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[cpc] JavaCPC 2.2d

DevilMarkus opublikował kolejną odsłonę emulatora maszynek Schneider Amstrad pracującego w środowisku JAVA. Projekt nie tylko oferuje samą emulację tych naprawdę wyjątkowych konstrukcji, ale dodatkowo daje nam pokaźny wachlarz aplikacji, które uprzyjemnią nam zabawę pod tym emulatorem. Warto wspomnieć o nowym narzędziu do pobierania gier gameBrowser (ciekawostką jest fakt, że powstał też serwis, umożliwiający grę onLine w hity dla CPC, a wykorzystujący właśnie applet JavaCPC pod adresem JavaCPC Games).

Z nowości od wersji 2.0 emulator został wzbogacony o możliwość szybkiego tworzenia map gier (ScreenMapping & GameMapping), warto zerknąć na film poglądowy, dodano także wersję programu natywną dla systemu 64-bitowego,  GFXViewer zyskał możliwość edycji kafelka (title) w zewnętrznej aplikacji, poprawiono parę błędów UI i znalazło się również parę poprawek dla debuggera.

Jest tego trochę, dla osób chcących śledzić rozwój tego emulatora trochę bardziej na bieżąco polecam zerkać na wątek na CPCWiki.

Aby posiadać aktualną wersję programu należy ściągnąć aplikację a następnie wybrać opcję update.

CPC JavaCPC:Desktop:ScreenGrabber
Możliwość tworzenia map - jedna z nowych funkcjonalności JavaCPC Desktop

JavaCPC version 2.2d:

  • ???

JavaCPC version 2.2c:

  • Fixed a few UI-bugs. (Especially in the Z80 Assembler interface)
  • Fixed autoboot function to get keyboard functionality back, after booting a game/app. (ALT + END = boot DF0)
  • Fixed the debugger: Added the (very important) info for IFF1 and IFF2:

JavaCPC version v2.2a

  • Bugfix: Removed flooding JavaCPC directory with xxxxxxx .SCR files
  • Added: VaraDOS rom (Patched Parados rom which supports Vortex format

JavaCPC version  v2.2

  • GFXViewer: Fixed a bad routine to show the tiles and also added the possibility to export single tiles as .PNG, then you can edit them with tools like Paint, and re-import into a single Cell-view.
  • added: A 64bit executable to launch JavaCPC properly on 64bit Java distributions on Windows PCs.

JavaCPC version  v2.1

  • New: Implemented game mapper (ScreenMapper and GameMapper).
    You can create game maps now or from ram, or directly from the CPC screen.
    The ScreenMapper is directly accessible from JavaCPC menu and does not need the GFXViewer or the RAM-mapper active.
    Just start it, define a rectangle on CPC screen (Click the "Set" button in ScreenMapper, unclick it, when done selecting screen area), and start mapping.

JavaCPC 2.0b

  • GFXViewer: added the GameMap Ripper.


→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.7

Update from v2.9.6f to v2.9.7 changelog:

  • Added +/- buttons in JavaCPC Paint's effectmixer for Tolerance and Balancing to adjust them more accurately
  • Added option to sort color palette in JavaCPC Paint
  • Rewrote tape mechanism, animated tape counter, added block building for saved WAV tapes
  • Added a multi-debugger, fixed read/write/any in debugger
  • JavaCPC detects 64 bit / 32 bit Java now, and selects proper DLL file for OpenGL handler (3d Display)
  • Renamed JavaCPC.exe to JavaCPC32.exe
  • Registry settings fixed for 32 / 64 bit (Run JavaCPC-32 or -64.exe as administrator, check registry entries in desktop options)
  • Improved and fixed some minor issues
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.6f

Update from v2.9.6e to v2.9.6f changelog:

  • Removed the old virtual keyboard
  • Added a new virtual keyboard with better look and handling

Update from v2.9.6d to v2.9.6e changelog:

  • Fixed some Z80 instruction parsing in Assembler
  • Added "ENT" in Z80 Assembler (E.g. ENT $ does not run the assembled code, but put exec. address into AMSDOS header, when written)
  • Rewrote fill routine in JavaCPC Paint, dithered fill added
  • Fixed a few bugs in FDC (And added new bugs)
  • Fixed some GUI elements
  • Added "Doodle" import for Paint (Doodle .drw is a format, which I published in a freeware tool)
  • Fixed some file dialogs (Which let the "Save" or "Load" button in some cases disappear)
  • Removed some older stuff from JPaint, and improved first rendering settings for CPC+ format
  • Added several "Ordered dithering" methods in Paint
  • Updated SamDisk in tools to latest version (For Windows users, DSKUtil makes use of it to transfer disk images to real disks)
  • Fixed some bugs in tape emulation, improved recording behavior, REW / FFWD is slower now, own created tape images now can also be stored as CDT (Windows only)
  • Added Synthetica Java skins (Because JavaCPC is a non-commercial product)
  • Changed "Update.jar" because my server doesnt like so many downloads, so all downloads are handled parallel now :-P (Makes it faster, too)
  • Added tons of more things, improvements, bugs, etc, which I already forgot to mention


→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.6d
Spy vs Spy (Beyond, 1985)

Update from v2.9.6b/c to v2.9.6d changelog:

  • Fixed a problem in Z80 emulation (Perhaps added more now)
  • Fixed some major and minor bugs in FDC emulation.
  • DSK images with wrong given track number in header are fixed on the fly now.
  • 3d mode: Added fullscreen mode (Alt + Enter: Toggle fullscreen, CTRL + Enter: Toggle panning)
  • Added chip noise (Optionally, in Audio options)
  • Several minor bugfixes

Update from v2.9.6 to v2.9.6b changelog:

  • Fixed a problem in splash-screen on non-Windows OS
  • Default soundbuffer changed to 4096 bytes to avoid sound lags on non-Windows OS
  • Improved the JavaCPC MovieMaker, it is fps accurate now, and also simulteanously plays a mp3 file, if is present
  • Added a cheat ;-)
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.6b
JavaCPC to nie tylko sama emulacja maszyn Amstrad Schneider lecz również pokaźny wachlarz innych przydatnych aplikacji.

Update from v2.9.6 to v2.9.6b changelog:

  • Fixed a problem in splash-screen on non-Windows OS
  • Default soundbuffer changed to 4096 bytes to avoid sound lags on non-Windows OS
  • Improved the JavaCPC MovieMaker, it is fps accurate now, and also simulteanously plays a mp3 file, if is present
  • Added a cheat ;-)
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.6
JavaCPC to nie tylko sama emulacja maszyn Amstrad Schneider lecz również pokaźny wachlarz innych przydatnych aplikacji.

Update from v2.9.4/5 to v2.9.6 changelog:

  • Several bugfixes in JavaCPC Paint
  • Rasterpaint: Re-arranged the GUI
  • Fixed 4mb ram expansion port problems (Re-arranged port numbers)
  • Fixed some Z80 cycles (Probably implemented new bugs now)
  • Added possibility to update FutureOS ROMs directly from FutureOS Server (Menu: Help -> Check for FutureOS Update)
  • New .EXE Icons (Thanks to Paul Barrick for the nice pixelart- CPC 464!)
  • Major and minor bugfixes in CPC emulation
  • Re-wrote PAL filter
  • Re-wrote parts of the sound emulation (Tape-noise is seperated now and less annoying)
  • Bugfix in FDC emulation: Fixed RPM and added "Match Sector" to commands
  • Updated the startup-splash screen
  • Bugfixes in MagicCPCDiskImage: Corrected filesize for binary and basic files, fixed filesize for creating directory
  • RasterPaint: Added line-mode: INKs change each line only
  • Added: New bugs, problems, funny behavior (As usual)
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.5e
Robocop (Ocean Software Ltd., 1989)

