[c64] CBM prg Studio 3.0.0

[1] @ Sobota, 10 Maja 2014 12:45CET

[c64] CBM prg Studio 3.0.0

Arthur Jordison autor dwóch bardzo przyjemnych narzędzi dla wklepywaczy i pasjonatów pisania programów w BASICU/Asemblerze dla C64 (C64prgGen) i VIC20 (Vic20PrgGen) pod Windows, opublikował CBM prg Studio 3.0.0 czyli połączenie obu wcześniejszych programów w jedno i stworzenie wygodnego frameworka, pozwalającego nie tylko na edycję plików napisanych w basicu ale też assemblerze. Dodatkowo studio posiada moduł do tworzenie duszków ("sprite"), edycji fontów i obsługi SID'ów.

New features in v3.0.0:

  • 65816 assembler/debugger.
  • Partial support for the VICE debugger.
  • Bitmap import/export for character editor.
  • Binary file import to Assembly source.
  • Line and rectangle drawing tools for the screen designer.
  • TASM support added to Source Converter tool.


Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler
    • Using arithmetic with cheap labels would fail.
    • Slow incbin performance for large binary files.
    • Wrong SYScall generation for C128 projects.
    • incbin with screen data imported all screens.
    • Assembling past the end of memory not detected properly.
    • Invalid branch not detected properly.
    • Arithmetic on WORDs not carried out.
    • Multiple characters in single quotes in BYTE sequences not assembled properly.
    • GenerateTo only created .prg files.
    • Save File As... would only save .bas files.
    • Comment tool would not comment out already commented code.
    • Incbin reporting 'file too large' error by mistake.
  • Screen Designer
    • Binary file export
    • Colour selection for C16 projects didn't work.
    • Wrong screen size saving C128 screens.
    • Character set selection corrected.
  • General
    • Some code reformatting issues.



→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.13.0

New features in v3.13.0:

This is mostly a bug-fix version, though there are some small new features. See the help file for details.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Problems with spaces in expressions.
    • Problems with spaces in 'repeat' parameters.
    • Screen codes in byte/text directives not generated properly.
    • Breakpoints were not sent to a debugger properly when building projects.
    • Some zero page optimisation issues.
  • BASIC:
    • Renumber problems for programs with multiple 'ON' statements
    • Problems with importing/generating PI and other characters.
    • Some characters missing from import.

    • Screen Code tool:
    • CBM key would lock sometimes.
  • General:
    • Code snippets had to be re-generated.
    • 'Go to' dialog crash with large files.
    • 'Go to' dialog caused weird zooming issues.
    • Issues with selected columns of text.
    • Problems with compress/uncompress with some control codes.
→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.12.0

New features in v3.12.0:

  • Assembler:
    • SaveBlock directive.
    • Repeat..EndRepeat directive.
    • Improved "IfDef" directive.
    • Start address can be a label.
  • Screen Editor:
    • New export options for assembly and BASIC programs.
  • General:
    • "Go to" dialog can now use BASIC line numbers.
    • Cursor colour can be changed.
    • Cursor blinking can be turned on/off.
  • Debugger:
    • Variables can be watched.
    • Separate windows for the stack, breakpoints and watches.
    • Stack pointer shown in stack window.
    • Support for the "C64 Debugger". See here for details of this debugger.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • A comma in quotes as a text or byte directive was not being generated.
    • Reformatting text issues.
    • Global variables appearing twice in the autocomplete list.
    • Forward references for local labels in macros not assembling.
  • BASIC:
    • Incorrect 'Jump to destination' and 'return from jump' with 'similar' line numbers.
  • Screen Editor:
    • Screen mode not being saved/recalled properly.
    • Binary file export problems.
  • General:
    • Crash when using certain mono fonts.
    • Bad formatting of output from data generator tool.
→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.10.0

New features in v3.10.0:

  • Assembler:
    • Increased sprite include limit to 256.
    • 'Memory overwrite' error is now a warning.
    • Use CTRL+[ and CTRL+] to go to previous/next label definition.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Added new functionality to scratchpad.
    • Functions can act over a range.
  • Character Editor:
    • Rotate character 90 degrees.
  • General:
    • Option to load last edited project automatically.

