[multi] BizHawk 1.13.1/2.0.0

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[multi] BizHawk 1.13.1/2.0.0

Nowa wersja multiemulatora BizHawk. napisany w C# multiemulator pozwala udawać  konsole: Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom / Famicom Disk System (NES/FDS), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy, Sega Master System, SG-1000, Game Gear, Sega Genesis / Sega-CD, Sega Saturn, PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM, SuperGrafx, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, ColecoVision, TI-83 Calculator, Wonderswan, Gameboy Advance, Apple II i dzięki kodowi MednaFen także Sony Playstation, emulacji Intellivision i Commodore C64. Program jest zgrabną nakładką na rdzenie poszczególnych emulatorów dostępnych jako niezależne aplikację już od dłuższego czasu.

Wersja podwójna gdyż team zapowiedział, że 1.13.1 jest ostatnią wersją jaka wspiera systemy przed Win7, wersja 2.0.0 wymaga już posiadania minimum Windows 7 i x64 - jeśli ktoś dalej z niewiadomych przyczyn preferuje XP to chyba czas najwyższy na upgrade.

→ [multi] BizHawk 2.2.1

BizHawk 2.2.1 Released October 29, 2017

  • SMS
    • Use the new Z80 core
    • Support EEPROM (93c46) support for SMS
    • Add perhipherals Support for Paddle, Light Phaser, Sports Pad
  • Colecovision
    • Use the new Z80 core
    • Add support for the reset button #992
  • SG-1000
    • Use the new Z80 core
    • Overscan support
  • NesHawk
    • Core improvements and speedups
    • Fix Action 52
    • Support mapper 114 (Aladdin Super Game)
    • FDS Timer IRQ's
    • Update FCEUX palette to FCEUX 2.2.0
    • Fix Mapper 36, (Strike Wolf) #953
  • PSX
    • Fix bug where saving the state cleared the memcard dirty flags, Fixes #1031
  • TI-83
    • Use the new Z80 core
    • Fix power on Behaviour
    • Fix cycle timing
    • Fix timer interrupt frequency
  • PC-FX
    • Improved detection of PC-FX discs
  • bsnes
    • fix SGB mode creates two entries for the WRAM domain (#1012)
  • N64
    • Tracelog now includes delay slot execution. Fixes #789
    • straighten out building of glide64mk2 dll. fixes #1003 #1003
    • Fix minAnalogX and minAnalogY values (D and L inputs for the analog stick were one unit short of full range)
  • GB/SGB
    • Printer support
  • Gambatte
    • Always update half carry flag
  • Atari 2600
    • Always end frames on vsync boundary
  • Atari7800Hawk
    • Implement POKEY support
    • Remove Emu7800
  • Saturn
    • Port fix from Mednafen to fix Super Tempo
    • Fix savestate hash match issue
    • Fix exception when auto-loading a Saturn game
  • Genesis
    • Display lowpass filter range and backdrop color in hexadecimal
    • Finetune lowpass value to 40%, which is what MegaDrive1 has
  • EmuHawk
    • MDS/MDF Disc format support
    • Add an Auto SaveRAM feature (in Config -> Customize)
    • Lua - Implement memory.hash_region()
    • Hex Editor - Fix Cheat display, fixes #1026
    • Cheats - Fix endianess display #1025
    • Fix broken Jump List (#1015)
    • Tastudio
      • Don't trigger right button up events if left button is still held down
      • Don't break if user cancels movie conversion on file open
      • Fixes failure to color greenzone if a branch without input diff was loaded
      • Do normal seeking while recording

BizHawk 2.2 Released August 5, 2017

  • New Core: A7800Hawk
    • Intended to replace the EMU7800 core for Atari 7800 emulation (though EMU7800 is still available as an option)
  • EmuHawk
    • Fix d3d dispmethod crash #947
    • Fix libretro loading
    • TAStudio - remove ability to edit the platform id when editing the header
    • Lua
      • Implement tastudio.getbranches() and tastudio.getbranchinput() (#843)
      • tastudio.getselection() - make key of the lua table an index
      • read("*number") (#940)
  • SMS (various cores)
    • Fix Andre Agassi Tennis (fix Z80 interrupts)
  • NesHawk
    • Fixes hard Drivin'
    • Implement $2004 write glitch
    • PPU: Fix OAMADDR
    • Fix Warioland 2 (unl)
    • Fix Don Doko Don 2
  • PSX
    • Add some more PSX bioses in firmware manager (#941)
  • N64
    • Fix crash in axis constraints application when not connecting any n64 controllers (fixes #946)
  • Snes9x
    • Fix crash when rebooting while paused
    • Add CARTROM memory domain (#943)
  • 32X
    • Fix file chooser opening on unknown .32x files
    • Fix auto-picking a .32x file when it is the only one in an archive
  • Atari2600
    • Fix bitmap demo atext.bin
  • SGB
    • Allow hiding of borders (#938)
  • Saturn
    • Fix Y axis of the 3D controller virtual pad


