[ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.20

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[ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.20

Nowa wersja emulatora Altirra, emulatora Atari XE, XL, a także konsoli ATARI 5200. Dopiero cały changelog obejmujący pracę nad tym emulatorem pokazuje ogrom prac jakie Phaeron wykonał w swoim projekcie od zeszłego roku.

Altirra Version 3.20: [June 23, 2019]


  • Accuracy: Fixes to several cartridge types, VBXE, Black Box, raw Shift key handling.
  • Disk: Fixes to address and data CRC error handling, non-standard sector size encoding support, ATX physical sector size chunk support, rotate disk now works with full disk drives.
  • Debugger: Additional disk debugging features, bank-sensitive breakpoints and symbol lookup for AtariMax carts, deferred auto-loading of symbols, more Turbo-Basic XL debugging support, minor fixes to various commands.
  • Devices: APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 is now emulated, Ultimate1MB can soft-control stereo and Covox, fixes to some broken modem and CIO acceleration options.
  • Display: Hardware accelerated effects support including distortion and bloom, new color preset for the NTSC 800 model, new overscan preset to match modern widescreen displays.
  • Firmware: Updated to Altirra BASIC 1.56 with minor startup fix, AltirraOS 3.17 with fixes to the math pack, SIO, boot screen, and keyboard handler.
  • Software: The ColorMap tool on the Additions disk now supports CTIA systems.
  • UI: Easier enabling/disabling of portable mode, enhanced drag-and-drop support, system overview/recommendations, escaped text paste, Alt+click to decode BASIC PEEK/POKE addresses, mounted tapes and non-internal BASIC carts now persist, fixes to input state and console controllers in 5200 mode, bogus DOS/Windows executable detection, automatic BASIC/binary switching for tape boot.


  • Debugging symbols and debugger scripts are no longer automatically loaded by default unless the debugger is active. This can be changed in the Debugger section of Configure System.
  • AltirraOS is now versioned independently of the main emulator. See changelog in export ROM set output for details.
  • The direct read filter for cassette tapes has been lowered in bandwidth to reduce load failures on FSK-encoded glitches. The filter bandwidth can now be adjusted in Configure System, Cassette.

features added

  • Additions: Colormap now supports CTIA systems.
  • AltirraOS: Minor improvements to text I/O performance.
  • Cartridge: Flash memory type can now be changed for Maxflash 8mb cartridges.
  • Cassette: Added option for detecting and automatically switching BASIC when booting tapes based on whether the tape starts with a BASIC or binary program.
  • Debugger: #comments can now be used in .atdbg files.
  • Debugger: @(...) within an expression causes that subexpression to be evaluated immediately.
  • Debugger: .diskdumpsec now dumps phantom sectors for a virtual sector.
  • Debugger: .disktrack now has an option for drive number.
  • Debugger: Added support for bank-specific addresses in MaxFlash cartridges using t:$XX'YYYY syntax.
  • Debugger: Added options for controlling auto-load of symbols and debugger scripts.
  • Debugger: Added menu option to list source files associated with line debugging information.
  • Devices: Added emulation of APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 device.
  • Disk: Added support for physical sector size chunk in ATX images.
  • Disk: Fixed XF551 standard emulation mode to force SD format with command $21 when the current mode is enhanced density.
  • Display: Added new overscan mode for typical widescreen displays.
  • Display: Added controls for scanline intensity and scaling overall display intensity.
  • Display: Optimized standard NTSC artifacting algorithm.
  • Display: Added option to hide all on-screen indicator overlays.
  • Display: Added color preset for NTSC 800 computer.
  • Display: Added option to accelerate some screen effects using shaders when Direct3D 11 is enabled.
  • Firmware: Version numbers are now displayed for the internal OS and BASIC ROM images.
  • HLE: Program loader now detects and throws an error on an attempt to load an MS-DOS or Windows program into the emulator.
  • Input: Added Arrow Keys -> Paddle A preset.
  • Input: Digital sources can now be bound to the Paddle Knob input on paddle controllers to use the paddle lines as switches.
  • U1MB: Stereo POKEY and Covox control is automatically enabled when Ultimate1MB and stereo/Covox are both enabled.
  • UI: Added a GUI option in settings for switching between portable and registry mode.
  • UI: Added visual drop targets for different drag and drop modes, formerly only available via right-drag-drop.
  • UI: Added overview and recommendation pages to Configure System.
  • UI: Escaping is now supported for text copy and paste.
  • UI: Alt+click message help has been extended to also decode common POKE and PEEK addresses.

