[Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.3 6/04/2023

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[Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.3 6/04/2023

Nowa wersja emulatora arcade Raine. Poprawki, poprawki i jeszcze raz poprawki.

Raine v0.95.3 6/04/2023

Fixes only this time, there were quite a few annoying ones, plus a surprise from long past, a fix for 64street & chimerab attract mode! For these 2 to say the truth the fix itself was found by Haze for mame around version 0.170 so quite a long time ago already, and then found in the github web interface by Antiriad, and finally adapted by me to raine ! This bug made me crazy, such a simple memory map for such a crazy effect, no move during attact mode... It turns out it's something very similar to the nmk driver, they push what they can do with the 68000 to the limit, write bytes are mirrored to words in their main ram ! Actually this bug had been here since 0.28 and before, but I saw it only when testing the turbo key behavior, so it's a very special bug !!!

Anyway except that the more classical bug fixes are :

  •  better message for broken ips .dat files
  •  Ignore repeated keys ! I had some trouble with the turbo key DEL, which must be held down as long as you want the acceleration to occur, but after a while it created havoc. It's because sdl2 handles key repetition and I missed it completely ! It's fixed now.
  • console: fix breakpoints for 68k cpus which I had stupidly broken when adding the z80 breakpoints !
  • The multiple files selector used for ips dat files doesn't loose its selection anymore when resizing the windows
  • Still for ips dat files: when no dat files are selected delete the corresponding ini file when leaving the directory or closing the dialog
  •  some more fixes to this multiple files selector... !
  •  a fix for a crash I got in the console while copying and pasting info from the console
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.5e 01/06/2023

Raine v0.95.5e 01/06/2023

Ok 0.95.5e posted, no dll inside, you'll have to download the dlls32-0.95 or dlls64-0.95 package again if you install in an empty dir, sdl2 got updated to 2.26.5.

The changes are:

  • a lot of neogeo games which had an horizontal resolution of 304 pixels are back to the normal 320 value, that's the biggest fix in this one. sfz3j which had been removed in 0.95.5d is back since sfa3 doesn't contain the text from japan !
  • Also removed the japan region for all the sfa3 games and clones.
  • And re-enabled the workaround for some green colors in windows when displaying the green cross in the gui, I can't reproduce anymore this one here, mer-curious is the only one who can for now, more feedback welcome.


→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.5d 28/05/2023

Raine v0.95.5d 28/05/2023

  • And I just posted the binary for 0.95.5d, the very last update for this 0.95.5 version. Just what we discussed in the past week, some improvements for the ips support (mainly load_continue support, but also the way the .dat files text is displayed), and the option to mute the sfa3 announcer in sound options.

Raine v0.95.5c 21/05/2023

  • just posted 0.95.5c version, there are very few changes inside, mainly the few text changes from mer-curious, the change to allow more ips files, 2 new cheat files from ffman1985: sfa3 and sfa3jr2, and that's all. It's just that there is nothing big in the works for now, so there is no real reason to wait for the ips fix.
  • 0.95.5b was linux only to fix a make install problem.
  • And there should not be any 0.95.5d !

Raine v0.95.5b

  • ???

Raine v0.95.5 14/05/2023

It started by ffman1985 scripts. Found a way to make them compatible with the normal cps2 versions and not just the phoenix versions. Then he noticed the sound associations didn't work well in cps2, normal since they were never really tested. He says there is a site in the internet with re-arranged versions of the cps2 tracks which sounds very nice with the associations... so they are fixed now, it was much easier than neogeo, their major commands stay the same for all drivers. Then I used the cheats to convert some region bytes switches to some regions which can be changed in raine gui, it allowed to identify region clones, that is clones whose only difference is the region byte itself, and get rid of them since we can now change the region to whatever we want. Notice some games like choko don't have english texts for the non japenese versions, which is not a surprise. Then there was the problem of some long standing graphical glitches because of the dreaded priority masks. So I finally added some emulation for these priority masks, it's quite amazing that the driver worked quite well without them for all this time actually ! (and thanks go to mame for their code, even if I couldn't believe it for very long, they probably spent a long time to find this).

