file save
  • Loading multiple ZX80 files
  • T81 file support for ZX80
  • Breakpoint at $0000 can now be hit upon a reset
  • Corrected disassembly mnemonics
  • Resolved lock up when reaching the end of playing a wav file
  • Lambda colour scheme sequence
  • QS Character Board memory size
  • Non-existent memory access
  • ComPort component updated

Enhancements to debugger window (by Paul Farrow):

  • Controls for breakpoints on memory and IO reads and writes
  • Displays last accessed IO ports
  • Displays Spectra, Chroma and ZXC status modes
  • Increased history storage to 2000 instructions (was 1000)

Version 1.0a Patch X3.7 - 17/10/2012 (by SirMorris)

  • Changed the way that the zxpand emulation works
    • card.bin no longer required
    • all files in folder MMC_CARD are now treated
    •     as the sd card image.

Version 1.0a Patch X3.5 - 13/01/2012 (by SirMorris)

  • Improved ZXpand support for zx81 (see hardware menu)
    • overlay disable is now implemented
    • ZXpand Joystick support works
    • use a real joystick attached to PC or keypad     in num-lock mode. Keypad 0 is fire, the cursor keys are the directions.
  • ZXpand support for zx80
    • mostly working
  • Debug window no longer defaults to 'Continuous'

Version 1.0a Patch X3 15/07/2011 (by SirMorris)

  • Changes by SirMorris - charlie@eightybits.co.uk
  • Added mostly complete ZXpand support for zx81 (see hardware menu)
    • overlay disable / memory map options aren't implemented)
  • Added preliminary ZXpand support for zx80
    • not yet working to any usable degree
  • Fixed coarse tuning on AY
    • sounds play a lot better but still produce occasional noisy glitch

Version 1.0a Patch - 20/5/2011 (by SirMorris)
File: zxpand_emu.zip

  • ZXpand emulation DLL update
  • Requires previous patch to have been applied

Version 1.0a Patch - 10/5/2011 (by SirMorris)
File: eo-zx80-zxpand.zip

  • Beginnings of ZX80 support

Version 1.0a Patch - 07/5/2011 (by SirMorris)
File: eo-zxpand-patch.zip

  • ZXpand V3 ROM
  • Test card image

Version 1.0a 28/05/08

  • Added Memory Browser (SirMorris)
  • Added Symbols to Debugger (SirMorris)
  • Fixed bug in OUTD/OUTIR instructions (MW)
  • Fixed bug with NMI occasionally triggering twice (MW)

Version 1.0 10/03/08

  • Vista Compatible

Version 0.52 24/8/07

  • Added ZX81 Larken disk support. Preliminary support for ZX1541 (Only memory and IEC interface coded, still have to emulate the 1541 itself). Fixed a bug which caused the emulator to crash if the workstation was locked/suspended/hibernated.  This may (but only may!) help with Vista compatability.

Version 0.51 21/7/07

  • Updated libdsk and lib765 to latest versions. Removed really nasty hack to support Aszmic ROM and replaced it with a more devious hack.

Version 0.50 8/7/07

  • Configuration files are now saved in Application Data folder. Added support for vertical hold in TV emulation. Support for Right shift as Symbol Shift. Lots of  fixes/several new bugs.

Version 0.43e 30/12/06

  • Fixed bug with CTRL key in Jupiter ACE emulation. Added support for TZX 1.20 specification.  Previous 1.20Beta TZX files will automatically be updated on saving.
  • Better emulation of ACF interface, though not working properly yet. Added support for  ZIP compressed tape/disk images, snapshots etc. Fixed several bugs in TZX->Wav  conversion. Fixed bug loading/saving .ACE snapshots of machines with 51k RAM.

Version 0.43d 10/11/06

  • Fixed bug in ATA command 0x91.  Added upload jumper to divIDE. Added PlusD/Disciple/ Opus/+3 Printer port support. Added Currah uSpeech support. Fixed bug in Port 0xfe on Timex machines. Added Midi support for +2/2A/3 machines (mute the AY chip to hear the demo tzx). Changed TC2048/Spec SE timing to match 48k spectrum.

Version 0.43c 24/11/06

  • Fixed bug in the +2A/+3 specific memory models. Read/Write support for all WD177x  type disk interfaces. Opus Discovery support.
  • Updated Ace CF interface to latest version of hardware. Fixed dialogues not displaying correctly when windows is using large fonts. Fixed (again) reversed up/down keys on the ACE. Fixed limit of 500 blocks per TZX file.

