[ATARI] Altirra 2.60 Final

[1] # Abris | Poniedziałek, 23 Marca 2015 16:28CET

[ATARI] Altirra 2.60 Final

Phaeron w końcu opublikował nową wersję Altirry, obecnie najlepszego emulatora małych, ośmiobitowych mikrokomputerów firmy ATARI.

Altirra v2.60  [21.03.2015]


  • Devices: PCLink, DragonCart, XEP-80, SlightSID, Covox, R-Time 8, 850, 1030, P:, and H: have been moved to the Devices tree.

features added

  • ATBasic: Improved execution speed.
  • ATBasic: Added partial support for CONT statement.
  • AltirraOS: Optimized FPI routine.
  • AltirraOS: Improved rounding of FDIV results.
  • BlackBox: Initial emulation support.
  • Debugger: Changed .writemem to use length syntax.
  • Debugger: .basic_dumpline updated with shortcuts for STMCUR/STMTAB and continuous output.
  • Debugger: Added .basic_rebuiltvnt command.
  • Debugger: Added support for one-shot, grouped, and clear-on-reset breakpoints.
  • Debugger: Added support for return tracepoints (bt --).
  • Debugger: Added .sprintf command and @ts tokens.
  • Debugger: Added @t0-t9 (temporary) and @ra (return address) variables.
  • Debugger: Added option to randomize application memory after EXE load (direct EXE load only).
  • Debugger: Added .diskreadsec and .diskwritesec commands.
  • Debugger: Added dbi (dump bytes with INTERNAL text) command.
  • Devices: Added support for SIO-based real-time clock devices.
  • Devices: Added SIO type 3/4 polling test devices.
  • Devices: Added SX212 modem emulation.
  • Devices: Added MidiMate emulation.
  • Disk: Added support for creating and exploring DOS 3 disk images.
  • Disk: Added generic emulation mode with 57,600 baud high speed support.
  • Disk: ATX, PRO, DCM, and XFD disk images can now be written.
  • Disk: Detach Disk commands now turn off disk drives.
  • Disk: Added rotate disk commands.
  • Disk Explorer: Added read/write support for MyDOS and DOS 2.5 disks.
  • Disk Explorer: Added create directory (new folder) option for MyDOS and SDFS disks.
  • Display: Sharp bilinear now works on pixel shader 1.x devices.
  • Display: Vertical overscan can be overridden separately from horizontal.
  • HDevice: Added option to use lowercase filenames.
  • HDevice: H: can now be hot-started or stopped without a reboot.
  • HDevice: H: can now also be installed as D:.
  • IDE: CF hot swapping is now supported.
  • Input: Added support for quick-cycling between a set of input maps.
  • MMU: Axlon banking register aliasing is now optional.
  • Printer: Added SIO-level 820 emulation.
  • Serial: Modem now supports RTS/CTS flow control (&K3).
  • Serial: Added software T: handler and support for 1030 handler bootstrap.
  • Simulation: Added support for mixed NTSC/PAL ANTIC+GTIA combinations (PAL-60 and NTSC-50).
  • Simulation: Added support for more realistic power-on memory patterns.
  • Software: Added Additions disk containing supplementary utilities.
  • UI: Added new firmware management dialog and support for multiple custom OS and BASIC ROMs.
  • UI: Added /[no]cheats switch.
  • UI: Improved high DPI support.
  • UI: Added /portablealt:<file> switch to use alternate INI files.
  • UI: Multiple disk images can now be loaded with repeated /disk switches.
  • UI: Full screen mode state is now saved on exit.
  • UI: Improved full-screen UI.