Except that :

  •  the list of games now using the console scripts from ffman1985 is longer, see his thread for details. Here it is: hsf2d, sf2cejc, sf2ce, sf2hfj, sf2hf, sf2j, sf2, sf2ad, sfa, sfz2ald, sfz2alj, sfz2al, ssf2ud, ssf2xjd, ssf2xj, xmcotar1d
  •   progear had been broken for 1 year ! It's now fixed.
  •  the ips files can now be bps files when referenced in a .dat file. If you don't know what bps files are, never mind !
  •   some minor fixes in the multiple files selector for "load ips dat files"
  •  since they never fixed sdl2_image 2.6.x which does not return palettes anymore for 256 colors png, I finally merged the right version of their load_png function to be able to keep the color cycling in the raine dialog on systems with a recent sdl2_image (linux only !)
  •  raine can optionally be compiled using clang, it's mainly useful for debuging
  •  add back button in game controllers to switch between dialog headers and main parts in the gui
  •   Plus some minor stuff... !


Raine v0.95.4b 26/04/2023

  • And you got a 0.95.4b, a bug specific to windows and which doesn’t happen all the time displayed very weird script error messages. And the lua label was missing for the lua console script for sf2, that’s all so it’s sill 0.95.4, just an update.
→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.2 2/04/2023

Raine v0.95.2 2/04/2023

  • there were a few bugs in accessing some files in the appimage which pushed me to fix quite a few paths which were wrong also for windows, it's a miracle that some functions worked in windows, maybe I didn't test them enough, and it explains mer-curious problems with the ips files ! (and it's a crazy bug, sometimes a path with / is accepted, but sometimes not)...

Raine v0.95.1 1/04/2023

  • a lot related to the new file selector for the ips dat files
  •  supports some very basic editing of the .ini files in the ips directory, don't abuse it, these files are not supposed to be edited, but it should tolerate // at the beginning of a line and empty lines
  • Sample rate was wrongly initialized to 11 KHz if you launched raine without any config file (brand new install) and called the sound options dialog before loading any game. Most users would change manually this frequency rate in this case, but anyway... ! Now the sample rate take is the one returned by SDL_GetAudioDeviceSpec in all cases.
  • speed hacks are disabled by default in neogeo options, too tiresome to track the list of games which don't support them.
  • the music which was gone during the neogeo logo for aodk is back ! It was related to some very technical neogeo hardware initialization, see the source if you want details.

Raine v0.95 24/02/2023

  • an old bug in sdl2-2.0.20 which obliged me to make a workaround seems to have disappeared, the checkboxes are all green again in the windows version of raine (there was exactly 1 white line before to work around this bug, it was barely noticeable).
  • move "preload ips" to the game selection dialog, idea from mer-curious and he was right on this one.
  • the crash when there is an empty ips folder and you select anyway "preload ips dat file" and then click on the ".." which appears is fixed, you won't even see the .. now, you'll just get an error message telling the directory is empty !
  • it's advised to update for all windows users, the new packages are dlls32-0.95.7z for 32 bits and dlls64-0.95.7z for 64 bits.
→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.94.12b 20/02/2023

Raine v0.94.12b 20/02/2023

  • Mostly for using SLASH[0] instead of '/' to separate directories otherwise it isn't compatible with windows, but except that I had the time for :
    • Fixed a few stupid segfaults in the console due to the recent script changes
    • I had forgotten to include some cheat file for the new kof2002 clone, it's fixed.
  • while I was at it I added an experimental script to block the selection timer in kof97 since it seems it's impossible to find an ips which doesn't conflict with the training mode to do it. It works, but once you have selected your character you must disable the script otherwise the game will never start !

Raine v0.94.12 20/02/2023

Yeah this version is mainly about the support of these ips files found on the net, the best source so far was found by mer-curious, see his topic on the subject in the forum if you are interested. So the dat files and the ips must be placed in an ips directory that raine will create next time you run it, or you can create it yourself (for linux it's in ~/.raine/ips ). The format is the one already used by these packs of dat files you can find on the net, subdirectories with the short name of the game containing the dat files + ips files related. A word of caution: it's the crazy bootleg world, some patches are not stable alone, and you add to the risk if you enable more than one, raine will warn you about conflicts it finds while applying the patches though.
So the 2 ways to apply them are through the command "preload ips dat file" which appears at the top of the main menu if no game has been loaded. It opens a file selector where you can select any dat file you want to add for a particular game in the ips directory. Your choice is saved in this same ips directory in an ini file with the short name of the game. You can either return to this function later to uncheck the dat files you chose if you don't want them anymore or just delete the ini file. Raine will check for conflicts when you load the corresponding game and will warn about them at the end of loading.
And the other is once the game is loaded, it can be applied only to code roms, from ips files only, not dat files, and it works only when the rom patched is in the right format, it's very specific and it was the only thing I wanted to add at first before being convinced to add the rest.