Version 0.43b - 11/11/06

  • Added support for Piters 16 bit IDE interface. Added Disciple & +D Floppy interface.
  • Fixed a bug in +2A/+3 paging. Preliminary support for QL emulation (Does nothing useful at the moment). If EightyOne finds FDC765.DLL available, it uses that instead of lib765 (more compatible for protected +3 disks).

Version 0.43a - 01/11/06

  • Added support for Piters 8 bit IDE interface.  Added ability to select ROM files from other than the ROM directory.

Version 0.43

  • Added ZX81/ASCII character view in TZX file viewer
  • Added ability to save screenshots as .bmp files
  • Readded feature to convert a block from wave->TZX, though this only works for
  • zx81 style blocks (atm).
  • Added ACE 96k Ram Pack
  • Fixed bug in Memotech Hi-Res emulation and added Memotech magic button
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in Timex graphics modex
  • Piters CF interface now appears working :)
  • Added Write Protect to Windows formatted drives. Changed default CHS for USB
  • connected drives.
  • Added ability to write to real hard drives/flash cards under divIDE/ZXCF/etc.
  • Rearranged the Hardware dialogue.  Added Jupiter ACE CF interface.
  • GDI is back!  You can now select which render method looks/works best for your system.  Reduced the size of the border slightly in "small border".  The new size fits a PC screen better in Fullscreen mode. Fixed a bug where you couldn't load files from ZXCF on a 48k machine.  Added Multiface and Spectrum SE emulation.
  • Fixed 1Mbyte only config on ZXCF interface.

Version 0.42Z

  • Fixed a bug in the DirectX library I was using where the program would crash on certain versions of Windows combined with certain versions of DirectX (It worked fine with Win98 DX7 & 8 but not Win98 DX9, whereas it worked fine on XP using DX9).

Version 0.42Y

  • Rewritten MicroDrive code so FORMAT now works.  Modified custom controls so EightyOne should be fully skinnable under XP. Fixed a polarity bug in ZX81 emulation when saving to a wav file.  Rewritten display code using directX giving a huge speed boost.  Added another Jupiter ACE sound board.

Version 0.42X

  • Fixed Window resizing problems.  Fixed Drag 'n drop of Spectrum snapshot files. Moved Reset/NMI/Pause controls to separate menu.  Added ability to save/load multiple configuration files.  Added Interface 1 RS232 & Microdrive support.

Version 0.42W

  • Kempston Mouse, Plus3E, ZXCF and divIDE support added. Battery backed RAM images moved from the ROM folder to NVRAM.

Version 0.42V

  • Added Spectrum +3 disk drive emulation (Thanks to John Elliot for his excelent lib765 & libdsk).  The emulator now saves the state of the status bar on exit.

Version 0.42U

  • Fixed FLASH attribute not working.  Fixed Wave AutoStart/Stop in ACE emulation.
  • Renamed "Options->Tape->Source/Destination->TZX Manager" to "Tape Manager".
  • Fixed several bugs preventing EightyOne running smoothly under Windows 98.
  • Implemented loading/Saving of SNA/Z80 snapshot files. 
  • Fixed timing error in TC2048 emulation.  Saving memory blocks now works on Spectrum based machines (Including spectrum .scr files).
  • Implemented support for Timex .dck files.

Version 0.42T

  • Fixed Ace up/down keys being reversed. Added ability for the Spectrum to save to TZX.  Implemented Tap/TXZ support for the Jupiter Ace. Added support for Timex TC2048/TS2068 machines.  Tightening up of the TV emulation timing stopped Manic Miner from displaying properly - now fixed. Fixed Lambda Display problems on a 32 bit desktop.  Fixed bug where EightyOne would not start up correctly if the last time it was closed the debugger was left open.

Version 0.42S

  • Fixed a bug with Inverse Video Selection  Converted the Wave Loader form to match the style of the TZX form (Fixing several bugs in the process).  The Wav Loader is now resizable too. Slight improved (though not perfect) 48k memory contention.
  • Redesigned the Hardware dialogue with icons and everything!

Version 0.42R

  • Added more colour options to the Artifacts box. Improved TZX handling.  Removed  the Tape Manager, since all functionality now exists in TZX.  Lambda now has  sound support (Thanks to Burnttoy for working it out). Preliminary support for  Lambda .a83 files (read only at the moment).  Expect lots of bugs in this release (Especialy the load/save code) but please, don't let that stop you reporting them.