bugs fixed

  • ATBasic: Fixed precedence of unary minus vs. exponentiation.
  • ATBasic: Fixed x^y for x<=0.
  • ATBasic: Error messages now indicate STOPPED or line numbers as appropriate.
  • ATBasic: Fixed not being able to Break out of a single-line loop.
  • ATBasic: TRAP line is now reset more appropriately.
  • ATBasic: Fixed range reduction in SIN() and COS().
  • ATBasic: GRAPHICS no longer reopens E:.
  • ATBasic: Fixed CONT sometimes failing in deferred mode.
  • ATBasic: Fixed parsing errors on the right side of a string relational expression.
  • ATBasic: Banner changed so startup programs that hardcode line 2 work.
  • ATBasic: Use of IOCB #0 is no longer allowed.
  • ATBasic: Out of memory errors are now detected and thrown.
  • ATBasic: PUT now takes an aexpr instead of avar.
  • ATBasic: PTABW is now supported.
  • AltirraOS: SIO no longer saves STACKP before invoking PBI routines (fixes BlackBox crash).
  • AltirraOS: SIO now leaves ICBALZ/ICBAHZ equal to ICBAL/ICBAH for better custom DOS compatibility.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed CRITIC being left on after servicing a PBI-based SIO request.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed GET BYTE returning bogus characters for PBI-based CIO devices.
  • AltirraOS: E: now supports forced read mode.
  • AltirraOS: SETVBV now preserves I flag.
  • AltirraOS: AUX1/2 are now updated properly on R: XIO commands.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed CIO type 4 polling support.
  • AltirraOS: Fix timeout for SIO operations.
  • AltirraOS: Fix ESC-Clear handling in E:.
  • AltirraOS: Cassette boot now reads EOF record.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed diagnostic cartridge handling.
  • ANTIC: Improved emulation of phantom P/M DMA effects.
  • Cassette: Fixed inconsistent motor control state when using C: patch with short IRG mode.
  • CPU: Fixed NMI not triggering early enough when occurring during IRQ entry sequence.
  • CPU: Fixed spurious IRQs when interrupts are masked for more than 2^32 cycles.
  • CPU: Fixed video snow problem when running CPU faster than 1.79MHz.
  • Debugger: -$80000000/-1 no longer causes a crash.
  • Debugger: .printf %u formatter now works correctly for numbers >=10^10.
  • Debugger: Fixed EXP/EXP10 not being logged to FPACCEL channel.
  • Debugger: Fixed static trace (st) not stopping properly on BRK/RTS/RTI instructions.
  • Debugger: Debug display now reflects CHACTL bits.
  • Disk: Rewrote ATX image parser to be more robust.
  • Disk: Added workaround for XFD images improperly named .ATR.
  • Disk Explorer: Fixed DOS 2 filename encoding for filenames without extensions.
  • Disk Explorer: Fixed directory parsing for double-density DOS 2 filesystems.
  • Display: Fixed crash on display hardware change when using DirectDraw.
  • Display: Added workaround for crash when initializing Direct3D 9 with VirtualBox display driver.
  • Display: Improved windowed mode vsync strategy when DWM is active.
  • Display: Improved quality of NTSC high artifacting mode.
  • GTIA: Fixed DMA reads from hardware registers.
  • HDevice: Fixed NOTE command sometimes giving incorrect positions.
  • HLE: Hook page for H:, P:, R:, T:, and E: hooks is now better at dodging conflicting hardware windows.
  • HLE: Fixed EXP10(-1) returning an error with FP acceleration enabled.
  • HLE: Improved register return values for several FP acceleration calls.
  • HLE: SIO patch acceleration is skipped if the I flag is set.
  • Input: Fixed right mouse button not working on mouse controllers.
  • Input: Keyboard and mouse inputs are now auto-released when display window loses focus.
  • Input: Moved joystick poll before VBI to reduce input delay.
  • Network: Fixed emulated Ethernet packet timing.
  • POKEY: Undetectable $C0-C7 and $D0-D7 scan codes are now blocked.
  • Serial: 6502-based R: handler now waits for output buffers to drain on a close command.
  • Serial: Fixed emulated R: device only draining one byte from transfer buffer per call in unthrottled mode.
  • Serial: Many fixes to 1030 T: device command handling.
  • UI: Fixed mouse pointer blinking when a video player injects mouse moves to prevent the display from sleeping.
  • Ultimate1MB: Fixed SDX control register not gating non-SIDE external cartridges properly.
  • XEP80: Move Cursor to Start of Logical Line ($DB) no longer moves cursor to left margin.
  • XEP80: Set horizontal/vertical position commands now update the cursor address.
→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.90 Final

