[FRONTEND] EmuCon 2.6

[1] @ !!! Sobota, 27 Września 2014 23:16 CET [27-09-2014 22:55 CET]

[FRONTEND] EmuCon 2.6

EmuCon to drugi frontend Ciro - autora nakładki dla MAME/MESS/UME - EmuLoader. Co prawda rozwijany w cieniu EL, jednak obejmujące większość emulatorów i od czasu do czasu aktualizowany, tak raz na rok:).

Ale nie ma się co czepiać, w sumie nakładka ma naprawdę porządną listę funkcjonalności,

Frontend Multi:EmuCon:
EmuCon - siostrzany projekt do EmuLoadera. Fot@strona projektu

version 2.6 change log - September 27, 2014


  • I forgot to set the natural sorting to mount multiple floppy lists (1, 2, 3.., 10,11)... it was 1, 10, 11, 2, 3
  • Reselect a game after game filters change was not actually selecting anything and sometimes causing the frontend to crash
  • Systems list sorting was a little off
    • Commodore 64 should be listed before Commodore 128
    • Game Boy Color should be listed after Game Boy and before Game Boy Advance
    • Atari 400/800/XL should be listed before Atari 2600
    • 3DO was showing before "All Systems"
  • Some functions were executing multiple times in the same task, specially at frontend startup
  • Game not executing when "Play With Associated Application" option is selected (games popup menu)
  • Index out of bounds / access denied errors after manual create games list if using zipped images
  • Zipped images fixes/changes/optimizations from Emu Loader
  • Icon for batch files ".cmd" not showing correctly (visual bug only)
  • Emulator settings loading twice in Emulators Setup screen when selecting a system or emulator filenames
  • Select emulators tool bar button would always leave one system out of the list
  • Updated PPSSPP parameter to exit with ESC key from "--escapeexitsemu" to "--escape-exit" (required for new builds)
  • Reselect last game was not working if you have two games of different media types but same game title
  • Changed
  • Documentation files updated
  • Extensive improvements to 'emulator_parameters.ini' handling (most changes/tweaks for Emulators Setup screen)
    • file 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' is now part of the frontend and CANNOT BE DELETED OR MODIFIED, or vital frontend features will malfuncion!!! (do NOT edit this file)
    • if emulator parameters are not found in 'emulator_parameters.ini', they are read from 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' (Emulators Setup screen and when running games)
    • no need to keep unused emulator entries in 'emulator_parameters.ini' anymore
    • unused emulator entries is NOT auto-deleted by EmuCon, no current data is lost in your file
    • no need to overwrite your 'emulator_parameters.ini' file on new EmuCon builds anymore
    • emulators titles are no longer available in 'emulator_parameters.ini'; they are parsed directly from 'emulator_parameters[default].ini'
    • section [Emulator Title] is auto-deleted from 'emulator_parameters.ini' file every time you open Emulators Setup screen; to keep file clean
  • Split/tweaked an important function into smaller functions to prevent executing them multiple times in the same task
  • New folder selection dialog (no Unicode support)
  • Buttons are back to normal size and font format
  • Replaced game size string generator by a more accurate function (from Emu Loader)
  • Preferences screen redesign
  • Updates to main menu/popup menu drawing functions
    • smaller height for "Play With Emulator #n" menu items if emulator is not bein used (emtpy)
    • each item in the same menu can have a different height
    • games popup menu can have icons of different sizes; 24x24 for "Play With Emulator #n" ; 16x16 for "Add to Favorites" (experimental)
    • grayscale icons on disabled menu items (experimental)
    • changes/fixes/tweaks from Emu Loader
    •  extra minor tweaks
  • Function uMain.ELV_SelectItem() adapted to search 'Item.Caption' in lists other than main games list (EasyListView)
  • Function uMain.RunProcess() updated to include tweaks from Emu Loader and to support CreateProcessW() API for Unicode handling
  • All date/time strings are now in 24 hours format (no more AM/PM)
  • Replaced all message boxes by EmuCon's custom message box... because I'm sick and tired of the 'bling' sound every time a msgbox pops up
  • Custom message box updated
    • used by all messages in the frontend
    • dynamic height according to text length and screen resolution
    • interface tweaks
    • URL detection; click on URLs now possible, using default internet browser
    • Generic messages show a generic icon
    • Top bar color turns red on fatal error messages (experimental)
  • Last played games UI optimizations
  • A lot of source code optimizations. I hope I didn't break anything
  • Splash screen replaced by a regular opaque screen
  • Setting 'Run Game Confirmation Dialog' is now disabled by default
  • EmuCon games database files have changed due to Unicode support
    • files are updated by the frontend at startup, you don't have to do anything. Backup copies are created in 'emucon_dirgamesbackup' folder in case something goes wrong, or if you need the old database for some reason...
    • files now have a .txt extension insted of .ec
    • there is no title entries anymore; they are the same as filenames (no custom game titles support)
  • Removed
  • File 'mru.ini' is obsolete and won't be used anymore
    • last played games info stored in 'emucon_dirplayed_gamessystem_name.ini' files and they use game filenames, not game titles like older EmuCon builds
    • contents of your mru.ini cannot be transfered to new files
  • Tiles view mode is gone. Only details view is available from now on
  • File 'ec_extras.ini' no longer required