Version 0.42Q

  • Added Spectrum TZX with preliminary acceleration.  Fixed bug where window contents were not being updated on the ZX81 if in FAST mode. Fixed Sound output in ACE mode. Changed ghosting for Spectrum so that it accomodates the brightness attribute.

Version 0.42P 25/02/06

  • Fixed DDCBxxxx and FDCBxxxx opcodes being displayed incorrectly in the debugger.

Version 0.42O 24/02/06

  • Fixed a bug where scanlines on ZX81/Ace in non-advanced display mode were always very dark. Made a start on contention, though it isn't correct yet.

Version 0.42N 24/02/06

  • Added proper Interlaced video support and improper dot crawl emulation for spectrum emulation.  Fixed upper and lower border Spectrum border emulation.
  • Loading wave and csw now works on the Spectrum.  Added 16k, 128k, +2 and +2A support.

Version 0.42M 18/02/06

  • Fixed Jupiter ACE screen corruption, and rewrote the core to allow the nice video actifacts to work on the ACE. Added the ability to select the display mode  when switching to Full Screen. Also, I think I've gone completely insane and added something I really shouldn't have.  Welcome to ZX Spectrum emulation ;) Just don't expect LOAD/SAVE/Sound/Anything at all work, there isn't a proper keymap (yet) but it's something else to play with.

Version 0.42L 16/02/06

  • Started commenting the source :-)
  • More control over the picture in the Artifacts dialogue.
  • Replaced Play/record/etc. text buttons in TZX/Wave dialogue with icons.  Fixed several bugs which were causing the TZX manager to crash. Fixed the File->Open/Save/New in the main window so you can open any tape format (T81/p/o/tzx/wav) without having to open the relevant window. Tidied up the Memory block save/load dialog. Added context menu to the tape manager.

Version 0.42K 12/02/06

  • Fixed the loss of Window size on exit/restart of EightyOne and also when changing between PAL/NTSC mode. Added Scanlines/Brightness controls to the Display Artifacts Dialog.

Version 0.42J 11/02/06

  • You can now click on any value in the Debug window and modify its contents.
  • Fixed ZX80 loading .o files (again).
  • Added the facility for the emulated ZX81 to detect the environment it is running in.
  • See detect.p for an example and the help file for the complete details (eventually).
  • It appears that the COM port enumeration is also causing some trouble.  To disable COM port detection, create a file called "nocomport" in the same directory as
  • EightyOne.exe (The contents of this file are irrelevent, merely its existance).
  • Likewise, you can disable sound by creating the fine nosound in the same directory as eightyone.exe

Version 0.42I 05/02/06

  • I thought there would be stuff that got broken with the new core and I was right.  It
  • appeared that almost every pseudo-Hires game stopped displaying correctly - oops. Fixed now.

Version 0.42H 02/02/06

  • More improvements to the Core, plus a new option in the View menu.  You can now select the amount of border that is displayed around the display.

Version 0.42G 01/02/06

  • Major changes to the core emulation so that the Calodox Rezurrection demo will work (Greatdemo guys!).  It basicly involved removing all the hacks and rewriting the core how it should have been written in the first place.  No doubt this will introduce piles of new bugs, but hey...

Version 0.42F 15/01/06

  • Added Wilfs CHR$16 extended character set and QuickSilva graphics board (Also included is a couple of QS games that make use of the board - Asteroids and Scramble). Fixed a bug where 1 extra byte was saved at the end of a .p file (Thanks to Simon Holdsworth)

Version 0.42E 05/01/06

  • Preliminary TZX tape format support, still very buggy though.  Fun feature - emulated RAM Pack wobble (Press Ctrl-F12 for chuntey on demand). New hardware, DK'Tronics Graphics ROM (Thanks to Simon Holdsworth for dumping this).

Version 0.42a 11/09/05

  • Added TS2050 Serial port. Preliminary support for ACE AY circuit (Clock frequency is probably very wrong at the moment though).

Version 0.42 09/09/05

  • Fixed several bugs introduced with the new ROM Handling.  Preliminary support for ZX97/Lite.
  • Added ACE colour board from ETI magazine. Fixed another bug in the keyboard handler.