Bugs Fixed:

  • General:
    • Using space(s) with screen code builder.
    • Wrong menu after creating a project.
    • Occasionally throws an exception when closing and opening the project explorer, project information and output windows.
    • 'User' palette settings not saved/used.
    • 'User' tools menu not created properly.
    • Generate and launch could use wrong filename.
    • VIC 20 memory configuration not set properly in emulator.
    • Tabs with different zoom levels would crash when changing tabs.
  • Assembler:
    • Uppercase PETSCII chars not generated properly.
    • IncBin wrongly reporting file too large.
    • Floating point value 0.0 not generated correctly.
  • BASIC:
    • Renumber not working for certain uppercase keywords.
    • Character code multiplier limited to 255.
    • Compress should ignore comment lines.
  • SID Tool:
    • Incorrectly reporting that the tool was still open when quitting CBM prg Studio.


→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.9.0

New features in v3.9.0:

  • Assembler:
    • TARGET directive.
    • Logical operators with 'ifdef'.
    • Complex expressions for constants.
  • Debugger:
    • Pass label names to debugger.
  • Screen Editor:
    • Show ECM register in status bar.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Easier navigation.
  • Character Editor:
    • Change scratchpad background colour.
    • Easier navigation.
  • General:
    • Command window.
    • Autolaunch prg name is per project.
    • Import SEQ files.
    • Force rebuild of source.
  • BASIC:
    • Abbreviated commands for BASIC 3.5.
    • Removed spaces on code generation.
    • Force rebuild of source.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Screen Editor:
    • ECM tools (re-colour, box, text).
  • Assembler:
    • Some character translation issues ('[', ']', '_') etc.
  • BASIC:
    • Fixed quoted and DATA strings for basic 3.5.
    • Renumbering certain 'ON...' lines.
    • Reformatting code.
    • Syntax highlighting for BASIC 3.5
    • Much faster code generation
    • Some incorrect tokens for BASIC 7+

    See the help for a complete list of new features and fixed bugs.

    Note In this version, each target machine can have its own default project directory. If you are upgrading from a previous version (before version 2.5.1) of CBM prg Studio you may be asked to set up your project directories again. Your current projects will not be affected.

    Although CBM prg Studio is a free application, please consider making a donation to encourage me to develop it further, especially if you use CBM prg Studio regularly or for commercial purposes. Donators get put onto my mailing list (with permission) which means you get:

    • priority bug fixes,
    • new beta versions for requested features or changes,
    • my eternal gratitude!
→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.8.0

New features in v3.8.0:

  • Assembler:
    • Logical operators.
    • Code relocation.
    • Watch labels/addresses.
    • Local character mapping.
  • Screen Editor:
    • More export options.
    • Change border colour.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Multiple layers for preview.
    • Invert sprite.
  • General:
    • Load VICE palettes.
    • Open a command line.

Bugs Fixed:

  • General:
    • Remember 'close start page' state.
  • Sprite editor:
    • Imported sprites had the same data.
    • Select mode on scratch pad didn't work.
  • Screen code builder:
    • Left arrow generated wrong code.
  • Character editor:
    • Export characters as hexadecimal.
    • Multicolour chars flip left/right not working.

New features in v3.6.0:

  • Assembler:
    • Reporting of page boundary crossings for branching instructions.
    • Choose character set for TEXT directive.
  • General:
    • Editing tools (Select to end/start of screen/doc etc.)
    • Comment blocks
  • Debugger:
    • Show effective address of next instruction.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Low of high byte of labels could fail.
    • Occasionally wrong target machine type with ‘generate and launch.’
    • Problems with a comment character after a comment character or in a string.
    • Problem with a label as a destination when the label is on the same line as the macro definition.
    • ‘Align’ incorrect when already on align boundary.
  • Debugger:
    • Wrong return address shown.
  • BASIC:
    • Statistics tool not coping with ‘rem’ in strings.
→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.5.0

Improvements in v3.5.0:

  • Assembler:
    • Fragment assembly.
    • Debug directive.
    • Easier label exporting.
    • Custom character mapping for TEXT directive.
  • General:
    • Overlap detection when building mixed BASIC and Assembly sources.
    • Generate and Launch doesn't rebuild the source if no changes have been made.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Better error reporting for invalid WORD values, specifically with arithmetic.
    • TEXT strings containing ';' characters were truncated.
    • Crash when dragging text around a source file.
  • Debugger:
    • SBC instruction not setting/clearing carry flag properly.
  • BASIC:
    • Statistics tool not coping with 'rem' in strings.
  • General:
    • If the confirm quit dialog is turned off and changes have been made there is no save option.