→ [multi] BizHawk 2.1.1

BizHawk 2.1.1

  • SGB
    • Switch from Pizza Boy to Sameboy for the GB emulations parts, fixes a number of sound bugs and other things
  • mGBA
    • Update to 0.6
  • Saturn
    • Add the Ultraman Cartridge Hash/Checksum.
  • 32X
    • Add region select. fixes #929
  • Vboy
    • allow loading savestates made with different non-sync settings
  • PC-FX
    • Implement Pro Pixel mode
  • EmuHawk
    • add 64bit openal .dlls to release packages
    • Tastudio - fix recent menu - fixes #920
    • Fix custom highlighting in listview dialogs (fixes #932)
  • Lua
    • fix #931
    • fix memory leaks in LuaInterface (fully fixes #867)
    • fix io.open with mode "a"
→ [multi] BizHawk 2.1.0

BizHawk 2.1.0 Released July 16, 2017

  • New Cores:
    • 32X (using PicoDrive)
    • PC-FX (using Mednafen)
    • Uzebox (using Uzem)
  • SGB
    • Improved support
  • Atari 2600
    • Paddle support
  • Saturn
    • Multi-disc support
    • Better error message when user tries to load a .bin file directly
  • SNES
    • bsnes - Ignore the "crop SGB frame" setting if SGB is not active
    • Fix some games that require extra bios files by routing them to the bsnes core, fixes Megaman X2 & X3
  • Lua
    • Convert to NLua, fix memory leaks and corruption
    • Allow LuaInterface as an option (Customize -> Advanced) and revert its behavior to what 1.12.2 had
    • Add support for Lua scripts via the command line
    • implement forms.pictureBox()
    • Lua canvas
      • add setLocation()
      • implement getMouseX & Y functions
      • createcanvas now takes additional parameters that specify where the window should be created
  • EmuHawk
    • TraceLogger - Turn off trace logging when closing the tool, fixes #911
    • Fix crash in SNES virtualpad when mouse is used
    • Capture Game Gear flag in movies (fixes tasvideos submisison parser detection)
  • GB
    • Make DualGB run again (been broken since GB bios files were added)
    • Fix pocket monsters
→ [multi] BizHawk 2.0.1 Bugfix

BizHawk 2.0.1 Released June 29, 2017

  • Saturn
    • Fix aspect ratio correction logic
  • SNES
    • snes9x - port byuu's s-cpu fix
    • Make it clear that Game Genie codes are not currently supported
  • SMS
    • Fix various graphical issues in some games, fixes #893 (Several graphical issues have popped up in various SMS games since the "z80 accuracy improvements" implemented in 1.11.9)
  • Genesis
    • Fix memory domains
    • Fix Sega-CD
  • Virtual Boy
    • Fix frame 0 size
  • Neo-Geo Pocket
    • Correct mark this core as released
  • EmuHawk
    • Fix NES and GBA core picker menus
    • TAStudio - Fix crash loading bitmap thumbnails
    • Lua - add new SQL lua library see documentation for details


BizHawk 2.0 Released June 25, 2017

Upgrade to .Net 4.6.1, You must run the new 2.0 prereq installer!
Upgrade to 64-bit only
Windows OS pre-Windows 7 no longer supported

  • New Core: Neo Geo Pocket
  • New Core: VirtualBoy
  • Saturn
    • Replace Yabause with the Mednafen saturn core
    • Peripheral support
  • SNES
    • Replace performance profile with Snes9x 1.54 (Same nags as before, bsnes is preferred for movie recording!)
    • Deterministic hacks removed, (compatibilty profile is no longer slower than native bsnes, emulation bugs gone)
    • Reliable savestates
  • Genesis/Sega-CD
    • Savestate instability fixed
  • N64
    • GLideN64 update
    • Jabo dropped (unfortunate consequence of going 64-bit)
    • Cxd64-rsp-lle plugin support dropped (possibly temporarily)