Except these ips features, you'll find :

  •  a new kof2002 clone, kf2k5uni which was mainly added to test an ips dat file... !
  •   a new setting to choose to have the profiler (f11 key) to display its % based on sdl2 performance counters instead of the rdtsc. It's a good option if the frequency of your cpu changes all the time, it's a good try if you have doubts about the results anyway.
  • a new script command: stop, see help in the console for details.
→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.94.11 17/02/2023

Raine v0.94.11 17/02/2023

I hadn't planned to make a 0.94.11, but things didn't go as planned, and ffman1985 found new ideas to make crazy scripts, so...

  • daioh displays correctly its controls in the gui, and not as a 6 buttons fighting game anymore
  • update for the turbo key (DEL by default): it was still displaying the fps as an int when it has been a float for years now, so its   display was totally wrong, it now displays the fps reached while the speed was unlimited, and opengl double buffer is temporary disabled when using this so that the speed is not limited by the video hardware.
  • fix bad color for the status bar in the cheats dialog when there is a message...
  • fix for a crash in 32 bits, it happened in linux, but it could happen in windows too, it was a stack misalignment because starscream uses 4 bytes boundaries and the SSE functions in sdl2 require 16 bytes boundaries (which is huge !). There is a function attribute to fix that, so it's fixed simply but it was hard to find.

Except that on scripts

  • you can now make hidden scripts which don't show in the gui dialog. It's useful only if you want to start it like you would call a procedure in a high level language by using the start_script command. It allows to move a block from a script there. It's more an experiment, I find the thing hard to use, but it was easy to make, so I keep it in case it's useful one day. Just replace the "script" command by "hidden", same arguments, same syntax, it just doesn't appear in the gui.
  • Better error messages: I added the error messages at lightning speed, but there were case where they were really not very helpful. Now you can see which script triggered the error, in which section and what line. And if it's in a run: section, the script is stopped to avoid an endless loop of errors !
  • poke extension, can use a string of any length as the value to poke, the string must be enclosed between ' ' or " ", there is a foum post with an example, and it's in use in the xmcotar1d script (Console script).
  • The big optimization of the scripts: they now preserve their parsed result to avoid to redo the stuff in each frame. Now I got some very strange behavior from windows and I still didn't understand everything here, but windows execution appears slower than linux for some reason (see the script cpu load in the Misc section of the profile display, f11 key). The 64 bits binary seems ok, I am not totally sure about the 32 bits binary, I saw it working well, but not always ! I don't know what triggers this slowdown, maybe with time I'll have more ideas. What I can say is that even when it works at its best, it's still slower than the linux version, I get 2% only in Misc while the console script is in startup (when you just start it), even with a non optimized debug build ! So see by yourself, your results might vary.


Raine v0.94.10 6/01/2023

The big focus of this one is the fix around the cps2 driver for the win64 binary, but since these are some bugs which can affect all the versions even if it's less obvious for the others, everyone should update. See the forum thread for the gory details about this bug.

Except that :

  • added some rnd() function to the console to get some random number, help included, I also added some help for the basic peek/dpeek/lpeek functions.
  • New GUI options: "background animation" to eventually stop the background animation for those who suffer from motion sickness, and "Autostart drivers", essentially for me, when I don't want the driver to start in the background as soon as it's loaded.
  • some minor text changes "Action Replay cheats" -> "Game cheats".
  • Oh yeah there is an optional update for the dlls, I removed 4 dlls from the big list by tweaking the build settings for freetype, these are not the biggest ones, but they sure were useless in windows, so it's a little better. You can keep the old version, the update doesn't bring anything except removing these 4 dlls, and I should probably rename the dlls to some other package because I am bound to have some incompatibilities with old versions, but it will be for next time... !
  • And I finally used a script to update the windows binaries to avoid the kind of mistake of last time !


Raine v0.94.9 4/01/2023

Bigger archive than usual because new sdl + new muparser + new history.dat inside !

Except that :

  •  it's mostly the big update of the translations. I couldn't contact the spanish or the italian translator, so only the french and brazilian ones are really updated, for the others it's just the minimum updates so that they continue to work. mer-curious sent more patches to change some texts in the english GUI too.
  • added some console functions to handle save states from a post in the forum, we'll see if it's useful or not
  • added the ability to choose a japanese font, see the thread about that in the forum for details (it's optional). For the drivers which had a japanese name, you can now see it from the About dialog, "Driver information"
  • fix a weird crash in windows 64 bits only when using -nogui and a cps2 game (probably related to gcc, used a dummy statement to work around it), and fix another bug related to -nogui when you call the cheat dialog using the keyboard shortcut despite the fact that you started with -nogui !
  •  arkangc : finally discovered that the 1st bit of the dipswitch is used for the initial ball speed in this version, it's now handled correctly (I used the cheats to control the ball speed with it so far).
  • fixed some bug in the controls related to mouse buttons, especially for the right mouse button (found out while trying to use the new trick to access the 50 last levels in "arkanoid returns", there is another topic in the forum about that).
  • fixed controller mapping while translating it: the joystick index was wrong, and the window to define the mapping only appeared the 1st time you used this function !


