[arcade] QMC2 v0.41

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[arcade] QMC2 v0.41

QmameCab jest frontendem napisanym pod bibliotekę QT obsługującym emulatory MAME/MESS. W panującym ścisku wśród nakładek wyróżnia się całkiem sprytnym modułem obsługujący MESS'a, posiada, a jakże możliwość przekazywania komend dla filtru HLSL, wyświetla wszystko, co da się wyświetlić jeśli chodzi o informację o obsługiwanym sprzęcie - łacznie z informacjami pobieranymi z MAWS. Dodatkowo od następnej wersji QMC2 będzie wspierał także UME (Universal Machine Emulator), który jest próbą połączenia w jedno multiemulatorów MAME i MESS.

Jeśli dodamy do tego mnogość portów (jak to w wypadku wszelkiej maści programów QT) i to, że autorzy starają się korygować działanie swojego frontendu podług zgłoszonych uwag przez użytkowników


Full change-log for v0.41

The MAME/MESS team decided to change their release model and no longer produce u-releases, so the intervals between two major releases are a lot shorter than before. We still want to keep in sync with them, but this obviously means fewer changes between two QMC2 releases. However, we still have some nice additions for you this time. Most importantly, QMC2 Arcade received support for mapping (theme-specific / native) key-sequences to any other key-sequences and/or joystick-functions. And Qt CHDMAN GUI is now scriptable - for more information see our new qchdman-related wiki-page. This version is in sync with MAME/MESS/UME 0.151. Please see the change-log below for details! (http://www.mameworld.info)

  • fix: QMC2 Arcade: disabled GTK style related work-around for Mac OS X
  • fix: foreign emulator support: the selection of a foreign emulator in the system’s configuration wasn’t correctly honored on emu-launch
  • imp: template-map check: switched the order in which differing default values are logged (the expected value is shown first now, the second value is the one from the currently active template)
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: updated cabinet overlay image made by Jacques Châtelet (JacKc), added auto-stopping of animation and wave effect when emulators are running
  • imp: new logo images for all QMC2 variants, also by Jacques Châtelet (JacKc)
  • imp: improved key-sequence and joystick-function scanners
  • new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for key-sequence mapping
  • new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for digital joysticks (mapping their functions to key-sequences)
  • new: Qt CHDMAN GUI: added a script-engine based on QtScript (ECMAScript/JavaScript)
  • doc: completed all man-pages


→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.57
QmameCatII GUI:Frontend:MAME
Jedna ze skórek tego "kombajnu" wśród frontendów

Full change-log for 0.57:

  • fix: qchdman: corrected the size adjustment of the about dialog to make the credits text fit
  • fix: arcade mode setup: hide the category filter when neither catver.ini nor category.ini are used
  • fix: system web-search: corrected the handling of ‘&’ in the generated URL
  • fix: collection rebuilder: corrected dump mapping for cases where only the SHA-1 is unique
  • fix: collection rebuilder: the missing dumps viewer wasn’t updated correctly under certain circumstances
  • fix: corrected style sheet handling in order to allow for overwriting fonts through style sheets — see also bug tracker ID #120
  • fix: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: when rows are removed from the database during incremental scan preparation, their keys also need to be removed from the (life) hash cache
  • imp: updated category.ini contributed by ASH to MAME 0.167
  • imp: help menu: added QMC2 homepage link (opened in the default browser)
  • imp: welcome dialog: provide a history of previously selected emulator binaries to choose from (on -r)
  • imp: notes-templates: prepend doc($xmlDocument) when an XML query misses this variable binding completely (qmc2NEO.queryLocalXml())
  • imp: removed the restriction of not allowing the machine list to be sorted while a ROM check is running
  • imp: added “System / BIOS” as a constant category to the arcade mode setup dialog in order to allow for filtering of BIOS sets even if neither catver.ini nor category.ini contain this category
  • imp: updated the alternative system-notes template contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • imp: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: greatly improved the performance of incremental scan preparation (3rd step) in worst case scenarios (most/all files have been updated, or touched)
  • imp: slightly improved startup performance (UI initialization)
  • imp: emulator configuration templates updated to MAME 0.167 (added new vector game options ‘beam_intensity_weight’, ‘beam_width_max’ and ‘beam_width_min’, removed ‘beam’ and adopted all changes to HLSL options)
  • new: added an option to enable/disable the loading animation
  • new: software-lists: added display of software compatibility and requirements
  • new: arcade mode setup: added filtering by machine rank
  • new: collection rebuilder: added a ‘hash cache’ option to speed up database lookups during rebuilds
  • new: collection rebuilder: added a dry run mode which is good for a quick “what if” check and/or for rapidly creating a fix.dat file
  • inf: the QMC2 homepage has been moved to http://qmc2.batcom-it.net/
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.53

