[Arcade] Raine v0.64.16

[0] @ !!! środa, 26 Grudnia 2018 01:30 CET [26-12-2018 01:29 CET]

[Arcade] Raine v0.64.16

Raine wzbogaciło się o kolejną edycję i nowy grywalny tytuł:  Fairy Land Story.

Raine 0.64.16

There were quite a few fixes since the last released binary, and even « fairy land story » which is now playable (and it was way harder than what I had anticipated, a very old game, but not an easy one !). There are no major fixes anyway, see the git log and post here if you are interested !


Revision 1398

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 24 grudnia 2018 23:33:35

  • 0.64.16
  • enough fixes for a new binary I guess... !

Revision 1397

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 24 grudnia 2018 23:33:35

  • 0.64.16
  • enough fixes for a new binary I guess... !

Revision 1396

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 18 grudnia 2018 17:05:23

  • history: search separately for the game and its parent
  • With the latest history.dat it was impossible to get the history of some
  • neogeo games because neogeo was placed before in the file (tested with
  • wakuwak7, I actually wonder if it ever worked).
  • Anyway the fix is simple, just search the whole file for the game first
  • and only then search for the parent if nothing was found.

Revision 1395

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: środa, 10 października 2018 21:14:43

  • raine.h: use the NO_ASM define
  • it didn't create any bug when compiling on an x86 chip, but when
  • compiling on anything else it had to assemble some x86 asm code... !

Revision 1394

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: środa, 10 października 2018 21:11:17

  • loadroms: fix a bug in handling multiple layouts / region
  • normally the end of GFX_LIST should be
  • { 0, NULL }
  • except there is a lot of
  • { -1 }
  • instead. I guess it comes from mame, but there are quite a few in the
  • sources already, so it obliges me to change the test to detect the end
  • of the list. It created a flipped screen in dkong for example !
  • The -1 shouldn't even be accepted by the compiler since it's an UINT32
  • here... !

Revision 1393

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 15 września 2018 14:49:20

  • dos about game dialog: fix buffer overflow !
  • if history is too big for this game, happened for bublbobl !
  • And while I was at it, I doubled the buffer

Revision 1392

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 15 września 2018 09:02:47

  • init sound emulators even when no sound
  • this fixes drivers which can't work without sound, like acrobat mission

Revision 1391

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 15 września 2018 00:59:00

  • some fixes for the very old dos gcc !

Revision 1390

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 15 września 2018 00:58:09

  • flstory: remove goto_debuger

Revision 1389

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 15 września 2018 00:01:49

  • raine.c: remove the useless r in the printfs !
  • These have survived way too long, inherited from the very old dos days,
  • + they are totally useless and produce some annoying chars when
  • redirecting the output to a file in linux

Revision 1388

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 14 września 2018 23:55:54

  • dialogs/about: buffer overflow of 1 char !
  • on the cpu model name if very long, it was trigerred only with an
  • optimized build, while displaying the about dialog after having played
  • for some time to get the frequency of the cpu on the same line !
  • 1 char only !

Revision 1387

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 14 września 2018 23:55:22

  • cpuid: remove spaces at end of model name

Revision 1386

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 20 lipca 2018 17:13:09

  • -geometry: handle +xoff+yoff in linux too

Revision 1385

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 22 czerwca 2018 16:52:23

  • flstory: add comments about video priorities

Revision 1384

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 22 czerwca 2018 14:38:24

  • fix warnings of gcc-7.3
  • almost entierly about sprintf: I changed this to snprintf but disabled
  • the warning about format truncation, I don't like to have super long
  • strings everywhere and if we reach the limit it will be a bug anyway
  • even if the snprintf will avoid a buffer overlow

Revision 1383

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2018 13:03:52

  • makefile: handle LDFLAGS too... (wonder if LFLAGS is a typo ?)

Revision 1382

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2018 13:00:10

  • xsystem2: insectx_charlayout isn't used yet

Revision 1381

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2018 12:59:05

  • makefile: use local static SDL_sound if it exists

Revision 1380

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 29 kwietnia 2018 00:56:31

  • filter_history: add special cases for battleg, tnzsb and tnzs2

Revision 1379

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 29 kwietnia 2018 00:54:14

  • history: search the parent if the clone is not found
  • Actually it searches the parent and the clone together which can be a
  • problem if there are seperate records for both, but it's extremely rare,
  • and since there are quite a few clones which are not referenced it's
  • probably better like that.

