[multi] BizHawk 2.1.0

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[multi] BizHawk 2.1.0

Nowa wersja multiemulatora BizHawk. napisany w C# multiemulator pozwala udawać  konsole: Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom / Famicom Disk System (NES/FDS), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy, Sega Master System, SG-1000, Game Gear, Sega Genesis / Sega-CD, Sega Saturn, PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM, SuperGrafx, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, ColecoVision, TI-83 Calculator, Wonderswan, Gameboy Advance, Apple II i dzięki kodowi MednaFen także Sony Playstation i PcEngineFx, emulacji Intellivision i Commodore C64. Program jest zgrabną nakładką na rdzenie poszczególnych emulatorów dostępnych jako niezależne aplikację już od dłuższego czasu.

→ [multi] BizHawk 2.1.1

BizHawk 2.1.1

  • SGB
    • Switch from Pizza Boy to Sameboy for the GB emulations parts, fixes a number of sound bugs and other things
  • mGBA
    • Update to 0.6
  • Saturn
    • Add the Ultraman Cartridge Hash/Checksum.
  • 32X
    • Add region select. fixes #929
  • Vboy
    • allow loading savestates made with different non-sync settings
  • PC-FX
    • Implement Pro Pixel mode
  • EmuHawk
    • add 64bit openal .dlls to release packages
    • Tastudio – fix recent menu – fixes #920
    • Fix custom highlighting in listview dialogs (fixes #932)
  • Lua
    • fix #931
    • fix memory leaks in LuaInterface (fully fixes #867)
    • fix io.open with mode "a"

BizHawk 2.1.0 Released July 16, 2017

  • New Cores:
    • 32X (using PicoDrive)
    • PC-FX (using Mednafen)
    • Uzebox (using Uzem)
  • SGB
    • Improved support
  • Atari 2600
    • Paddle support
  • Saturn
    • Multi-disc support
    • Better error message when user tries to load a .bin file directly
  • SNES
    • bsnes – Ignore the "crop SGB frame" setting if SGB is not active
    • Fix some games that require extra bios files by routing them to the bsnes core, fixes Megaman X2 & X3
  • Lua
    • Convert to NLua, fix memory leaks and corruption
    • Allow LuaInterface as an option (Customize -> Advanced) and revert its behavior to what 1.12.2 had
    • Add support for Lua scripts via the command line
    • implement forms.pictureBox()
    • Lua canvas
      • add setLocation()
      • implement getMouseX & Y functions
      • createcanvas now takes additional parameters that specify where the window should be created
  • EmuHawk
    • TraceLogger – Turn off trace logging when closing the tool, fixes #911
    • Fix crash in SNES virtualpad when mouse is used
    • Capture Game Gear flag in movies (fixes tasvideos submisison parser detection)
  • GB
    • Make DualGB run again (been broken since GB bios files were added)
    • Fix pocket monsters
→ [multi] BizHawk 2.0.1 Bugfix

BizHawk 2.0.1 Released June 29, 2017

  • Saturn
    • Fix aspect ratio correction logic
  • SNES
    • snes9x – port byuu's s-cpu fix
    • Make it clear that Game Genie codes are not currently supported
  • SMS
    • Fix various graphical issues in some games, fixes #893 (Several graphical issues have popped up in various SMS games since the "z80 accuracy improvements" implemented in 1.11.9)
  • Genesis
    • Fix memory domains
    • Fix Sega-CD
  • Virtual Boy
    • Fix frame 0 size
  • Neo-Geo Pocket
    • Correct mark this core as released
  • EmuHawk
    • Fix NES and GBA core picker menus
    • TAStudio – Fix crash loading bitmap thumbnails
    • Lua – add new SQL lua library see documentation for details


→ [multi] BizHawk 1.13.1/2.0.0

BizHawk 2.0 Released June 25, 2017

Upgrade to .Net 4.6.1, You must run the new 2.0 prereq installer!
Upgrade to 64-bit only
Windows OS pre-Windows 7 no longer supported

  • New Core: Neo Geo Pocket
  • New Core: VirtualBoy
  • Saturn
    • Replace Yabause with the Mednafen saturn core
    • Peripheral support
  • SNES
    • Replace performance profile with Snes9x 1.54 (Same nags as before, bsnes is preferred for movie recording!)
    • Deterministic hacks removed, (compatibilty profile is no longer slower than native bsnes, emulation bugs gone)
    • Reliable savestates
  • Genesis/Sega-CD
    • Savestate instability fixed
  • N64
    • GLideN64 update
    • Jabo dropped (unfortunate consequence of going 64-bit)
    • Cxd64-rsp-lle plugin support dropped (possibly temporarily)