BizHawk 1.13.1 Released June 25, 2017

  • EmuHawk
    • Fix exception when A/V capturing at custom sizes
    • Fix exception when selecting Reboot core with no rom loaded, Fixes #865
    • Lua - add more drawing methods for Lua canvas
    • Update statusbar on Loadstate Slot 7
    • Hotkeys for toggling Gameboy Obj and Bg layers
  • NESHawk
    • Fix numerous unlicensed games
    • Improve loading headerless ROMs
    • Fix APU triangle channel (passes APU mixer tests)
    • Fix APU Length counter (passes test_apu_2 tests)
    • Fix a PPU timing bug
    • Code cleanup (~5% faster)
  • SNES
    • Add 'crop SGB frame' option, #871
  • C64
    • Fix mnemonics for previous and next disk buttons
  • Dual GB
    • Fix input


→ [multi] BizHawk 1.13.0

BizHawk 1.13.0 Released June 3, 2017

Commodore 64 support officially released! In addition, lots of small fixes for various cores.

Released June 3, 2017 BizHawk 1.13.0

  • EmuHawk
    • Hex editor - Find box - remember Hex vs Text radio selection
    • Fix problems where keybindings arent automatically applied when loading a configfile. Fixes #851
    • When key priority is Hotkey over input, account for special hotkeys such as frame advance, turbo, fast forward, rewind
    • Add Toggle Key Priority hotkey
    • Drag & drop - default unknown file extensions to ROM
    • Fix rewind crash when cancelling out of archive file picker dialog
    • Check if save ram exists before writing it (Fixes TAStudio Ctrl+S crash)
    • Lua
      • Fix memory leak causing crash after a few dozen script loads/resets
      • Implement emu.getboardname
      • Add lua canvas methods to documentation
  • NesHawk
    • Support some headerless Roms
    • Fix Tagin Dragon
    • Fix Faimly Basic
    • Fix Armadillo (J) graphics Fixes #848
    • UNIF_BMC_FK23C - Dipswitch support
  • SNES
    • Fix frame 0 loadstating
    • Support Trace logging GB and SMP cores
    • Disable trace logger on the Performance profile
    • Code-Data Logger support for SGB
  • PSX
    • Fix multitap flaking out after reboot core
  • Atari 2600
    • Fix Ram tools not updating after Hard Reset Fixes #838
  • Apple II
    • Add default binding for the Return key
    • Remove default bindings for keys that don't exist
  • Genesis
    • Disassembler fix
    • Add missing buttons on the menacer
  • Colecovision
    • Virtualpad support for peripherals
    • Mnemonic names for peripheral buttons
  • SMS
    • Fixes to Korean boards
    • Fix Xyzolog
  • PCE
    • Fix frame 0 loadstate window size bug
→ [multi] BizHawk 1.12.2

BizHawk 1.12.2 Released May 3, 2017

Add multitap and perpheral support for SNES and PSX. Also some Intellivision feature enhancements, and bug fixes.


  • mGBA
    • Update mgba to latest 0.5.2 (71ee4a64b36b1256dbf6193b1087ff60a4656369)
    • Virtual Pad - support tilt controls (Fix #830)
    • Fix broken GB sound channels
    • Limited debugger support
  • Intellihawk
    • Sound emulation improvements
    • Debugger support
    • Capture mapper info into movie headers
  • SNESHawk
    • fix bug savestating SA1 hung in STP or WAI. fixes panic bomber.
    • Multitap support
    • Peripheral support
  • PSXHawk
    • Multitap support
    • NeGcon support
  • GPGX
    • Fix Game genie codes (#830)
    • More Accurate SVP Chip Emulation (#650)
    • Fix reset not reseting properly (#253)
    • Correctly emulate SRAM register in SSFII mapper. (#695)
    • Fix Might and Magic games give RAM errors (#548)
  • EmuHawk
    • Allow rewinding during movie recording
    • Stop hotkeys from getting sucked up by absent tool windows when hotkey-over-game priority is enabled
    • Fix flickering when toggling vsync on/off (e.g. while fast forwarding).
    • Flush saveram hotkey
    • TAStudio - Tweak editing selection by clicking column header instead of reverting every button state, apply the reverted state of the first selected frame to all the selection
    • Lua
      • Add horizalign and vertalign parameters to gui.drawText()
      • Implement tastudio.getselection(), tastudio.insertframes(), tastudio.deleteframes()
      • Implement client.saveram() (flushes save ram to disk)
→ [multi] BizHawk 1.12.1