Version 0.41 02/09/05

  • Preliminary Lambda Colour support.  Rom intercepts added to Lambda emulation to support the  Tape Manager. Fixed Loading/Saving of Zx80 files (Zx80 files are awkward because the Zx80 doesn't use filenames).  Added keyboard maps for Zx80/Lambda (Maybe these should be ROM dependant instead of machine dependant?).
  • ACE now supports loading and saving to .t81 files (seemless conversion between .tap next on the todo list). Added support for M1NOT.
  • Fixed a bug where if non-standard video was being produced (Primarily during load/save), the number of T-states being executed per 20/16ms timer tick was incorrect.  This was the cause of the counter in the wavloader appearing to run slow.  WavLoader autostart/stop works again for everything except the Ace.  You can now Select TapeManager/WavLoader for Tape source and  TapeManager/WavLoader/AudioOut for Destination (Audio In comming soon).
  • Tape loading/Saving interception is now done on a per ROM basis instead of per machine.  This means if you fire up a ZX81 with the Lambda ROM, it'll use the Lambda intercepts instead of the ZX81.  If you load an unknown ROM, tape manager will be disabled.  Fixed RAM Shadows so that Tree4th & H4th work (again).  Added the ability to load/save blocks of memory to file.

Version 0.40 28/8/05

AY emulation now appears to work, though it does sound a little off-key?

Version 0.39 27/8/05

  • Fixed two errors in the keyboard scaning code relating to the Shift key [Note - how does this affect Symbol shift in ACE emulation?].  Rewritten Display code to speed emulatorup on slower machines.  Work in progress helpfile added [Note - it's BIG, maybe a separate download?]. Removed some unneeded options from the Hardware dialogue. Fixed memory accesses to non-existant RAM. Ram pack selection for the Jupiter ACE should work now.  Rearranged the Menus.  Redesigned the Wave loader dialogue.

Version 0.38 23/8/05

  • Memotech & G007 HRG are now fully working.  Frameskipping supported for slower systems.  I've rearranged the Hardware dialogue to fit the extra options in.  I'm currently working on AY emulation and the help file (at last!).  PLEASE NOTE: The roms have been moved into a separate ROM subdirectory so they're not cluttering the place up.  If you normally just extract the new exe from the archive, please move your roms manually, else EightyOne won't work!

Version 0.37 17/8/05

  • Preliminary release.  Menus rearranged. Support for AY emulation and Beeper/loading noise though it sounds pretty rough.  Preliminary support for Memotech/G007 Hi-res cards.  G007  doesn't work at all at the moment.  Memotech emulation works for the demo:
    • LET V=19000
    • RAND USR 8619
  • But that's about all...

Version 0.36c 14/8/05

  • Improved timing. Lambda emulation now appears correct-ish.  Support for .ace snapshots.

Version 0.36 7/8/05

  • Whoooaaa! 9 Months without a release.  Sorry about that - Been stuck without a desktop PC for quite a while and the laptop isn't really up to dev work.  Changes?  Erm, some... It looks like I fiddled around with the Tape dialog sometime around November last year.  I think I changed the Wav->Tap conversion routime to something a little more reliable. 
  • Snapshot loading/saving should work again.  There's a few changes to the display timing as well.

Version 0.35 29/11/04

  • Fixed a bug in the ROM selection box.  Added Preliminary support for the Lambda ZX81 clone.

Version 0.34 19/11/04

  • Complete support for the TS1500 ROM.  Note, the TS1500 only supports 16k of RAM.  EightyOne will not stop you from selecting a TS1500 with less RAM, however it defaults to 16k and the ROM will crash with less memory. The TS1500 also defaults to NTSC mode.

Version 0.33 15/11/04

  • Moved the display artifacts to it's own dialog with finer control.  Hopefully fixed a bug which caused EightyOne to crash sometimes when exiting.

Version 0.32 14/11/04

  • Fixed the NTSC display. The window shrinks vertically now so it doesn't display the vertical retrace.  Added a new feature (at the request of Andre), Display Artifacts.

Version 0.31 11/11/04

  • Tidied up the Tape Manager (it's now resizable!). Fixed a bug in the interupt generation code.  This solves a problem where the display would get shifted left or right depending on the code used to create it.  H-Forth and TreeForth ROMs now work correctly (They need to be configured in a certain way - ROM patches off, 16k of RAM and Shadow RAM on).

Version 0.30 26/10/04

  • Few more changes.  You can now convert both ways, wav<>(t81,p).

Version 0.29 20/09/04

  • Lots of changes.  Converting wave files now preserves the silence between files.  EightyOne now loads/saves ZX80 .O files.  Lots of small changes throughout the code to tidy a few things up.

