[ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.80

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[ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.80

Człowiek nie ma czasu aby pilnować newsów i jak zwykle... coś się musi w takch momentach wydarzyć:)

Nowa wersja Altirra - emulatora ATARI XE/XL autorstwa Avery (Phaeron) Lee, Gdyby ktoś bardzo tęsknił za wersjami testowymi, to tak... jest już nowa beta i to 3;)

Altirra Version 2.80 [September 3, 2016]:


  • Devices: MyIDE and KMK/JZ IDE (IDEPlus) have been moved to the Devices tree.
  • Input: The preset input maps for 5200 mode and the Xbox 360 Controller been changed.
  • Input: Input mapping speeds have been adjusted; mappings in relative mode may need to be fixed up.
  • UI: Error message help has been moved from Shift+hover to Alt+click.

features added

  • Audio: Added emulation of serial I/O noise with audio channels silent.
  • Cartridge: Added support for alternate image layout of 5200 Bounty Bob cartridge.
  • Cassette: Added support for recording cassette tapes.
  • Cassette: Added option to add slight randomized jitter to tape start position to work around load timing issues with deterministic timing.
  • Covox: Variable base address and mono/4ch. settings added.
  • Covox: Volume is now adjustable (Audio Options).
  • Debugger: All special variables in debugger expressions can now be specified with a @ prefix, i.e. @a. The non-prefixed form is now deprecated due to symbol/number conflicts.
  • Debugger: Focus is now automatically switched between the console and the display when starting and stopping execution.
  • Debugger: Heat map can now be used to detect accesses to uninitialized memory (hmt command).
  • Debugger: Expression parser can now optimize +/-0, *0, and *1 patterns.
  • Debugger: .tapedata command now accepts a length option.
  • Debugger: .basic_dumpline now has a function to show addresses and byte values for each token (-k).
  • Debugger: Added db/dbi -c option to dump mode 1/2 strings.
  • Debugger: Added emulation network packet tracing (.netpcap, .netpcapclose).
  • Debugger: Added .basic_rebuildvvt command to fix corrupted BASIC variable type/index entries.
  • Debugger: PC breakpoints and step execution are now supported for Veronica.
  • Debugger: Added eb (enter byte) and ew (enter word) commands.
  • Debugger: Fixed disassembly of 65C02 RMBn/SMBn/BBRn/BBSn instructions.
  • Debugger: Added .kmkjzide command.
  • Devices: Added Corvus Disk Interface emulation.
  • Devices: Added Pocket Modem emulation.
  • Devices: Added simple joystick dongle emulation.
  • Disk: Added VRWSafe write mode (virtual read/write with format prohibited), and added option to set default write mode.
  • Disk: Added emulation of Indus GT Synchromesh and SuperSynchromesh firmware modes.
  • Disk: Added emulation of full format times when accurate timing is enabled.
  • Disk: Added support for formatting and exploring DOS 1.x disks and for DOS 1.x files on DOS 2.0S disks.
  • Disk: Partial emulation of built-in Happy drive commands.
  • Disk: Added command to expand all .ARC files on a SpartaDOS disk.
  • Disk Explorer: File viewer mode and window position is now persisted.
  • Disk Explorer: SDFS filesystem handler now validates the full directory tree and allocation bitmap.
  • Display: Added /w command line switch to force windowed mode.
  • Display: Added DXGI-based windowed vsync support to D3D9 display driver for reduced CPU usage with DWM composition.
  • Firmware: Added autodetection of 5200 2-port BIOS, Black Box, and MIO ROMs.
  • Firmware: Firmware dialog now supports drag-and-drop.
  • HLE: Program loader now warns on init segment behaviors that may not work with DOS.
  • HLE: Added PBIDisk device for PBI-based acceleration of disk and serial bus requests.
  • IDE: MyIDE, KMK/JZ IDE, and IDE Plus 2.0 now support slave devices.
  • IDE: IDE Plus 2.0 SDX, write protect, and partition switch buttons are now supported.
  • IDE: IDE Plus 2.0 revision and ID switch are now controllable.
  • Input: Improved mouse interrupt timing algorithm.
  • Input: Acceleration can now be adjusted independently of speed for digital-to-analog mappings.
  • Input: Added driving and keyboard controller support.
  • Input: Reset system screensaver timeout when controller input changes.
  • MMU: Added support for 256K Rambo configuration, which aliases 64K with main memory.
  • Network: Added TCP logging channel for monitoring gateway TCP stack status.
  • UI: Added /si and /nosi as synonyms for /singleinstance and /nosingleinstance.
  • UI: Added profile system for switching full or partial configurations.
  • UI: File associations can now be set user-local as well as system-local.
  • UI: Added option to reset all settings.
  • UI: Added option to control whether simulation is paused while menus are open.
  • UI: Detect files dragged from .zip files in Windows Explorer and use a VFS path to the compressed file if possible.
  • VFS: Images mounted within .zip and .gz files are now restored on next load.