BizHawk 1.12.1 Released April 2, 2017

  • IntelliHawk
    • Major sound emulation improvements
    • General emulation improvements
    • Add Power/Reset buttons
    • Fix aspect ratio
  • NESHawk
    • Timing and audio emulation improvements
    • Fix Micro Machines
    • Fix Huge Insect
  • QuickNES
    • Fix Ms. Pac Man (Tengen)
  • ColecoHawk
    • Turbo controller support
  • N64Hawk
    • Use mupen64plus built-in debugger to avoid major slowdowns when breakpoints are set
    • Fix audio in AVI recording
  • Genesis+GX
    • Add options for "Always double size"
  • EmuHawk
    • hex editor: add import binary tool (quick and dirty way to effect .sav importing in many cases)
    • add a toggle all cheats hotkey
    • Cheats - Set default compare type to "equal" not NOTHING, fixes NES game genie codes generated through the cheat converter
    • fix Tools -> External Tools menu item throwing an exception
    • TAStudio
      • Add branch undo feature
      • Add jump to branch frame
      • Fix autohold not being latched when recording frames
      • Fix #534 (Disabling autohold is halfworking)
      • Dynamically resize usertext column
      • Make branch screenshot popup fade in and out
      • Allow exporting a named state
      • Branch text edit popup follows mouse pointer
      • When reopening tastudio and restoring its position, tolerate slight offscreen by resetting to 0 instead of ignoring the saved pos
      • Fix input being erased when frames are added
      • Fix rewinding that was turning rec mode off
    • Lua
      • tastudio.getrecording()
      • tastudio.setrecording()
      • tastudio.togglerecording()
→ [multi] BizHawk 1.12

BizHawk 1.12.0 22/02/17

  • New Core: Intellivision!
  • NesHawk
    • When a Game Genie code is turned off, remove the effects immediately, fixes #770
    • PPU timing fixes
    • Improve DPCM glitch emulation
    • Fix more the "8 sprites per scanline" option
    • Implement Mapper 190
    • Force Cybernoid to run in NesHawk
    • Fix Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 - Taiketsu! Zouringen (J)
    • Fix Aladdin SuperGame
    • Support mapper 002-00 submapper with WRAM if the header specifies it
    • Lightgun emulation improvements
    • disable VS settings menu item if current NES rom is not a VS rom
  • ColecoHawk
    • Fix controller 2
    • Fix controls for Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (USA), fixes #754
    • Add no skip flag to some games, fixes #752
  • GBA
    • mGBA - Fix some of the audio channel disables not working, fix audio channel disables not being restored on reboot core
    • GPU Viewer - Don't draw a sprite if its size + tile index combined make it go past the end of VRAM
  • Game Gear
    • Fix Shining Force Gaiden II (J) and Shining Force II (J)
  • Emu7800
    • compile in release mode, fixes #795
    • Pick Palette correctly, fixes #757 (Mat Mania Challenge PAL)
  • Gameboy
    • Fix System Bus memory domain when game uses CartRAM, fixes #760
  • Genesis
    • Display interlaced mode as 480i (weaved), stretch width as well
    • Put more of VDP context to savestates, fixes interlaced mode
  • EmuHawk
    • TAStudio
      • Recording mode doesn't erase input during seeking anymore
      • Fix recording mode disabling itself (#806)
      • Stop crashing upon movie platform mismatch
      • Smoother rewind
      • Stop latching user input in playback mode if new frames are generated
      • Fix #800 (row count cap)
      • make ToggleReadOnly() toggle read-only (allows movie.getreadonly() return valid value)
      • Hide columns starting with "Key " by default
      • Fix #788 (bsnes rerecording performance mode warning not in front of tastudio)
      • Fix #785 (ArgumentOutOfRangeException in StateToRemove) and branch loads wiping greenzone states
      • Prevent cropping of branch screenshot popups if they are wider than TasView
      • Fix .bk2 import
      • List all available file extensions on File Open
      • Show maker text popup when double-clicking existing marker in tasview, at cursor position, if called from tasview
      • Fix and tweak clipboard and selection display
      • Only load branch markers if they are bound to input
      • Move Greenzone (State History) saving to the end of .tasproj saving. Hopefully it won't erase other elements anymore if it crashes during saving.
      • Fix a crash caused by adding a marker
      • Fix columns setup on regular movie conversion
      • Fix double-click on the empty area throwing an exception
      • Reload the tasmovie if it was loaded outside tastudio and then tastudio was opened, also go to current emulator frame
    • Lua
      • Fix luasockets support
      • When toggling a script on, immediately run, and immediately update on-screen drawing
      • Fix the edit button to account for relative vs absolute paths
      • gui.text() - "new line" support
      • add emu.totalexecutedcycles()
      • add tastudio.setplayback()
      • add forms.setdropdownitems()
      • input.getMouse() - add scroll wheel, fixes #790
      • gui.clearGraphics() - immediately update the screen
      • tastudio.setmarker() - make marker message optional
      • Fix client.bufferwidth() and client.bufferheight()
      • Open File Dialog improvements
      • Fix emu.getdisplaytype() that has been broken for a long time
      • Fix movie.getinput() to correctly return float values instead of passing "False" no matter what
    • Ram Search
      • Update Size and Display type dropdowns on restart, fixes #762
      • Show restored/removed messages when undoing/redoing, fixes #749
    • Ram watch - fix rebooting core with a current watch listthe core, the check was always failing
    • Hotkey to toggle the "Frame Advance Skips Lag Frames" option
    • Hex Editor - Fix #761, exception when using "Find..." before selecting an address
    • Apply FF&RW volume when unthrottled.
    • D3D display method: fix 2nd ctrl alt del
    • Fix fast-forward when using audio throttle and XAudio2 or OpenAL.
    • Improve FPS smoothing
    • Multi-disk Bundler - Fix DPI scaling issues and improve control positioning.
    • Fix exception when loading a file that has no extension
    • Fix exception when hovering over Config -> Cores -> Snes when the user has never opened a SNES game