Revision 1378

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 23 kwietnia 2018 07:31:17

  • debian updates
  • debian-neoraine should have been removed long ago
  • and finally update the description in control for the main debian
  • package

Revision 1377

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: poniedziałek, 23 kwietnia 2018 07:30:28

  • gen_packages: gpg must be able to use pinentry-tty

Revision 1376

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 17 kwietnia 2018 00:54:50

  • flstory: mono sound
  • the game uses some mono chips, since raine sound interface is stereo
  • they must be declared as centered, otherwise they are all on the left

Revision 1375

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2018 01:16:15

  • flstory: some more volume adjustments
  • and print the "jump to ram" message only when the address is unknown,
  • which should not happen anymore anyway !

Revision 1374

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 22:54:12

  • flstory: forgot flipped tiles and removed debug msgs

Revision 1373

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 21:43:29

  • strengthen the flstory mcu !
  • I filled the jump addresses in ram with the table at $740, if I didn't
  • miss anything that should be all of it, it should never break anymore !

Revision 1372

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 21:08:11

  • a better fix for the console (get_regs)
  • init_scripts must be called after reset_game_hardware

Revision 1371

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 20:19:26

  • make ym3812 optional for soundcfg

Revision 1370

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 20:18:48

  • maintenance for cz80
  • flstory works with it, not bad !

Revision 1369

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 20:16:43

  • flstory: and the sound
  • still some small problems linked to transparency with priorities (title
  • screen when inserting a coin, the character is half hidden)

Revision 1368

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 20:14:32

  • fl_mcu: diet
  • remove all the debuging stuff, except fatal conditions and most of the unused
  • rom part

Revision 1367

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 20:00:47

  • add the msm5232 sound chip from mame

Revision 1366

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 09:21:29

  • flstory: fix bad palette bank and tilemap priority
  • and remove some debug messages

Revision 1365

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 03:22:14

  • flstory: some crazy patching for the mcu !
  • the main cpu sends a command to jump in ram where there is a jump to
  • some address in rom. So I tried to read these adresses one by one and
  • create labels to make them accessible. With this flstory finally becomes
  • playable, at least level 1 that I tried !
  • Some sprites still have bad colors and there is no sound, but it's great
  • anyway ! :)

Revision 1364

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 03:21:07

  • 68705: z is inverted but IF_CC_HI was wrong anyway

Revision 1363

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2018 01:07:31

  • console: bad fix, don't call mz80GetContext in get_regs
  • causing a crash when starting bublbobl for example

Revision 1362

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 23:22:48

  • the fl_mcu.c file produced by the 68705 recompiler
  • and modified by me, I added the mcu related functions, + some hacks so
  • that the rom is usable, it's mandatory in its current state.
  • As it is now, it starts, it sends the correct rom crc, and after that it
  • sends rubbish, I don't know why, probably some other bugs inside !

Revision 1361

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 23:17:20

  • some work on heavy unit and flstory
  • they are still both broken, but since there was a lot of work done and I
  • am starting to get pissed off at the 68705 recompiler, I'll commit
  • anyway. The mcu is still broken for flstory, it's the biggest problem.

Revision 1360

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 23:16:15

  • loadroms: handle more than 1 layout / region
  • it dynamically creates a new gfx region for the new layout in this case

Revision 1359

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 15:18:21

  • z80: give the z80 number in all debug info

Revision 1358

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 02:07:38

  • console: do_cpu didn't call switch_cpu ??!!!

Revision 1357

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 02:06:47

  • get_code_range: z80 does not always have a 64k base

Revision 1356

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: sobota, 7 kwietnia 2018 00:30:52

  • console: avoid possible crash when switching cpus

Revision 1355

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 6 kwietnia 2018 21:33:36

  • 68705 converter: fix sta (x+...)

Revision 1354

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 6 kwietnia 2018 02:35:02

  • console: fix do_int for the z80

Revision 1353

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: środa, 4 kwietnia 2018 20:57:18

  • 68705: add the 2 missing awk files and fix warnings

Revision 1352

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018 18:36:07

  • conv_dsw: better handling of DIPNAME

Revision 1351

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018 13:37:04

  • save history only when there is something to save !