Version 0.28 19/09/04

  • Whahey! Two releases in one day (Is that good or bad?).  Tidied the code up a bit.  Fixed a few bugs here and there... nothing substantial.  A few things I should have done months ago.  EightyOne now compiles with only 4 warnings.

Version 0.27 19/09/04

  • Interim Release.  Preliminary support for converting .wav files to .p/.81.  Should work for fairly clean samples but no guarantees for poor quality files.  Conversion the other way comming soon.

Version 0.26 23/08/04

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the Wav loader.  The sample display was upside down.  EightyOne should now load more wav files now too.

Version 0.25 4/1/04

  • Nothing exciting I'm afraid.  I finally got my lazy ass busy and wrote the code to save/load all the setting... It should hopefully remember things like window positions, default directories now.

Version 0.24 - 1/1/04

  • Happy New Year! OK, I finally got round to fixing the full screen code - mostly. A bit of tidying here and there, nothing much.  Still, we're back developing it again.

Version 0.23 - 29/12/03

  • Wow! Been a couple of months since the last update (Been bust starting my own company and such).Not many changes, the printer has one or two fixes.  You can now save files on a >32k machine and there's a new option for Inverse Video.  Also changes the timers so it should work more smoothly.

Version 0.22 - 10/10/03

  • Proper support for 16k ROMs as well as <=8k. The Snap file has more information in it now, though remains compatible with the version used in 0.21.  You can now drag not only .p/.t81 but also .wav and .z81 files onto EightyOne.  The Tape Manager and Wav Loader also display the current filename in the window title.  There's also more granular control over the emulation speed (It's still a logarithmic scale though).

Version 0.21 - 6/10/03

  • The Snap file format has changed to something a bit more robust, portable and extensible.  Also, it's now possible to hack the snap files in notepad or whatever if you so wish. You can now drag tape files onto the emulator window and they'll automaticly be inserted.

Version 0.20 - 4/10/03

  • Removed the Memotech option from the Hardware dialog until I can figure it out.  Instead, there's an option to select or deselect True-hires mode.  Enabled, WRX true hires mode works whereas disabled, you can use alternate character sets defined in the 8192-16383 memory range.

Version 0.19 - 4/10/03

  • Tidied up the Hardware dialog box.  Also the Maxdemo now works :)   - The timing was fine, however I'd forgotten to treat the second memory fetch of an EDxx instruction as an M1 cycle.  oops.

Version 0.18 - 2/10/03

  • 1/2 the time, switching between machines wouldn't work properly - fixed this time (hopefully). EightyOne finally has its own icon (Thanks to Paul Collins). I renamed the sliders on the Printer Control.  Added some functionality to the Fast 'n Dirty Mode so that a lot of true hi-res games now work as well as in Accurate mode.  Nothing much today...

Version 0.17 - 1/10/03

  • Small change to the timing again.  HR-Chess display the left-hand quote around the input now. 
  • Not many more features I want to do now... maybe saving to wav files. Oh, and I've still to code saving its config (Still putting it off).
  • Other changed include the NMI/INT skip in the debugger now kind of working (There appears to be a bug if you try and turn on/off the continuous display while it's executing code).  Another small change is the little blue blob that scans across the screen when continuous display is enabled - it represents the position of the TVs electron beam.  Oh, and the debugger doesn't work well with interlace display turned on because of the way the display is generated.

Version 0.16 - 30/9/03

  • OK, the debugger seemed to break a lot of other things too. It now has breakpoints though. Jupiter Ace emulation is working again, as is the ZX Printer.  There's few setting you can choose from for the printer too - they select the horizontal and vertical speed of the "carriage".  In fact, moving these about while the ZX81 is printing can produce very realistic looking ZX Printer output ;-)  There's a small change in the IM2 timing - ZX-tricator displays better now.

Version 0.15 - 30/9/03

  • It appears that ZX80 emulation got broken somewhere - fixed now.  Also a small change to the way ports are handled.  The game "intruder", a space invaders clone (Actually an interesting little program.  It was written for the ZX80 and is the only "interactive" flicker free zx80 game I know of) now works properly.

Version 0.14 - 28/9/03

  • Todays new feature? - A Debug window.  It's not much use yet until I add something like breakpoints or skipping the NMI.  At the moment you end up "debugging" the screen generation 50% of the time.  Still, it's a start.

Version 0.13 - 27/9/03

  • Whoops, looks like I left some debug code enabled in last nights release. Whenever you loaded  a file, it'd stop with a D/0 error afterwards.  Anyway, I've finished off the Wav Loader - it doesn't seem quite as prone to the chuntey now and should handle 8/16 bit/mono/stereo samples. 
  • There was a fairly hefty memory leak too where it would forget to release the sample buffer when you loaded a new wav file. 

