[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.076 Stable

[1] @ Poniedziałek, 3 Kwietnia 2017 22:03CET

[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.076 Stable

SpeedVicio udostępnił poprawkę do nakładki MedGUI dla multiemulatora Mednafen, który sam w sobie jest raczej mało przyjazny w konfiguracji. MedGui do najlżejszych w konfiguracji nie należy jednak nie wcina się z reklamami i nie próbuje być czymś więcej, niż frontendem... ma więc także i plusy.

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.076

  • Now "right double click mouse button" on a game on list, open a menu to select the operation to perform (to open Advanced emu options, select the voice from this menu)
  • Added a function to create a desktop shortcut of selected game. If a boxart exist, MedguiR take the respective image, convert it in icon format and assign it to the shortcut (Unfortunately the icon will be with only 12 colours due to a limitation of gdi and net framework)
  • Changed the position of form at rom list refresh (it will not be centered at the desktop screen)
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.112 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.112

  • Key shortcuts and joypad polling will be disabled if medguir form is not active
  • Managed password request added on UCI
  • Fixed any server message on UCI
  • UCI irc is now integrated with MedClient to better manage online session
  • Added notification icon on traybar for MedClient with details for online sessions opened and irc users connected
  • Added any common irc functions on UCI irc
  • Added EZNotification (popup widget) (https://github.com/clusterzx/EZNotifications) for opened online session, you can change theme on medguir notification icon on tray bar by right click mouse button
  • Added Discord announcement on MedGuiR > NetPlay Discord channel (https://github.com/Kowalski7/Discord-Webhook-Announcer)
  • Minor cosmetic change
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.111 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.111

  • Removed specific NoDesync settings for psx and nes
  • Added netplay mednafen doc onto MedClient section
  • Fixed reload icon resource on MedClient
  • Minor cosmetic change on MedClient
  • Changed a bit the menu code
  • Fixed selectable initial firmware path
  • Disabled any redundant calling functions
  • Fixed filter of rom search on drag and drop
  • Improved read of DATs
  • Removed the autoscan of games playlist after DATs update
  • Added a simple file manager/organizer
  • Optimized the mednafen process detection by a function (should speedup the GUI startup loading)
  • Changed the behavior of MedClient
  • Now the room session state can be saved on medguir ini
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.110.1 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.110.1

  • The Medclient service now send input configuration to prevent config mismatch
  • Added another ddns for medclient and mednafen server
  • Fixed any bad translated string
  • Fixed a small bug with refresh of rom grid in text menu mode
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.110 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.110

  • Changed behaviour of rapid rom searcher textbox
  • Fixed detection of per-config system file
  • Solved a bug with snes faust hblend option, that caused crash on old mednafen version
  • Fixed negative value problem with per-game config file
  • Now per-game config will do not delete still existent input config
  • Changed suffix "/v1/" on tgbd api (now scrape function work again)
  • Now user can chose to open mednafen general doc or specific per module
  • Added conversion from chd to cue/bin
  • Added a old style menu instead icons menu, on the top of frontend, user can swap between the two menu in "General Tab", selecting "Text Menu" option
  • Fixed a crash that occur when is impossible to detect the windows os version
  • Fixed behaviour of netplay button

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.109

  • Alligned options to the next mednafen version
  • Added on "Advance menu" a option to change colour of frontend
  • Skipped redundant control on rom info
  • (Optional) Removed skull boxart logo
  • Fixed background grid color
  • Finally fixed a problem with random disappear of tooltips on advanced mednafen setting
  • Fixed the beaviour of advanced menu position in any circumstances
  • Improved MedClient detection and download of file on the server
  • Fixed a wrong detection of bin file contained in multiple archive compressed
  • Improved Scan and compared detection of bin file with genesis/megadrive dat
  • Improved emu4crt fork detection
  • Fixed a bug for snap and title viewer for multiple compressed archive
  • Better explanation of errors in stdoutput log
  • Fixed detection of old exotic dinput joypad (control GUI by PAD)
  • Deactivate joypad input when the GUI is not active
  • Fixed a bug with the real path passed on Mednafen with nested compressed file (this bug also interested the real file name passed on MedPad for the creation of per-config input file)
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.108 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.108

  • Fixed attibute folder on folder scan for compressed folder
  • Added another SpechialChip snes database for unsupported snes faust games
  • Removed the annoying message in the absence of web connection in the control of the Specialchip database
  • On Advance setting form, the help button will point to specific selected mednafen module
  • Reported exact connection error
  • Fix wrong beaviour on "remove from list" button
  • Changes behaviour of missing file on the game list
  • Added Country identification for MedClient and Netplay sections
  • Fixed minimum value for fast forward and slow forward
  • Added batch download for BoxArt
  • Added support for mount on the fly cd based games in compressed zip format (you need to install Pismo File Mount)
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.107 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.107