Altirra Version 3.90: [July 12, 2018]

features added
AltirraOS: The boot screen in the XL/XE version now continues boot on disk insertion rather than forcing a reboot.
AltirraOS: Extended memory scan limit for 800 version to $D000 to support 52K expanded configurations.
Audio: Individual channels on the secondary POKEY can now be muted.
Cartridge: Added JRC 64K + RAM cartridge type.
Cassette: Optimized cassette tape emulation routines.
Cassette: Added option for high-pass prefiltering before the turbo tape decoder.
Debugger: Improved loop detector in history view to more precisely capture loop.
Debugger: Added @tapepos pseudovariable.
Debugger: Specifying ? for a path argument now opens a file dialog to select the path.
Debugger: The disassembly window now has support for showing procedure dividers, previewing called procedures, and jumping to call targets.
Debugger: Disassembly and History views now save their disassembly settings.
Debugger: Added option to disable automatic system symbols.
Debugger: Alt+Shift+click on the display jumps to History at the corresponding beam position.
Debugger: Verifier supports detecting access to non-canonical hardware addresses.
Debugger: .caslogdata command superceded by updated CASDATA/CASDATA2 logging channels.
Devices: XEP80 can now be switched to different controller ports.
Disk: Added full emulation for 810 Turbo, Amdek AMDC-I/II, and Percom AT-88 disk drives.
Disk: A warning is now displayed when attempting to insert a disk into a drive that doesn't support it (e.g. double-density disk into an 810).
Disk: Detailed errors are displayed when a disk image write fails on the host and is remounted virtual read/write.
Disk Explorer: Added Import File and Export File commands so that drag and drop is not needed to copy files.
Display: Added option for frame blending in linear color space for better accuracy.
Display: Color settings can be saved and loaded from external files.
Display: Added new default preset for PAL.
Display: The Hue Start slider in color settings now has the same I-Q angle definition in PAL quirks mode and works in PAL high artifacting mode.
Firmware: Add Firmware now detects OS ROM images even if the specific image is not recognized.
Firmware: Added detection for more MIO firmware images and support for auto-trimming padded 16K images down to 8K.
Input: The keyboard layout editor now warns if the key mapping being added conflicts with a keyboard shortcut.
Recorder: Added options for pixel aspect ratio and frame scaling.
Recorder: Added support for recording to WMV and H.264 through Media Foundation on Windows 7 and later.
SaveStates: Save state format rewritten to v2 (*.atstate2), now based on JSON within a .zip file for better accessibility and versioning.
SaveStates: CPU state can now be saved mid-instruction.
Simulator: Reordered frame wait and device poll timing around VBLANK to reduce input and output latency.
UI: Added experimental dark theme support.
UI: Added /reset command-line switch to selectively reset settings.
UI: Audio monitor now shows modified frequencies for two-tone mode, indicators for two-tone mode and asynchronous receive mode, and better shows ultrasonic effects.
UI: Added audio scope for viewing raw POKEY output.
UI: Added options for controlling mouse pointer visibility.
UI: Audio monitor positioning can now be customized.
Video: Added PERITEL adapter and monochrome monitor emulation.