Revision 1350

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018 13:33:04

  • perl scripts improvements
  • switch genres to gdbm instead of ndbm for an obscure incompatibility
  • with debian

Revision 1349

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2018 13:10:06

  • console: save/reload history of console commands by game

Revision 1348

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 22:43:25

  • resize bg bitmap when resizing raine window !
  • Actually the gamebitmap didn't need to be rebuilt while just resizing
  • the window. If it's preserved then it becomes trivial to update the bg
  • bitmap in the window when it's resized.

Revision 1347

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 19:20:42

  • cave/ddonpach: hack to skip pause between letters on copyright screen

Revision 1346

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 18:26:05

  • xsystem2: now extrmatn
  • it keeps its name for compatibility with old sets and adds the mame name
  • to its DIR_INFO: extrmatnu, this way it's compatible with both.

Revision 1345

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 15:23:25

  • dkong: remove the annoying warning about unused flame

Revision 1344

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 11:39:11

  • slight changes for the perl scripts

Revision 1343

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 11:38:12

  • xsystem2: improve rom loading for tnzsb & arknoid2
  • + fix a dipswitch for tnzsb
  • This makes the file quite smaller & more readable
  • the tnzs sets are more compatible with mame

Revision 1342

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2018 11:38:12

  • add AddZ80CRW, AddZ80CRead, AddZ80CWrite

Revision 1341

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 21:28:38

  • toaplan1: add comments, and change long name for truxton

Revision 1340

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 21:17:21

  • toaplan1: add sound for vimana !
  • thanks to the code from mame actually.
  • It's a z180, but it's compatible with the z80 and works flawlessly with
  • mz80 !

Revision 1339

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 18:30:04

  • some diet for snowbros while testing stuff...

Revision 1338

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 17:33:12

  • toaplan1: vimana was forgotten, and invert sprites/layers prio
  • for the priority, it shows when entering a score in hellfire: the
  • letter is in PF4 and there is a sprite with the same priority to show
  • the selection mark. So if you draw sprites over layers which have the
  • same priority you don't see the letter anymore !
  • Not sure it doesn't create a problem elsewhere, for now I didn't find
  • any.
  • Also vimana1 becomes vimanaj

Revision 1337

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 10:54:09

  • some more fixes found by gcc-6.4

Revision 1336

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 10:53:31

  • console: fix an extreme case
  • when sp gets out of ram, it can crash the console... !

Revision 1335

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 10:50:53

  • toaplan1: mostly rewritten !
  • It all started to fix a mis-alignment of 2 lines in outzone
  • and finally updated most romsets to match mame, added some interesting
  • clones for outzone and demonwld, fixed some dipswitches and fixed the
  • alignment issues.
  • I made some tests with a priority bitmap to handle priorities instead of
  • what we currently have here and I am not convinced it's necessary yet.

Revision 1334

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: piątek, 30 marca 2018 10:50:25

  • add finish_conf_z80

Revision 1333

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 29 marca 2018 14:56:27

  • update perl conversions
  • get_genres goes to an external module to be used by conv_roms and now
  • uses wikipedia mostly.
  • conv_roms does some very basic GAME conversion so that conv_clones can
  • be called after it.

Revision 1332

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 29 marca 2018 01:18:39

  • toaplan1: outzone was totally forgotten !
  • There was a slight offset error on the layers of outzone
  • and while I was at it I commented out x_ofs array which is not used
  • after all !

Revision 1331

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 29 marca 2018 00:35:46

  • bbbuster becomes b2b apparently !

Revision 1330

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 29 marca 2018 00:35:30

  • some more space for "fps"...

Revision 1329

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: czwartek, 29 marca 2018 00:00:46

  • include "." when checking an extension
  • it was impossible to launch zingzip from the command line because of
  • that !