  • Core update: Unicode game filenames support
    • Unicode filenames detection when searching files
    • show Unicode texts in games list
    • emulator folders, game folders, emulator filenames file extensions must still be in ANSI format
    • favorites profile title and filename must still be in ANSI format (might change in the far future)
    • not all emulators can run Unicode filenames from the command line, specially from their config files
    • feature 'Run With Associated Application' cannot read Unicode strings from Windows registry (Delphi 7 limitation)
    • run game confirmation dialog does not show Unicode texts in the RichEdit control (Delphi 7 limitation) :(
  • the following emulators do NOT support Unicode (tested by me):
    •   MESS / UME (no Unicode filenames in command line for any system)
      •   WinVICE (Commodore 64, 128, VIC-20)
      •   Kegs32 / GSport (Apple IIGS)
      •   WinAPE (Amstrad CPC)
      •   AppleWin / JACE (Apple II)
      •   Atari800 / Atari800Win Plus / Atari++ (Atari 800)
      •   Bsnes / higan v0.94 / Zsnes (Super Nintendo)
      •   puNES / RockNES (Nintendo 8-bit)
      •   JPCSP: JAVA PSP Emulator (Sony PSP) - zipped image files cannot have Unicode names; they must be unzipped (ZipForge + Delphi 7 limitation)
      • several new WideString functions were added to the source code to handle Unicode strings (uCommon.pas)
    • The following emulators can load Unicode files from command line (tested by me):
      •   WinUAE / FS-UAE (Amiga)
      •   PPSSPP latest svn builds September 2014+ (Sony PSP)
      •   Dolphin Emulator (Nintendo Wii and GameCube)
      •    Altirra (Atari 800)
      •    Snes9x latest builds (June 2014+) / higan v0.93 (Super Nintendo)
      •   Nestopia Undead Edition (Nintendo 8-bit)
  • Support 2K / 4K standard cartridge mappers (type 57 and 58) for Atari 800 emulators "Altirra", "Atari800", "Atari++"
  • puNES Emulator support: http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?t=6928
  • Favorites lists, ported from Emu Loader
    • profiles are stored in new 'emucon_dirfavorites' folder
    • system_IDs must have leading zeros (valid IDs from 001 to 063)
    • Unicode filenames are encripted with Delphi 7's Utf8Encode() function (only ANSI strings allowed in fav files)
    • add/remove games to/from favorites list using games popup menu (mouse right-click) or with hotkeys Shift+F / Shift+D
    • show only favorites filter; new favorites tool bar button
    • create as many favorites profiles as you want with the favorites manager (favorites tool bar button)
    • profile titles and filenames MUST be ANSI format (no Unicode names... at least for now)
    • profile title entry MUST be placed at the top ('favorite_title=your_fav_title')
    • setting "Show Favorite Icon In Games" (favorites tool bar button) to show a small fav icon in each game tagged as favorite; useful when Favorites filter is disabled
  • New "Show Games Status Bar" setting, enabled by default (main menu "View"); uncheck it to hide the bar
  • Menu item "Select Random Game" in games popup menu, if the tool bar button is not visible
  • Main tool bar buttons improvements (main menu "View" / "Tool Bar Buttons")
    • small tool bar ...to save some space
    • customize tool bar; to hide buttons you don't wanna see, including the search bar
  • New games filter "Hide Games", disabled by default; hide games the main filters cannot; MESS/UME bios sets ?