Update from v2.9.5d to 2.9.5e changelog:

  • Important bugfix in ROM handling (JavaCPC was not able to recognize the selected OS, which is important for some apps to work properly)
  • Bugfix in JavaCPC Paint
  • Bugfix in ModeXPaint GUI
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.5d
Dynamite Dan pod JavaCPC Desktop

Update from v2.9.5b to v 2.9.5d changelog:

New features:

  • ModeX Paint added (Available from Menu, experimental)
  • Ability to store and read 4MB SNApshots (SNA V2 compatible)
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.5b
Amstrad CPC Devilmarkus Defender of the Crown
Defender of the Crown (Amstrad CPC - JavaCPC)

JavaCPC update 2.9.5b is out.

(b because I now just read about your request about the GFXViewer problem)

Fixes so far:

  • Fixed INCBIN instruction in assembler.
  • Improved assembler speed up to 300% (Especially when using disassembled code)

New features:

  • Assembler understands command "define" e.g.:

define .myfile = "MYFILE.BIN"
INCBIN .myfile

this works with INCBIN, INCLUDE and READ (READ is similar to INCLUDE)
When you use INCBIN / INCLUDE / READ instructions, make sure, the additional files are in the same folder than your assembly code.

  • Assembler: added IFDEF check (Like in Winape)
    IFDEF does not check the value given to a label, just checks if this label has been defined.

    ifdef mylabel
    <asm code here>
    <asm code there>
  • Fixed LD IXH,x and related instructions


  • Embedded JavaGX4000 emulator has been updated.
  • RasterPaint is improved. You can now select every single zone/line to disable autogeneration for palette. (last palette is used then)
    • This is VERY useful to remove some unwanted stripes.
    • Use right mouse button into preview window:
    • 1x clicked: rastermode 1: zones are selectable. (You can see them) Click one to toggle as active (default) or inactive
    • 2x clicked: rastermode 2: lines are selectable. Click them to toggle, too
    • 3x clicked: rastermode 3: zones AND lines are visible and toggle on click
    • You need to play around with that. But it really can improve the result.
  • RasterPaint: Image can be opened in a 3x zoomed frame. It has the same rastermodes to select zones and lines like the main window. Makes it easier to find / hit the correct zones.
  • RasterPaint: Image, which is vertically higher than 320x200 pixel ratio can be scrolled up/down now.
  • An emulator has been added :P (You can only use it with a special cheat command from console...) (Hint: It's not a toaster but may have to do with bread)
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.4

JavaCPC update to v2.9.40:

  • Fixed the raster code for RasterPaint. Old code caused bad behavior in FDC and PPI ports.
  • Reimplemented port-behavior problems for FDC emulation. (I once disabled them, for internal testings)
  • RasterPaint: Function added to export the raster screens directly as executable binaries.
  • RasterPaint: Raster table and screen pixeldata are simply crunched now (When export binaries)
  • Removed « New CPC / Old CPC » setting. For CPC Plus / New CPC you need the source file. By default it renders for old CPC.
  • Added: RasterScreen.asm for developers (To assemble for New generation CPCs, too)
→ NOWSZY [cpc] JavaCPC 2.9.3
Turbo Esprit Amstrad CPC JavaCPC Desktop
Turbo Esprit - są takie tytuły, które o wiele lepiej wyglądały jednak na ZX Spectrum - no chyba, że ktoś koniecznie musiał mieć kolor.

JavaCPC update to v2.9.30:

  • Added application « RasterPaint ». Convert pictures to rasterized MODE 1 screens.
  • Fixed « READ », « INCLUDE » instructions in Z80 assembler
  • Added « REPEAT », « REND » instructions in Z80 assembler
  • Fixed GateArray raster change positions (More or less)
  • Fixed a crash in CRTC / GA emulation
  • Added several new bugs and problem

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