Version 0.12 - 27/9/03

  • Added Wav Player.
  • You can now load a program directly from a wav recording. I've also split the load/save rompatch into two separate options, so if you just enable the save patch, you can load a wav filethen save it out to a .p or .T81.

Version 0.11 - 25/9/03

  • Minor Changes.
  • Changed Rendering engine slightly.  The first line of Pseudo Hi-res games no longer appearscorrupt. ZX80 screen appears too far to the right now though... Another look and a lot of things appear too far right. grrrr.
  • Added fps counter.
  • Added a ROM file selector to the hardware
  • Dialog, however it will only let you select rom files in the same directory as the emulator.  I really do need to add the code that loads/saves the current config on startup/shutdown.
  • Fixed small bug where keys like, . ; ' # etc wouldn't work until after shift had been pressedand released.

Version 0.1 - 24/9/03

  • First Public Release.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.18 30/09/2020

Version 1.18 - 30/08/2020 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • The lines of a pseudo hi-res display were not correctly aligned.
  • Auto-load did not work for the Timex TS1000 and TS1500.
  • Auto-load was very slow to activate when a greater than 1x speed was selected.
  • The lines of the bottom border of the ZX80 and ZX81 were not correctly aligned.
  • The BASIC Lister did not trap an embedded floating point number encoding that spanned beyond the end of a BASIC line, which could prevent the rest of the BASIC listing being displayed, e.g. Software Farm's ZX81 game 'Asteroids'.


  • Spectrum support for the ZXC1 ROM cartridge.
  • Significant improvement in the timing accuracy of ZX81 SLOW mode.
  • Option to show/hide hardware generated HSync pulses when displaying larger borders.

Version 1.17 - 28/04/2020 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  •   - Fixed exception that occurred when resetting a Jupiter Ace.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.16 22/01/2020

Version 1.16 - 22/01/2020 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  •   No longer crashes when opening a zip file from the File menu.
  •   Corrected Chroma 80 colour mode detection port mask.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.15

Version 1.15 - 21/04/2019 (by SirMorris and Paul Farrow)

  • Bug fixes:
    • The zoom size was not being restored from the .ini configuration file.
  • Enhancements:
    • Added 'browse to SD card folder' button to ZXpand option in hardware menu.
    • Added z88dk .map symbol parsing to allow easier debugging of C programs. 

Version 1.14 - 17/02/2019 (by Paul Farrow and SirMorris)

  • Bug fixes:
    • Switching from a custom window size to a fixed size did not always change the size correctly.
    • The drive indicator on the status bar was not always redrawn fully.
    • Entries from Configuration menu did not load all settings.
    • Drive indicator on status bar could appear as a result of a ZXC ROM cartridge menu being displayed.
    • Selecting items from the menus before the emulator was fully started up could result in an error dialog being displayed.
    • Drag and drop of program files into the main window now works again.
    • Fixed exception that could occur when opening the Profiler Plot window.
    • Updated to latest ZXpand+ firmware, which fixes a 'break' issue with CAT.
    • Profiler Plot window now displays the latest min and max values.
  • Enhancements:
    • Added support for interlace displays when a Chroma interface is selected.
    • Dot crawl can now only be set for non-128K Spectrum models.
    • Improved Hardware window machine icons.
    • Improved Splash Screen image.
    • Added auto-update option to the Profiler window.
    • Improved UI operation of the Profiler and Profiler Plot windows.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.13
Hades Nebula (1987, Nexus Productions)

Version 1.13 - 31/01/2019 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • Only the lower 3 bits of the border value are now saved in Spectrum .Z80 and .SNA snapshots.
  • Accessing address $0525 causes the Program Counter to be advanced if flash loading is enabled but no longer does this if a ROM cartridge is loaded.
  • Sound output used to be disabled after a reset.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the emulator window was not always redrawn correctly.
  • Changed the way the emulator window resizes at startup.
  • Save button on TZX Manager's 'Edit General Data Block' dialog was not moved when the form was resized.
  • Debug symbols were loaded when a program was opened via the TZX Manager but not if opened from the main window's File menu.
  • Corrected the height of the Live Memory View window.


