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VGBA to kolejny emulator autorstwa Marata Fayzullina, który spłodził naprawdę spory zestaw emulatorów pod Androida i Symbiana (fMSX, VGB, iNES, MG, ColEm, Speccy, AlmostTI), jak nie trudno zgadnąć po skrócie pozwala on na emulację handhelda firmy Nintendo GameBoy Advance, robi to całkiem przyjemnie i od września całkowicie za darmo (autor uwalnia kolejne swoje emulatory pod okienka - bazując na płatnych wersjach pod Androida)

Nintendo GBA:Gameboy:Advance:Super Mario Advance:Nintendo of America Inc.:Nintendo R&D2:Jun 11, 2001:
Super Mario Advance (Nintendo of America Inc., Jun 11, 2001)

New in This Version

  • Added automated cheat search tool (press [F5] and select "Search cheats").
  • Added always-on gameplay recording to VGBA-Unix (press [F8] to replay).
  • Added "Save unencrypted" option to built-in menu.
  • MULS/MLAS instructions no longer change C/V flags.
  • Fixed saving .SAV files in VBA-compatible format on VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed window resizing in VGBA-Unix.

Author's comment

  • The newest VGBA-Windows 4.6 comes with the built-in cheat code finding tool. Press F5 and select "Search cheats" to use the tool. The VGBA-Linux 4.6 release includes six years worth of new features and fixes, including much better sound and compatibility, and instant replay (press F8 to activate).

New in Version 4.5

  • Improved audio quality.
  • Now saving VBA-compatible .SAV files by default.
  • Added GameShark cheats emulation (both v1 and v3).
  • Added backward compatibility with VBA .SAV files.
  • Added week day register to the RTC emulation.
  • Added light sensor emulation (Boktai and Boktai 2).
  • Added gyro sensor emulation (Warioware Twisted).
  • Added tilt sensor emulation (Yoshi Topsy Turvy, etc).
  • Fixed RumblePak emulation (Warioware Twisted and Drill Dozer).
  • Fixed sprite color blending (Boktai 2 and other games).
  • Fixed FlashROM saves in Pokemon and other games.
  • No longer generating HBlank and VBlank IRQs at the same time (EZ-Talk).
  • No longer allowing ICount to fall too far behind after a DMA transfer (Lego Racers 2, etc.).
  • Fixed rotation parameters initialization in ResetGBA() (Lego Racers 2, etc.).
  • Fixed ResetCPU() to request THUMB-to-ARM switch from the emulation loop.
  • Fixed handling of >16MB games by disabling EEPROM at 0x09000000.
  • Fixed ArcTan2() BIOS function (Mario and Luigi dyeing minigame).
  • Fixed SoftReset() BIOS function, no longer accepting an argument.
  • Fixed CPUSet() BIOS function (Galidor and Final Fantasy 6).
  • Fixed RegisterRAMReset() BIOS function to unconditionally reset DISPCONT and BLDCONT VDP registers (Spyro+Crash Fusion).
  • Fixed tilt sensor emulation to use separate developer supplied Tilt() function rather than FIREL/FIRER button bits.
  • Added BIOS read protection to ARMonARM emulation (Tetris Worlds, Onimusha Tactics, Salt Lake City 2002, etc.).
  • Fixed ARM V-flag computation after subtraction (Caravan Heart).
  • Fixed THUMB PUSH instruction for cases where DMA is initiated with PUSH.
  • Fixed MOVLR/BLL instruction sequence in THUMB mode to correctly perform a call (Mario Golf Advance Tour).
  • Fixed LDM/STM instructions accessing stack at misaligned addresses (Mario Golf Advance Tour).
  • Fixed a typo in the SMLAL instruction (Lego Racers 2, etc.).
  • Fixed color #0 transparency in VDP MODE4.
  • Fixed -ds command line parameter to take values from 0 ("mute") to 3 ("fast").
  • Disabling windows with invalid coordinates (fixed Sword Of Mana).
  • Resetting rotation when BG size changes (fixed Rayman 3 Swamp Zone).
  • Fixed After Burner in Sega Arcade Gallery (by handling illegal reads).
  • Fixed playfield and in-game saves in Crazy Taxi (no longer hangs).
  • VGBA-Windows, VGBA-MSDOS, and VGBA-Unix now use mouse buttons to simulate tilt sensor.
  • Switched VGBA-Windows to Direct3D in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed VGBA-Unix to correctly restore sound when mouse focus returns to the window.
  • Reduced audio latency setting in VGBA-Unix to 50ms.

