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Ukazała się nowa wersja C64 Archiv - bardzo wygodnego programiku pozwalającego zarządzać archiwami dla COMMODORE C64 (formaty D64, D71, D81, G64, P00, PRG, T64 i CRT). Programik jak większość frontendów pozwala dodawać miniaturki, podglądać zawartość plików i po szybkiej konfiguracji odpalac archiwa w jednym z czterech głównych emulatorów C64 - VICE, CCS64, HOXS64 i EMU64.

Największym mankamentem jest spory czas indeksowania plików przez program - zwłaszcza w wypadku dużych kolekcji oprogramowania na C64.

Więcej informacji o C64 Archiv można zasięgnąć w sporym artykule jaki ukazał się w  44 numerze Commodore Free (październik/10).

C64Archive GUI. Photo@Project

The C64 - Archiv Version 4.1 07.01.2019:

  • New: Support for LNX files and DiskPacked ZipCode (4 file version, 1!*,..., 4!*)/Z64
  • New: Column to select favorite files
  • New: Optional button to show the directory (Geos) in uppercase
  • New: Fields "Creation time" and "Import time" are displayed (correctly)
  • Fixed: After updating an empty image a wrong message appears
  • Fixed: After updating a zip file the main view doesn't display the changes


NOWSZY [c64] The C64 - Archiv 4.4 6/05/23

The C64 - Archiv Version Version 4.4 (6.05.2023)

  •  New: ARC, SDA and SFX files are supported. Another download is required for this. Please click here for more information. Many thanks to Elwix/Style
  •  New: The DENISE emulator is supported by default
  •  New: Update of parameters to HOXS64 V. and VICE 3.7
  •  New: Faster import of LNX files
  •  New: Option: Reminder to compress database
  •  New: Option: File check based on upper and lower case letters
  •  New: After changing a file name, an already existing file can be overwritten
  •  New: Layout and list structure improvements
  •  New: "New files" are now selectable in the search area and are marked red in the lists
  •  New: Italian language file. Many thanks to xAD/Nightfall
  •  New: Polish language file. Many thanks to K. Lotko
  •  New: Spanish language file. Many thanks to Juan from Lemon64 forum
  •  Fixed: Improved support for partxx.rar files
  •  Fixed: After marking a list entry as favorite, it was not always displayed correctly
  •  Fixed: Problems with LNX or Z64 files at startup
  •  Fixed: Packed LHA and TAR.GZ files were not always recognized
  •  Fixed: Starting programs in LHA files
  •  Fixed: Crash when unpacking a GZ file if a file has no extension
  •  Fixed: Several problems with P00 files
  •  Fixed: Error reading empty ZIP files
NOWSZY [c64] The C64 - Archiv 4.3

The C64 - Archiv Version Version 4.3 (8.05.2022)

  • New: Faster display and optimized navigation
  • New: Faster import (Thanks to Michael/www.gb64.com)
  • New: Improved loading time
  • New: Improved performance to unpack zip files
  • New: Improved support for G64 files (Thanks to Pete/www.c64preservation.com)
  • New: Improved multiselect
  • New: C64 font in list views
  • New: Copy to Clipboard
  • New: Save PRG files to disk
  • New: Format NIB
  • New: Search field "Image name"
  • New: Support for GZIP und LHA files
  • Fixed: Break while importing a password protected zip file
  • Fixed: Basic/Hex view: Wrong load adress
  • Fixed: Basic/Hex view: Error to load a file in use
  • Fixed: File extension wasn't checked while importing a single ZIP file
  • Fixed: Error to show pictures
  • Fixed: Error while importing invalid T64 files
  • Fixed: Filter doesn't work proper with zip or 7z files
  • Fixed: Wrong creation time after refreshing LNX/Z64 files
  • Fixed: Error to import Z64 files with tick marks
  • Fixed: Various small bugs

The C64 - Archiv Version Version 4.2 (14.02.2021)

C64Archive GUI. Photo@Project
  • New: Basic viewer (Thanks to Steve Gray/CBM Transfer)
  • New: Hex viewer
  • New: Function to restore files
  • New: Error dialog while importing files
  • Fixed: Crash after changing the font
  • Fixed: Aspect ratio of images
  • Fixed: Import for T64 files
  • Fixed: Browser dialog
→ [c64] The C64 - Archiv 4.0
C64Archive GUI. Photo@Project

Version 4.0 10.06.2018:

  • The C64-Archiv was rewritten from scratch
  • New: Modern GUI
  • New: Faster database engine (SQLite)
  • New: Functions to copy, move, rename or delete images
  • New: View about start params of the emulators
  • New: Configuration of start params for each C64 program
  • New: Advanced options to filter views
  • New: File types: MP3,MP4 and AVI

 Please note:

1) There still isn't a gamebase view. A new gamebase engine (v.1.4) is announced. Please have a look at the gamebase forum. 
2) Categories and MD5 hashes are no longer supported.

Version 3.5* 27.10.2015:

  • Fixed: Error while scrolling (occurs after a windows update)
→ [c64] The C64 - Archiv 3.5

 Version 3.5:

  • NEW: Optimized main view
  • NEW: Options to customize the preview/dirlist
  • NEW: History of Gamebase files without import

Version 3.4c:

  • NEW: Launching gamebase files without import to the database

Version 3.4b:

  • NEW: Creation of vice-flipfiles (vfl files)
  • FIXED: Various GUI problems

Version 3.4a:

  • NEW: Preview of files with the C64 charset
  • NEW: Option to optimize the loading time of the list
  • FIXED: Crash while checking/recovering missed files

Version 3.4:

  • NEW: Picture files (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF) can be stored
  • NEW: Profiles for Mirco64
  • NEW: New view "Main files"
  • NEW: Saving of directories into a text file
  • NEW: MD5 hash
  • NEW: Preview (Directory, pictures, text files)
  • NEW: Spanish translation (Thanks to Juan from Lemon64 forum)
  • NEW: Improved views "Last started" and "Top 100"
  • NEW: Number of downloads of gamebase files are no longer limited
  • FIXED: Criteria for file endings worked incorrect
  • FIXED: Crash during import
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