→ [multi] BizHawk

BizHawk Released December 2nd, 2016

  • mGBA
    • Fix memory domain crashes
  • NesHawk
    • Add support for VS
    • Fix Seicross (J) (PRG1)
    • Support U-Force Power Games (U)
    • Implement mappers 106, 162, 170, 220
    • Fix mapper 176
    • Various obscure game support and fixes
  • N64
    • Fix crash when picking 1440p or higher resolutions with glide64mk2 and glide64 plugins
    • Use traditional GPR names for debugger
    • Fix disassembler output for Goldeneye 007 (#717)
  • SNES
    • hook up SGB saveram
    • When importing SNES .lsmv movies, add an extra input frame (fixes #721)
    • Add a bsnes profile picker to the Core menu (#179)
  • Atari 2600/7800
    • Add console buttons for toggling difficulty switches
  • PCE
    • Fix PCECD Lemmings audio (fixes #665)
  • SMS
    • z80 accuracy improvements
    • Fix Shining Force games ( #600 and #335 )
  • EMU7800
    • Added a few ROM Hacks into the Database.
  • EmuHawk
    • Input Display - hide neutral analog values for cores with neutral position other than 0 too
    • Cheats - when editing a cheat's domain, if the address is out of range, don't update, rather than create a separator (fixes #539)
    • Ram Search - when reseting an empty box to a default value, select the value (fixes #685)
    • Fix the Mute Frame Advance option
    • Lua
      • Fix endless locked emu surface errors when re-opening the lua console
      • Default the memory library to System Bus, if available (warning: change your scripts to use whatever domain was default before)
      • forms library - Run the checkbox click callback after the event not before (fixes #545)
    • TAStudio
      • Improvements to analog editing
        • Autorestore after every drag edited change
        • Increase the mouse move step to 3 from 4
        • Mouse dragging during analog edit mode updates the displayed value
        • Enter key exits analog edit mode after applying the resulting value, while Escape cancels all changes
        • Typing past max digits overwrites existing value
        • Adding selection (Ctrl/Shift+LeftClick) while in analog editing mode spreads the mode to selected rows (that change simultaneously)
        • Move functionality of arrows to hotkeys
      • Stop displaying neutral analog values
      • Fix loading/autloading projects to properly set up columns and scrollbars
      • Fix crashes when
        • Setting 0 space for disk states
        • Righclicking on selection if a bunch of selected frames contains the last frame
        • Cutting the last frame
      • Paste: Fix clipboard input having an extra empty line after splicing
      • Fix crash caused by seek progressbar
      • Fix < button while seeking is paused
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