bugs fixed

  • AltirraOS: FDIV no longer returns 0 for 0/0.
  • AltirraOS: AFP(".") properly returns an error instead of 0.
  • AltirraOS: EXP10() was returning an error instead of underflowing to 0 for some large negative inputs.
  • AltirraOS: Pressing reset on the boot screen now forces BASIC to do a cold boot.
  • AltirraOS: Type 3 poll loop is now exited on user break error to fix infinite boot loop with Black Box firmware.
  • AltirraOS: Corrected ICBLLZ/ICBLHZ values after CIO get commands.
  • AltirraOS: Pressing Help now sets HELPFG.
  • ATBasic: Fixed crash when Break is pressed prior to startup banner.
  • Audio: Fixed crash on system with no sound card.
  • Cartridge: Manually inserted BASIC cartridges are now persisted across runs of the emulator.
  • Cartridge: Fixed broken DB 32K mode (CAR type 5).
  • Cartridge: The!Cart 16K banking modes no longer use the secondary bank write protect flag.
  • Cartridge: Fixed The!Cart disable mode sometimes leaving bank windows active.
  • Cartridge: Corrected definition of MegaMax 2M mode (CAR type 61) to support banking on reads.
  • Cartridge: Corrected definition of 2M megacart mode (CAR type 64).
  • Cassette: References to tapes mounted directly as .zip files without a direct reference to a file within the zip are now persisted properly across runs.
  • Debugger: Improved Turbo-Basic XL support in the .basic_vars and .basic_dumpstack commands.
  • Debugger: Fixed listing directives getting executed twice for carts.
  • Debugger: Step Over past an interrupt no longer exits the current scope.
  • Debugger: Mini-assembler no longer emits ROR opcodes as LSR.
  • Debugger: Fix crash in MADS symbol parser with single-character labels.
  • Debugger: .readmem and .writemem now accept quoted paths.
  • Devices: Black Box no longer powers up disabled on startup if exactly DIP switches 1-4 are enabled.
  • Disk: Full disk emulators now report address CRC errors properly ($E7).
  • Disk: Improved accuracy of disk errors from XF551 full drive emulation.
  • Disk: Improved emulation of FDC not ready bit ($80).
  • Disk: Read Address now returns sectors with data CRC errors.
  • Disk: The non-standard sector size option of the 1771 is now partially supported.
  • Disk: Deleted sector marks can now be written by the Write Sector command.
  • Disk: Interrupted Write Sector commands now affect the disk image.
  • Disk: Rotate disk command now works with full disk drive emulation.
  • Disk Explorer: Fixed crash when write flush fails due to another program locking the disk image file.
  • Display: Fixed a high CPU usage issue with enhanced text display when paused.
  • HLE: FP acceleration no longer returns 0 for 0/0.
  • SAP: Lowered SAP type D player from $0800 to $0400 to improve compatibility with files that have a low load address.
  • Input: Toggling Held Keys On Reset back off no longer queues Ctrl+Shift+A for next reset.
  • Input: Fixed Shift key state sometimes being incorrect when Shift was pressed/released while holding another key. The emulated Shift key state is now updated on Shift key changes while other keys are held.
  • Input: The Input State and Console controllers are no longer blocked in 5200 mode.
  • PerfAnalyzer: Fixed sporadic errors in profiling sub-view when profiling short CPU trace ranges.
  • Profiler: Fixed a bug causing the function and basic block modes to misattribute some interrupt time to the parent function/block.
  • Profiler: Fixed broken BASIC line profiling mode.
  • Save States: Fixed save state errors with 65C816 CPU modes.
  • Simulator: Fixed crash when single-stepping prior to computer being turned on with disk drive CPU selected.
  • UI: Fixed CIO acceleration options not being bound correctly in new configure system dialog.
  • UI: Disk drives dialog no longer appears hidden the first time it is ever used.
  • UI: Fixed argument parsing error when emulator is launched with argv[0] containing forward slashes.
  • UI: Fixed incorrect partial switch matching on command line, e.g. "/disk1" being interpreted as "/disk 1".
  • VBXE: Overlay width setting %11 now correctly selects narrow width instead of wide width
→ [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.00

Altirra Version 3.00: [December 28, 2017]

