[c64] Emu64 5.0.18

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[c64] Emu64 5.0.18

Pojawiła się nowa deweloperska wersja emulatora Commodore C64 tworzona przez Thorsten Kattanek. Zmiana strony projektu na GitHub (aż strach pomyśleć, co to będzie jak w końcu DDOS'y i inne hakierskie zakusy na ten serwis odniosą sukces i wszystkie dane gdzieś wyparują;))


  • Bugfix: SyncFound in Floppy1541Class
  • [issue #170] D64 Directory Liste im FloppyWindow wird jetzt sofort bei Veränderungen im Image aktuallisiert
  • Ocode "BIT" in 6502 & 6510 überarbeitet
  • [issue #173] Fix Soundproblem beim Disk Formatieren
  • Pepto Luminaz Levels eingebaut. First VICII Revision hat nur 5 Luminanz Abstufungen, alle anderen 9
  • Es kann nun gewählt werden ob die Luminanz Level der erste oder der folgenden Revisionen benutz werden
  • Video CRT Emulation überarbeitet und an Pepto angelehnt
  • [issue #171] Alle Dateinamen die aus einem QString nach char* konvertiert werden, erledigt jetzt .toLocal8Bit vorher toUtf8
  • [issue #175] Filename wird jetzt beim Export richtig vorgegeben, und am ende stehende Leerzeichen entfernt
  • NMI & IRQ ueberarbeitet. (6510 & 6502)
  • Bugfix: in der Floppy1541Class, es wurden immer alle Laufwerke emuliert obwohl sie abgeschaltet waren
  • Bugfix: mos6502 + mos6510 irq_delay
  • Bugfix: Warp Modus
  • Bugfix: Debugger - Breakgroups Save & Load geht wieder
  • [issue #181] Pause Button im C64SpeedWindow funktioniert wieder.
  • [issue #180] Beim lesen der CPU aus der Adresse 0xde00 - 0xdfff wird immer der zuletzt gelesene VIC Wert aus der ersten Phase des Taktzyklus gelesen.
  • [issue #185]  Alle Fenster werden beim fehlen der emu64.ini oder des entsprechenden Eintrages in dieser, in der Bildschirmmitte dargestellt.
  • Comandline Befehl --reset-ini kann nun an beliebiger Stelle stehen. Bis jetzt musste --reset-ini an erster stelle stehen um ausgeführt zu werden.
  • [issue #176] Magic Desk Cartridge ist nun implementiert, jedoch erstmal read-only.
  • [issue #106] Neuer Comandline Befehl --minimized hinzugefügt
  • crossbuild-win-releases.sh überarbeitet (SHA512 Checksummen ausgabe)
  • Audio Oszilloskop für SID Ausgabe hinzugefügt
NOWSZY [c64] Emu64 5.1.0 25/06/23
  • [#210] Fixed: F1 and F5 were incorrectly set when mapping. (F1 and F5 may have to be re-mapped!)
  • [#216] Fixed: If multiple "." sometimes the ending was evaluated incorrectly
  • [#217] Fixed: Floppy1541: LoadDiskImage -> UnLoadDiskImage only if a known type (D64, G64) was also transferred.
  • NEW! If the floppy 1541 has an error, this is now indicated in the status window by an exclamation mark next to the floppy volume. By clicking on it, the current error is displayed in the error channel.
  • NEW! [#219] Added new command line parameter "--video-filter-off". This switches off the video CRT mode when starting, no matter what is in the emu64.ini. However, the emu64.ini remains unaffected.
  • NEW! [#219] Added new command line parameter "-double-texture-off". The video output texture is temporarily not doubled.
  • NEW! [#219] New command line parameters "--enable-reu" and "--enable-georam" Activates the REU or the GeoRam at startup.
  • NEW! [#219] New command line parameter "--set-sidtype" The SID type can now be set via command line. At the moment only the 1st SID
  • [#219] Fixed: "--exitscreenshot" Screenshots when exiting the emulator should now be displayed correctly.
  • NEW! [#291] Added new command line parameter "--set-palette". Temporarily sets a C64 color palette at startup. emu64.ini remains untouched here as well.
  • [#221] Fixed: "make install" called "strip" for all files, but should only happen for binarys Adjusted crossbuild-win-releases.sh to better configure whether to compress and which architectures to build. x32 and x64
  • [#106] Fixed: "--nogui" really doesn't show any windows anymore. If --nogui is specified then no --nosplash is required
  • [#226] Fixed: The disk ID from the BAM (18/0) is adopted in all sectors when mounting a D64 image. Previously 0 was always written.
  • [#182] Fixed: Illegal opcodes SHA, SHS, SHX, SHY / The Trap17 test failed because the microcodes 134,135,136 and 137 had an incorrect address for the calculation of the new value that is written to memory.
  • [#227] + [#228] GeoRam and Reu are now recognized. The problem was that --autostart first removed a CRT. With that, the GeoRam or REU that had just been set was thrown out.
  • Fixed: Adjusted RAM init pattern. darkstarbbstest.prg and typicaltest.prg are now running too.
  • [#230] Fixed: Emu64 no longer crashes when exiting with employee warp mode.
  • [#223] Removed lock and unlock mutex from EnableWarpMode
  • [#231] SHX & SHY Partial implementation of the "unstable" behavior.
  • Fixed: BreakGroups -> OpenFileDialog start directory changed from home to the last one.
  • NEW! Added new script "create_linux_appimage.sh" to create an appimage for Linux
  • NEW! [#237] New video CRT emulation implemented. A PAL Delyline is now also emulated to simulate better color mixing. The Y-Blur is also a bit nicer than before.
  • The whole thing is currently a bit slower than the old version.
  • [#236] Fixed: There were several display issues in the debugger under Windows 11. These should now be fixed.
  • NEW! [#236] Debug logging has been implemented again.
  • NEW! [#236] An area can now be specified in a BreakGroup for reading from and in an address.
  • NEW! [#236] Added new documentation for the "*.bpt" files in doc.
  • NEW! [#236] If you double-click in the history list in the debugger, the disassembler listing is automatically displayed at this point.
  • NEW! [#236] When changing a register in the debugger, a separate window opens where you can change the value.
  • NEW! [#236] In the debugger memory window you can now jump directly to a position without scrolling. The bit display has been removed.
  • NEW! [#236] In the debugger, the memory can be exported again as a RAW file.
  • Fixed: The floppy status field in the Emu64 main window has been adjusted and is now displayed correctly under Windows 11
  • Fixed: PRG export in debugger
  • Fixed: Many windows have been reworked to be displayed sensibly under Windows 11.
  • NEW! Added a 60Hz button in Settings/Emulation.