BizHawk 1.13.1 Released June 25, 2017

  • EmuHawk
    • Fix exception when A/V capturing at custom sizes
    • Fix exception when selecting Reboot core with no rom loaded, Fixes #865
    • Lua – add more drawing methods for Lua canvas
    • Update statusbar on Loadstate Slot 7
    • Hotkeys for toggling Gameboy Obj and Bg layers
  • NESHawk
    • Fix numerous unlicensed games
    • Improve loading headerless ROMs
    • Fix APU triangle channel (passes APU mixer tests)
    • Fix APU Length counter (passes test_apu_2 tests)
    • Fix a PPU timing bug
    • Code cleanup (~5% faster)
  • SNES
    • Add 'crop SGB frame' option, #871
  • C64
    • Fix mnemonics for previous and next disk buttons
  • Dual GB
    • Fix input


→ [multi] BizHawk 1.13.0

BizHawk 1.13.0 Released June 3, 2017

Commodore 64 support officially released! In addition, lots of small fixes for various cores.

Released June 3, 2017 BizHawk 1.13.0

  • EmuHawk
    • Hex editor – Find box – remember Hex vs Text radio selection
    • Fix problems where keybindings arent automatically applied when loading a configfile. Fixes #851
    • When key priority is Hotkey over input, account for special hotkeys such as frame advance, turbo, fast forward, rewind
    • Add Toggle Key Priority hotkey
    • Drag & drop – default unknown file extensions to ROM
    • Fix rewind crash when cancelling out of archive file picker dialog
    • Check if save ram exists before writing it (Fixes TAStudio Ctrl+S crash)
    • Lua
      • Fix memory leak causing crash after a few dozen script loads/resets
      • Implement emu.getboardname
      • Add lua canvas methods to documentation
  • NesHawk
    • Support some headerless Roms
    • Fix Tagin Dragon
    • Fix Faimly Basic
    • Fix Armadillo (J) graphics Fixes #848
    • UNIF_BMC_FK23C – Dipswitch support
  • SNES
    • Fix frame 0 loadstating
    • Support Trace logging GB and SMP cores
    • Disable trace logger on the Performance profile
    • Code-Data Logger support for SGB
  • PSX
    • Fix multitap flaking out after reboot core
  • Atari 2600
    • Fix Ram tools not updating after Hard Reset Fixes #838
  • Apple II
    • Add default binding for the Return key
    • Remove default bindings for keys that don't exist
  • Genesis
    • Disassembler fix
    • Add missing buttons on the menacer
  • Colecovision
    • Virtualpad support for peripherals
    • Mnemonic names for peripheral buttons
  • SMS
    • Fixes to Korean boards
    • Fix Xyzolog
  • PCE
    • Fix frame 0 loadstate window size bug
→ [multi] BizHawk 1.12.2

BizHawk 1.12.2 Released May 3, 2017

Add multitap and perpheral support for SNES and PSX. Also some Intellivision feature enhancements, and bug fixes.


  • mGBA
    • Update mgba to latest 0.5.2 (71ee4a64b36b1256dbf6193b1087ff60a4656369)
    • Virtual Pad – support tilt controls (Fix #830)
    • Fix broken GB sound channels
    • Limited debugger support
  • Intellihawk
    • Sound emulation improvements
    • Debugger support
    • Capture mapper info into movie headers
  • SNESHawk
    • fix bug savestating SA1 hung in STP or WAI. fixes panic bomber.
    • Multitap support
    • Peripheral support
  • PSXHawk
    • Multitap support
    • NeGcon support
  • GPGX
    • Fix Game genie codes (#830)
    • More Accurate SVP Chip Emulation (#650)
    • Fix reset not reseting properly (#253)
    • Correctly emulate SRAM register in SSFII mapper. (#695)
    • Fix Might and Magic games give RAM errors (#548)
  • EmuHawk
    • Allow rewinding during movie recording
    • Stop hotkeys from getting sucked up by absent tool windows when hotkey-over-game priority is enabled
    • Fix flickering when toggling vsync on/off (e.g. while fast forwarding).
    • Flush saveram hotkey
    • TAStudio – Tweak editing selection by clicking column header instead of reverting every button state, apply the reverted state of the first selected frame to all the selection
    • Lua
      • Add horizalign and vertalign parameters to gui.drawText()
      • Implement tastudio.getselection(), tastudio.insertframes(), tastudio.deleteframes()
      • Implement client.saveram() (flushes save ram to disk)
→ [multi] BizHawk 1.12.1