New in Version 3.6

  • Sound quality improved in games that frequently switch sampling frequency (Star Wars, etc.).
  • Now saving melodic sound chip state. State file format changed.
  • Added more graceful handling of fail conditions when loading state.
  • Fixed LSR/ASR #0 instructions in ARMonARM emulation to act as LSR/ASR #32, in both THUMB and ARM modes.
  • Fixed unaligned memory reads in ARMonARM emulation to work the same way they do on a real ARM (Pokemon no longer has glitches).
  • Fixed STRB/STRH instructions in ARMonARM emulation to clear unused argument bits before calling BWrARM()/WWrARM().
  • Moved state loading to [F6], L/R button autofire toggles to [ALT]+[F3]/[F4]. This makes VGBA consistent with my other emulators.
  • Added [F8] to toggle scanline simulation effect, [ALT]+[F8] to toggle image softening.
  • Made VGBA-Symbian compatible with the S60 5th Edition found in Nokia 5800 and upcoming N97.
  • VGBA-Maemo now uses x3 magnification when running in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed [F3][F4][F5], and [F6] keys in VGBA-Unix.

New in Version 3.5

  • Ported VGBA to Unix using the new EMULib framework. I will try to compile the new VGBA-Unix for as many Unix flavors as possible. At the moment, only Ubuntu Linux binaries are available.
  • Ported VGBA to Maemo OS2008 used in N800 and N810 internet tablets from Nokia. VGBA-Maemo is specifically optimized for internet tablets using assembler modules from VGBA-Symbian.
  • Renamed -zoom/-nozoom to -soft/-nosoft.
  • Added -scale option to scale window on Unix.
  • Options -tv/-notv-soft/-nosoft now work for MSDOS, Unix, and Maemo.
  • Changed VGBA-Maemo touch screen layout to place directional buttons on the left, fire buttons on the right.
  • VGBA-Symbian display routines rewritten in ARM assembler for speed. This should mainly affect UIQ3 users but S60 users will also benefit.
  • Split VGBA-Symbian configuration menu into four tabs, making "Video" and "Audio" settings separate.
  • Added "Audio Latency", "Skip Frames", and "Sync Updates" settings to VGBA-Symbian.
  • Documentation and built-in help changed, many inconsistencies removed.
  • New in Version 3.4
  • Fixed line coincidence bit not being cleared with each new scanline. This made Treasure Planet dialogs work.
  • Fixed inline WRdARM() function to read from serial EEPROM.
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug in the SoftReset() and RegisterRAMReset() routines. Lufia no longer crashes after a quick-save.
  • Moved FlashROM and EEPROM memory allocation to ResetGBA() where it belongs.
  • Now preserving debugger breakpoint settings when loading state.
  • Now locking keyboard processing when inside built-in configuration menu or debugger.
  • Added GBA-specific debugger view (press [N] in debugger).
  • Added new, much better, scanline simulation and video softening effects to VGBA-Windows.
  • VGBA-Windows full-screen mode now runs in 640x480 resolution.
  • Now switching sound off when entering built-in menu in VGBA-Windows. This mainly affects melodic sound mode (i.e. MIDI).
  • VGBA-MSDOS now runs in 640x480x15bpp VESA screen mode when -zoom or -tv options used, otherwise it runs in 320x200x15bpp screen mode.
  • Added new "Fill & Soften" zoom mode to VGBA-Symbian. It is rather slow though.
  • Added screen orientation and backlight controls to VGBA-Symbian.
  • Fixed possible source of instabilities in the S60 open file dialog in VGBA-Symbian.
  • Fixed exit via Symbian-specific menu.
  • Fixed premature termination of the emulation thread when exiting VGBA-Symbian, soundtrack recording and config saving work again.
  • VGBA-Symbian signed with a new certificate, as the old one has expired.

