[MSX] RuMSX v8.20

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[MSX] RuMSX v8.20

Jeden ze starszych projektów emulatorów maszynek MSX/MSX2 - RuMSX autorstwa Rudolfa "Lex Lechz" Lechleitnera, wzbogacił się o nową wersję. Projekt ma już bagatela 18 lat, albo i więcej;) Ciekawe, czy teraz gdy emulacja MSX jest tak powszednia, jak nieznajomość tej platformy, dalej wzbudzałaby takie ochy i achy u Dalthon'a;)



Dungeon Master

Changes from RuMSX V0.81 to V0.82

Important: RuMSX v0.41 has a new installer! Therefore it is required to uninstall an older version of RuMSX before installing the new version.
You can uninstall RuMSX through the Control-Panel. Select "Software" and "RuMSX" to uninstall.

  • Improved Epson printer emulation. Chakkari Copy can now print on emulated Epson JP-80 and SP-80 printers.
  • SRAM of "Koei" and "ASCII/8k" cartridges was not saved in SaveState file.
  • Added "Hydlide 2" ROM-type and ROM-database entry.
  • Internal build error in V0.81 may have caused load-errors of resource libraries (e.g. Spanish translation).
  • Missing Control-Panel label in Chinese translation.
  • Minor updates in Help (Error-codes, CALL BC)
  • MSX Control-Panel activation mistakenly paused RuMSX if "Save CPU" option was enabled.
  • Added "Printer form feed" command in menu, to flush pending print-pages without need to change the printer or close RuMSX.
  • Added PI-40 (color)printer emulation for use with "Game Master" and "Chakkari Copy".
  • Improved rendering-speed of printed PDF documents.
    Note: "Microsoft Print to PDF" should prefered to "FreePDF", because FreePDF reports a too small printing area (this is why pages are printed smaller than on real printers).
  • Fixed MSX2+ SoftBoot (includes unpatch of MSX2PEXT.ROM)
  • Fixed help for "Chakkari Copy" CALL statements: BPRINT, PAUSE, SCHANGE
  • Added exclusive command-line parameters BoostCount and BoostSeconds to temporary boost the MSX startup process.
    Examples: /BoostSeconds:5 or /BoostCount:250
  • Added documentation of MSX TAPE I/O, thanks to Jose Manuel
  • Bugfixes and improvements in "MSX-host demo.dsk"
  • Improved MSX-HOST interface:
    Interface version 1.1 now supports profiling and shutdown.
    Full featuring ROM is the MSX-HOST.ROM version 1.2
    See "Interface-ROM for the host operating-system" in Help for more information.
  • Known issue: Hires-timer is not 100% exact
Nightshade (Ultimate Play the Game, Dec, 1985)

Changes from RuMSX V0.83 to V0.84 13/07/2022

Please note: RuMSX v0.41 has a new installer! Therefore it is required to uninstall a version prior RuMSX v0.41 before installing the new version.
You can uninstall RuMSX through the Control-Panel. Select "Software" and "RuMSX" to uninstall.

  • Background color 0 on MSX1 was mistakenly adjusted for (unavailable) superimpose-mode.
  • CAS: Debug output improved.
  • Fixed ROM-Type detection for ROMs < 64KB (8K-48K). E.g. "Star Blazer" was recognized as "Chakkari Copy".
  • Arabic layout of toolbar and statusbar was incorrect.
  • Disk-, Tape- and Rom-Images can now also be changed using drag & drop, in the "Change Media" dialog tabs.
  • Added write-byte command to debugger (for cheat, ...).
  • Fixed POINT operation in V9938 specific screen modes. (returned color was previously always 0).
  • Extended FullScreen-Zoom modes with "stretch".
  • Added a "Edit" -> "Paste" function for text.
    Because "Edit" uses the shortcut "E" the "Emulation" menu now uses the shortcut "M". Paste is usually available, except in the following cases:
    • RuMSX is paused (e.g. for debugging).
    • The clipboard does not contain text.
    • Paste of large content is still in progress - or a program (e.g. a game) does not process the pasted text.
    • The MSX keyboard-buffer is invalid (e.g. during boot or corrupted by some programs).
  • Video Computer did not display the error for the "Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)" driver.
  • SET SCREEN and SET BEEP documentation was missing in help index (could only be found in search tab).
  • Optimization of internal debugger (write to file).