From Felix Palmen (Zirias)

  • [#235] Fixed: Build with ffmpeg 6. This doesn't attempt to replace deprecated functions, it only replaces functions that are gone (avcodec_encode_[audio|video]2) with straight-forward replacement code. It fixes the build with the latest 6.0 release and still builds fine with ffmpeg 4.4
NOWSZY [c64] Emu64 5.0.19


  • old SDL_OpenAudio replaced by the current SDL_OpenAudioDevice
  • Output of all audio devices in the Emu64 log file
  • Bugfix: [# 188] Sound problem when the audio device has more than 2 channels has been fixed
  • Bugfix: C64 :: LoadPRG LoadError LogOut add n
  • Bugfix: [# 191] fixed in c64_class.cpp char -> signed char // char is not always signed char
  • partial correction unsigned char -> uint8_t char -> int8_t if no string
  • fixed compiler warnings
  • SDL2 error message is output in emu64.log if SDL_OpenAudioDevice fails.
  • Bugfix: [# 192] AudioBufferSize changed from 882 to 1024. According to SDL2, this must be a power of 2.
  • Bugfix: [# 192] Emu64 is now terminated properly, even if an error occurs in the C64Class :: OnInit. The log should then be written cleanly.
  • SDL errors are now better logged.
  • Sound buffer size is now loaded via emu64.ini, 512 is set as the default.
  • If a sound buffer size smaller than 64 is entered in the ini, the sound buffer size is set to 64.
  • By Felix Palmen: Move Single Application from shared memory to socket
  • Bugfix: In the debugger, when a breakpoint entry is changed, this is now also taken over immediately (previously you had to remove the checkmark and then set it again)
  • [# 198] Colodore palette added (not CRT mode)
  • Obsolete Qt methods replaced setBackgroundColor -> setBackground / setTextColoer -> setForeground
  • various adjustments to compile Emu64 with Qt6. ZIP support deactivated for QT6 because there are still problems with quazip // DEFINES + = ZIP_SUPPORT = true -> commented out
  • The cycles per second for the C64 emulation can now be set
  • VSync can now be activated again in the settings
  • src.pro adapted for the current mxe build
  • Full screen modes can now be set again. For each screen individually.
  • MainWindow adjusted
  • SetupWindow adjusted
  • VideoCrtSetupWindow adjusted
  • VideoCrtSetupWindow: Output value for phase shift shortened to 2 decimal places.
  • FloppyWindow "None blind mode" corrected
  • C64SpeedWindow adapted
  • C64 user palette can now be adjusted in Emu64
  • CRT mode can also use the user palette
  • Bugfix fix: if the color angle (color_angle) in the odd line was zero, the color value was undefined (wrong colors).
  • Bugfix: Floppy display Motor + R / W LED -> shape from round to square
  • Floppy Read / Write LED can now display PWM. (LED fading effects)
  • BugFix: C64 mouse can be activated again with CTRL-Left and mouse button.
  • [# 201] New HotKey ALT-J JoyPorts are swapped.
  • [# 202] New HotKey ALT + W Toggle Warp Mode
  • Text file hotkeys.txt added
  • [# 189] Before the video recording, the C64 frequency is set to exactly 50 FPS. So there is no pulling apart the audio and video tracks.
  • Activate console for Win32 Verion. So you can see the output of the help in the CMD or PowerShell again.
  • SDL_Init only with video, audio and game controller. This means that Emu64 can also be started under WINE.
Note !!
A crash can occur when Emu64 is started for the first time and then the "User Color Palette Window" is opened. Emu64 can then simply be restarted and the "User Color Palette Window" can then be opened.
The old emu64.ini can also be deleted before the first start (recommended).
→ [N64] Nieoficjalna wersja Nemu64
Nintendo N64:Nintendo 64:Nemu64:Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker:Ubi Soft Entertainment Software:Kemco:Dec 01, 2000:
Batman (Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, Dec 01, 2000)



  • updated links
  • added ini file by Federelli
  • added gs_dll.dll and Cheats.ini by Gent
  • added fixed input plugin by Lemmy

Nemu64 Graphics:

  • improved microcode detection, now more games are supported
  • fixed bugs with other emulators (PJ64, 1964,...)
  • Fullscreen mode now works with any Emulator
  • added wireframe option (useful for geometry dumping)
  • added a combiner setting
  • changed the way geometry dumping works
  • fixed a possible crash when dumping geometry
  • ui changes
  • code cleanups (removed 3dNow, ...)
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