Revision 1328

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: środa, 28 marca 2018 19:57:04

  • some interesting bugs found by gcc 6.4

Revision 1327

Author: emmanuel.anne | Date: środa, 28 marca 2018 19:37:27

  • filter_history.pl: to make the official history.dat more raine friendly
NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.96.9 Fix 17/06/2024

Raine v0.96.9 17/04/2024

  • Mainly because I broke the top of the main menu in the previous version ! 1 line fix, but an important one... !!!
  • Anyway except this one I manage to fix some alignment issues in sfz3mix (16 pixels on the right for scrll2, scroll3 and the sprites, I can't say I had a lot of time to test it, but it looks better).
  • And a fix for a mer-curious crash, see his thread for the details, it was probably specific to ssrpg, but it obliged to change the way samples were handled !
  • I hope there won't be another critical bug in this one because I plan to cool down for a few days after this !

Raine v0.96.8 16/04/2024

  • Yeah well I finally was convinced to release an update to have sfz3mix, and it was quite a lot of work for what was supposed to be just a hack... ! It's actually the biggest cps2 game so far, using a resolution higher than the original hardware and with such huge rom regions that it had to use quite a few modifications in the emulation to work. You have the links in the forum to the site's project, thanks to zero800 for that.
  • It also obliged me to fix some bugs in the cps2 emulation, so there should be some improvement especially related to line scroll in the background layer which sfz3mix uses a lot.
  • Except that ffman1985 did it again, he added a lot of console scripts, as a reminder the neogeo ones are for aes only, non arcade mode. His new scripts are for at least fatal fury special, fatal fury 2, kof94, kof95, and samsho3.
  • And then quite a lot of small fixes, most of them coming from the gcc sanitizer, really efficient at his work, a lot of minor stuff and some buffer overflow in the line scroll in cps1 and zoom code in the psikyosh driver (sh2). The translations were updated too, mostly the brazilian one. 


NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.96.7 24/01/2024

Raine v0.96.7 24/01/2024

Most of the changes in this one are for the dos version and were released as 0.96.6 for dos anyway, but :

  • fixed an amazing bug for pengo which was here since 0.43.2, that was in september 2005 !!! See the thread in the forum if you want details.
  • galaga will now display a message when loaded if it can't find anything for the explosion sample, you can ignore it, it's for info.
  • gui fixes: games states, transparency, length of game title + size at bottom of screen.
  •  a new "color theme", it was just because I noticed the dos version had actually 3 color themes, but it was done simply by rotating the colors rgb values, here it's a little more involved. Anyway the red theme had been forgotten in the sdl versions...

Raine v0.96.6  9/01/2024

Ok, just release 0.96.6, no new topic because it's exactly the same kind as the previous one, small things. The difference is that this time there is no new game :

  • what I hope will be the curl final fix, see a few posts higher in this topic for more info, everything should finally work as expected, it will create html files for index in the raine directory when needed.
  • a fix for savegames in the gui which showed by mistake the clones saves at the same time, this thing is never used, really.
  • the neogeo saveram can be saved by game to preserver hiscores, or shared as the neogeo hardware did and as we did until now. Option in neogeo/neocd options.
  • Fixed the colors selection in the gui (gui options / colors), they were broken since the switch to sdl2 ! and slightly improved the look of the green theme by the way.
  • The old behavior of the sdl1 gui where menus appeared behind dialogs in transparency is restored, it's only for dialogs, those having a black title bar. You can update the blue theme either by going to gui options / colors / revert to... and choose green, then blue, then exit and the colors are updated. Or edit the bg color in this same menu, and set alpha to 0xc0, same result. Or you can do nothing to keep the old one, but then don't complain if the transparency makes things hard to read sometimes !
NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.96.5 5/01/2024

Raine v0.96.5  5/01/2024

All the motivation of mer-curious brought this, it's mainly for samsho2pe, "samurai shodwon II perfect hack v1.8", thanks to the info found in final burn neo. This is a special hack this time since it adds a new memory rom mapping to the neogeo driver, never seen before in raine.

Except that I got rid of index_roms.html finally, this file was here as a quick way to get the roms sizes, but actually using the head http command is more efficient (!), and got a proper fix for this weird green screen bug that mer-curious had in windows for way too long... !


NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.96.4 1/12/2023

Raine v0.96.4  1/12/2023

  • Fix a sound problem in Samurai Shodown RPG translation.

    It's related to the changes done for sdl2, previously the soundcard was just opened in 44.1 KHz for neocd, no matter the configuration.