bugs fixed
AltirraOS: Audio configuration is reset more often on tape reads to produce familiar sounds.
AltirraOS: Disk boot can now occur after cassette boot and right cartridge non-boot.
AltirraOS: OLDADR usage adjusted for compatibility with SDX QUICKED.SYS.
AltirraOS: SIO transmit operations can now be interrupted by User Break.
AltirraOS: The Display Handler now properly sets the default background color (COLOR4) to $06 when opening a GR.11 screen.
AltirraOS: KRPDEL is now set and keyboard repeat rates are NTSC/PAL adjusted on the XL/XE/XEGS version.
AltirraOS: Fixed an SIO issue with an out-of-spec short delay from asserting the command line to first command byte.
AltirraOS: Fixed disk boot issues if a PBI device or cartridge init routine issued an SIO request with DAUX2 > 0 before the disk boot.
AltirraOS: The boot screen now resets the Break key state properly after a boot is interrupted by the Break key.
AltirraOS: Improved native mode compatibility of 816 version.
ANTIC: RNMI (400/800 System Reset) is now always synchronized to VBI.
Audio: Fixed stereo mixing being twice as loud as mono mixing.
CPU: Fixed cycle timing for indexed illegal read-modify-write instructions and ARR #imm ($6B).
CPU: Fixed extra instruction being run occasionally for a DLI delayed by WSYNC.
CPU: 65C816 (dp,X) addressing mode now always wraps in emulation mode when accessing high byte regardless of DP.
CPU: 65C816 (dp) addressing mode properly wraps in emulation mode with DP aligned, except for PEI (dp).
CPU: 65C816 WDM instruction now properly fetches two bytes.
Debugger: .dumpdsm -s option now interprets 6809 instructions.
Debugger: Line number information is now updated properly when using cartridge bank mapping in MADS listings.
Debugger: Disassembly window now accepts cartridge bank addresses.
Debugger: Fixed broken option to auto-load kernel ROM symbols.
Debugger: Reduced frequency of stale memory in the disassembly window.
Debugger: Fixed incorrect call nesting in history window in Z80 mode.
Debugger: Fixed some disassembly errors in 6809 mode.
Debugger: Input byte (ib) now correctly issues read cycles with side effects in the main CPU address space.
Devices: Fixed crash on ANTIC reading from SoundBoard hardware registers.
Devices: 65C816 emulation fixes for Veronica.
Disk: Fixed some illegal indexed RMW instructions taking too few cycles for 6502 coprocessors in full disk emulators.
Disk: Full drive emulation FDC now allows Write Track commands to proceed immediately when the index signal is already active.
Disk: Improved accuracy of RIOT interval timer.
Disk: Corrected FDC head load and initial DRQ timings for Write Track command.
Disk: Implemented FDC Write Track quirk for back-to-back CRC ($F7) tokens.
Disk: Fixed some 6809 coprocessor emulation bugs.
Disk: Corrected side 2 sector mappings for ATR8000, Percom, and XF551 full drive emulators.
Disk: Fixed case where drive timing could be disrupted after hitting a drive coprocessor breakpoint.
Disk: Seek sounds no longer overlap when disk access is accelerated.
Disk: Fixed crash when ejecting disk at specific point during disk read command.
Disk: FD1771 FDC now properly times out in two revolutions instead of five in 810 full drive mode.
Disk: Fixed bogus FDC interrupts from Force Interrupt commands.
Disk: Indus GT ignores ready status to match hardware.
Disk Explorer: Fixed a filename validation bug with DOS 2 disks where duplicate files could be written if the original filename had extra characters after the extension.
Disk Explorer: Modifying a mounted disk image now forces a disk change to flush caches on emulated full drives that do track buffering.
Display: Fixed an issue with color profiles having the wrong color matching setting when initially established.
Display: Fixed crash when pasting into enhanced text display in CIO mode.
Display: Typing in enhanced text display (CIO mode) now clears the attract mode counter.
Firmware: Fall back to next available firmware if default firmware for a type is removed.
Input: Character mappings in custom keyboard layouts didn't work for non-ASCII extended characters.
Input: Changes to custom keyboard layouts didn't take effect immediately.
PerfAnalyzer: Joystick state (PIA port A) is now captured in traces.
POKEY: Improved accuracy of two-tone mode timing at 1.79MHz.
Recorder: Fixed SAP type R initial silence detector checking AUDFx registers instead of AUDCx registers.
SaveStates: POKEY serial input state is now saved.
SCSI: Fixed BSY being asserted in selection phase even for non-existent devices.
Simulator: Improved accuracy of power-up values for POKEY and GTIA registers.
Simulator: Display message via placeholder ROM if kernel ROM file could not be loaded.
VBXE: Fixed a crash when toggling shared memory option.
VBXE: Fixed double correction of display with gamma or color correction options enabled.
VFS: Fixed zip/gz paths with non-ASCII characters not being encoded properly and getting dropped on restart.