→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.94.8 21/12/2022
Fire Shark (Toaplan Co., Ltd., 1989)

Raine v0.94.8 21/12/2022

  • It's mainly to give a binary to those who don't compile from git, because there was a bad bug in 0.94.7 which broke the region switch in all the games which had one ! So basically, it's just this fix, + the fixes for soldam discussed in a recent forum's thread. Sorry, I had my share of problems this month, so no shiny new additions, just some official binaries for this important fix (it was because of mer-curious changes in the menus, but I should have noticed it, I wasn't careful enough).
→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.94.7 16/10/2022

Raine v0.94.7 16/10/2022

  • There was a big bug related to cheats in 0.94.6, some games lost most of their cheats because of it, so that's the main fix of this version, and if you don't use them you can skip this update if you like ! Still about cheats the mouse didn't work in the cheats dialog and for some reason it took more than 1 year to get noticed, I know I use mainly the keyboard in raine, but it's strange nobody reported it earlier ! And the new kof clones get some cheats too.
  • Except that mer-curious continued his quest to fix the texts of the interface, since I didn't update the translations accordingly yet you might see some english text appear in some places if using one of the translations.

Raine v0.94.6 13/10/2022

  • Finished galaga, savegames are more reliable and added a cheat to select the starting stage
  • revamped the "most played games" in the game selection dialog, now you can choose between "most played" and "most recent", which opens a new dialog with all the games you played. The list of "most recent games" is initialized the 1st time from the dates of the game files in savedata, if you kept them.
  •  5 new kof hacks found by ffman1985. These are quite good hacks, it's for kof super fans only of course, and most of them can't be found in the internet archive (but kof2000ps2 can !).
  • a few fixes for the console
  • mer-curious changed a few texts around the interface, and I updated the translations so they continue to work anyway.

Raine v0.94.5 06/10/2022

Galaga (Namco, 1981)
  • Yeah galaga after all this time, talked about adding it long ago, I didn't forget, it just took me very long to find the motivation. Read the details and how to have the explosion sound there 
  • It comes with an update to history.dat and hiscore.dat, which makes the archive slightly bigger than usual. There is also a cheat file.
  • except that: another fix for multiple cpu games which tend to hang (got the case with bublbobl, what a shame), I really hope it's the last time, it should. And another one for -nogui on the command line, when trying to load a neocd game (it worked with normal arcade games). This combination was probably not used by lots of people for sure. And a fix when taking screenshots from a window with an odd width (like 773), it could produce a very distorted image. I have no idea how my window reached such a width to produce this result, but at least it allowed me to fix one more bug !
  • And lots of improvement for the sound associations, new games supported, and improvements for quite a lot which were already supported, find the details in the forum if you are interested. There was also a fix for the automatic "skip silence" used for audio tracks which could eat the beginning of the actual track in some situations. (thanks to ffman1985 for all his tests and suggestions)


→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.94.4 22/09/2022
Zombie Raid (American Sammy Corporation, 1995)

Raine v0.94.4 22/09/2022

  • An amazing bug was fixed which made it impossible to run a game from the command line in windows... and it's been here for very long. Does it mean that nobody use frontends with raine anymore in windows ?
  •  Big acceleration in the console for mouse tracking (which displays some underlying text in reverse video), and scrolling speed once the window has reached its maximum size (actually you don't even see it scrolling anymore, but the result seems good). Also added some colors and sorted the commands for the help command.
  • Improvements for the sound associations for real bout fatal fury and samurai shodown, hoping it didn't break any other game... !!!
  • I forgot to commit the sound association fixes to git, so they were not included in the linux binaries. I just rebuilt them because of that, 0.94.4a, linux only, windows had them.

Raine v0.94.3 19/09/2022

  • This one is mainly for linux since these leds emulation can't be done in window
  • fixed a big bug where games with more than 1 cpu of the same type like darius would break during the intro behind the menu. This one has been there for a long time, so either nobody played with these old games, or they didn't bother to report it !
  • Improvement to sound associations for rbff2
  • command.dat included is shorter which makes a smaller archive (removed useless stuff).
  • Also for some unknown reason, command.dat was bundled with the windows version, but not the linux version ! It's now fixed, and it's in git too.