New in Version 3.3

  • Fixed rotated sprite mask rendering.
  • Somewhat optimized rotated sprite rendering.
  • Optimized BIOS emulation to use less floating point operations.
  • Fixed an LDR/STR display bug in the ARM debugger.
  • Added a universal LoadFile() function.
  • Rehashed built-in menu options to make them more accessible.
  • Further extended and optimized Symbian screen rendering routines.
  • Fixed a bug in VGBA-Windows that started MIDI logging on entering the debugger.
  • Finally fixed opendir() problem in EMULib-Symbian. All built-in menu file dialogs work now!
  • VGBA-Symbian application menu is now split into three pages.
  • Added configurable button and key mappings to VGBA-Symbian.
  • Added "fill screen" zoom option to VGBA-Symbian.
  • Added frame rate display option to VGBA-Symbian.
  • Added MIDI soundtrack logging to VGBA-Symbian (melodic sound only, saved into E:Sounds and can be used as ringtones).
  • Fixed and optimized TV scanline simulation in VGBA-Symbian.
  • Made scanline effect stronger in VGBA-Symbian.

New in Version 3.2

  • Fixed immediate argument handling in MSR opcode.
  • Accelerated BX opcode.
  • Fixed and improved built-in debugger.
  • Added built-in configuration menu ([F5]). FIRE-L autofire switch has moved to [CONTROL]+[F5].
  • Introduced mode bits and the proper ResetGBA() function (state file format has changed).
  • Made VGBA reuse previously allocated memory if the new allocation fails. This should help VGBA-Symbian on the phones with small memory.

New in Version 3.1

  • MSDOS and Windows versions are now based on the new framework.
  • Windows version has got a new simplified user interface.
  • Windows version now runs faster with larger windows.
  • Started adding Nintendo DS emulation (not yet complete).
  • Added tilt sensor emulation (use -tilt option).
  • Added screen buffer based ARM debugger.
  • Replaced "updates per VBlank" (-uperiod) with "percentage of skipped frames" option (-skip).
  • Further improved audio quality.

New in Version 3.0

  • Added a routine that guesses correct FlashROM ID and the FlashROM or EEPROM size from the cartridge ID. Super Mario Brothers 3 and Pokemon Sapphire work now. Use -guesshw and -defaulthw options to switch guessing on and off.
  • Added DirectDraw-based full screen mode to VGBA-Windows. Press [ALT]+[ENTER] to switch in and out of the full screen mode. Use it with caution, as DirectDraw is notoriously unstable.
  • Fixed ARM LDM/STM opcodes to ignore lower two bits of address.
  • Fixed ARM MSR opcode to allow setting any of the four areas in the CPSR and SPSR registers.
  • Fixed a bug in the character screen drawing code that could crash the program.
  • Finally fixed the time counting bug that caused bad sound distortions in many games, especially when using the -ds 1 sound rendering option.
  • Now resetting the line coincidence flag on writes to DISPSTAT to enable line coincidence interrupts at each scanline (F-Zero 2).
  • Changed FastSet() BIOS call to round transfer size to the nearest multiple of 8 quads (32 bytes) and check source address for bounds.
  • Fixed several bugs in the MIDI logging code and the MIDI sound driver in VGBA-Windows.
  • Added fast-forwarding option ([PAGEUP]).
  • Added TV raster simulation to VGBA-Windows and VGBA-MSDOS.
  • Added VGBA-Windows options to set FlashROM ID and hardware guessing mode.
  • Raised the maximal "Sync to..." frequency to 200Hz.
  • Window size and position are now saved on exit in VGBA-Windows.