→ [ATARI] Altirra 2.50 Final
Atari Demoscene:Głuchołazy:Altirra:Latarnik:Odyniec1@Lamers:Głuchołazy 2014
Świetna praca Odyńca1 (Lamers) - "Latarnik" pokazana na Atari Party Głuchołazy 2014 pod Altirra 2.50 z lekko przekłamaną paletą (moja wina;P)

Altirra v2.50  [27.07.2014]

features added

  • BASIC: Altirra BASIC is now the default when no BASIC ROM is included.
  • Cartridge: Added support for another 512K/4MB/8MB flash cartridge.
  • Cartridge: Added support for The!Cart and MegaMax 2M cartridge types.
  • Cassette: Tape control UI now has a waveform graph.
  • Cassette: Added support for FSK blocks in .cas files.
  • CPU: Extended 65C816 speed options to include 17MHz (10x) and 21MHz (12x).
  • Debugger: Register (r) command can now set the emulation (E) flag.
  • Debugger: Improved display of 65C816 register state.
  • Debugger: Disassembly window now steps properly above bank $00.
  • Debugger: Added search capability to History pane.
  • Debugger: Added some 65C02 and 65C816 instructions to assembler.
  • Debugger: Added .loadobj command.
  • Debugger: Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable.
  • Debugger: .basic_dumpline now decodes BASIC XL/XE tokens.
  • Debugger: Added x (examine symbols) command.
  • Debugger: Added module!symbol syntax for resolving symbols specific to a module.
  • Debugger: .sdx_loadsyms command now works on more versions of SpartaDOS X.
  • Debugger: .printf now supports string output and variable width/precision.
  • Debugger: Failed assertions now report file/line info if available.
  • Debugger: Added .basic_dumpstack command to dump BASIC runtime stack.
  • Debugger: Added option to hide namespaces for nested symbols in history window.
  • Debugger: .dumpsnap command now applies compression.
  • Debugger: Added partial CC65 dbgfile support.
  • Disk: .ARC files can now be mounted as SpartaDOS X disk images.
  • Disk: Added option to format new disks with the SpartaDOS File System (SDFS).
  • Disk: Added support for 8KB sectors.
  • Disk Explorer: DOS2 filesystem validator no longer checks directory entries after end of directory.
  • Display: Fixed update problems when stepping with frame blending active.
  • Input: Middle mouse button (MMB) can now be used to release mouse capture if it is not already bound.
  • Input: Added XInput support.
  • Network: DragonCart emulation support.
  • POKEY: Audio output path now emulates analog decay effects.
  • Printer: Added Clear option to printer output pane.
  • Profiler: Added columns for unhalted cycles.
  • Serial: Service field in ATDI command is now optional and defaults to telnet (port 23).
  • Serial: Added Telnet terminal type negotiation support.
  • Serial: Added Telnet binary transfer support.
  • Serial: Added full 850 Interface Module SIO protocol and handler support.
  • UI: Added some touch device support.
  • UI: Added Attach Disk and Detach Disk menu options.
  • UI: Added direct keyboard layout mode.
  • Ultimate1MB: Added SST39SF040, Am29F040B, and BM29F040 as alternate flash chip options.

