[cpc] Arnold 11/06/2016

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[cpc] Arnold 11/06/2016

Arnold jest jednym ze starszych emulatorów maszynek firmy Amstrad począwszy od typowych mazynek CPC464, CPC6128 aż po modele serii PLUS (Ciekawostka - późne modele CPC z podrasowaną grafiką i zmianami w Locomotive Basic i nową obudową), wraz z konsolą GX4000.

Arnold Amstrad CPC6128
Mr. Heli
CPC Plus 6128
CPC+ 6128 wersja hiszpańska - prawda, że fajnie wygląda? Szkoda, że lifting zrobiono już w czasach, kiedy wszystkie eksperymenty związane z komputerami 8bitowymi były skazane na porażkę. Foto CPCWiki.

Arnold 11/06/2016

  • menus with checkmarks didn't update in debugger
  • another ASIC Split bug fixed. Delirium Tremens demo now works.
  • another PRI bug fixed.
  • more than 1 positional keyboard configuration can be chosen.
  • positional keyboard configuration can be configured in a basic way.
  • added debugging feature: reveal graphics under border. (enable/disable border drawing)
  • moved debugging switches to where debugger is (here you can turn on/off audio channels, sprites, split etc).
  • improvements to crtc emulation (more to come). All types except HD6845R are improved.
  • Yarek's 4MB ram expansion is more accurate (thanks @TFM )
  • emulation of blanking on kc compact.
  • added multiplay 3rd fire button and added placeholder multiplay mouse registers (currently always  0)
  • Source uploaded for Linux users to build

Full list:

Since january 20th (which I think was the last release on all platforms):

  • added "interlace field" to debugger information. This tracks the internal frame the crtc uses for interlace
  • fixed i/o port decoding for symbiface 2 for selecting it's rom and ram
  • added ide drive address register
  • used RAII for dialogs instead of new and delete
  • fixed refresh of menus with checkable items under windows
  • added cursor flash state to type 3 status registers
  • fixed more of the type 3 status register bits
  • fixed annoying screen jumping.
  • fixed opening cpr from finder on mac
  • fix IPC (this is where if you start a second instance of arnold it tells you and then it communicates the opened file to the other one)
  • turn off IPC on mac
  • move where resources are within mac bundle
  • fixed blank screen when launching games on mac from finder
  • set initial prescale value to 0 on power-on because that seems to be the most common value
  • fixed most initial asic register values when powering on
  • obtained sample rate was incorrectly reported in console window
  • attempted to improve sound synchronisation on start up
  • translated key mode no longer interrupts autotype
  • upgraded code for wx3.1 and sdl2.0.4
  • initially centre window on screen
  • much closer crtc r9, r4 and r7 emulation. much closer to the tests.
  • improved r12/r13 emulation on type 2 including correct time when values are captured and when they are used
  • if attempting to autostart a dsk and too many files qualify do a CAT to list them for the user.
  • type 3 "vertical adjust" - defined by crtc r5 fixes
  • if you auto start a single sided dsk switch to side 0 (fixes problems if you force side 1 in the settings)
  • changed crtc r6 handling, works more like my tests but breaks "From Scratch" XD
  • fixed vertical sync length handling on CRTC type 0.
  • improvements for CRTC R8 handling in terms of interlace and interlace and sync.
  • type 2 interlace now working correctly.
  • vortex 512kb ram is now a useable device
  • fix loading arnold from paths with '#' in them
  • if an override rom has been defined (basic, amsdos, os) ignore if the filename is empty. stops confusion with black screen
  • physical keyboard mode key assignments were not always reported correctly. now fixed.
  • allow choice of different positional keyboard layouts
  • fixed handling of reload media when modified. Yes was ignored.
  • kc compact blanking fixed (blanking happens during hsync and vsync)
  • improved positional keyboard redefinition
  • fixed i/o port decoding for Yarek's 4MB expansion. Thanks to TFM for testing 
  • fixed split screen on last line of screen - fixes Delerium Tremens demo.
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Amstrad CPC:GX4000:MyArnold:RoboCop 2:Ocean Software Ltd.:Ocean Software Ltd.:1990:
RoboCop 2 (Ocean Software Ltd., 1990)


I have had some features :

  • Full joystick support for 2 players.
  • Better Fullscreen support. I have put 3 /4 possible resolution in the application but you can try other in the ini file.
  • It work with ini file instead of registry.
  • Better command line, you can use the auto run now, so the game run directly.

It s a computer so I have add :

  • Joypad shortcut for enter/space/esacape.
  • A special "On screen display menu".
  • A special key for joypad to quit, because escape is used by the emulated system.
  • The F1 > F9 key are simulated by 1 - 9 key, F1 to F10 are used by arnold for shortcut (like fullscreen, load, save reset ect ...).

On the menu, usable with joypad, you can :

  • - Change disk
  • - Load/save snapshoot.
  • - Simulate a key, It s not yet a virtual keyboard, but you can use your joypad to press a "Y" or a "N" without using your keyboard.


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