Raine v0.96.3  15/10/2023

Gunbarich is a new psikyosh game, so 32 bits only, it's a crazy breakout, but with the standard joystick as input. Except that the fixes :

  • fixed loading roms from internet archive when there are multiple rom names known and the 1st is not the one in internet archive, I noticed this one while doing a new raine install at a friend's... ! This bug was added in 0.96.2 because I wanted to have a visible error when the rom size wasn't found, well it wasn't found for all these games with multiple names !
  • fixed a crash in the 32 bits version when trying to use any game using the 6502 cpu, there was a conflict between the 6502 and the sh2 because of an endif and a misplaced break... !
NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.96.2 28/09/2023

Raine v0.96.2  28/09/2023

Earlier than what I thought because of some rather big bug found, but I took the opportunity to fix a few more things :

  • fixed the hiscore saving for tgm2 / tgm2p (a new @delay command in the hiscore.dat for these 2)
  • fix a crash when starting acrobatm or any game in the nmk driver actually, and fixed an older bug which prevented these games from starting
  • Finally added the roms info so that the new sh2 games can be downloaded from internet archive


Raine v0.96.1  27/09/2023

Fixes for the left out bugs from yesterday, plus adding a last game :

  • fixed the bad ymf278b emulation, sound is normal again for all games using this chip which include the sh2 games
  • fixed the bad palette for dragon blaze
  • added s1945ii (including hiscore saving, cheats and there is a new history file).

Which should make a much more solid version than the one from yesterday.


Raine v0.96  26/09/2023

(...)So in the end the sh2 additions are for the 32 bits version only, as planned. It might be possible to add the sh2 emulator from kronos for the 64 bits version, but I lacked time and motivation to do that lately. It's still possible it will eventually happen in the future, but not guaranteed, in case you didn't notice there are things going on around here which prevent me from doing what I want lately, and it's very possible that I stop raine soon. It was an incredible adventure anyway, I would never have thought that it would have lasted for so long !
To be more precise about the new stuff : gunbird2, strikers 1945 iii, tetris the grand master 2 and 2+, sol divide, and dragon blaze are added and playable. Dragon Blaze has some serious graphical glitches, I didn't emulate everything for the video emulation in this driver, but I decided it has been long enough since the last version and it's really time to release something now. This version uses "gens sh2", which is the sh2 emulator from Stéphane Dallongeville. The new games have hiscores saving, history, and cheats. Console support for the new sh2 is partial, but it's enough to get all this.
Except that the 64 bits version gets what was discussed before summer but never released in a binary form, mostly some text updates from mer-curious, the additions of some samurai shodown clones (samsh5fe & samsh5pf), some surprising fix for the neocd games with a width of 320 (most neocd games have a with of 304 pixels), sgemf region bytes and the region clones are removed for this game, and the console mode script for sgemf from ffman1985, all this has been in git since june, but if you don't compile it's the 1st official binary release. Of course all this is also in the 32 bits version, but the 32 bits version is the only one getting the sh2 stuff since it's in x86 assembly language.
linux builds updated, the 32 bits version obliged me to make a 0.96.0a because of a stupid bug in xgettext which refuses to accept an utf8 character in an input file when it should, and the 64 bits build obliged me to make a 0.96.0b because gens_sh2 was not correctly disabled for the 64 bits build in linux ! What a mess, but anyway everything is updated now.


NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.5e 01/06/2023

Raine v0.95.5e 01/06/2023

Ok 0.95.5e posted, no dll inside, you'll have to download the dlls32-0.95 or dlls64-0.95 package again if you install in an empty dir, sdl2 got updated to 2.26.5.

The changes are:

  • a lot of neogeo games which had an horizontal resolution of 304 pixels are back to the normal 320 value, that's the biggest fix in this one. sfz3j which had been removed in 0.95.5d is back since sfa3 doesn't contain the text from japan !
  • Also removed the japan region for all the sfa3 games and clones.
  • And re-enabled the workaround for some green colors in windows when displaying the green cross in the gui, I can't reproduce anymore this one here, mer-curious is the only one who can for now, more feedback welcome.


NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.5d 28/05/2023

Raine v0.95.5d 28/05/2023

  • And I just posted the binary for 0.95.5d, the very last update for this 0.95.5 version. Just what we discussed in the past week, some improvements for the ips support (mainly load_continue support, but also the way the .dat files text is displayed), and the option to mute the sfa3 announcer in sound options.

Raine v0.95.5c 21/05/2023

  • just posted 0.95.5c version, there are very few changes inside, mainly the few text changes from mer-curious, the change to allow more ips files, 2 new cheat files from ffman1985: sfa3 and sfa3jr2, and that's all. It's just that there is nothing big in the works for now, so there is no real reason to wait for the ips fix.
  • 0.95.5b was linux only to fix a make install problem.
  • And there should not be any 0.95.5d !

Raine v0.95.5b

  • ???

Raine v0.95.5 14/05/2023

It started by ffman1985 scripts. Found a way to make them compatible with the normal cps2 versions and not just the phoenix versions. Then he noticed the sound associations didn't work well in cps2, normal since they were never really tested. He says there is a site in the internet with re-arranged versions of the cps2 tracks which sounds very nice with the associations... so they are fixed now, it was much easier than neogeo, their major commands stay the same for all drivers. Then I used the cheats to convert some region bytes switches to some regions which can be changed in raine gui, it allowed to identify region clones, that is clones whose only difference is the region byte itself, and get rid of them since we can now change the region to whatever we want. Notice some games like choko don't have english texts for the non japenese versions, which is not a surprise. Then there was the problem of some long standing graphical glitches because of the dreaded priority masks. So I finally added some emulation for these priority masks, it's quite amazing that the driver worked quite well without them for all this time actually ! (and thanks go to mame for their code, even if I couldn't believe it for very long, they probably spent a long time to find this).

Except that :

  •  the list of games now using the console scripts from ffman1985 is longer, see his thread for details. Here it is: hsf2d, sf2cejc, sf2ce, sf2hfj, sf2hf, sf2j, sf2, sf2ad, sfa, sfz2ald, sfz2alj, sfz2al, ssf2ud, ssf2xjd, ssf2xj, xmcotar1d
  •   progear had been broken for 1 year ! It's now fixed.
  •  the ips files can now be bps files when referenced in a .dat file. If you don't know what bps files are, never mind !
  •   some minor fixes in the multiple files selector for "load ips dat files"
  •  since they never fixed sdl2_image 2.6.x which does not return palettes anymore for 256 colors png, I finally merged the right version of their load_png function to be able to keep the color cycling in the raine dialog on systems with a recent sdl2_image (linux only !)
  •  raine can optionally be compiled using clang, it's mainly useful for debuging
  •  add back button in game controllers to switch between dialog headers and main parts in the gui
  •   Plus some minor stuff... !


Raine v0.95.4b 26/04/2023

  • And you got a 0.95.4b, a bug specific to windows and which doesn’t happen all the time displayed very weird script error messages. And the lua label was missing for the lua console script for sf2, that’s all so it’s sill 0.95.4, just an update.
NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.3 6/04/2023

Raine v0.95.3 6/04/2023

Fixes only this time, there were quite a few annoying ones, plus a surprise from long past, a fix for 64street & chimerab attract mode! For these 2 to say the truth the fix itself was found by Haze for mame around version 0.170 so quite a long time ago already, and then found in the github web interface by Antiriad, and finally adapted by me to raine ! This bug made me crazy, such a simple memory map for such a crazy effect, no move during attact mode... It turns out it's something very similar to the nmk driver, they push what they can do with the 68000 to the limit, write bytes are mirrored to words in their main ram ! Actually this bug had been here since 0.28 and before, but I saw it only when testing the turbo key behavior, so it's a very special bug !!!

Anyway except that the more classical bug fixes are :

  •  better message for broken ips .dat files
  •  Ignore repeated keys ! I had some trouble with the turbo key DEL, which must be held down as long as you want the acceleration to occur, but after a while it created havoc. It's because sdl2 handles key repetition and I missed it completely ! It's fixed now.
  • console: fix breakpoints for 68k cpus which I had stupidly broken when adding the z80 breakpoints !
  • The multiple files selector used for ips dat files doesn't loose its selection anymore when resizing the windows
  • Still for ips dat files: when no dat files are selected delete the corresponding ini file when leaving the directory or closing the dialog
  •  some more fixes to this multiple files selector... !
  •  a fix for a crash I got in the console while copying and pasting info from the console
NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.95.2 2/04/2023

Raine v0.95.2 2/04/2023

  • there were a few bugs in accessing some files in the appimage which pushed me to fix quite a few paths which were wrong also for windows, it's a miracle that some functions worked in windows, maybe I didn't test them enough, and it explains mer-curious problems with the ips files ! (and it's a crazy bug, sometimes a path with / is accepted, but sometimes not)...