Raine v0.94.2 17/09/2022

  • In the gui only the left stick and buttons 0 & 1 are now handled
  • sound associations improvements for kof94/95, and enable this for samsho4 and real bout fatal fury 2.
  • the hiscore.dat file is smaller, got rid of a ton of useless stuff in it.

Raine v0.94.1 10/09/2022

  • It's just the silly bugs reported in the thread of the previous version fixed, nothing more, no comment... ! (can't load two neogeo cd games in a row, the emulator "can't find the iso" on the second game launched then crashes.)

Raine v0.94 10/09/2022

Main changes :

  • the new "most played games" feature, which shows the 5 most played games sorted by time in the game selection dialog. You can get details about that in the forum. It wouldn't be too hard to add a dialog to get the stats for all the games played and not only the 5 tops, eventually for later. More details on how it works can be found in the forum.
  •  A small fix for downloads with curl, if downloading a clone and the parent was not in the last rom directory tested it was downloading the parent even if it was already in another rom directory, should be fine now.
  •  A long overdue update for the profile display (the one where you get % times in the upper right corner of the screen). In all  the time since I added support for sdl, I never realized that all the sound processing was done in a separate thread, so the profiling must be moved there. This makes the display more precise, also the results are rounded now instead of truncated.
  •  The slow down in kof97 for the 64 bits version was found and fixed.
  • double buffer gets a "forced" option to ignore completely adaptive vsync, need more feedback on this from testers to see if it's really useful.
  • a workaround for sdl-image 2.6.2 which doesn't handle png files with a palette anymore, preventing the colors from the raine logo to cycle ! I can't do anything about it for now, so in this case the logo is displayed statically without color cycling, but it's advised not to update the sdl2_image.dll for now (or equivalent in linux). It will help for linux distributions like arch where 2.6.2 is already the official version, I posted this to their bug tracker so we can hope a solution will be found.
  • quite a few memwatch fixes, most of them were harmless, a few in the console might have been useful, I fixed them without investigating.
  • kurikinj is removed because it's exactly the same romset as kurkint except for the region byte, making this version the 1st version which actually supports less roms than the previous one ! More details about that in the forum too.
  • quite a few hiscores updates in the hiscore.dat file ! Now that it's bundled with the raine binary and in git too, it's easier to make our own updates on it. Actually I had added some scores in it for old games from the multi15 rom a long time ago, around 2019, but they were clearly lost in a hiscore.dat update, so I have put them back in, mostly for some pacman clones, adding xenrev which never had a hiscore entry before (the main goal of this version is to make the player lose !). Also battle bakraid finally gets a hiscore entry for its normal and unlimited versions.


→ [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.93.5d 30/06/2022

Raine v0.93.5d 30/06/2022

  • fixed crash triggered when using the mouse to navigate the "Change/Load Rom" menu

Raine v0.93.5c 29/06/2022

  • Ok, so the error was very limited, forgot a variable was linked to menu_disp and not to menu directly, which is normal since this code is almost never changed, I should just have waited longer to check things, blame the covid for that ! So it makes a new binary for a 1 line change only !

Raine v0.93.5b 27/06/2022

  •  Ok finally found mer-curious inversion problem, the 64 bits version doesn't have the same indexes for this dialog, so I check directly the labels now to work around that... !
  • And finally fixed the inputs dialog problem when using the mouse (index error).

Raine v0.93.5a 24/06/2022

  • 93.5a, still shows 0.93.5 in the about dialog, it just fixes the disappeared "joysticks indexes" in the controls dialog

Raine v0.93.5 24/06/2022

  • ...some fixes and little improvements here and there. Actually 0.93.4 was using libmpg123 for mp3 decoding, and this version reverts to the decoder included in sdl2_sound, which makes quite a mess in the dlls. So the dlls are updated for this version, be sure to update from the right dlls package (32 or 64 bits). The unofficial binaries I released in the forum had at least a bug to load any neocd game, that's why I finally release this binary with everything fixed and tidy. You can see the changes in git, nothing exciting here as I said, I started to remove the old analog input section from inputs which has been broken for ages, but so far the new way to handle this works only for chasehq & contcirc. I had planned to add a new driver with something more consequent for these new inputs, but I missed time and motivation for that..
wstecz07/04/2023 00:04
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