    • add/remove games to/from hidden games list using games popup menu (mouse right-click) or with hotkeys Shift+H / Shift+R
    • enable/disable hidden games with the new filter button in main tool bar buttons
    • remove games from hidden list with games popup menu
    • filter "Show Hidden Games Only" in the new filter button so you can remove games from hidden list easier
    • only one list can be created, no multiple profiles
  •   new 'hiddengames.ini' file
    • Play a video preview of your games using a media player of your choice (external player)
    • settings located in preferences screen, 'Video Preview' tag
    • auto-search feature (EmuCon exclusive): search for video/audio files in 'Game Snapshot' folder without the need to select a folder for video files ('snap_dir' and 'snap_dirvideosnap' folders)
    • any video/audio format can be used; limited only by the media player your using and/or codecs installed in Windows
    • any media player that load files from command line can be used, but this feature was coded for/works best with 'Media Player Classic Home Cinema'
  • New game data:
    • 'Times Played', 'Last Played' and 'Playtime' game columns
    • info stored in a new folder 'played_games'; each system have its own file
    • recent played games are always moved to the top of the list
    • file format is 'GameFilenameMediaType IsUnicode TimesPlayed¬PlayedDateTime¬TotalPlayTime'
    • Last played info is also shown in 'Last 25 Played Games' screen
    • these files replace the now obsolete 'mru.ini'
  • Games sorting routine is now using an undocumented Windows API called "StrCmpLogicalW", for a more natural sorting (like Windows Explorer does)
  • New setting "Disable Natural Sorting (1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 20)" (preferences screen)
    • for the purists that want to enjoy the full ASCII sort glory (1, 10, 11, 2, 20, 3)
    • sort disks for multiple games loading still use natural sorting
  • Delete Selected Games (games popup menu). Delete games from the list and/or the actual game files. Recycle bin is not supported!
  • Select one or more games to delete. A list of all games will be shown so you can remove games from that list and confirm the operation
  • Modify image layouts; assign an image category to the panel you want
    • only the current layout can be edited... for easier and quicker usage
    • you cannot hide panels; pointless as there are only 3 categories
    • single image layout cannot be modified. Image category is always 'game snapshot'
    • access in images popup menu or layout selection button in images tool bar button: 'Change Layout Settings'
    • data saved in 'screenshot_layouts.ini'
  • Customize images panel background color and splitters; preferences screen, 'Images' tab
    • only one bkcolor for all images categories
    • splitters color is not customizable, it's the same as the panel color
    • splitters 'mouse hover' color can be customized; to work with the new bkcolor setting
    • splitter style 'Office 2007 Luna' removed; only solid single color is supported from now on
  • Load multiple floppy disks improved:
    • new multi-floppy dialog so you can change the disks order before loading the emulator
    • read .rtf files in 'docsspecial_rules' folder to more details and for supported emulators
→ NOWSZY [TOOLS] EmuControl Center 1.23 (2019.01.23)