New in Version 2.1

  • Save (.SAV) file format has changed due to addition of >64kB FlashROMs.
  • State (.STA) file format has changed due to addition of RTC and >64kB FlashROMs.
  • The old -flash has been changed to -flashid.
  • The new -flash sets the number of FlashROM address bits (≥16).
  • Added RTC support (clock in Pokemon series).
  • Added support for >64kB FlashROMs (Pokemon series, etc.).
  • Added MIDIKey2Freq() to the BIOS emulation (thanks to Aaron Oneal).
  • Fixed a bug in the ArcTan2() emulation (Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow).
  • Fixed possible memory corruption in EEPROM emulation (Lord Of The Rings).
  • Fixed SMULL/SMLAL opcodes.
  • VBlank interrupt now occurs with HBlank in line 160 (Robot Wars).
  • Now recomputing sprites every time screen mode changes (Ice Age).
  • Now setting unused KEYSTAT bits to zeroes (Defender Of The Crown).
  • Now updating C flag when immediate value is rotated in an ALU operation (Desert Strike).

New in Version 2.0

  • Majorly redesigned screen rendering routines, making them faster.
  • Added sprite sorting and precomputation to speed things up.
  • Fixed window rendering.
  • Fixed multiple screen rendering bugs.
  • Color effects can now be disabled in WININ/WINOUT registers.
  • Alpha blending can now be applied multiple times (Lord Of The Rings).
  • Disabled alpha blending for pixels with no second argument (Lord Of The Rings).
  • Added window support to bitmapped screen modes.
  • Disabled display of the first 512 sprite patterns in bitmapped screen modes.
  • Changed LDM instructions not to write back base register if it has just been loaded from memory (Golden Sun 2, Kong, VRally 3, etc.).
  • Now setting R12=0x04000000 in VBlankIntrWait() and IntrWait() (Bubble Bobble Old And New).
  • Added QOpARM() and WOpARM() functions for fast opcode fetching.
  • Removed data rotation in unaligned 32bit writes (Downforce).
  • Modified BIOS decoders that write to VRAM to use words, not bytes.
  • Now returning correct "broken" values when program tries to read BIOS area by bytes and 16bit words.
  • Now doubling byte writes to VRAM and palette.
  • Now mirroring VRAM as 64kB+2*32kB.
  • Now mirroring SRAM, OAM, and palette.
  • Removed mirroring of I/O addresses.
  • Now waiting for sound thread to die in VGBA-Unix.

New in Version 1.7

  • Switched to the latest version of the OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler.
  • The infamous Windows problem with spaces in directory names seems to be fixed by using a newer compiler.
  • Joystick problems in VGBA-Windows are fixed.
  • Added joystick configuration to VGBA-Windows setup panel.
  • Fixed sound in VGBA-Windows on Windows 2000.

New in Version 1.6

  • VGBA-MSDOS now comes with the VGBA-Windows!
  • Implemented BIOSChecksum() BIOS call (SWI#0D).
  • Implemented BitUnpack() BIOS call (SWI#10).
  • Implemented GetJumpList() BIOS call (SWI#2A).
  • Added a -verbose bit to print sound-related messages.

New in Version 1.5

  • Added strict type/source checking to BIOS uncompression routines.
  • Fixed direct sound to melodic sound volume ratio.
  • Added optional waveforms to melodic (non-PCM) channels.
  • Fixed updates to the melodic PCM channel.
  • Fixed melodic volume sweep.
  • Fixed a bug that broke timers when restoring saved state.
  • Fixed a problem with prematurely closed stdin in VGBA-Unix.

New in Version 1.4

  • State save (.STA) file format has changed!
  • Improved direct sound emulation by tinkering with sound driver API.
  • Added BIOS read-protection.
  • Added support for different EEPROM sizes (-eeprom). Some new GBA games use 16384x64 EEPROMs (use -eeprom 14 option with these games).
  • Fixed disassembler to show LDRH/STRH operations with immediate offset.
  • Added support for LDRH/STRH operations with post-indexing and write-back modes both "on". This is still wrong, folks. Please, read the ARM7TDMI documentation and modify your assemblers to generate correct opcodes.
  • Now updating timer data registers with current counter values.
  • Now clearing OAM and some other registers on reset.
  • Now enabling interrupts in VBlankIntrWait() and IntrWait().
  • Now ignoring compression type tags in RLUncompress() (Lego Racers 2).
  • Fixed LDM/STM opcodes to handle USER mode R13/R14 load/save.
  • Fixed mode changes in LDM opcode.
  • Fixed DMA debugging message.
  • Added more manufacturer IDs to the database.