bugs fixed

  • 65C816: RTI can no longer clear the X flag in emulation mode.
  • Cartridge: Fixed swapped 5200 two-chip and one-chip modes.
  • Cartridge: Cold reset now resets flash emulation.
  • Cartridge: Fixed some cases where flash writes would stop working with emulated MaxFlash cartridge.
  • Cartridge: Fixed incorrect flash device ID for MaxFlash 1MB+MyIDE cartridge.
  • CPU: Fixed crashes when disabling heat map tracking.
  • CPU: Reverted unintentional change to IRQ timing (affected PM 2.0).
  • CPU: Fix hang when saving state with heat map activated.
  • Debugger: lm (list modules) and .unloadsym now work by IDs instead of indices to avoid index renumbering problems.
  • Debugger: Improved M/X tracking in disassembly window.
  • Debugger: Fixed disassembly of absolute long addressing mode.
  • Debugger: Memory window now updates properly above bank 0.
  • Debugger: Fixed memory access value reporting above bank 0 in step disassembly.
  • Debugger: Fixed infinite loop bug in static trace (st) command.
  • Debugger: CC65 label parser now strips the first leading period from label names.
  • Debugger: Fixed truncated call stack when encountering reused function epilog code paths.
  • Disk: Fixed crash when host file is modified on virtual SDFS mounted path and accessed before emulator can notice the change.
  • Disk: Fixed a bug that caused some root files on virtual SDFS disks to not hot-update reliably.
  • Disk: Writes to virtual disks are now blocked.
  • Disk: Fixed density detection issue with Set PERCOM Block command in XF551 mode.
  • Disk Explorer: SDFS directory entries are now reused properly.
  • Disk Explorer: SDFS sparse files are now supported.
  • Disk Explorer: Dragged files are no longer placed in the root when viewing a subdirectory.
  • GTIA: Fixed 2cclk transitions from modes 9/10/11 to mode 8.
  • HDevice: Files can now be created in append mode.
  • HDevice: Improved error handling in delete, rename, lock, and unlock operations.
  • HLE: Acceleration hooks no longer fire in 65C816 native mode or with a non-standard emulation mode environment.
  • HLE: Program loader now detects and rejects SpartaDOS X executables.
  • HLE: Fixed state of carry flag when exiting DSKINV after failure (fixes Micropainter with SIO patch enabled).
  • HLE: Fixed EXP(-1) returning an error with FP acceleration enabled.
  • HLE: Added alternate hooking mechanism so that CIO device hooks can activate on OSes that don't use the standard CIOINV vector.
  • Input: Relative binding to the axis 0/1 inputs of a tablet controller now works.
  • Input: Fixed mouse capture malfunctioning when activated by keyboard shortcut when the mouse is outside of the window.
  • LLE: Writes to S: in mode 0 now extend logical lines properly.
  • LLE: CIO now checks permissions on get/put operations.
  • LLE: Improved accuracy of power series for ATN(x).
  • PCLink: Fixed race condition in completion of fwrite() command.
  • POKEY: Fixed POTn registers changing without POTGO being strobed.
  • Printer: High bit is now stripped on printed characters so that inverse characters can be read instead of becoming ?.
  • Serial: Fixed escaping of $FF bytes over Telnet protocol.
  • Serial: Cold reset now forces modem back to command state.
  • Serial: Modem command handling is now case-insensitive.
  • Serial: Fixed control line status from status commands issued between OPEN and XIO 40 (was causing ForemXEP drops).
  • SIDE2: Fixed SDX banking register address.
  • Simulation: Fixed some issues with GTIA and POKEY state desyncing across save states.
  • UI: Shift modifier is allowed again for Start/Select/Option.
  • VBXE: Extended color bit now enables LSB of GTIA color registers.
  • VBXE: Fixed blit mode 4 (bitwise AND) not working properly with src=0.
  • VBXE: Fixed blitter collision behavior with dest=0.
→ [ATARI] Altirra 2.40 Final
Atari XE:XL:800:Altirra:Extirpator!:Leisure Team:Firebird (UK):1988:
Extirpator! (Firebird (UK), 1988)

Altirra v2.40  [01.11.2013]

features added

  • 65C816:Optimized mode switches.
  • Audio:Added drive sound volume level option.
  • Cartridge:Added support for .CAR types 53-59 (2K, 4K, right-as-left 8K, right slot 4K, 128-512K SIC!).
  • CPU:Preliminary support for accelerated 65C816 operation.
  • Debugger:Added .dmabuf command.
  • Debugger:Added %e, %f, and %g formats to .printf command.
  • Debugger:Verifier can now detect 64K address space index wrapping and abnormal DMA conditions.
  • Debugger:Added fbx (fill bytes with expression) command.
  • Debugger:r (register) command now allows access to 65C816 registers.
  • Disk:Added "Extract Boot Sectors" command to disk dialog for use with bootable virtual disks.
  • LLE:Added PBI device interrupt support.
  • MMU:High (65C816) memory can now be adjusted from 0KB-4032KB.
  • Profiler:Added 65C816 support.
  • Recorder:Added .WAV file audio recording.
  • Recorder:Added option for encoding duplicate frames as full frames.
  • UI:Added on-screen indicators for console buttons held on startup.
  • UI:Added on-screen indication for some view mode changes.
  • UI:Added support for per-monitor DPI scaling in Windows 8.1.
  • UI:Added custom debug font dialog for half point sizes.
  • UI:File > Exit now confirms if there are modified images.
  • XEP80:Initial support. 