ECC v1.22 (2016-12-23)

  • ECC Core

    • Added support for joystick emulator commandline parameters!
    • Updated Interton logo to the correct one!
    • Added CISO extension to all CD-based platforms.
  • ECC Startup v3.0.0.5

    • Thirdparty tool World of Joystick filename changed.
    • Added support for joystick emulator commandline parameters!
  • emuDownloadCenter v1.0.0.3

    • Added GLOBAL install location wich is recommended, this saves a lot of diskspace using multi-emulators!
    • Now using multi-emulator configurations on platform level used in the EDC ini's.
    • Changed location of emulator logo's to the wiki resource, this is reducing bandwidth.
    • Fixed crash when clicking on website link.
    • Fixed waiting for up/down keypresses using cpu resources.
    • Added Language label on emulator select
    • Config bugfixes, now the ECC configs should be written properly!
  • ECC DAT file updater

    • Updated "NeoGeo" datfile extract naming to match MAME v2.00+
  • Added platforms

    • Benesse Pocket Challenge V2
    • Chip-8
    • Konami Picno
    • Nintendo Satellaview
    • Nintendo Sufami Turbo
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Videoton TV-Computer
    • VTech V.Smile
  • Thirdparty updates

    • AutoIt (2015-09-18) to v3.3.14.5 (2018-03-16)
    • HxD HEXeditor v1.7.7.0 to v2.1.0.0 (2018-09-27)
    • MPlayer Redxii-SVN-r37871-4.9.3 (i686) to Redxii-SVN-r38119-6.2.0 (i686) (2018-12-25)
    • Notepad++ v6.9.2 (2016-05-18) to v7.6.1
    • 7zip v16.04 (2016-10-04) to v18.05 (2018-04-30)
    • World of Joystick (WOJ) v1.57 to v1.59 (2018-09-30)
  • Updated DAT files for:
    CPS-1: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    CPS-2: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    CPS-3: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    MAME: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    MODEL1: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    MODEL2: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    NAOMI: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    NEOGEO: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    PGM: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    S11: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    S16: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    S18: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    S22: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
    ZINC: v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)

→ NOWSZY [TOOLS] EmuControl Center 1.22 (2016.12.28)
Program to kobyła, która nie grzeszy również prędkością... Paczka dla ZX Spectrum jest przeliczana... od 2 godzin!

ECC v1.22 (2016-12-23)

  • ECC Core
    • ECC License now GPLv3
    • Fixed some missing icons in the Platform and Rom sub menu system.
    • Fixed an "freeze" issue with datfile importing if the path did not exist.
    • Fixed issue where you could not import v1.1 or older ECC DAT files properly.
    • Fixed an issue where calling the ABOUT screen made ECC close.
    • Fixed startup of some GUI's to CENTER screen.
    • Fixed some language lines in 'i18n_meta.php' files to be translated.
    • Fixed some issues & link in the offline helpfiles.
    • Updated PHP-GTK Glade3 GUI from v3.4.3 to v3.6.1.
    • Reworked all GLADE GUI's due to update, some icons have been changed/added.
    • Rearranged TOP menu icons.
    • Added new theme icons to the TOP menu, no more stock PHP-GTK icons.
    • Added proper deactivation on menu items when ALL PLATFORMS has beem selected.
    • Cleaned up code in GUI and php code for ROMdb.
    • Removed Xpadder and Xpadder options, the freeware v5.3 crashes on Windows 8/10.
    • New Option to select a external Joystick emulator yourself now.
    • Shipping WorldOfJoysticks v1.57 standard edition (worldofjoysticks.com) with ECC.
    • Updated ES language to ECC v1.21 [Jarlaxe]
    • Removed unique CID structure in ECC, now implemented UID in autoit variables.
    • Updated ECC EMU INI files in "ecc-systemsystem" these are now exported by EDC.
    • Introducing the new EDC module for ECC, with this you can download, install and configure emulators with a few clicks!
    • Project page is on GitHub: https://github.com/PhoenixInteractiveNL/emuDownloadCenter/wiki
    • This project had been started in OCT-2016, and with help of 'Shando' we have a lift-off!
    • You can help collecting and adding more platforms and emulators, it's all open source!
    • You can request specific EDC data export to a file, but you have to work for it ;-)
  • ECC Documentation
    • Now using GitHub wiki markdown documentation, this way it's maintained better!
    • Made a Github wiki markdown to HMTL converter to generate offline documentation!
  • ECC Update
    • v1.2.0.3
      • Removed redundant CID checks.
    • v1.2.0.2 (2016.09.15)
      • Fixed a bug where eccUpdate! could not find the last update from the server correctly.
  • eccThirdPartyConfig
    • v1.0.0.3 (2016.09.25)
      • Removed Xpadder config.
  • eccScriptSystem
    • v1.3.0.1 (2016.09.25)
      • Removed Xpadder variable, added JoyEmulator variable.
  • eccToolVariables
    • v1.0.2.0
      • Added EDC variables.
    • v1.0.1.0
      • Added UID string.
    • v1.0.0.9 (2016.09.25)
      • Removed Xpadder variable, added JoyEmulator variable.
  • DatFileUpdater
    • v1.3.0.1
      • Removed DATE function and string, not used in newer MAME dats anymore
      • Fixed NeoGeo driver from 'neodrvr.cpp' to 'neodriv.hxx'
  • MobyGamesImporter
    • Updated the emuMoviesDownloaderlist from 2012-10-10 to 2016-11-05.
  • emuMoviesdownloader
    • v1.2.1.3
      • Removed redundant CID checks.
  • iccImageInject
    • v1.1.0.9
      • Adjusted CID checks to UID.
  • eccDiagnostics
    • v1.0.0.4
      • Adjusted CID checks to UID.
  • Thirdparty updates
    • 7-zip v16.02 to v16.04
    • Notepad++ v6.9.2 to v7.2.2
  • Updated DAT files for:
    • CPS-1: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • CPS-2: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • CPS-3: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • MAME: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • MODEL1: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • MODEL2: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • NAOMI: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • NEOGEO: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • PGM : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • S11 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • S16 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • S18 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • S22 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
    • ZINC: v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)