Full change-log for 0.53:

  • fix: collection rebuilder: the default set entity should be ‘machine’ now (unification bug)
  • fix: the GeneralSoftwareFolder setting was neither restored nor used (unification bug)
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: corrected the delta counter (for objects in database) when both the system- and software-mode’s check-sum scanners are running in parallel
  • fix: corrected glitches in splash screen image that were only visible on PowerPC Macs
  • fix: version- and category-column visibility wasn’t correctly restored in both the master list and the hierarchical parent/clone view (bug tracker ID #106)
  • fix: restoring the last machine selection didn’t work correctly with active ROM state filtering
  • fix: software-lists: individual software-list state counters weren’t correctly logged upon checking
  • fix: correctly handle view-switching while the category- or version-views are being created
  • fix: software-lists: corrected software launch combined with a stored device configuration
  • fix: the device configurator’s UI setup wasn’t saved upon reload
  • fix: reopen the notifier FIFO whenever an emulator exits to avoid unnecessary CPU load (caused by a QSocketNotifier bug)
  • imp: updated the alternative software-notes template contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • imp: updated category.ini contributed by ASH to MAME 0.163
  • imp: ROM status icons are now taken from the embedded resources rather than loaded from file during initialization
  • imp: globally replaced the term ‘game’ with a corresponding ‘machine’ pendant
  • imp: emulator configuration templates updated to MAME 0.163 (added new communication options to all templates, added ‘uimodekey’ to the Windows OSD template, updated HLSL options and a number of default values in the Windows OSD template)
  • imp: smarter system web-search that also takes the manufacturer into account
  • imp: when a machine has no slot-devices at all the device configurator is completely disabled now
  • imp: category handling: BIOS and device sets are fully auto-categorized now, uncategorized child sets inherit their parent’s category if applicable
  • imp: improved generation of command line arguments passed to foreign emulators
  • new: added command line option ‘-r’ (reconfigure) which will run the setup wizard / welcome dialog before starting
  • new: device configurator: suggest actual MIDI ports (from -listmidi) for midiin/midiout devices
  • wip: adding support for launching emulators in movie recording mode (bug tracker ID #107)
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.51

Full change-log for 0.51:

  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to MESS 0.161
  • imp: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: commit database transactions in smaller chunks when a single scanned archive contains hundreds or thousands of files
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.161 (added Mac OS X specific CoreAudio effect options, ‘debugger_font’ and ‘debugger_font_size’ to all SDL templates)
  • imp: replaced all occurrances of qSort() with std::sort() as the qSort() function is marked obsolete (for Qt 5 at least)
  • inf: YouTube officially took down the v2 API access as of APR-20-2015, so the YouTube feature doesn’t work right now (until we support the YouTube v3 API which is already planned)
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.49

Full change-log for 0.49:

  • fix: avoid possible crashes when mass tagging items
  • fix: ROMAlyzer (software-mode): avoid that the widget stays disabled under certain circumstances
  • fix: process manager: keep white-space characters in (formatted) emulator log messages
  • fix: Max OS X: avoid crash on initial load (after recreating the emulator caches)
  • fix: QMC2 Arcade (Mac OS X): ensure that plugins are always loaded from the app bundle and not from a probably installed Qt SDK (which would cause a serious crash)
  • fix: corrected software-info retrieval — see also bug tracker ID #87
  • fix: avoid that the software-list tab can be moved while it’s being created initially (could result in unwanted/uncontrolled tab moves)
  • imp: Mac OS X build: using MKSPEC=macx-g++ as default Qt mkspec which allows it to build with binary Qt packages (hurray!)
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to MESS 0.159 (also added French translation contributed by remax)
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade: simplified windowed <=> full screen switching
  • imp: enabled the sample-checker for MESS targets
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: added a set-rewriter flag to decide if reproduction is aborted on error (recommended)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: integrated the collection rebuilder as a ROMAlyzer tab for improved user-friendliness
  • imp: removed the inconsequently used ‘save/restore layout’ options (that is, all relevant windows will save/restore their layout under all circumstances now)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: greatly improved the filtering performance of the collection rebuilder
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: better main-widget integration of the collection rebuilder’s features
  • imp: updated the alternative system-notes template contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • imp: template translator: handle section comments and use tabs for identation, the build & run scripts now download required jars automatically
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added a ‘missing dumps viewer’ to the collection rebuilder
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added an ‘exact match’ flag to both filter expressions of the collection rebuilder
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.48

Full change-log for 0.48:

  • fix: system-notes: fixed possible duplication of the system notes detail tab (the bug was only effective when Phonon or YouTube features were disabled)
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to MESS 0.158
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: added an ‘enable log output’ option to both the check-sum scanner and the collection rebuilder (when disabled, log messages emitted by the respective worker thread are suppressed)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: added a ‘deep scan’ option to the check-sum scanner – when enabled (default), the scanner will uncompress each ZIP/7z member in order to recalculate its check-sums (SHA-1, CRC and dump size), otherwise it will rely on the header check-sums (CRC and dump size)
  • imp: notes templates: added 3 new notes editor functions to retrieve system-, emu- and software-info within scripts
  • imp: ROMAlyzer (software-mode): the widget is now shown (but disabled) while the software-list XML cache is rebuilt; it gets enabled when the cache is ready (this avoids working on premature data)
  • imp: updated the alternative system- and software-notes templates contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.158 (added new SDL2 option ‘uifontprovider’)
  • imp: interrupt a running search immediately when the system- or software-search’s pattern changes
  • new: due to popular demand, the system search can now be configured to include (default) or exclude BIOS and device sets via the menu attached to the pattern input
  • new: ROMAlyzer (system-mode): added a ROM state filtering option to the ‘ROM Collection Rebuilder’
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.47

Full change-log for v0.47:

  • fix: Mac OS X build: corrected linker issues when building with clang (LLVM)
  • fix: avoid crash when caching software-lists while ROM states are being checked
  • fix: Mac OS X: using the platform’s default key-sequence for ‘close application’ (Command+Q) to stop current processing / quit QMC2
  • fix: ROMAlyzer (system-mode): sort selected set-names before analyzing them
  • imp: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: show the progress of running scans in the corresponding status widget as well
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to MESS 0.157
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade: teached QMC2 Arcade the use of the new DAT-info database added in 0.46 (including fall back to the parent’s info if applicable)
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: minor cosmetic corrections regarding the bottom menu-bar
  • imp: changed the default setting for ‘NativeFileDialogs’ to true on Mac OS X
  • imp: build: added make option ‘L_LIBDIRFLAGS’ which allows for changing the order in which library paths are searched when linking (usually not required, but may be useful for solving Qt library version conflicts)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: added a reproduction option to toggle the creation of a ZIP comment (may be annoying)
  • imp: the main GUI no longer restores the visibility of certain sub-windows as it’s prone to trouble and wasn’t consequently implemented anyway (i.e. not all sub-windows were restored)
  • imp: software-lists: utilizing the same (much faster) algorithm for searching within known software as used by the system search
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added support for software / software-lists (there are two instances of the ROMAlyzer now, one for ‘systems’ and one for ‘software’) — see also bug tracker ID #61
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.46

