[FRONTEND] EmuLoader 7.0

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[FRONTEND] EmuLoader 7.0

EmuLoader jest frontendem, uznawanym za jeden z najwygodniejszych tego typu rozwiązań, pozwalającym ułatwić nam obsługę emulatorów Arcade  - MAME, Demul,  SuperModel 0.2a a od tej wersji także Dice i HBMame, kolejnej mutacji MAME, na którą już fizycznie nie znajduje czasu.

version 7.0 change log - June 26, 2013


  • FATAL BUG: image zip content lists were not being re-initialized after switching images categories/layouts. Only fixed by restarting the application
  • Application crash when creating games lists or auditing games. Equal chars ( = ) of ROM names replaced by by minus chars ( - )
  • All ROM names are now checked for HTML tags, fixing A LOT of unusual ROM names (cosmetic fix)
  • False "file not found" messages due to a couple variables not being handled correctly at frontend's startup (cosmetic fix)
  • Wrong system icon and game name in Emu Loader's "Select File" custom dialog (cosmetic fix)
  • Fatal bug haunting Emu Loader for more than a year! When game is already set as missing, ROMs list was not being updated in "system_name.miss" files after auditing... games with device sets were the most affected
  • This was a big problem as available ROMs were being shown as missing, making it impossible to update ROM sets
  • I don't know how I could have missed this for so long!!!
  • Several minor fixes, app settings and cosmetic fixes
  • Images layout feature was being initialized TWICE at startup!!!
  • Images splitter grip icon not being set at startup if setting was disabled
  • Minor bug preventing EL from deleting "arcadesystemname.miss"
  • Columns could be clicked while in grouped view... this mode does not allow sorting for obvious reasons


  • File "biosset.ini" is only used for MAME now. This file's purpose is to change the bios used on systems with multiple bios sets (like Neo-Geo). This prevents other emulators from messing this file up
  • MAMu_ icons folders unified into a single folder. Select folder is now in Preferences screen, "Games List" page. Relative path is supported (relative to Emu Loader)
  • - EL use the same icons for all systems, but the following systems can be in a sub-folder (not required):
  • ZiNc: "mamu_icons_dirzinc"
  • DICE: "mamu_icons_dirdice"
  • Option "Run Game [AlterMAME]" is gone (games popup menu), and a new "Autorun Game with AlterMAME" menu item is added (ON/OFF toggle). Feature is located in emulators setup screen and in games popup menu
  • Just choose an alternate MAME build in Emulator Setup screen, run game normally. If it fails (MAME exit code 2), Emu Loader will try to re-run the game using AlterMAME executable
  • The AlterMAME feature now works as it was originally intended...
  • Feature "Show Game Docs" now display info for MAME only. No point showing info on other systems
  • Improved
  • Several tweaks and optimizations everywhere
  • Favorites list is always loaded with games list now, regardless of the feature being enabled or not. This causes a tremendous speed up when switching favorites on/off. One downside... games list loading can be up to 2.5 seconds slower if you favorites list is larger than three thousand games


  • Settings "Bold font style in selected games" is removed. Pointless feature...
  • MAME features "Show Average FPS" and "Show Error Messages" are no more. When running a game with missing ROMs, a error message will popup after exiting the emulator, and the "Game Details" screen can be open, showing what ROMs are missing for the game... this CANNOT be disabled and it's supported on all systems (except Daphne)
  • Button "Delete Image" removed from images tool bar. This feature can only be accessed in images popup menu (mouse right-click)


  • Support for MAME 0.149
  • New emulator support: HBMAME (HomeBrew MAME), completely independant from MAME: http://hbmame.the-chronicles.org
  • Most MAME based features are supported
    • support for games with multiple bios sets like Neo-Geo (biosset_hbmame.ini)
    • partial merged sets support (just like MAME)
    • game custom settings
    • game audio samples detection. also, scan for audio samples in "Games List" main menu
    • features from "Run Game (Extra)" games popup menu are supported - NO support for mameinfo.dat, history.dat and other docs
    • support for catver.ini, languages.ini and others
    • detection of device sets and games with CHDs
    • AlterMAME is NOT supported
    • New emulator support: DICE: Discrete Integrated Circuit Emulator
    • it uses an external ClrMAME XML games list "DICE_xml.dat", created by myself specially for Emu Loader. It has more game info compared to regular XML lists
    • ROMs folder cannot be customized. ROMs sets, zipped only, must be placed in DICE's own "roms" sub-folder
    • Games with no ROMs are set as available
  • Display orientation, number of players and controls types are now extracted from external ClrMAME XML .dat files, if available. This is mostly for DICE...
  • Support for zipped MAMu_ Icons (icons.zip). YES you read it right!
  • Notes:
    • for ZiNc games, icons from "iconszinc" sub-folder are used, if found but it's not required
    • for DICE games, icons from "iconsdice" sub-folder are used, if found, to avoid mixing with MAME icons (not required)
    • MAMEUI icons do not have those special sub-folders. Icons from the root .zip folder are used instead
  • New setting: "Dark Font Selection Bar", for those who want to use a white font in games list (preferences screen, Games List tab)
  • Multi-column sorting. Sort by 2 different columns at the same time (request). Usage: click on first column header, then hold Ctrl key and click on a second column header
  • Notes:
    • this is a hack and extremely experimental... not a true multi-column sort implementation!
    • it only works with ascending sort (A to Z)
    • only works with details view mode
  • Re-added screen resolution and screen refresh rate info in games list columns

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