ECC v1.21 (2016-09-14)

  • ECC SOURCE files released!, they include:
    • KODA AutoIt3 GUI's (KXF)
    • Photoshop images (PSD)
    • Fonts (TTF)
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Files are in the 'ecc-source' folder.
    • Updated links in the GUI to the new ECC website.
    • Updated the splashscreen image.
    • Adjusted all links to the new ECC homepage:
    • Reworked configuration GUI, placed options together where needed, deleted old options and TABS.
    • Selectable ECC DATABASE path!, put your database on a central location so every computer in a network can run the same data!
      • Some notes setting and using the ECC DATABASE path:
        • With manual input always use a ending slash .
        • Network paths are not listed, but you can type them manually like: COMPUTERPATH.
        • Wrong pathnames or no rights to write will reset the DB tot he default "ecc-systemdatabase" location.
        • When configuring a location of a existing ECC configuration/database, you have to copy the database manually to the new location.
        • You may experience slow response form ECC when you store the datbaase on a network path.
        • ECC is not tested to run from multiple computers with the same database, the database could be "in use by another application" let me know if it works!
    • Added a new PHP class "ecc-systemmanagercIniFileRegular.php" to read and write INI files easily.
    • Database "empty" is now the updated version (save some scripts to be executed everytime)
    • Added some more translations to be made in the GUI.
    • Fixed link to TAB help on mainscreen to readme.md.
    • Manager: ecccli_datFileImporter.php, Fixed database fixed location, now reading ecc settings.
    • Fixed and added function to start SQlite browser without the autoit3 script!
    • Added 3 new metadata fields to ECC database and GUI, also being exported from and imported to ECC.
      • Perspective, Visual, Description
    • Some Code and GUI cleanup.
    • Added loading aimation for theme: afterhours, miss-kit-purple
    • Removed incomplete themes: miss-kit-bubblegum, green-grass, nature-full-green (only on fresh installations)
    • Placed Autoit and Xpadder docs in their respective folders now.
    • Updated Autoit3 Documentation.
  • ECC Startup
    • v3.0.0.1
      • Minor GUI adjustement for removed checkbox.
      • Fixed unpacking DAT files with spaces in the filenames.
    • v3.0.0.2
      • Using animated GIF instead of AVI for loading animations, you can make you own easily now! You can find instructions at emuControlCenter WIKI on GitHub.
  • ECC 3D Gallery
    • v1.2.0.0
      • Adjusted variable to fetch the proper websitelink from toolvariables.au3
  • ECC CreateStartmenuShotcuts
    • v1.0.0.4
      • Now fetching website link from toolvariables.au3
  • ECC Update
    • v1.2.0.1
      • Now fetching website link from toolvariables.au3
  • 3RD Party updates
    • Mplayer Redxii-SVN-r37153-4.8.2 to Redxii-SVN-r37871-4.9.3 (i686)
  • ECC Tool variables

    • v1.0.0.8
      • Added new variables for eccdb, now reading ecc settings.
      • Fixed an issue where the database could not be found at the "default" location.
    • Mobygames importer
      • v1.2.0.0
        • Added new fields to fill: Perspective, Visual
        • Description now in the META data location (instead of userdata)
  • Scripts

    • Commodore Amiga: Merged the eccScript with the getgemusconfig script, placed the Amiga Gamebase inside the ecc-systemdatfiles folder.
  • DAT files updates

    • Amiga Gamebase v1.6 to v2.0

ECC v1.20 (2016-08-10) THE GITHUB RELEASE

This GITHUB RELEASE means ECC is 'Jailbreaked' in some sort of kind to remove
limitations and improve it further with the rest of the world ;-)