New in Version 1.3

  • Added console-based debugger to the VGBA-Windows, by public demand.
  • Fixed MULL/SMULL opcode (thanks go to Santeri Paavolainen).
  • Added forced VBlank emulation.
  • Filled simulated BIOS area with the value that real copy-protected BIOS returns on reads.
  • Fixed EEPROM emulation a little bit.
  • Made "channels active" sound register visible to the GBA.
  • Added more manufacturer IDs to the database.
  • Fixed rollover on the volume control button in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed command line parsing in VGBA-Windows.
  • Now turning off sound when VGBA-Windows dialog boxes get shown.
  • VGBA-Windows now always uses .INI file in the same directory as the .EXE file.

New in Version 1.2

  • Implemented direct sound channels.
  • Added dual banks for the melodic sound channel #3.
  • Added master volume for direct and melodic sound (SOUNDCNT_H).
  • Added direct sound DMA interrupts (Pac-Man Collection).
  • Added serial I/O interrupts (Golf Master).
  • Added Diff8bitUnFilterWRAM(), Diff8bitUnFilterVRAM(), and Diff16bitUnFilter() BIOS calls.
  • Added more manufacturer IDs to the database.
  • Disabled DMA restart (sound in Wario World 4, etc.).
  • Fixed a bug that screwed up timers after DMA transfers.
  • Fixed WRdARM() function and macro handling of unaligned reads.
  • Fixed IntrWait() and VBlankIntrWait() BIOS calls (SWI #4,5).
  • Fixed long-multiply instructions (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2).
  • Fixed ARM-mode SWIs (Super Black Bass Advance).
  • Somewhat changed timings during uncompression BIOS calls.
  • Changed simulated BIOS contents a little (Tactics Ogre).
  • Set USER mode stack to correct value.
  • Now initializing CPU into SYSTEM mode, no other flags.
  • Changed default FlashID to a real one (was 0x0000).
  • Fixed LDSH/LDSB THUMB mnemonics in the disassembler.
  • Added ability to supply FlashID from command line in VGBA-Unix and VGBA-MSDOS.
  • Added GBA-specific calls to the GameBoy sound chip API.
  • Changed SetWave() sound API call to use shared buffers, as needed for direct sound.
  • Implemented threaded Unix sound driver.
  • Shrunk sound buffer size in the Windows sound driver to 256 bytes for clearer sound.
  • Changed master volume control usage in all sound drivers for more efficient and correct mixing.
  • Updated documentation, fixing some HTML errors.

New in Version 1.1

  • Added support for rectangular and sprite windows.
  • Added BgAffineSet() BIOS call.
  • Added more manufacturer IDs to the database.
  • Added support for GZIPped ROM images and state file.
  • Improved fast QRdARM() macro to handle unaligned addresses (albeit not ideally).
  • Fixed alpha-blending operation a bit.
  • Now saving serial EEPROM contents in the .SAV file, after the FlashROM contents.
  • Removed CRC check as it was wrong and did not make any sense. Only CMP is checked now.
  • Fixed sprite priorities relative to background priorities in screen modes 0..2.
  • Optimized drawing routines for rotated/scaled backgrounds and sprites.
  • Now saving EEPROM state in state files (.STA format has changed).
  • Fixed joystick support in VGBA-Windows (somewhat).
  • Fixed VGBA-Unix to allow window managers (like WindowMaker) create an application icon for it.

New in Version 1.0

  • VGBA-Windows is now available. Register it NOW!
  • VGBA-Unix is now available.
  • Added facility to save and load emulation state.
  • Added serial EEPROM emulation.
  • Implemented more or less accurate CPU cycle counting (still not accurate enough though).
  • Implemented HuffUncomp() call.
  • Fixed ObjAffineSet(), CpuSet(), CpuFastSet(), and SoftReset() calls.
  • Fixed timers to reload values correctly.
  • Majorly updated documentation.
  • Fixed background color problem in the non-VESA (256 color) version of VGBA-MSDOS.