  • Devices: Internal device tree storage has changed. Device trees may need to be remade.
  • Input: Added detection and button naming for DualShock 4 controllers.
  • VBXE: VideoBoard XE configuration has been moved from the menu to a device entry.
[features added]
  • Cassette: Added initial support for turbo tape decoding.
  • Cassette: Mounted tape is now persisted along with other mounted images.
  • Cassette: %%-age position is now shown on HUD.
  • Cassette: Improved FSK decoder.
  • Cassette: Added analysis tool to compare raw signal against FSK and turbo decoder outputs.
  • Cassette: Added option to export decoded tape back out as audio.
  • Debugger: History pane now has a more powerful loop detector that can handle larger loops and call/loop nesting.
  • Debugger: History pane can now label each instruction with tape position.
  • Debugger: .tapedata command now accepts position by sample (-s).
  • Debugger: Added bsc command to change condition on a breakpoint.
  • Debugger: Undocumented store and read/modify/write instructions are now shown with write symbols rather than read symbols.
  • Debugger: Extended .pia command output.
  • Debugger: .basic_dumpline now supports reading program text from extended memory.
  • Debugger: ~ (target info) command displays coprocessor types and speeds.
  • Debugger: Added support for per-instruction breakpoints.
  • Debugger: u (unassemble) command now has switches to track 65C816 M/X/E state.
  • Debugger: Memory access breakpoints are now supported in banks $01-FF.
  • Debugger: added bta (set tracepoint on memory access) command.
  • Debugger: db/dw/dsb/dsw/dsd expression operators now accept 24-bit addresses.
  • Debugger: Symbols can now be present above bank 0.
  • Devices: Added browser device (B:).
  • Devices: Added feature to IDEPlus 2.0 to guard against NVRAM corruption on reset during clock reads.
  • Devices: Added XEL-CF adapter emulation.
  • Devices: Added Rapidus Accelerator emulation.
  • Devices: An automatic reboot is now requested before adding or removing devices that practically require one.
  • Disk: ATX images are now saved with a unique creator code.
  • Disk: Added support for ATX images with MFM tracks.
  • PCLink: Added option to use creation timestamps passed in commands.
  • SCSI: Fast/slow block storage speed is now implemented on SCSI buses.
  • UI: Added support for per-monitor V2 DPI awareness in Windows 10 Creator's Update.
  • VBXE: Added option to emulate FX1.24 or FX1.26 behavior.
  • VBXE: Overlay collision detection is now implemented.
  • VBXE: Improved blitter timing precision to sub-scanline.
[bugs fixed]
  • AltirraOS: Fixed polarity of CKEY flag.
  • ATBasic: Added compatibility workaround for programs that use locations 183 and 184 to read the current DATA line.
  • Cartridge: Fixed error when loading untagged cartridge from drag-and-drop stream source.
  • Cheats: Fixed sorting issues in active list.
  • CPU: Fixed 65C816 being reverted to emulation mode when changing CPU speed dynamically.
  • CPU: Interrupts in 65C816 emulation mode now force K=0.
  • CPU: Fix incorrect extra cycle for opcode $04 (NOP zp).
  • Debugger: Disassembly window now scrolls properly above bank 0.
  • Debugger: Improved breakpoint and stepping behavior with coprocessors.
  • Debugger: Fixed incorrect execution history timings for Percom disk drives.
  • Debugger: Fixed crash when toggling breakpoints through UI on top of hidden break/tracepoints from loaded symbols.
  • Debugger: Fixed crash with certain command alias patterns using wildcards.
  • Devices: Fixed IDEPlus 2.0 to have internal SDX at higher priority than external cart.
  • Devices: Fixed MIDI SysEx message parsing issues with MidiMate emulation.
  • Disk: Tightened validation when mounting MyDOS filesystems.
  • Disk: Fixed crash when expanding archives in filesystems with empty directories.
  • Display: Improved display recovery when secondary monitors are turned on or off.
  • Display: Added workaround for breaking change in Windows 10 build 1709 that caused D3D9 exclusive fullscreen mode to not render.
  • Display: Fixed some reporting and stability issues in custom D3D9 shader effect system.
  • IDE: Serial number field in identify command data is now padded with spaces.
  • PCLink: Directory search operations now return creation time instead of last write time.
  • POKEY: Serial output data is now truncated when the output clock is stopped.
  • POKEY: Fixed keys not being immediately recognized in raw mode when exiting init mode.
  • UI: Fixed /type not working on cold boot.
  • UI: Fix garbage when pasting text copied from WordPad.
  • VBXE: Attribute map is now constrained to 43 cells rather than a lower limit of 8 pixels horizontally.
  • VBXE: Added emulation of color 0 bug in GR.11 in FX1.24 core.
  • VBXE: Blit pattern width field is now 6 bits instead of 7.
  • VBXE: Overlay priority is reset to $FF at top of XDL.

Authors comment:

As usual, thanks to everyone providing feedback on its development. 3.00 is the same as 2.99-test25 except for version and date fixups. Here are the highlights since 2.90:

  • Accuracy: Illegal 6502 opcode and 65C816 fixes, VBXE fixes and timing improvements, POKEY serial and keyboard fixes, MIDI parsing fixes.
  • Cassette: Turbo decoding support, improved FSK decoding, improved OSD, analysis mode for diagnosing raw tape decoding problems, export tapes back to raw audio.
  • Debugger: Faster history engine with more powerful loop/call detector, fixes and enhancements to 65C816 and coprocessor debugging.
  • Performance Analyzer: New tracing engine enables visualization of CPU, display, serial bus, disk, and tape activity simultaneously. Capture multi-minute traces and easily match glitched frames with CPU activity without trying to catch the bug as it occurs, or trace an entire disk load to diagnose SIO errors. Automatic thread detection identifies idle and interrupt times within a frame to guide optimization.
  • Devices: Browser (B:) device, XEL-CF and Rapidus emulation, VBXE core behavior selection.
  • Disk: ATX MFM support, IDE identify command improvements, SCSI timing selection support, filesystem parsing fixes.
  • UI: Enhanced high DPI support on Windows 10 version 1703 and up (per-monitor V2) so that dialogs now dynamically scale, full-screen fixes and workarounds.
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