  • CORE

    • ECC.EXE source is FREE/ADDED.
    • ecc-systemmanagercImportDatControlMame.php
      • MAME DAT headers have changed from 'game (' to 'machine (', therefore adjusted the code to find headers.
    • ecc-systemmanagercGuiHelper.php
      • Removed version tags and time stamps from TXT and HTML files in the system userfolders.
    • ecc-systemmangercValidator.php
      • Removed coding and encryption of ECC CORE settings (before ecccore.dat) ECC now loads in the plain PHP settings from ecccore.php.
    • New startup sound added.
    • Platform generated images and user folders are already generated, so no extra waiting to startup ECC!
  • ECC Startup

    • v3.0.0.0 (2014.08.10)
      • Made opensource witch can be manually compiled to ecc.exe.
      • Added function to unzip ECC DAT files at first runtime, to prevent big DAT files hosted on Github.
      • Removed send bugreport function from startup screen.
  • EmuMoviesDownloader (EMD)

    • v1.2.1.2 (2014.06.24)
      • Fixed & Updated encryption en decryption algorithm due to function break in the new autoit version _StringEncrypt has been replaced with _Crypt_EncryptData.
      • The account log-in data has to be re-entered due to encryption change!
  • ECC Tool Variables

    • v1.0.0.6 (2014.06.24)
      • Updated allround variables for EmuMovies downloader (EMD)
  • DatFileUpdater (DFU)

    • v1.3.0.0 (2016.08.10)
      • Added a feature to unpack 7z files DAT files once on first start due to Github filesize limit.
      • Updated and fixed platform listings to grab (.c to .cpp) MAME 0.17x+? to create CLRMAME DAT files.
      • Removed DAT dates, seems not te be listed in official MAME DAT anymore.
      • Fixed creating always the 'backup' folder, now it will be created only when making a backup.
      • Fixed NeoGeo platform DAT generation (seems to be neodriv.hxx?)
      • Fixed DAT version find from MAME DAT manual update.
      • Upped required space to 150MB when doing a manual MAME DAT update.
      • Removed check for ECC executable.
  • eccUpdate

    • (2016.08.10)
      • Now using Github to download updates instead of ecc-update server.
  • 3RD party updates:

    • 7zip v9.32 to v16.02 (2016-05-21)
    • Autoit v3.3.12.0 to v3.3.14.2 (2015-09-18)
    • Notepad++ v6.6.6 to v6.9.2 (2016-05-18)
  • Added file extensions

    • Atari ST: IFC
    • WiiU: RPX, WUD
    • XBox: XBE
    • XBox 360: XEX
  • Updated DAT files for:

    • CPS-1: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • CPS-2: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • CPS-3: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • MAME: v0.159 to v0.176
    • MODEL1: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • MODEL2: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • NAOMI: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • NEOGEO: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • PGM : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • S11 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • S16 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • S18 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • S22 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
    • ZINC: v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] EmuCon 2.6.2 BugFix
Frontend Multi:EmuCon:
EmuCon - siostrzany projekt do EmuLoadera. Fot@strona projektu

version 2.6.2 change log - September 29, 2014


  • Unicode image filenames were not loading/deleting. For now, EmuCon will use the DOS name to load/delete image files


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] EmuCon 2.6.1 BugFix
Frontend Multi:EmuCon:
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version 2.6.1 change log - September 27, 2014


  • App crash when adding/removing games to/from custom favorites profiles
  • Hidden games filter was not restoring on restart
→ [TOOLS] EmuControl Center 1.15 (2014.03.28)
EmuControlCenter GUI
Jeden z najbardziej rozbudowanych frontendów dla emulatorów. 

emuControlCenter v1.151 Changelog:

  • All links, urls an date's are updated due to new website adres .nl
  • ECC ScriptSystem v1.2.1.5 (2013.12.29)
  • Added img & bin file extensions (possibly needs .cue or .m3u file to assist).
  • Changed traytips to tooltips.
  • Fixed option 'none' in ECC Theme select
  • Fixed ghosty "er" platform in navigation.