BizHawk 1.12.1 Released April 2, 2017

  • IntelliHawk
    • Major sound emulation improvements
    • General emulation improvements
    • Add Power/Reset buttons
    • Fix aspect ratio
  • NESHawk
    • Timing and audio emulation improvements
    • Fix Micro Machines
    • Fix Huge Insect
  • QuickNES
    • Fix Ms. Pac Man (Tengen)
  • ColecoHawk
    • Turbo controller support
  • N64Hawk
    • Use mupen64plus built-in debugger to avoid major slowdowns when breakpoints are set
    • Fix audio in AVI recording
  • Genesis+GX
    • Add options for "Always double size"
  • EmuHawk
    • hex editor: add import binary tool (quick and dirty way to effect .sav importing in many cases)
    • add a toggle all cheats hotkey
    • Cheats – Set default compare type to "equal" not NOTHING, fixes NES game genie codes generated through the cheat converter
    • fix Tools -> External Tools menu item throwing an exception
    • TAStudio
      • Add branch undo feature
      • Add jump to branch frame
      • Fix autohold not being latched when recording frames
      • Fix #534 (Disabling autohold is halfworking)
      • Dynamically resize usertext column
      • Make branch screenshot popup fade in and out
      • Allow exporting a named state
      • Branch text edit popup follows mouse pointer
      • When reopening tastudio and restoring its position, tolerate slight offscreen by resetting to 0 instead of ignoring the saved pos
      • Fix input being erased when frames are added
      • Fix rewinding that was turning rec mode off
    • Lua
      • tastudio.getrecording()
      • tastudio.setrecording()
      • tastudio.togglerecording()
→ [multi] BizHawk 1.12

BizHawk 1.12.0 22/02/17

  • New Core: Intellivision!
  • NesHawk
    • When a Game Genie code is turned off, remove the effects immediately, fixes #770
    • PPU timing fixes
    • Improve DPCM glitch emulation
    • Fix more the "8 sprites per scanline" option
    • Implement Mapper 190
    • Force Cybernoid to run in NesHawk
    • Fix Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 – Taiketsu! Zouringen (J)
    • Fix Aladdin SuperGame
    • Support mapper 002-00 submapper with WRAM if the header specifies it
    • Lightgun emulation improvements
    • disable VS settings menu item if current NES rom is not a VS rom
  • ColecoHawk
    • Fix controller 2
    • Fix controls for Alcazar – The Forgotten Fortress (USA), fixes #754
    • Add no skip flag to some games, fixes #752
  • GBA
    • mGBA – Fix some of the audio channel disables not working, fix audio channel disables not being restored on reboot core
    • GPU Viewer – Don't draw a sprite if its size + tile index combined make it go past the end of VRAM
  • Game Gear
    • Fix Shining Force Gaiden II (J) and Shining Force II (J)
  • Emu7800
    • compile in release mode, fixes #795
    • Pick Palette correctly, fixes #757 (Mat Mania Challenge PAL)
  • Gameboy
    • Fix System Bus memory domain when game uses CartRAM, fixes #760
  • Genesis
    • Display interlaced mode as 480i (weaved), stretch width as well
    • Put more of VDP context to savestates, fixes interlaced mode
  • EmuHawk
    • TAStudio
      • Recording mode doesn't erase input during seeking anymore
      • Fix recording mode disabling itself (#806)
      • Stop crashing upon movie platform mismatch
      • Smoother rewind
      • Stop latching user input in playback mode if new frames are generated
      • Fix #800 (row count cap)
      • make ToggleReadOnly() toggle read-only (allows movie.getreadonly() return valid value)
      • Hide columns starting with "Key " by default
      • Fix #788 (bsnes rerecording performance mode warning not in front of tastudio)
      • Fix #785 (ArgumentOutOfRangeException in StateToRemove) and branch loads wiping greenzone states
      • Prevent cropping of branch screenshot popups if they are wider than TasView
      • Fix .bk2 import
      • List all available file extensions on File Open
      • Show maker text popup when double-clicking existing marker in tasview, at cursor position, if called from tasview
      • Fix and tweak clipboard and selection display
      • Only load branch markers if they are bound to input
      • Move Greenzone (State History) saving to the end of .tasproj saving. Hopefully it won't erase other elements anymore if it crashes during saving.
      • Fix a crash caused by adding a marker
      • Fix columns setup on regular movie conversion
      • Fix double-click on the empty area throwing an exception
      • Reload the tasmovie if it was loaded outside tastudio and then tastudio was opened, also go to current emulator frame
    • Lua
      • Fix luasockets support
      • When toggling a script on, immediately run, and immediately update on-screen drawing
      • Fix the edit button to account for relative vs absolute paths
      • gui.text() – "new line" support
      • add emu.totalexecutedcycles()
      • add tastudio.setplayback()
      • add forms.setdropdownitems()
      • input.getMouse() – add scroll wheel, fixes #790
      • gui.clearGraphics() – immediately update the screen
      • tastudio.setmarker() – make marker message optional
      • Fix client.bufferwidth() and client.bufferheight()
      • Open File Dialog improvements
      • Fix emu.getdisplaytype() that has been broken for a long time
      • Fix movie.getinput() to correctly return float values instead of passing "False" no matter what
    • Ram Search
      • Update Size and Display type dropdowns on restart, fixes #762
      • Show restored/removed messages when undoing/redoing, fixes #749
    • Ram watch – fix rebooting core with a current watch listthe core, the check was always failing
    • Hotkey to toggle the "Frame Advance Skips Lag Frames" option
    • Hex Editor – Fix #761, exception when using "Find..." before selecting an address
    • Apply FF&RW volume when unthrottled.
    • D3D display method: fix 2nd ctrl alt del
    • Fix fast-forward when using audio throttle and XAudio2 or OpenAL.
    • Improve FPS smoothing
    • Multi-disk Bundler – Fix DPI scaling issues and improve control positioning.
    • Fix exception when loading a file that has no extension
    • Fix exception when hovering over Config -> Cores -> Snes when the user has never opened a SNES game