Changes from RuMSX V0.82 to V0.83

  • HALTED RuMSX instances did not immediately stop, if termination was attempted by using Windows TaskBar.
  • Accessing missing A: or B: drive now results in the correct error "The system cannot find the drive specified."
  • Fix for ASCII16-Mapper:
    "Vaxol" writes to invalid memory locations, which are now excluded.
  • Added new "ASCII MegaROM (ASCII/16 KByte) V2" ROM-type.
    Most copies of the "Andorogynus" ROM are using the ASCII/16K-mapper.
    But a few copy copies require this special ROM-type, with switching address &H8000.
  • Added new "ObsoNET" ROM-type (experimental)
  • TMS9918A EC bit was mistakenly ignored (MSX1 could not shift sprites 32 pixels to the left)
    (e.g. affected "Actman" in MSX1-mode) z.B. affected "Actman" in MSX1-mode) e.g. affected "Actman" in MSX1-mode)
  • Fixed incorrect debug-message "Virtual error reading drive", even if there was no read-error (but an error-file is present)
  • VDP IE1 interrupt-flag is reset on read, even if IE1 is disabled Working (again): F-Nano 2, The Haunted Demo, ...
    (Bug was new since RuMSX v0.41)
  • YM3802 operations always wrote debug-output to the console. (Fix improves performance of MIDI commands)
  • Philips Music Composer was frozen in main-menu, due to missing ADPCM-interrupt.
  • Added experimental support for extended DSK file format
    (using 128 Byte header and additional ending-block, often used in games from www.msxgamesbox.com)
  • Improved support for DDI-images (now more DDI file-formats are supported)
  • Fixed SCC+ ROM/RAM mapper.
  • Fixed "Tape", "A:" and "B:" buttons:
    Incorrect Tab was selected if number of disk-drives was not 2. Example, if a 2nd DISK.ROM was mounted.
  • Improved autodetect for many classic Konami games with SCC/SCC+ with size of 40KB
    (e.g. Antarctic Adventure SCC/SCC+)
  • Improved autodetect for Disk-To-ROM games with size of 48KB
  • (e.g. Confused?, Donkey Kong, Spy Vs Spy II)
  • Fixed autodetect of Zoids [ASCII/16 KByte, switch address $77F8]
  • Extended ROM-Database:
    • Alien Syndrome [ASCII/16 KByte]
    • Andorogynus [ASCII MegaROM (ASCII/16 KByte) V2]
    • Harry Fox MSX Special [Hydlide 2]
    • Harry Fox Yki No Maoh [Snow Demon King + patched ASCII/16 KByte]
  • Improved autodect for some versions of the following ROMs:
    • Aliens 2 (Zemina)
    • Barbarian
    • Bat Man
    • Darwin 4078
    • Druid
    • Fishing Freak
    • Humphrey
    • Mon Mon Monster
    • ObsoNET (experimental)
    • Strategic Mars
    • Syougun
    • XYZ / Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsudoutyuu
  • Added experimental Dir-as-Disk feature (for MSX-DOS 1). Do not (yet) use together with SCSI or IDE controllers.
  • When restoring a save-state "Sprites disabled" mode was sometimes not restored.
  • When switching to MSX1 configuration sprites were sometimes permanently invisible.
  • Pending SCSI configuration changes were not fully applied on reboot.
  • Coincidence of transparent sprites was mistakenly detected.
    "Labirint" is now working (without cheat).
  • Fixed bug in debug-log of memory mapper, sometimes refering to the wrong slot.
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