  • UDG characters for the Spectrum related models are now shown as their corresponding letters but underlined (previously they were shown upside down).
  • The mouse scroll wheel is now supported by the Memory Window.
  • The emulator window can now only be custom resized after first setting the Zoom mode to User Defined.
  • A new window allows the BASIC program held in memory to be viewed and saved as a bitmap or as a text file (only for ZX80, ZX81 and Spectrum models).
  • Added the ability to read in a BASIC program from a text file (only for ZX80, ZX81 and Spectrum models).
  • The status bar at the bottom of the emulator window now indicates when reading or writing to a Microdrive cartridge.
  • Added support for various hardware interfaces and settings in .z81 snapshots.
  • Added support for the Spectra interface in .z80 snapshots.
  • Save dialogs now prompt to overwrite an existing file.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.12

Version 1.12 - 14/08/2018 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • Corrections to TC2048 keyboard image.
  • Corrections to TC2068 keyboard image.


  • Added a window to display the ZX80 Integral Functions next to its keyboard image.
  • Refinement to ZX80 keyboard image.
  • Refinement to ZX80 with ZXpand keyboard image.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.11

Version 1.11 - 06/08/2018 (by Paul Farrow and SirMorris)

Bug fixes:

  •   ZXpand support now works for the ZX80.


  •   Added keyboard images for:
    • TS2068
    • TC2048
    • Spectrum 16K
    • Spectrum +2
    • Spectrum +2A/+3
    • TS1000 with ZXpand+
    • ZX81 with ZXpand+
    • ZX80 with ZXpand
  • Double clicking the keyboard image window toggles between double and normal size.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.10
Hobgoblin (1991)

Revision Version 1.10 - 23/04/2018 (by Paul Farrow and SirMorris)

Bug fixes:

  • Sound is now switched off upon a Hard Reset.
  • ZXpand SEEK bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed recursive support of the Step Over debugging facility.
  • Fixed length validation of P81 files.


  • A warning is displayed if surplus bytes are found at the end of ZX80 and ZX81 program files.
  • Removed the 'mask' option from the breakpoint mechanism.
  • Added separate word and byte Input and Output breakpoint types.
  • Added Register, Flag and Memory breakpoint types.
  • Added the ability to break on a read, write, input or output value as well as its address.
  • Added a Profiler tool which provides some visibility into the T-state timing of machine code.
  • Symbol file now loaded when opening a program via the Tape Manager's File->Open option.
  • Added a Step Out facility to the debugger.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the debugger Step In (Shift+F5), Step Over (Shift+F6),
  • Step Out (Shift+F7) and Run/Stop (Shift+F8) buttons.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.90

Version 1.9 - 17/02/2018 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • Wav Loader window did not contain all of the waveform after saving.
  • Saving of wav files for the ZX80 now works.
  • The T-states breakpoint counter no longer wraps back to 0 after 65535 but continues until 999999, making it easier to see if a ZX80 frame is taking too long.
  • Changed the default value present on the data bus for the ZX80.
  • The 'ROM file not found' dialog would appear after selecting a ROM file from a folder outside the default ROM folder.
  • Read breakpoint conditions were not working correctly.
  • Corrected disassembly display of SBC instructions.
  • Fixed Spectrum border corruption when Spectra mode enabled and full frame displayed.
  • Fixed Spectrum border during vsync period when full frame displayed.


  • Wav Loader now shows the end of the waveform after saving from a ZX80 or ZX81 when auto stop/start is enabled (previously it would show beyond the end of the waveform).
  • Wav Loader now displays the waveform while saving (previously it was always showing beyond the end of the waveform).
  • When saving to the Wav Loader from a ZX80, ZX81 or TS1500, the output now drops back to the zero level when there is no activity to better represent the waveform that would get saved to a cassette.
  • Support for ZXC ROM cartridges provided by the Chroma 80 interface.
  • Added a 'range' option to breakpoints (by SirMorris).
  • Added a 'mask' option to breakpoints.
  • Added a 'not equal' condition to breakpoints.
  • Added support for binary input for memory edits.
  • Removed support for octal entry on memory edit and breakpoint dialogs.
  • TV emulation display artifacts are now disabled by default.
  • Added Keyboard layout image for the Spectrum 128.
  • All windows gathered at start up to ensure they are visible if an existing ini file could not be found.
  • Added recursive support for the Step Over debugging facility.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.80

Version 1.8 - 05/11/2017 (by SirMorris)

Bug fixes:

  • Breakpoints added using the memory / breakpoint menu can now be deleted.
  • ZXpand EEPROM content is now persisted as long as NV_Memory folder exists.
  • Fixed the 'ZXpand saved files have their R/O flag set' bug.