New in Version 0.6

  • Added JEDEC FlashROM support.
  • Added CRC/CMP check. All failing cartridges will now be rejected unless you use the -nocrc option.
  • Implemented pending IRQ handling after IRQs were switched on.
  • Disabled IRQs in the SVC mode.
  • Added ObjAffineSet() BIOS call.
  • Added Halt() and Stop() BIOS calls.
  • Fixed several BIOS calls.
  • Fixed a special case of DMA with the length of 0 items.
  • Fixed LDR/STR/LDRB/STRB instruction display in the debugger.
  • Improved cartridge information reporting.
  • Added a lot of command line options.
  • Added a lot of control keys.

New in Version 0.5

  • Moved dummy GBA.ROM contents inside the VGBA code.
  • Added DMA3 start at the beginning of HRefresh.
  • Added 'v' command to the debugger to show GBA status.
  • Fixed transparency effects in bitmap modes.
  • Fixed transparency with multiple backgrounds.
  • Now initializing rotation/scaling properly.
  • No longer supporting 128kB flash ROM above the cartridge ROM.

New in Version 0.4

  • Added MULL/MLAL ARM opcodes.
  • Added color effects to all screen modes.
  • Added rotation to all appropriate screen modes.
  • Added rotation to sprites.
  • Fixed DMA transfers to start correctly.
  • Fixed DMA transfers to leave correct values in DMACONT registers.
  • Added IRQ at the end of DMA transfer, if required.
  • Fixed GB sound chip emulation.
  • Added CPUSet() and CPUFastSet() BIOS calls.
  • Added RLUnCompWRAM() and RLUnCompVRAM() BIOS calls.
  • Now saving cartridge SRAM and flash ROM into a .SAV file.
  • Both 16bit color and 8bit color versions are included. 16bit version requires VESA-compatible video card. I still recommend it over the 8bit version as GBA programs are extremely ugly in 256 colors :)
→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 6.2

New in Version 6.2

  • Added CPU-based simple linear scaling algorithm.
  • Added file drag'n'drop support to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added -linear command line option to VGBA-Linux.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, eleased on September 28 2020, adds drag'n'drop support to the Windows version. There is also a new CPU-based linear interpolation algorithm for cases, where GPU-based linear interpolation cannot be used. .
→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 6.1

New in Version 6.1

  • Refactored scaling and special effects framework in VGBA-Windows.
  • Optimized scaling for large screens and windows.
  • Added option to force hardware linear scaling.
  • Enabled "Video | Stretch Full Screen" option with effects enabled.
  • Enabled "Video | Force 4:3 Screen" option with effects enabled.
  • Added "Video | Interpolate Video | Linear Scaling" option to VGBA-Windows.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on August 27 2020, contains a major rewrite of the scaling and special effects infrastructure. The Windows version has got better support for multiple displays and optimized rendering for larger screens. There is now a separate option for linear image scaling, using hardware if possible.

New in Version 6.0

  • Added "File | Clear Settings and Quit" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed small windows behavior in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed window position behavior in VGBA-Windows.
  • Saving physical joystick/gamepad selection in VGBA-Windows.
→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.9
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (Eidos, Inc., Giant Interactive Entertainment, Ltd., Apr 02, 2005)

New in Version 5.9

  • Fixed bug when writing bytes to palette RAM.
  • Fixed bug when reading words from BIOS.
  • Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
  • Deprecated -DNEW_STATES and -DSOUND options.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on May 10 2018, fixes a bug when writing bytes to palette memory, and another bug that occurred when reading words from the BIOS area (something no sensible person should do, but some games have done). I also removed outdated code, rebuilt the program with strict compiler warnings, and fixed them.


→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.8

New in Version 5.8

  • Added remaining time display during replay.
  • Added shadow underneath the time display.
  • Stopping replay when menu opens on Windows.
  • Fixed replay rollover mechanism.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on February 7 2018, adds remaining replay time display and fixes several problems with the replay mechanism.