Raine v0.95.1 1/04/2023

  • a lot related to the new file selector for the ips dat files
  •  supports some very basic editing of the .ini files in the ips directory, don't abuse it, these files are not supposed to be edited, but it should tolerate // at the beginning of a line and empty lines
  • Sample rate was wrongly initialized to 11 KHz if you launched raine without any config file (brand new install) and called the sound options dialog before loading any game. Most users would change manually this frequency rate in this case, but anyway... ! Now the sample rate take is the one returned by SDL_GetAudioDeviceSpec in all cases.
  • speed hacks are disabled by default in neogeo options, too tiresome to track the list of games which don't support them.
  • the music which was gone during the neogeo logo for aodk is back ! It was related to some very technical neogeo hardware initialization, see the source if you want details.

Raine v0.95 24/02/2023

  • an old bug in sdl2-2.0.20 which obliged me to make a workaround seems to have disappeared, the checkboxes are all green again in the windows version of raine (there was exactly 1 white line before to work around this bug, it was barely noticeable).
  • move "preload ips" to the game selection dialog, idea from mer-curious and he was right on this one.
  • the crash when there is an empty ips folder and you select anyway "preload ips dat file" and then click on the ".." which appears is fixed, you won't even see the .. now, you'll just get an error message telling the directory is empty !
  • it's advised to update for all windows users, the new packages are dlls32-0.95.7z for 32 bits and dlls64-0.95.7z for 64 bits.
NOWSZY [Arcade] Raine x64/x86 v0.94.12b 20/02/2023

Raine v0.94.12b 20/02/2023

  • Mostly for using SLASH[0] instead of '/' to separate directories otherwise it isn't compatible with windows, but except that I had the time for :
    • Fixed a few stupid segfaults in the console due to the recent script changes
    • I had forgotten to include some cheat file for the new kof2002 clone, it's fixed.
  • while I was at it I added an experimental script to block the selection timer in kof97 since it seems it's impossible to find an ips which doesn't conflict with the training mode to do it. It works, but once you have selected your character you must disable the script otherwise the game will never start !

Raine v0.94.12 20/02/2023

Yeah this version is mainly about the support of these ips files found on the net, the best source so far was found by mer-curious, see his topic on the subject in the forum if you are interested. So the dat files and the ips must be placed in an ips directory that raine will create next time you run it, or you can create it yourself (for linux it's in ~/.raine/ips ). The format is the one already used by these packs of dat files you can find on the net, subdirectories with the short name of the game containing the dat files + ips files related. A word of caution: it's the crazy bootleg world, some patches are not stable alone, and you add to the risk if you enable more than one, raine will warn you about conflicts it finds while applying the patches though.
So the 2 ways to apply them are through the command "preload ips dat file" which appears at the top of the main menu if no game has been loaded. It opens a file selector where you can select any dat file you want to add for a particular game in the ips directory. Your choice is saved in this same ips directory in an ini file with the short name of the game. You can either return to this function later to uncheck the dat files you chose if you don't want them anymore or just delete the ini file. Raine will check for conflicts when you load the corresponding game and will warn about them at the end of loading.
And the other is once the game is loaded, it can be applied only to code roms, from ips files only, not dat files, and it works only when the rom patched is in the right format, it's very specific and it was the only thing I wanted to add at first before being convinced to add the rest.

Except these ips features, you'll find :

  •  a new kof2002 clone, kf2k5uni which was mainly added to test an ips dat file... !
  •   a new setting to choose to have the profiler (f11 key) to display its % based on sdl2 performance counters instead of the rdtsc. It's a good option if the frequency of your cpu changes all the time, it's a good try if you have doubts about the results anyway.
  • a new script command: stop, see help in the console for details.
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