[cpc] CPCEmu 2.3.2 11/07/2021

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[cpc] CPCEmu 2.3.2 11/07/2021

Pojawiła się nowa wersja CPCemu, emulatora maszynek Amstrada, pod system Windows, a od nowej wersji także dla Macintoshy, hostów pracujących pod Linuksem i Androidem. Warto odnotować, iż CPCemu jest jednym z najstarszych projektów na emuscenie - jego początki sięgają 1992 roku.


CPCemu 2.3.2/1 released 11.07.2021

These are bugfix releases. They correct the following problems:

  • File handling on systems with a case-sensitive file system.
  • Missing folder "m4" in some Linux packages.
  • Outdated online help on Android.
  • Sound volume very high.

CPCemu 2.3 released 07.07.2021

  • Complete emulation of an M4 Board (http://www.spinpoint.org) using a host directory as drive C: (i. e. SD card; even for SymbOS), including network/internet connections, dynamic ROM simulation and (replaceable) Hack ROM (lower ROM). Many thanks to Duke for providing information and staying patient!
  • CRTC emulation of type 0 (register 8) and type 1 (register 6) even better than before.
  • HYSNC and VSYNC emulation still a bit improved.
  • Online help updated.
  • Mouse pointer visible on movements.
  • Correction of many small and big errors (in particular, 576 KB RAM work correctly now for the first time after decades) and improved error reporting.
→ [cpc] CPCEmu 2.2 14/03/2021

CPCemu 2.2 released 14.03.2021

  • Setup option to use arrow keys as joystick
  • Main menu improved for small screens (Android, iOS)
  • Improved output in CRT-monitor mode ("Video mode=1", including better window behaviour for desktop versions)
  • Improved emulation of the HSYNC signals ("blacker than black", relevant for some demos as Dreamend)
  • Fixed errors: Folder sharing on Android, sound output, poke database (Android, iOS)
→ [cpc] CPCEmu 2.1 23/02/2020

CPCemu 2.1 released 23.02.2021

  • Once again, I'm happy to present a new version of CPCemu.

New features are:

  • Available also for Linux-x86 (32 Bit) and (soon) Linux-ARM64 (64 Bit)
  • Further features of CRTC (types 0 and 1) and Gate Array implemented (e. g. behaviour of register 6, and the colours)
  • User interface improved: text size on Android and iOS, Drag & Drop of DSK files on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • The versions for Android and iOS accept DSK and ZIP files from other applications (e. g. downloads from the browser)
  • Further features of the disk controller (FDC) implemented (Orion Prime in the 4 disk version loads correctly now)
  • Multiple improvements (e. g. autostart, green monitor, cassette relay)
→ [cpc] CPCEmu 2.0 7/01/2020
Nieładne? Nie.... funkcjonalne? Całkiem, całkiem, na pewno nostalgiczne;)

CPCemu 2.0 released 07.01.2021

I'm proud to present the latest release of CPCemu. It deserves a new major version number.

These are the features of version 2.0:

  • Runs on MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux (x86_64 and ARM, in particular on Raspberry Pi) and Windows
  • Graphics engine overhauled, introducing border, overscan, dynamic horizontal synchronisation (not perfect yet), scan doubling and some optional CRT blurring
  • Completely new CRTC (CPC's graphics chip) emulation, quite accurate, and selectable between CRTC types 0, 1 and 2 (most demos work as on a real CPC)
  • Realistic timing of CPU instructions and interrupts
  • Sound emulation significantly improved, now able to play digitized sounds (such as speech and special effects)
  • Different accelerated modes of operation ("Turbo", with and without CRTC synchronisation)
  • Debugger with optional CRTC single-stepping alongside the CPC screen, including crosshairs indicating the current electron beam position
  • Graphical menu (in addition to function keys)
  • Virtual on-screen joystick on Android and iOS
  • Keyboard configuration improved, enabling easier customization
  • Many small improvements (e. g., correct handling of CPU register R, support for ZIP file archives without external "unzip", V3 Snapshot files) and bug fixes (e. g., floppy disk controller now correctly reads strange sectors such as Speedlock)

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