[c264] Yape 1.0.5 fix

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[c264] Yape 1.0.5 fix

Poprawka do ostatniej edycji Yape, dzięki której emulator powinien spokojnie działać pod każdą konfiguracją sprzętową - ostatnia wersja miała z tym małe problemy, teraz działa już ok.

Commodore C264:Yape:Molecule Man:Mastertronic:1987
Molecule Man (Mastertronic, 1987)

CHANGES IN 1.0.5  released on Oct 24, 2014

  • Since a couple of people were experiencing crashes (that I could not reproduce Undecided ) with YAPE 1.0.5 I went ahead and attempted to fix it.


NOWSZY [c264] YapeSDL v0.80.1

Binary release v0.80.1 07/07/2024

New binary release for yapeSDL, the most notable novelty is comprehensive support for the Commodore VIC-20. Henceforth, yapeSDL supports emulating all three major 8-bit Commodore models in a single binary.


  • 1-bit format and drag'n'drop support for WAV files
  • remember last joystick keyset setting
  • paste from clipboard with Alt+V
  • cycle counter in external monitor
  • VS2022, Mac/XCode & Linux compilation fixes
  • serial IEC EOI improvement
  • CPU halt bug fixed
  • VIA improvements

Commodore plus/4

  • TED sound fixes
  • improved reading from open address space

Commodore VIC/20

  • NEW! Commodore VIC/20 emulation with a rather decent compatibility


Binary release 0.71.2 21 Feb 2024

After a few years, finally a new binary (v0.71.2). The most important changes are as follows:


  • SID (card) paddle support
  • Optimized (unrolled) SID emulation core
  • Added native un-ZIP support (via Minizip)
  • Support for loading compressed TAP files
  • Minor CPU regression for SHY fixed
  • More robust error handling on startup in Emscripten builds
  • Fixed transmitting of last byte after an EOI in IEC mode

Commodore plus/4 mode

  • Implement Hannes 256 kb memory expansions
  • ROM banking fix
  • Unmapped memory read fix

Commodore 64 mode

  • Somewhat improved VICII core (sprite, badline)
  • Implement REU (256/512 kB)

UI changes

  • Snapshot save menu item added
  • Added menu item for attaching ROM images
  • Added distinct soft reset and hard reset
  • Fixed tape play/stop in the menu
  • Better menu navigation with game controllers
  • Lock Fn keys when run in a browser
  • Fixed loading files of a relative path from the command line

External monitor improvements

  • compare memory with command 'C'
  • potential deadlock fixed on certain unices but there are still known issues with the monitor not functioning properly there

A binary for Mac is also provided with proper icon and signature. The emulator runs fine in a browser as well when compiled to Javascript using Emscripten. A working demo is available at http://gaia.atilia.eu/download/wip/YapeSDL.html.

YapeSDL (0.70.2)

The following changes were made since 0.70.1:

External monitor improvements:

  • debuggable drive
  • dump raster counters for Commodore 64 as well
  • split functionality of the 'M' and '>' TEDMON commands
  • hunt command ('H')
  • repeating the last command on ENTER


  • CRT emulation fix
  • vsync option added
  • adjust saturation & brightness
  • hue offset option added
  • CRT gamma correction added


  • better timing during frequent updates

Commodore plus/4 mode:

  • TED emulation improvements ($FF1E writes, sound)

Commodore 64 mode:

  • replaced palette with measured hues
  • sprite emulation fixes
  • improved serial IEC port emulation accuracy
  • preliminary cartridge (.CRT) support


  • reduced static array initialization usage to reduce binary size for Emscripten
  • isolated CIA emulation code
  • various bug and compiler warning fixes
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.2.4 28/10/2023

YAPE  -  Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator released on Oct 28, 2023

CHANGES IN 1.2.4 FROM 1.2.3

  • [NEW] readded legacy DDraw mode for some folks (without CRT emulation)
  • [FIX] timer scaling could cause a lockup on some machines with older OS's
  • [FIX] noise LFSR phase & reset fix
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.2.3 26/06/2023
Joe Blade 2 (1988, Players)