→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.4.0

Improvements in v3.4.0:


  • Dump file.
  • Visual Data Generator tool.
  • Directives for creating tabular data.


  • Mixing BASIC and machine language in same project.
  • More control over IDE colours.

Bugs Fixed:


  • Wrong start address when saving from the memory window.
  • TEXT and PTEXT generating wrong character values.
  • "<" and ">" characters not recognised by TEXT directive.
  • Binary import as assembler was using the wrong start address.
  • Incbin problems with large files.
→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.3.0

Improvements in v3.3.0:

  • Sprite Editor:
    • Add background picture to sprite editor.
    • Sprite reorder tool.
  • Character Editor:
    • Character tools work on a range of characters.
  • Assembler:
    • Import binary as decimal data
    • Improved value pop-up formatting
    • Removed the restriction where files included in a build must have a name when building the project as a batch.
  • BASIC:
    • Code reformatting remove zeros from DATA statements.
    • Option to ignore invalid GOTO destinations.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Reformatting code with TEXT directive.
    • Using * with labels.
    • Wrong rules for ifdef when variable is zero.
    • Debugger problems with X and Y indexing, stack under/overflow, SBC, RTI, BRK.
    • Incbin problems with large files.
  • BASIC:
    • Output to disk image generating basic programs.
    • 'Save File As' only saving BASIC files.
    • Commenting blank lines.
  • Character Editor:
    • Wrong colours changed on the character editor for VIC20 projects.
    • Undoing character editor changes when the character index > 127.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Scratchpad exception when using deleted sprites.
  • General:
    • Syntax colouring changes not applied properly until restart.
    • Some BASIC only tools were available to the assembler.

See the help for a complete list of new features and fixed bugs.

Note In this version, each target machine can have its own default project directory. If you are upgrading from a previous version (before version 2.5.1) of CBM prg Studio you may be asked to set up your project directories again. Your current projects will not be affected.

→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.2.2

Improvements in v3.2.2:

  • Import binary file as disassembly.
  • Set sprite scratch pad background colour.
  • Keyboard short cuts for collapsing/expanding regions.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Generate to disk image.
  • BASIC:
    • Improved syntax highlighting.
    • Wrong case used when commenting certain lines.
    • Commenting blank lines.
  • General:
    • Menu and/or tool bar was hidden occasionally.
    • Saving to network drives.
    • Source overview settings not retained.
    • Display problems with medium and large fonts.
    • Better file handling with network drives.
→ NOWSZY [c64] CBM prg Studio 3.2.1

New features in v3.2.1:

18th January 2015 - CBM prg Studio Version 3.2.1 released. This version is mainly a bug fix. The screen designer has been sped up slightly and there's a big improvement in switching between files in large projects.

Improvements in v3.2.1:

  • Screen designer speed up.
  • Speed up of switching/adding/opening files and projects.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Duplicate labels not detected in projects.
    • SYS call always created at start of file.
    • Build order not correct.
    • Assembly dump showing both parts of the code within conditional assembly statements.
    • Code reformatting issues.
    • Negative numbers in BYTE and WORD sequences not assembled properly.
    • Numbers in strings in BYTE sequences not assembled properly.
    • Numbers in TEXT sequences not assembled properly.
    • Arithmetic in WORD sequences not assembled properly.
  • General:
    • Sprite Designer grid glitches.
    • Exception thrown when generating .prg with the output window closed.
    • Code indent/outdent/comment/uncomment would add extra carriage return.
    • Code comment/uncomment would add extra REM statements.
    • Problem adding existing files to a project.

Note In this version, each target machine can have its own default project directory. If you are upgrading from a previous version (before version 2.5.1) of CBM prg Studio you may be asked to set up your project directories again. Your current projects will not be affected.

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