bugs fixed

  • AltirraOS: Fixed XEGS game cartridge activation.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed errors getting dropped in cassette handler.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed extra initial block and incorrect partial block problems when writing cassette streams.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed CIO read record when line exactly fits in buffer.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed broken inverse key.
  • AltirraOS: S: clear also clears split-screen area.
  • AltirraOS: Optimized C/E->data frame path in SIO for better robustness when DLIs are active.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed race condition in SETVBV.
  • ANTIC: Fix power-up values for PENH and PENV registers.
  • ATBasic: Added workaround for BASIC programs that have a corrupted function open parens.
  • ATBasic: Force implicit NEW if LOAD or CLOAD fails.
  • ATBasic: Fix crash in INT() with certain ranges of large numbers.
  • ATBasic: Remove added variables when parsing error occurs.
  • Cartridge: Changed initial bank for XEGS/SXEGS carts to 0.
  • Cartridge: Fixed flash indicator not always appearing while programming The!Cart cartridges.
  • CPU: Fix D flag not being cleared on interrupt entry in 65C02/65C816 mode and I not being cleared in 65C816 native mode.
  • CPU: Fixed second write cycle for read/modify/write instructions in 65C816 emulation mode.
  • Debugger: Fixed assembly and disassembly of 65C816 COP instruction from COP #n to COP n.
  • Debugger: Fixed issue with Step Over breaking PC breakpoints.
  • Debugger: PC breakpoints are now bank sensitive.
  • Debugger: Fixed assembler giving branch range errors when assembling above bank 0.
  • Debugger: Fixed disassembly of 65C02 RMBn, SMBn, BBRn, and BBSn instructions.
  • Display: Fix for intermittent display redraw issues when stopped in debugger with display composition enabled.
  • Display: Fixed centering of enhanced text mode after switching modes.
  • Display: Enhanced text mode (hardware) now uses correct colors for Gr.1/2.
  • Display: Fixed excessive CPU usage with enhanced text mode with debugger open.
  • Display: Removed broken fixed function bicubic stretching code paths. They were broken and pre-shader cards don't have the fill rate to do 5+ passes at 60fps anyway.
  • Disk: Fixed density detection issue with Set PERCOM Block command in XF551 mode (again).
  • Disk: Fixed crash when mounting .ARC file with no decodable files in it.
  • Disk: Retuned command ACK timings for 1050-based drives.
  • Disk: 850 and 1050 emulation modes now implement proper respective behavior with long sectors.
  • Disk: Allow loading of truncated .ATRs with a partial final sector.
  • Disk: Fixed handling of sectors with bad address field CRCs.
  • Disk: Fixed record type bits in FDC status in 810 mode.
  • Disk Explorer: Fixed rename operations on SDFS disks not marking volume changed.
  • Flash: Toggle bits are now implemented during the multiple sector erase timeout period.
  • HLE: Improved register return state when accelerating ZFR0/ZF1/ZFL calls.
  • IDE: Fixed excessive flushing of VHD block bitmap after allocating space.
  • IDE: Force power and reset states on MyIDE-II when CF card is removed.
  • IDE: Improved compatibility of CHS mapping behavior.
  • IDE: IDEPlus 2.0 now supports external cartridge control.
  • Input: Fixed mouse being able to escape from capture at high speeds.
  • Input: Digital-to-analog mappings no longer change speeds between NTSC and PAL.
  • Input: Fixed preset maps sometimes not resetting if they were modified in the same session.
  • Input: Fixed 5200 CONSOL bits being inconsistent internally after reset (fixes 5200 Pole Position controller input).
  • Input: Fixed 5200 trackball controller behavior when bound to mouse move inputs.
  • MMU: Fixed case where MMU was not reset when switching from 400/800 mode to XL/XE mode, causing a power-up crash.
  • MMU: Axlon memory no longer aliases with PORTB extended memory.
  • Network: Fixed TCP stack checking wrong sequence number against incoming ACK in some cases.
  • Network: Improve TCP PSH and ACK handling.
  • Network: Fix inability to write some CS8900A control registers through PacketPage ports.
  • PCLink: Fixed incorrect return codes from rename command.
  • PCLink: Directories are now readable as byte streams.
  • POKEY: Improved emulation of fast pot scan mode.
  • POKEY: Improved RANDOM emulation when switching in and out of init mode.
  • POKEY: Fixed serial output ready IRQ occasionally not triggering when expected.
  • SIDE2: Implemented CF change detection.
  • SIDE2: The right cart window of the top cartridge half can now be enabled without the left half.
  • Simulation: Modified DRAM A randomization pattern in 5200 mode to match 5200's address line mapping.
  • UI: Disable Shift+hover help when Shift key is bound to an input map.
  • UI: The kernel firmware menu is now filtered to kernels compatible with the current hardware mode.
→ [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.70