→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.7

New in Version 5.7

  • Fixed rotated backgrounds bug (scenery in Top Gear Rally, etc).
  • Fixed default window position to the middle of the screen in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed DirectInput joysticks support in VGBA-Windows.
  • Made directional pads work on XBox gamepads.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on November 30 2017, fixes rotational backgrounds in Top Gear Pocket and other racing games, fixes support for DirectInput joysticks, and makes directional pads work on Xbox gamepads


→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.6

New in Version 5.6

  • Added multiple monitor support to VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed disappearing window in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed best full-screen mode detection in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed window flicker that appeared after recent Win10 updates.
  • Switched VGBA-Linux to using PulseAudio sound.
  • Updated old PulseAudio driver for 64bit Linux.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on October 30 2017, adds support for multiple monitors on Windows, fixes the best full-screen mode detection and window flicker that appeared after the latest Win10 updates. The Linux version now uses PulseAudio sound, so you won't need to use /dev/dsp emulation any more.


→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.5
Ninja Five-0 (Konami of America, Inc., Apr 22, 2003)

New in Version 5.5

  • Added support for DirectInput joysticks to VGBA-Windows.
  • Moved all input-related options to the "Input" menu in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed crash when changing audio sampling rate in VGBA-Windows.
  • Added "Draw 65% Frames" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed screen updates after changing scaling algorithm in VGBA-Windows.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on June 26 2017, adds DirectInput support for joysticks and gamepads, fixes changing of the audio sampling rate and special effects, adds the option to draw 65% of frames, and moves all input-related options to a separate "Input" menu.


→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.4

New in Version 5.4

  •  Added "Interpolate Video | Nearest Neighbor" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added "Force 4:3 Screen" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added -4x3 command line option to VGBA-Unix.
  • VGBA-Windows will not overwrite last software file name with other names.
  • Fixed file associations on Windows 8+.
  • Updated VGBA-Windows application icon.  

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on January 26 2017, lets you force 4:3 "television screen" format and switch off linear filtering by selecting "Video | Interpolation | Nearest Neighbor" option. I have also fixed file associations on Windows 8+ computers and stopped VGBA from trashing the last opened file name.
→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.3

New in Version 5.3

  • Added Scale2X scaling algorithm.
  • Added Monochrome, Green, Amber, and Sepia CRT emulation.
  • Added -scale2x and -raster command line options.
  • Added -mono, -sepia, -green, and -amber command line options.
  • EMULib-specific command line options now processed inside EMULib.
  • Added "Scale2x Algorithm" and "LCD Raster" options on Windows.
  • Renamed "Color Raster" menu to "Color Filter" on Windows.
  • Deprecated -notv and -nolcd command line options.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on September 1 2016, adds Scale2x scaling algorithm and several color filters for simulating monochrome, sepia, green, and amber CRT screens.

New in Version 5.2

  • Added 14bit EEPROM setting for Aladdin (all versions).
  • Disabled FlashROM for all NES Classics games.
  • Fixed FlashROM/EEPROM size selection menu in VGBA-Windows.
  • Added "Play Sound When Inactive" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added "Clear File Associations" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Made color raster effects stronger.
→ NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.1

New in Version 5.1

  • Added EPX and EAGLE scaling algorithms.
  • Added special effects simulating individual pixel components.
  • Fixed memory corruption bug in the instant replay recorder.
  • Fixed instant replay not restoring successive states.
  • Fixed instant replay not recording the first state.
  • Merged scanline options into "Simulate Scanlines" in VGB-Windows.
  • Merged scaling options into "Interpolate Video" in VGB-Windows.
  • Added "Apply Color Raster" submenu to VGB-Windows.
  • Added "RGB Raster" and "CMY Raster" options to VGB-Windows.
  • Added -rgb and -cmy command line options.
  • Added -epx and -eagle command line options.

Author's comment

  • Released on November 10 2015, adds EPX and EAGLE scaling algorithms, in addition to the existing 2xSal algorithm. I have also added CMY and RGB color raster simulation. A few menus have changed in VGBA-Windows to accommodate the new features. The VGBA-Windows now accepts -epx, -eagle, -cmy, and -rgb command line options.

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