bugs fixed

  • 5200:Floating data bus is now enabled in 5200 mode.
  • 65C816:Fixed cycle timing for JMP (abs) instruction.
  • 65C816:Fixed cycle timing for TXY instruction.
  • 65C816:Fixed TYX instruction.
  • 65C816:INX was checking M bit instead of X bit.
  • 65C816:Read/modify/write instructions now do read/write/write in emulation mode.
  • 65C816:Fixed (dp), (dp,X), and (dp,Y) behavior with DP!=0.
  • ANTIC:Disabling playfield DMA after playfield start now reads bus data into the line buffer.
  • ANTIC:Abnormal playfield DMA is now emulated.
  • ANTIC:Improved precision of CHACTL changes.
  • Cartridge:Fixed $BFxx reading with 5200 64K cartridge type.
  • CPU:Illegal instruction option now saves correctly.
  • Debugger:Display float (df) command displays all ten significant digits.
  • Debugger:Fixed LLE kernel ROM auto-reload and symbol load option.
  • Debugger:UI panels are now more consistent with debugger commands in numeric base handling.
  • Debugger:Fixed incorrect disassembly on step when running from high banks.
  • GTIA:Fixed bug with VDELAY on missiles.
  • GTIA:Fixed regression with hires player-playfield collisions (since 2.30).
  • LLE:Fixes and optimizations to math pack.
  • LLE:Decimal flag is now cleared before dispatching IRQs.
  • LLE:Fixed BRK handler to handle stack wrapping.
  • LLE:5200 BIOS now strobes NMIRES for DLIs.
  • LLE:Fixed CIOINV timing so that emulated CIO hooks work.
  • LLE:Corrected K:debounce logic and E:AUX2 open handling (fixes Action! with LLE firmware).
  • HLE:Fixes to math pack acceleration.
  • HLE:Added partial fix for CDTMA1 during accelerated disk reads (fixes Ankh with SIO patch enabled).
  • IDE:Fixed value of Sector Count register after READ SECTOR and WRITE SECTOR commands.
  • MMU:Fixed aliasing of high memory banks.
  • POKEY:SKSTAT bit 1 is now emulated.
  • Printer:Emulated P:device now supports the PUT CHARS command with len=0.
  • Serial:Emulated R:device supports break interrupts.
  • UI:Fixed GDI handle leak in text editor.
  • UI:Added workaround for set file associations dialog not appearing on Windows 8.
  • UI:Fixed ANTIC DMA visualization mode with extended PAL height.
  • UI:Fixed PCLink indicator not updating.
  • U1MB:Fixed PIA read decoding to only respond to $D300-D37F (unfixes Bounty Bob Strikes Back!). 
→ [ATARI] Altirra 2.30 Final
Crystal Raider (Mastertronic, 1986)

Altirra v2.30  [15.05.2013]

features added

  • Cartridge: SIC! cartridges can now be switched between Am29F040B and SST39SF040 flash chip emulation in Options.
  • Debugger: History pane supports horizontal scrolling and hiding S/P registers.
  • Debugger: Added .readmem command.
  • Debugger: .basic_dumpline command now handles DATA statements and decodes variable names.
  • Debugger: The ESC key moves from several debugger panes to the Console pane.
  • Debugger: Added set tracepoint (bt) command.
  • Debugger: Added deref signed dword (dsd) operator.
  • Debugger: Added brief (-b) format to .sio command.
  • Debugger: .tapedata command now supports seeking options and reports gaps.
  • Debugger: Added .reload command.
  • Disk: Folders can now be mounted as virtual disk images using the SpartaDOS file system.
  • Display: Normal overscan mode now only shows 224 scanlines in NTSC mode instead of 240.
  • Display: Altered full screen resolution selection to allow possibly unsupported modes for better access to 50Hz refresh modes.
  • IDE: Added SIDE 2 support.
  • MMU: Added support for Axlon banked memory.
  • Simulation: Split XL/XE hardware into separate XL and XE modes to handle hardware differences.
  • UI: Full-screen mode can now be used when paused.
  • UI: Added full-screen versions of the Boot Image file browser and emulation error dialog.
  • UI: Added initial UI bindings for controllers (under the Console controller).
  • UI: Added on-screen keyboard (activated by UI Option from main screen).
  • UI: Improved text rendering quality.
  • UI: Right-drag drop brings up a context menu with mounting options.
  • UI: Panes can now be stacked with tabs.
  • VBXE: Updated core support to 1.24, including a/r flag in bit 7 of the MINOR_REVISION register.