Full change-log for v0.46:

  • fix: image-checker: corrected obsoleteness check for free-standing image files on Windows — see also bug tracker ID #78
  • fix: corrected the HTML encoding of links in software-info DB entries so they actually work now
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to MESS GIT/SVN latest
  • imp: ROMAlyzer / check-sum wizard: temporarily set the ‘searched check-sum hash’ to read-only instead of disabling the widget in order to allow for copying the check-sum while it’s being searched
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to GIT/SVN latest (added new core options ‘snapbilinear’, ‘drc_log_uml’ and ‘drc_log_native’ to all templates)
  • imp: Linux / UNIX / Mac OS X: defaulting to SDL2 templates now since SDLMAME/SDLMESS switched to SDL2 as default build target after 0.155
  • imp: replaced the colored sphere icons showing the ROM status with new images
  • imp: using QHash instead of QMap for all internal item lookup tables (less dependent on the number of entries, thus faster in the long run)
  • imp: drastically improved the performance of all game/machine and software-list views by enabling uniformRowHeights which allows for neat optimizations by Qt (improves loading time as well as sorting and scrolling)
  • imp: check-sum scanner: lowered the algorithmic complexity of steps 1 and 3 when preparing incremental scans, so this works remarkably faster now
  • imp: slightly darkened the text-color for ROM-/software-state ‘mostly correct’ for better readability
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added a second ‘copy to clipboard’ function that only copies the bad or missing dumps from a given set and excludes columns that aren’t important for this purpose
  • new: revised the software-list XML cache to be stored in / retrieved from an SQLite 3 database in order to save memory, speed up software-list loading and allow for ROMAlyzer support — see also bug tracker ID #63
  • new: added a new combined database for all supported DAT-info sources (emu-info, game/machine-info and software-info) — see also bug tracker ID #80
  • wip: ROMAlyzer: adding support for software-lists (there are two instances of the ROMAlyzer now, one for ‘systems’ and one for ‘software’) — see also bug tracker ID #61
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.45

Full change-log for v0.45:

  • fix: ROMAlyzer: the fix.dat export action needs to be disabled initially (minor)
  • fix: rank images didn’t update their color or shape on the fly
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: corrected set rewriter issues with data read from regular files (their CRCs couldn’t be correlated)
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: the default ZIP compression level (Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION) is -1, corresponding to level 6, but the spin-box only supported values from 0 to 9 so the default level was actually 0
  • fix: avoid crash when checking an individual set’s ROM status (probably only seen on slow systems)
  • fix: avoid start-up crash on gcc 4.9+ builds — see also bug tracker ID #77 (thanks to Pulfer)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: major UI and logic overhaul (the settings page has been redesigned completely)
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to MESS 0.155
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: allow set repairing from 7-zip archived reproduction templates
  • imp: all database updates are fully asynchronous now, using in-memory journals (that’s faster on slow I/O, but also slightly more risky)
  • imp: added support for SDL2 (SDL 1.x remains the default if available, you can force either version using ‘SDL=1′ or ‘SDL=2′ on the make command line)
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.155 (added new templates for SDL2 builds)
  • imp: updated template format to v0.2.8 which adds support for ignoring <choice> nodes on certain platforms (or generally)
  • imp: improved mouse event handling of rank-item widgets (also fixes a minor UI bug)
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added a check-sum database for storing/retrieving paths to dumps available in your file-system by SHA-1 and/or CRC (aka support for unstructured additional ROM paths) — see also bug tracker ID #62
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added a ROM Collection Rebuilder which uses the check-sum database to rebuild a complete ROM path from ‘any’ given XML (including XML from foreign emulators as long as it’s MAME/MESS/UME-compatible) — see also bug tracker ID #71
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added a new ‘create backups’ option that will create backup copies of all existing files that are going to be modified / overwritten — see also bug tracker ID #73
  • doc: symbolic links to the English HTML docs are no longer required (falls back to English automatically when a language-specific index.html doesn’t exist)
→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 (MAME/MESS/UME Catalog / Launcher II) v0.44