→ [multi] BizHawk

BizHawk Released December 2nd, 2016

  • mGBA
    • Fix memory domain crashes
  • NesHawk
    • Add support for VS
    • Fix Seicross (J) (PRG1)
    • Support U-Force Power Games (U)
    • Implement mappers 106, 162, 170, 220
    • Fix mapper 176
    • Various obscure game support and fixes
  • N64
    • Fix crash when picking 1440p or higher resolutions with glide64mk2 and glide64 plugins
    • Use traditional GPR names for debugger
    • Fix disassembler output for Goldeneye 007 (#717)
  • SNES
    • hook up SGB saveram
    • When importing SNES .lsmv movies, add an extra input frame (fixes #721)
    • Add a bsnes profile picker to the Core menu (#179)
  • Atari 2600/7800
    • Add console buttons for toggling difficulty switches
  • PCE
    • Fix PCECD Lemmings audio (fixes #665)
  • SMS
    • z80 accuracy improvements
    • Fix Shining Force games ( #600 and #335 )
  • EMU7800
    • Added a few ROM Hacks into the Database.
  • EmuHawk
    • Input Display – hide neutral analog values for cores with neutral position other than 0 too
    • Cheats – when editing a cheat's domain, if the address is out of range, don't update, rather than create a separator (fixes #539)
    • Ram Search – when reseting an empty box to a default value, select the value (fixes #685)
    • Fix the Mute Frame Advance option
    • Lua
      • Fix endless locked emu surface errors when re-opening the lua console
      • Default the memory library to System Bus, if available (warning: change your scripts to use whatever domain was default before)
      • forms library – Run the checkbox click callback after the event not before (fixes #545)
    • TAStudio
      • Improvements to analog editing
        • Autorestore after every drag edited change
        • Increase the mouse move step to 3 from 4
        • Mouse dragging during analog edit mode updates the displayed value
        • Enter key exits analog edit mode after applying the resulting value, while Escape cancels all changes
        • Typing past max digits overwrites existing value
        • Adding selection (Ctrl/Shift+LeftClick) while in analog editing mode spreads the mode to selected rows (that change simultaneously)
        • Move functionality of arrows to hotkeys
      • Stop displaying neutral analog values
      • Fix loading/autloading projects to properly set up columns and scrollbars
      • Fix crashes when
        • Setting 0 space for disk states
        • Righclicking on selection if a bunch of selected frames contains the last frame
        • Cutting the last frame
      • Paste: Fix clipboard input having an extra empty line after splicing
      • Fix crash caused by seek progressbar
      • Fix < button while seeking is paused
→ [multi] BizHawk

BizHawk Released October 24, 2016

  • ???
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