YAPE  -  Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator version 1.2.3 released on June 26, 2023

  • [NEW] more informative trace window in 32 bit developer build
  • [NEW] ability to use external sound libraries
  • [NEW] debug DLL support
  • [FIX] improved CPU halt
  • [FIX] improved PAL display phase inversion
  • [FIX] bug in unmapped memory write in 16kB mode
  • [FIX] joystick reset and uninitialized state vector
  • [FIX] more reliable monitor command history and navigation
  • [FIX] various palette related bugs fixed (in high accuracy mode; digi palette in OpenGL mode etc.)
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.2.2 02/01/2023

CHANGES IN 1.2.2 FROM 1.2.1 released on Jan 2, 2023

  • [NEW] SID card mouse emulation (in DirectInput mode)
  • [NEW] Manufacturer dependent RAM powerup patterns
  • [NEW] copy emulator window to the clipboard as a bitmap
  • [NEW] the 32-bit build has now an opcode track window
  • [FIX] quotation mark printing bug (MPS-803)
  • [FIX] drive VIA emulation accuracy improvements
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.2.1 19/11/2021

CHANGES IN 1.2.1 FROM 1.2.0 released on Nov 19, 2021

  • [NEW] rotate screen in OpenGL mode
  • [FIX] sound device selection regression bug
  • [FIX] reduced TED volume to avoid clipping when using all three voice sources
  • [FIX] substandard rasterline count threshold
  • [FIX] #10 and #11 drive selection crashFIX] potential XAudio crash on Win 8+ systems

CHANGES IN 1.2.0 FROM 1.1.8 released on May 2, 2021

  • [NEW] AY-3-8910 (aka YM2149 or "DIGIMUZ") support
  • [NEW] paste from clipboard in the external monitor
  • [FIX] improved performance when running multiple instances
  • [FIX] improved recognition of start address in filename
  • [FIX] CPU regression with SHX ironed out
  • [FIX] potential XAudio crash on Win 8+ systems
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.8 11/12/2020

CHANGES IN 1.1.8 FROM 1.1.7 released on Dec 11, 2020

  • [NEW] SID card jostick support (via the active game controller)
  • [NEW] conditional fill command in the external monitor
  • [FIX] improved, more robust and intuitive video recording
  • [FIX] improved command history in monitor
  • [FIX] recent crash on some newer machines/videocards when switching to fullscreen in D3D mode
  • [FIX] minor VIA fix
  • [FIX] some residual TED regression bugs fixed (noise channel, DMA handling etc.)
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.7

CHANGES IN 1.1.7 FROM 1.1.6 released on Oct 31, 2019

  • [NEW] updated to new compiler versions (MSVC++ 2019 and MinGW-64 8.1)
  • [NEW] more DPI-aware on Win8/Win10
  • [FIX] digitized palette table lookup
  • [FIX] TED delayed DMA regression glitch
  • [FIX] TED noise regression bug introduced by optimizations in version 1.1.3
  • [FIX] weird bug with autostart code
  • [FIX] maximize window positioning
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.6
Motor Mania@GameBase

Revision CHANGES IN 1.1.6 FROM 1.1.5 released on Mar 18, 2018

  • [NEW] Hungarian KERNAL version added
  • [NEW] MTAP pulse length correction in the 'Tape head adjust' dialog
  • [NEW] option to confirm writing back changes to disk images
  • [FIX] couple of TED improvements
  • [FIX] switching to fullscreen mode when in windowed GDI mode


NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.5
Sex87 (Mega Soft, 1987) - czyli niewyszukany przedstawiciel całkiem sporej rodziny gier instruktażowych.

CHANGES IN 1.1.5 FROM 1.1.4 released on Nov 25, 2017

  • [NEW] saving to raw 121 colour PNG added as new default
  • [NEW] saving video in Direct3D mode now saves window content
  • [FIX] TED regression
NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.4

CHANGES IN 1.1.4 FROM 1.1.3 released on Jul 14, 2017

  • [FIX] missing TIA 6525 bidirectionality in the 1551 added
  • [FIX] SID wave readout
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