bugs fixed

  • 65C816: The abs,X, abs,Y, (dp),Y, [dp],Y and (d,S),Y addressing modes can now cross bank boundaries.
  • 65C816: An additional instruction is no longer executed after WAI before servicing the interrupt.
  • 65C816: JMP (abs) now always reads from bank 0 instead of the data bank.
  • 65C816: JMP (abs,X), and JSR (abs,X) now read from the program bank rather than the data bank.
  • 65C816: Fixed switch between DL=0 and DL!=0 in emulation mode not taking effect immediately.
  • 65C816: Indexed modes now properly take an additional cycle for writes and for 16-bit index registers.
  • 65C816: The d,S addressing mode can now index out of page one in emulation mode.
  • 65C816: d,S and (d,S),Y now always read from bank 0.
  • 65C816: 16-bit stack operations can access page zero and page two in emulation mode.
  • 65C816: TCS/TXS can no longer change SH in emulation mode.
  • Debugger: .tracecio now reports correct status.
  • Debugger: Fixed an issue with stack overflow in History pane on very deep recursion.
  • Debugger: Verifier now allows jumps to the CIO device initialization vectors.
  • Debugger: Fixed incorrect wrapping of zero page indexed addressing modes in disassembly.
  • Debugger: Threaded static trace (st) command.
  • Debugger: e (enter) now follows normal expression evaluation rules.
  • Debugger: Fixed disassembly of PEA ($F4) opcode.
  • Debugger: PHX and PHY no longer create bogus call trees in the History window in 16-bit indexing mode.
  • Debugger: Fixed disassembly of opcodes with the (d,S),Y addressing mode.
  • Debugger: Corrected off-by-one index handling in .unloadsym command.
  • Debugger: Fixed blowup with memory access breakpoints in GTIA range with VBXE enabled.
  • Disk: Status byte 1 bit 5 is now updated after a Write PERCOM Block command.
  • Display: Fixed a crash when Direct3D 11 is enabled and fails to initialize.
  • Display: Fixed alignment errors in OS Screen Only mode with extended PAL height enabled.
  • Display: Enabled frame skip and reduced latency in full screen vsync mode.
  • GTIA: Player/missile size code %10 can now trigger shifter lockup.
  • GTIA: Improved accuracy of mid-shift size changes.
  • HLE: Fixed editor tab commands.
  • HLE: Fixed bug with init segment dispatching.
  • IDE: READ SECTOR and WRITE SECTOR commands now allow up to 256 sector transfers.
  • IDE: READ MULTIPLE and WRITE MULTIPLE commands now produce errors when multiple mode is disabled.
  • IDE: The block size set by the SET MULTIPLE MODE command is now reflected in IDENTIFY DEVICE output.
  • Input: Fixed MultiJoy #8 input conflict.
  • LLE: Fixed system reset NMI handling.
  • LLE: Implemented PBI handler and CIO support.
  • LLE: Keyboard routines now update ATACHR.
  • LLE: Fixed editor tab set/clear commands.
  • LLE: Added printer (P:) device support.
  • LLE: Added light pen/gun support.
  • MMU: Fixed crashes accessing high 65C816 memory in the x64 version.
  • MMU: VBXE can now properly overlay Covox.
  • POKEY: Fixed timers 3+4 occasionally not being shut off when switching to asynchronous receive mode.
  • POKEY: Fixed timers 1-3 having the wrong offset when underflowing immediately before a write to STIMER.
  • POKEY: Corrected start timing of polynomial counters.
  • POKEY: Corrected audio pattern for 9-bit and 17-bit polynomial counters (was incorrectly inverted).
  • Recorder: Fixed 8-bit uncompressed output.
  • Recorder: Minor fixes to compressor.
  • Serial: SIO emulation level setting is now saved correctly.
  • VBXE: Writing a '1' to the blitter start bit no longer aborts an active blit.


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