  • When using ZXpand emulation or dragging & dropping a .P file onto the UI a file with a .sym extension matching that of the selected program will be loaded in the symbol browser.
  • Right clicking a symbol in the Symbol Browser or a line of disassembly in the debug window will open the memory / breakpoint menu.
  • Double-clicking a symbol in the browser will add an executable breakpoint at its address.
  • Added the ability to also use NO$GMB format symbol files: pppp:aaaa XXXXXX where pppp is the page address (typically 0), aaaa is the CPU address and XXXXXX is the symbol name.
  • Symbol files (.sym) may be loaded into the Symbol Browser by dragging & dropping onto the UI.

Version 1.7 - 09/09/2017 (by SirMorris and Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • TZX Manager window now displays punctuation characters in ZX81 file names.
  • Vertical sync period is no longer visible for a Spectrum when in large border mode.
  • Removed blank entry that appeared in the Character Generator selection list under the Hardware configuration window.
  • The ROM loaded for the TS1000 when selected in the Hardware window was incorrect.
  • Improved emulation of the interaction between the Chroma interface and the dk'tronics Graphics ROM.


  • Addition of the Live Memory View for 8-bit machines, which allows monitoring the processor's memory accesses in real-time. It tracks bytes of memory which have been touched, either by read, write or both.
  • The debugger now allows the use of 'PC', 'HL', 'BC', 'DE', 'IX' and 'IY' in the breakpoint address entry field.
  • Integrated ZXpand V1.10 firmware changes.
  • Renamed ZXpand ROM overlay file for the ZX81.
  • Simplified the naming convention of character set bitmap files used by the debugger.
  • Added character set bitmap files for the TS1500, Spectrum +2, Spectrum +3, TK85, Jupiter Ace, Lambda 8300, Ringo R470, TC2048 and TS2068.
  • Renamed the Spectrum +3 ROM to include the version number, with the default now version 4.1.
  • Included ROMs: Spectrum 128 Spanish, Spectrum +2 Spanish and French, Spectrum +3 Spanish, Spectrum +3 English versions 4.0 and 4.1.

Version 1.6 - 11/08/2017 (by SirMorris and Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • Breakpoints now trigger on both addresses of a 16-bit memory read or write.
  • * Enhancements:
  • Updated ZXpand emulation to use the ROM and firmware of the ZXpand+ model. AY sound is not automatically selected.
  • ROM files have been renamed to follow a consistent scheme: [system].[modifier](.[modifier]...)
  • A Save option has been added to the TZX Edit General Data Block window to allow saving of ZX80 and ZX81 programs.
  • The character representations of the data shown in the TZX General Data Block window can now be viewed using the ZX80 character set.
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] EightyOne 1.50

Version 1.5 - 17/06/2017 (by Paul Farrow)

Bug fixes:

  • The Chroma colour mode is now disabled upon a soft reset.
  • The SPECTRA colour mode is now disabled upon a soft reset.
  • The ZX81 keyboard image is now deliberately selected using the edition 1 ZX81 ROM.
  • TV Emulation window visibility corrected if SPECTRA selected.
  • Greys out the displayed Chroma mode in the Debug Window when running continuously.
  • Greys out the displayed SPECTRA mode in the Debug Window when running continuously.
  • Greys out the displayed ZXC mode in the Debug Window when running continuously.
  • The Debug Window to now refreshed if it is open when a new hardware configuration    is selected.
  • If no border was selected then the ZX80 and Lambda 8300 would appear shifted to    the right by 2 pixels.
  • Displays the correct value in the debug Memory Window while in Word mode when    address $FFFF is selected.


  • Added fine tune control of the scrolling in the debug Memory Window.
  • Enhanced the debug Memory Window to highlight the location value and corresponding
  •     character when hovered over with the mouse.
  • Add an option to the debug Memory Window to allow the display to show decimal values.
  • Added a search facility to the debug Memory Window.
  • Enhanced the debug breakpoint facility to allow conditional matches (less-than,    equal-to, greater-than).
  • The 'Delete' breakpoint button in the Debug Window is now greyed out if there are no    entries present.
  • Highlight in breakpoint entry list adjusted when a new breakpoint is added or an    existing one removed.
  • The state of the 'Continuous' setting in the Debug Window is now saved as part of the configuration settings.

Tagi: Spectrum, Sinclair, Zx81, Zx Spectrum, Zx80

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