Altirra Version 2.70 [December 19, 2015]:


  • Debugger: Switched BRK back to being a single byte opcode in the disassembler.
  • Debugger: Readjusted names of illegal opcodes.
  • Devices: SoundBoard has been moved to the Devices tree.
  • Input: Because some broken axis mappings have been corrected, hand-edited input maps may need to be fixed up.

features added

  • Audio: Sound output is auto-switched to 48KHz to reduce CPU usage if Windows is mixing at that rate.
  • Debugger: Added ~ command (target control).
  • Debugger: bx (break on expression) can now create tracepoints (-n).
  • Debugger: Added Go To Source from History window.
  • Debugger: .basic_dumpline command now has -t option for decoding TurboBasic XL tokens.
  • Debugger: Added Go until vertical blank interrupt (gv) command.
  • Debugger: Execution history now shows high level emulation events.
  • Debugger: Added sw (search words), sa (search ATASCII), and si (search INTERNAL).
  • Debugger: Added %%S format to .printf for high byte terminated strings.
  • Debugger: Added @frame, @clk, and @cclk expression psuedovariables.
  • Devices: Add minimal SDrive raw disk access emulation.
  • Devices: Veronica cartridge emulation.
  • Devices: R-Verter emulation.
  • Disk: Added 1050 drive sounds and added emulation of 1050 reseeking on errors.
  • Disk: Added "shift to another drive" option to disk dialog.
  • Display: Optimized NTSC high artifacting mode.
  • Display: Improved performance of D3D11 vsync code.
  • Display: Enhanced text mode now works in full screen mode and supports selection.
  • HLE: Added player for some SAP type B/C/R files.
  • IDE: Raised VHD creation size limit in UI from 4GB to 2TB.
  • IDE: Added support for MyIDE II with updated CPLD firmware.
  • Input: Dead zones and curves are now adjustable for game controllers.
  • Input: Keyboard mapping is now customizable.
  • Profiler: Added Basic block profiling mode.
  • Profiler: Added performance counter support.
  • Profiler: Instruction-level data is now recorded even in function mode.
  • Profiler: Frame triggers can now be set to record multiple frames.
  • Recorder: Added support for recording SAP type D files.
  • SIO: Merged standard and polled burst I/O into a single mode.
  • SIO: Burst I/O is now supported for writes.
  • Simulator: Emulation is no longer paused while menus are open.
  • UI: Audio monitor now supports dual POKEYs.
  • UI: Paste now attempts to translate Unicode characters like curly quotes and dashes to representable characters.
  • UI: Raised drag-and-drop limit to 128MB to accommodate The!Cart images.
  • UI: Portable mode now stores relative paths for paths above the program directory on the same drive root.