Full change-log for v0.44:

  • fix: Mac OS X build: resolved type conflicts between LZMA SDK and older XCode headers (< 4.x)
  • fix: corrected device and BIOS set hiding in the master list when ROM state filtering is disabled
  • fix: corrected initial opening of zip/7z image archives when the splash screen is disabled
  • fix: avoid crash when the game/machine list cache creation is prematurely interrupted (upon user request)
  • fix: MiniWebBrowser: corrected the network item downloader
  • fix: fixed a bug with individual ROM checks that corrupted the ROM state cache with an invalid entry, causing it to be invalidated during the next reload
  • fix: welcome dialog: ‘NativeFileDialogs’ setting didn’t work as expected with folder browsers
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.154 (removed ‘hlsl_write’ from Windows OSD templates, removed ‘memcard_directory’ from all templates, added option ‘console’ to all templates)
  • imp: speeded up ROM- and software-state filtering as well as game-/machine-/emu-info lookups by using QHash [amortized O(1)] instead of QMap [O(log n)] to store/retrieve states & infos internally
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to 0.154 (4 sets remain uncategorized, help appreciated)
  • imp: upon merging game/machine info-sources UME variants now keep track if a game’s/machine’s info came from MAME (history.dat) or MESS (sysinfo.dat) and formats/displays the data accordingly when requested
  • imp: updated the alternative system- and software-notes templates contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • imp: hide game/machine list while filtering it by ROM state (faster)
  • imp: consecutive duplicate words in SDL joystick names are now cleaned up — i.e. “Logitech Logitech Extreme 3D” becomes “Logitech Extreme 3D”
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade: added support for theme-specific default values used by certain settings — i.e. darkone uses a ‘sortByName’ setting with an expected default value of ‘true’, ToxicWaste doesn’t (want to) support this setting and uses the global default value of ‘false’ instead
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade: be more responsive while loading data from file (especially interesting when using a console window)
  • imp: updated minizip to version 1.1 which adds support for zip64 (zip archives can now be larger than 4 GB) — see also bug tracker ID #45
  • imp: made category.ini translatable (caution: the new format is not backward-compatible (!) – however, you can use older category.ini’s with the new code because translations are optional)
  • imp: revised slot-info cache creation/loading to be more responsive and faster
  • imp: changed default paths for ‘category.ini’ and ‘catver.ini’ (using the ‘data/cat’ folder now)
  • imp: about dialog: added Mac OS X 10.9 & Windows 8.1 detection for Qt >= 4.8.6 / 5.2.0
  • imp: improved ROM state filtering performance by resetting the internal state of the tree-widget before actually showing/hiding the items
  • imp: don’t be fussy about ignored options when checking emulator configuration templates (they are ignored for good reason, so why confuse users by mentioning them?)
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade (Windows): when started from a command prompt, console-mode ‘terminal’ now causes QMC2 Arcade to use this console for logging
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: load icons asynchronously (in a separate thread) in order to not affect flicking performance
  • new: added a ‘user data’ database (SQLite 3) to store & retrieve rank information and personal comments per game/machine
  • new: added a new ranking system and a corresponding ‘rank’ column to all game/machine lists — see also bug tracker ID #46
  • new: added missing ‘restore’ feature to the image format setup dialog
  • new: replaced the foreign IDs menu with a new (tree-)view for foreign emulators and their custom IDs (if any) shown as sub-items of each emulator; the view will only be shown when there are any registered (foreign) emulators — see also bug tracker ID #53
  • new: icons for foreign emulators and their custom IDs can now be selected individually
  • new: eye-candy: pepped up the static loading & filtering texts with an animation (also used for mass tagging)
  • new: automatically clear all emulator caches when the output of ‘-listfull’ changes (optional, enabled per default) — something users often forget is using QMC2′s -cc command line switch when updating their MAME/MESS/UME SVN builds; this feature is supposed to automate that as far as possible (changes to devices and software-lists aren’t recognized automatically)
  • new: added command line option ‘-tc’ which will check the emulator configuration template (printing results to stdout) and exit before actual start-up occurs
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added support for CMP-compatible fix.dat exports — see also bug tracker ID #51
  • new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for multiple image/icon files (per artwork category), supporting the main GUI’s ParentImageFallback setting as well
  • new: icons of game/machine clones now fall back to the parent set’s icon when the ParentImageFallback setting is enabled (and an individual icon for the clone isn’t available)


