[multi] Common Source Code Project (2011/12/31)

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[multi] Common Source Code Project (2011/12/31)

CSCP Takedy Toshiy został znów zaktualizowany, a w zasadzie, jak co roku rozwój tego projektu został przez niego podsumowany. Bez dwóch zdań wiele się w nim działo przez pierwszą połowę roku, w drugiej Common Source Code Project wyhamował. 

Summary of 2011

  • This activity also began to develop a PC emulator for all domestic, I uh ... the other eight years this year. No Really, I is not try anything for long periods. Japan has had a really tough year, there is more variety in my day job. Personally, such as the birth of her daughter, was also happy Dearimashita year.
  • This year, X1turbo, JX, MZ-800, HC-20, PC-98DO (PC with extra-9801VM) has been released. In addition, MZ and improvements made as well as support for Quick X1twin-1500 disc. Since the summer, Sister is busy with the birth of daughter relationship and work activities, I had tea Koch is weakening overall. Most topics, it has reached the 50 models Yappari, what. I will end at the last minute, there are still things 感慨深I. For example, PC-as it was the best model who called neta 98DO (bitter smile) Technically, what improvements X1twin/turbo. The first is April Fool's neta treatment, so it was something quite practical improvements in the series this year.
  • Improvement in Z80DMA here, especially without the help of Mr. YS was 有Ri得Masen. HC-20 is a new development in terms of series victory could HC-20/40/80, there was something personally meaningful. We were unable to obtain the actual medium, I received your voice over isolation in Thread 2ch, 譲Ri capped by your actual operation that I could finally attain to the implementation. In there is rubbing, MZ-such as our bug reports, etc. around 2500, I submitted a lot of cooperation.
  • In addition, the relationship MZ-800/1500 is submitted to help us Mr. and Ms. AKD tea jelly. Report technical information and work around the quick disk, 助Karimashita really. This year really was a one-year leave everyone who helped your cooperation.
  • You owe us this opportunity, I would like to thank amended. Outlook for 2012 is ... well, continue to work fine! With that. The daughter 据Warimashi neck, and rolled over or sell or walking out, and we speak the eye is another tea. Day job even better, especially next year is likely to feel busy. In the direction of cutting too little sleep, I would like to continue its activities in detail and even somehow.
  • Next year is the center is going to become increasingly minor models even went to bed. I would think that we'll rely on the cooperation of a variety of more in the future. In, the guy know what you guys are wondering how many of 難Shikarou also help us.
  • In this New Year's Eve, I have dared face greeting exposed (the
  • People are people in this. 頑張Rimasu so next year, another year is our hope you relationship.


  • ePC-9801VM and ePC-98DO are newly released.
  • [PC9801VM] support NEC PC-9801VM
    [PC98DO] support NEC PC-98DO
  • ePC-9801 and ePC-9801E are updated.
  • [PC9801] support 320KB floppy drives
  • eQC-10 is updated.
  • [QC10] fix the issue that CP/M Plus does not boot correctly
  • eJ-3100GT and eJ-3100SL is added.
  • [J3100] support TOSHIBA J-3100GT/SL (not work)

Common Source Code Project is updated.

  • [EMU] support to change the frame timing by virtual machine
    [VM/DEVICE] support multiple event manager
    [VM/DISK] support to detect the disk ejection
    [VM/EVENT] support multiple cpus with different clocks
    [VM/HD46505] fix typo
    [VM/I8237] support word transfer
    [VM/I8259] fix to wait a few time to raise irq that imr is cleared
    [VM/PC80S31K] support PC-80S31K floppy drives
    [VM/UPD765A] support non dma mode
    [VM/UPD765A] fix to clear irq signal when result pahse is finished
    [VM/UPD765A] support irq/drq mask signals
    [VM/UPD765A] support to detect the disk ejection
    [VM/Z80] support NOP in IM0 interrupt
    [FP1100] set correct sub cpu clock
    [MZ800] reset virtual machine when boot mode is changed
    [MZ2500/SASI] refine code


Previously the CP / M Plus was running Fixed a bug that no longer boot in a recent edition.
Interrupt request FDC, had not been cleared because the results after the end of phase.
Thank you Mr. Larry Greene pointed out the discrepancy.


Model as the first neta 50, PC-I would be charged and no one pleasure 98DO.
3100-J-Λ Toka Toka Toka FM16β 1 neta Did other work, but I should have been a (bitter smile)

NEC PC-9801

PC-9801VM considerable portion, so there was PC-9801E/F/M and implementation QEMU/9821, chestnuts and left for allocated. Screenshot 2 of nostalgia from the Dragon Knight. As a byproduct, PC-also have to build only binary 9801VM. Is a little clogged around the initialization of FDC. As a check on the drive there.


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