  • For unknown reason the control pad gui fix was disappeared from last release
  • Added messages to guide the user to the first configuration
  • Added specific "player" video setting for Mednafen Chipmusic player
  • Added external resource credit link on About form
  • Recalculate the grid size to prevent the hide of horizontal and vertical scroll bars
  • Added a progress bar at MedGuiR startup
  • Added linklabel for developer, publisher and system on TheGamesDb section
  • Fixed a detection of TOSEC dats file
  • Double buffered Datagrid to improve populating speed
  • Changed again the download way for MedGuiR update
  • Changed again MedGuiR Server update
  • added a small correction on ftpuri control
  • Added a correction on the creation of folder module
  • Modified FTPDownloadFile function
  • Added a information popup when downloaded file will be extracted
  • Removed a lot of redundant code for extract archive, now managed by a function
  • Various bugfixes
  • Disabled Specific external dll Version request on project
  • Added others link on rom searcher section
  • Added all parameters from Mednafen 1.23.0-UNSTABLE
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.106 Stable
To naprawdę jest całkiem miły frontend, może z paroma nielogicznymi utrudnieniami, ale nie ma co narzekać.

MedGui Reborn v0.106

  • Added support to .bps patch by flips.exe (https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=11474)
  • Work around to fix crash when def Mednafen path are changed by user
  • Added a button to reset all Mednafen path to default
  • Added a button to reset all Mednafen bioses path to default
  • Released memory usage after populating rom grid
  • Fixed broken _lib audio download in any cases on Modland scraper
  • Added a workaround for Antarctica module server download
  • Added conversion of psx PBP file into a generic iso format by Coldbird Popstation Mod V2.21 (https://github.com/PSP-Tools/copstation)
  • Solved a random exception on bitmap draw icon console
  • Reduced a lot the loading of prescanned rom
  • Fixed wrong Sega Saturn bios name
  • Added message for undetected game hash on cheat manager
  • Added customizable game grid aspect (colours, font and size)
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.105 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.105

  • Fixed the freeze of MedGuiR during a prescan rom folder or during a audio conversion
  • Improved speedup on rom scan
  • Added others rom link on "Rom finder"
  • Added missing support to "PSX-EXE executable file" (.exe psx file)
  • Fixed autodetection of Mednafen compatible bios
  • Added support to PSXONPSP660.BIN pops bios
  • Now scan of all compatible bioses accepted by mednafen will be performed by user with a separate button, in this way the user can set custom bioses without medgui interfer with setting
  • Added selectable Mednafen path on advanced menu
  • Fixed control GUI by joypad
  • Added a basilar CPU test, useful to suggest best Mednafen module to use
  • Added/Fixed tooltips on Advanced menu
  • Fixed annoing problem with boxart pop that hide top secondary form
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.104 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.104


  • Added a control to bypass https webrequest on win xp (due to unsupported tls 1.2)
  • Added a control to disable download cheat button on win xp (due to unsupported tls 1.2)
  • Added a option to paste copied cheats on listbox2
  • Added import from external cheats file in Mednafen format
  • Added cheat cache cleaner on Reset window form
  • Fixed bad detection of game md5 in any cases
  • Added a control to swap bin, img file > 10 mb (thx to Apocalypse for report bug)
  • Fixed a problem with comma and dot value on numericupdown control (thx to Apocalypse for report bug)
  • Added the selection of tabs in advanced mednafen config by mouse weel
  • Added missing tooltip
  • Increased the timeout connection on webrequest to prevent problems
  • Disabled online scrape function from TGDB on XP OS (sorry net 2.0 framework on XP doesnt support tls 1.2)
  • Added Port Type as parameter sended do MedPad
  • Added Enabled/Disabled filter on Cheat Manager
  • Cheat form manager resized
  • Added a workaround to prevent exception MedGuiR updater on win XP OS
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.103 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.103

  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json.dll to last release
  • Updated MedInstaller to prevent exception
  • Fixed any case sensitive problem with file extension
  • Corrected minimum allowed value for the "apple2.video.mono_lumafilter" setting to -3
  • Fixed a random not predictable exception when will calculate md5 for MedGuiR.exe
  • Forced update of oldest scraped data game xml when a user perform a TGDB update
  • Released resources after reading xml TGDB data
  • Added auto-download/import of cheats by GameHacking.org
  • Managed malformed cheat to prevent errors


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