bugs fixed

  • 65C02: Added missing BIT abs,X instruction (65C02 mode only).
  • 65C816: Stack instructions new to the 65C816 now properly index outside of page one in emulation mode.
  • 65C816: Fixed PLY instruction not working outside of page one in X8 mode.
  • 65C816: Fixed WAI releasing execution too early on IRQs in high speed mode.
  • ANTIC: Fixed blanking of rows 8-9 in IR mode 2.
  • ANTIC: Fix incorrect internal state after warm reset during WSYNC wait.
  • AltirraOS: Activate self-test ROM after memory test to mimic the XL/XE OS's behavior when doing ROM checksums.
  • AltirraOS: Improved compatibility of S: plot/line commands in GR.0.
  • AltirraOS: E:/S: open now enables keyboard IRQs.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed BOOT? flag being set too early on cassette/disk boots.
  • AltirraOS: CIO PUT RECORD with length=0 now outputs A without EOL.
  • AltirraOS: XL/XE version now supports KEYREP.
  • AltirraOS: Caps Lock now toggles in XL/XE mode.
  • ATBasic: Fixed bug with terminating EOLs being left in code if a warm reset happened during a filename-based I/O statement.
  • ATBasic: Fixed CLOAD/CSAVE not setting IRG mode consistently.
  • Cartridge: Fixed crash with MegaCart 1M (2) mapper.
  • Cartridge: Fixed crash problem with RAM access in newly created The!Cart cartridges.
  • Cartridge: Newly created AtariMax 8Mbit (bank 0) carts had the wrong power-up bank.
  • Cartridge: Fixed random crash with Atrax SDX cartridge types.
  • Debugger: Fixed Step Over not working in 65C816 mode.
  • Debugger: Fixed B/P/S registers being shown incorrectly in history view in 65C816 mode.
  • Debugger: Improved call stack decoding.
  • Debugger: Fixed assembly/disassembly of MVP/MVN instructions.
  • Debugger: Fixed assembly of [dp],Y addressing modes.
  • Debugger: Fixed crash when canceling edit of watch expression.
  • Debugger: Fixed disassembly of BIT abs,X instruction in 65C02 mode.
  • Debugger: Fixed .readmem command.
  • Debugger: Up/down keys now work better in History when navigating search results.
  • Debugger: Fixed time wrapping bug in .pokey deferred timer reporting.
  • Debugger: Fixed length (Lxxx) arguments not accepting 10000 for $10000 bytes.
  • Debugger: Fixed crash with malformed read/write access range checks in breakpoint conditional expressions.
  • Debugger: Fixed assembler not accepting PHX, PHY, RTL, TCS, and TXA instructions.
  • Debugger: Fixed assembler not assembling some instructions with [dp] and relative long addressing modes.
  • Debugger: Assembler no longer uses the debugger's numeric base setting and always assumes decimal unless $ is prefixed before a number.
  • Disk: Fixed boot sector not being initialized when precreating formatted DOS 3 disks.
  • Disk: Data checksum errors during SIO bus transfers now result in a NAK instead of Error.
  • Disk: Improved accurate sector timing values for enhanced density disks.
  • Disk Explorer: Fixed crash when activating context menu with no disk image mounted.
  • Disk Explorer: Empty filenames are no longer allowed.
  • HDevice: Fixed regression in NOTE/POINT commands.
  • Input: Fixed right mouse button on mice not working for ports 2/4.
  • Input: Fixed inconsistent mappings between analog/digital interpretations of axes and between DirectInput and XInput.
  • Network: Fixed protocol handling bugs in emulated ARP and DHCP layers.
  • Network: Add support for tunneling over the VXLAN protocol.
  • Simulation: Added timeout to logic for holding Option on boot.
  • Simulation: Added emulation of floating I/O memory bus on 800 hardware.
  • PCLink: Fixed FLEN (code 4) command.
  • PIA: Interrupt flags can now be set without having interrupts enabled.
  • PIA: Reenabling IRQA1 or IRQB1 with the flags already set now reasserts IRQ.
  • PIA: Added emulation of floating inputs on PIA port B on XL/XE systems.
  • POKEY: Serial input no longer works while initialization mode is active.
  • POKEY: Full keyboard scan emulation is now supported, including phantom key and debounce-off effects.
  • Recorder: Video recording failed if scanlines were enabled without VBXE or antialiasing on.
  • U1MB: Removed bogus PORTB dependency for register access.
  • U1MB: Flash ROM is now reset on cold reset.
  • U1MB: Flash writes to OS, BASIC, and Game ROM windows are now supported.
  • U1MB: Real-time clock now properly allows both clock polarities.
  • U1MB: Fixed value of reserved bits read from RTCIN register.
  • U1MB: Internal BASIC now works with 1200XL + U1MB, since the U1MB emulates the XL/XE MMU.
  • UI: Fixed /portablealt writing into the current directory instead of starting directory when given a relative path.
  • UI: Changed cursor mode to fix drag-and-drop incompatibility with 7-Zip File Manager.
  • UI: Audio monitor setting now saves.
  • UI: Selecting a 1200XL kernel no longer switches the hardware mode to 800XL.
  • UI: Fixed firmware options not refreshing consistently in dialog.
  • XEP80: Fixed UART register emulation.
  • XEP80: Attributes, split-screen, and vertical scrolling are now supported in pixel graphics mode.
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