→ [TOOLS] EmuControl Center 1.15

EmuControlCenter v1.15 Version 1.15 (2013.12.08)

  • Added new platforms:
    • Microsoft X-Box One
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Sony Playstation 4
    • Sony Playstation Vita
  • MobyGames Importer (MGI)
    • Grab developer/publisher/year and description of your roms from MobyGames.com
    • You can do this Platform based (batch-auto) or Rom based (auto or manual). 
      NOTE: Fetching description data isn't flawless, and may contain some unwanted strings!
  • Added thirdparty software: HEX Editor (HxD v1.7.7.0)
  • Added Top-menu option to start notepad++ (tools)
  • Added Top-menu option to start a HEX editor (tools)
  • New startup sound (old one is still preserved)
  • Replaced some files to do a bit of code cleanup!
  • Fixed EmuMovies content download for Playstation 1
  • Fixed possible startup problems on systems with other language charset who has strange characters in the ECC path.
  • Fixed a bug in the "use cue system" if there are more "." (dots) in the filename.
  • Fixed the Link to the online documentation due to emuControlCenter CMS website.
  • Updated ES language and FR INI language files.
  • Updated PT language to v1.14.
  • Script updates
    • Platform DosBox v1.0.0.4
      • Added new hotkey: SHIFT+C to configure your DOS game (setup.exe, etc.)
      • Fixed problems when there are spaces in the path/folder names
    • Platform: Amiga
      • Winaue v1.0.0.9b
      • Added GetGemusConfig v1.4 RELOADED permanently! (Phoenix)
      • GAMEBASE/GEMUS ADD-ON v1.0.0.4
      • Changed tray messages to "center" Tooltips.
      • Winaue v1.0.0.9
      • Fixed crash if there are too many config lines available.
  • ECC url updates
  • Website: www.camya.com/ecc is now ecc.phoenixinteractive.mine.nu
  • Forum: ecc.phoenixinteractive.mine.nu is now eccforum.phoenixinteractive.mine.nu
  • MobyGames Importer (MGI)
    • v1.0.0.1
      • Added better support to fetch the 4-digit release year if there is a month added.
      • Fixed "Fixed RomName" where there is () and [] in the filename.
    • v1.0.0.0
      • Initial release!
  • ECC Startup
    • v2.4.0.2
      • Fixed a bug where language settings for ecc startup aren't loaded properly.
    • v2.4.0.1
      • Fixed a problem where the ECC version isn't generated at first startup.
      • Adjusted file info's/details in ECC executable properties.
  • eccScriptSystem
    • v1.2.1.1 (2013.02.06)
      • Fixed a bug where amiga settings are stored in the wrong folder.
  • ImagePackCenter
    • v2.2.0.9 (2013.02.19)
      • Fixed a imagepack export bug in "name" style filenames (like emumovies) with games that have a "." (dot) in their file name, the exported filenames should be ok now.
  • emuMoviesDownloader
    • v1.2.1.0
      • Fixed "MAME Artwork" downloads, these download seems to be ZIP files now, so by adding a unpack feature for ZIP files these images are now extracted from the achives and given the proper name!
      • Added check if 7Zip is working (due to "MAME Artwork" ZIP downloads)
      • Added check if media is writable.
      • Fixed a bug for the "Game Boy" platform when downloading resources from emuMovies
      • The platform was not good detected due to a wrong double string in the EMD list.
    • v1.2.0.6
      • Improved search query's by removing "trash" in the search result
    • v1.2.0.5
      • Redesigned the EMD GUI, textbox has been made bigger!
      • Fixed bug where EMD did not close after server error message.
      • Fixed url in the EMD banner on the login menu to go their website.
  • eccScriptSystem
    • v1.2.1.2
      • Fixed bugs where Amiga script variables are not declared, these where returning an error.
  • eccUpdate
    • v1.0.0.5
      • Made some change in the GUI notification screen, now the update info is displayed first before the download starts, also made some other textual improvementents
      • Added new feature to skip (big) update if there is a better update available down the line, like MAME datfile updates, this save bandwith for both party's!
  • Updated thirdparty tools
    • Notepad++ v6.5
    • 7-Zip v9.30
  •  Updated DAT files for:
    • CPS-1: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • CPS-2: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • CPS-3: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • MAME: v0.150 to v0.151
    • MODEL1: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • MODEL2: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • NAOMI: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • NEOGEO: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • PGM : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • S11 : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • S16 : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • S18 : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • S22 : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • ZINC: v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
    • SVM : v0.99.1.8 (2013-10-03) 

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