[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.069 fix

[1] @ Czwartek, 8 Września 2016 23:03CET

[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.069 fix

SpeedVicio udostępnił poprawkę do nakładki MedGUI dla multiemulatora Mednafen, który sam w sobie jest raczej mało przyjazny w konfiguracji.

** fix

  • - Fixed a bug with CD detection occurred on last MedGui release

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.069

  • Better recognize of Saturn Game Region
  • Fix a bug on mp3 to ogg/wav cue converter
  • Mednafen - stdout.log windows now is full maximized
  • More Clear categorization of Mednafen Errors on Mednafen - stdout.log windows
  • Removed PSX CUE Renamer (now is not usefull)
  • Rework on generic cue/toc creator, now work with all cd system supported by Mednafen (not PC-FX)
  • Removed "Redump" button on Game utility
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.104 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.104


  • Added a control to bypass https webrequest on win xp (due to unsupported tls 1.2)
  • Added a control to disable download cheat button on win xp (due to unsupported tls 1.2)
  • Added a option to paste copied cheats on listbox2
  • Added import from external cheats file in Mednafen format
  • Added cheat cache cleaner on Reset window form
  • Fixed bad detection of game md5 in any cases
  • Added a control to swap bin, img file > 10 mb (thx to Apocalypse for report bug)
  • Fixed a problem with comma and dot value on numericupdown control (thx to Apocalypse for report bug)
  • Added the selection of tabs in advanced mednafen config by mouse weel
  • Added missing tooltip
  • Increased the timeout connection on webrequest to prevent problems
  • Disabled online scrape function from TGDB on XP OS (sorry net 2.0 framework on XP doesnt support tls 1.2)
  • Added Port Type as parameter sended do MedPad
  • Added Enabled/Disabled filter on Cheat Manager
  • Cheat form manager resized
  • Added a workaround to prevent exception MedGuiR updater on win XP OS
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.103 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.103

  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json.dll to last release
  • Updated MedInstaller to prevent exception
  • Fixed any case sensitive problem with file extension
  • Corrected minimum allowed value for the "apple2.video.mono_lumafilter" setting to -3
  • Fixed a random not predictable exception when will calculate md5 for MedGuiR.exe
  • Forced update of oldest scraped data game xml when a user perform a TGDB update
  • Released resources after reading xml TGDB data
  • Added auto-download/import of cheats by GameHacking.org
  • Managed malformed cheat to prevent errors


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.102 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.102

  • Added pause/unpause and enable/disable cheats as configurable key
  • added direct search of a cheat code on "gamehacking.org", by serial for saturn and psx games, and by crc32 for all others based cartidge rom (Thx to rimsky82 for all support on this part of web query)
  • Added a "Experimental" cheat manager to import/modify, delete cheat in RAW mode only
  • Fixed bad calc of md5 on nes,lynx games
  • Fixed a crash on save import manager
  • Fixed a crash on UCI when a user want to exit without connect on irc channells
  • Updated VgmPlay to v3.42
  • Fixed a bug when missing MedGuiR resources are downloaded and extracted
  • Fixed missing detection of mai package file in any circumstance
  • Setted TGDB NewApi as default (due to legacy server shutdown)
  • Fixed ss.cart parameter to auto, for mednafen >= 1.22.0
  • Added Apple II+ on TGDB Scraper Platform
  • Added additional control on compressed file to skip that with annidate folder inside (should be fix any crash)
  • Added a control to skip file without extension, this will reduce the scan time
  • Updated 7z library to the last release
  • Added a control at MedGuiR startup and when a user change Mednafen path, to detect emu4crt Mednafen fork
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.101 Stable
MedGUI w wersji okienek potrafi poradzić sobie z Mednafenem bardziej niż zadowalająco.

MedGui Reborn v0.101

  • Added support for new parameters from Mednafen 1.22.0-UNSTABLE
  • Added support to Apple II/II+ module
  • Added a Apple II MAI file/package creator
  • Added another control for MedGuiR update version
  • Retrieve md5 and sha1 from a game to make a external save state compatible with Mednafen
  • Improved stdout error detection
  • Added any new link on rom searcher
  • Fixed a bug with TGDB scraper on low cpu pc
  • Added "console" column on TGDB Selector
  • Clean tgdb selector grid after game selection
  • Fixed again a lot of bug on TGDB scraper
  • Fixed missing recursive scan at startup, when recursive option is selected
  • Added a option to add/remove full path from cue file generated by CUE Maker
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.100 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.100

  • Changed again main MedGuiR updater server and code to manage it
  • Fixed wrong "offline" session on MedClient
  • Fixed a generic untraceable exception on UCI client
  • Fixed exception on sbi/ips Advanced patch menu
  • Added missing toggle option on fast/slow forward (Advanced Mednafen Setting)
  • Update HOW-TO r1.txt file
  • Improved TGDB Scrape function
  • Improved recognition of covers on multivolume CDs images
  • Added a "Waiting" popup during TGDB download
  • Prevent a possibile exception if a file will be not downloaded on TGDB section
  • Fixed wrong (serial) sbi patch download for PSX game
  • Added import/remove SBI patch option on Advanced menu
  • Added the support for the new TGDB API (select it by the small refresh icon, near Scraper button and update all reported categories, this task must be only one time)
  • Added TGDB Game Selector for multiple scrape occurrence
  • Fixed missing NoPr.png exception
  • Fixed a exception on MedGuiR Advanced menu
  • Fixed exception Date time format with TGDB API
  • Added refresh of text onto infobox message
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.099 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.099

  • Fixed inverted xscalefs, yscalefs values on reading mednafen config file.
  • Added autodownload for any missing dll
  • First attemp for m3u autodetection
  • Fixed Main form layout
  • Fixed wrong icon assignment on Super Nintendo – Music Module file (.rsn) on prescan
  • Fixed wrong cd detection in any Saturn games
  • Changed main MedGuiR logo (thx to beatkitchen for joystick logo)
  • Significantly reduced the size of the executable
  • Added new Antarctica mirror on Modland Scraper
  • Now Modland Scraper should be download module driver also when there is incongruence from file recognized on Modland mirror and the file specified on main music module
  • Changed VuMeter colors on About Screen
  • Added missing SIPS psx regional code into psx cd detection
  • Added « Fix Video Pal » option, a internal way to fix PAL game reducing orizontal black border.(It will create a specific « Per Game Config »)
  • Added tooltip on ModLand Scraper refresh button
  • Changed TGDB platrform_field string
  • Added custom font on About screen
  • Prevent same module song random play from about screen
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.098 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.098

  • Fixed bad detection of file extenction (not low case) on compressed file
  • Changed main MedClient server to speedvicio.ddns.net
  • Added favourites as folder selectable at MedGuiR startup (you must to close the GUI with favourites selected)
  • Fixed thegamesdb search button
  • Swapped thegamesdb games scraper link to (temporany) legacy website
  • Added missing system on TGDB - Search rom info
  • Fixed detection of java runtime in any circumstance on win 10
  • Fixed a bug detected any times, on wrong "force_mode" parameter passed on Mednafen
  • Fixed a bug on MedClient when a server is not pingable.
  • Fixed a bug on MedInstR.exe, now can overwrite server list and uci correctly
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.097 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.097

  • Fixed a bug for not saved faust and fast setting on win XP
  • Others bugfix (I've lost track of)
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.096 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.096

  • Try to fix any bug when a user input a new server adress on NetPlay section
  • Increase the attemp when MedGuiR control an already Mednafen session opened
  • Update vgmplayer to v 3.41
  • Disabled save setting for "Put data to server" in MedClient section
  • Updated 7z.dll to the last critical bugfix
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.095 Stable

MedGui Reborn v0.095

  • Fixed a bug on Mednafen detection to prevent loop
  • Added support for emu4crt mednafen fork (rename emu4crt into mednafen.exe)
  • Changed Environment Variable setting, to remove it when others process will be recalled from MedGui Reborn.
  • Remove the cd selection popup on M3U when a user save Mednafen setting
  • Added the support to AmicoX player in ModLand Scraper to play ".mod…", ".s3m", ".xm", ".it", ".midi" chiptune file
  • Updated MetroMed to make it compatible with last Mednafen release
wstecz08/09/2016 23:03
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