→ NOWSZY [arcade] QMC2 v0.43

Full change-log for v0.43:

  • fix: avoid crash upon game/machine launch when double-click activation is enabled — see also bug tracker ID #44
  • fix: ROM status exporter: corrected mix up of certain sort criteria indexes
  • fix: MinGW build: corrected compiler & linker flags for QMC2 Arcade to not open a console window
  • fix: MiniWebBrowser: corrected a signal/slot auto-connection that caused a Qt warning with Qt 5 (minor)
  • fix: corrected tagging through Shift+Up/Down when the XML tree is expanded and the cursor is on a sub-item
  • fix: MiniWebBrowser: corrected the display of super-long links in the status-bar so the browser wouldn’t resize in X direction
  • fix: corrected variant launching (broken in 0.42)
  • fix: main GUI / key- & joy-mapping: don’t trigger disabled actions
  • fix: MESS device configurator: avoid crash (seen on Windows) when the selected system changes while the available devices and slot-options are currently being determined for another system
  • fix: initial ROM path check: corrected handling of relative ROM paths
  • fix: updated the handling of character encoding in software-lists on Windows to modern MAME/MESS/UME — see also bug tracker ID #65
  • fix: corrected the working directory the emulator would use when scanning software-lists (so that a relative hash path would actually be found)
  • fix: demo-mode (minor): corrected the produced command line when ‘maximize’ is disabled
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to 0.153
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade: enabled translation for joystick and key-sequence map debugging
  • imp: initial ROM path check: output more detailed information for each non-existing/inaccessible ROM path
  • imp: revised the help menu and added forum, wiki and bug-tracker links (opened in the default browser)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: included an item counter in the progress bar when analyzing, reading or writing sets
  • imp: added LZMA SDK 9.22 (7-zip) data compression/decompression library by Igor Pavlov
  • imp: optimized loading & parsing of the software-info DB
  • imp: added a subset of the QtFtp add-on for Qt 5 compatibility with the QFtp and QUrlInfo classes
  • imp: separated MAME & MESS emulator-info DBs as well as their game-/machine-info counterparts in order to allow for merging them in case of UME
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.153
  • imp: system- and software-notes templates: new template macros ($IS_BIOS$ and $IS_DEVICE$) and JS functions (isBios(), isDevice() and romStatus())
  • imp: Windows: the FileSystemModel’s directory scanner thread now uses native Win32 API calls instead of Qt classes — see also bug tracker ID #56
  • imp: added a FileIconProvider wrapper class for QFileIconProvider that uses native Win32 API calls on Windows for better performance (also caches the icons internally)
  • imp: updated template format to v0.2.7 which adds support for a new relativeTo attribute (valid only for file-type options) which – if set – will be used to generate a path relative to the current value of the referenced directory-type option when using a file-picker; note that this will only work correctly when the referenced directory-type option consists of a single path (i.e. not for semicolon-seperated paths, in which case you’d have to edit the corresponding file-type option manually to reflect relative file paths)
  • imp: replaced some icons in the classic image-set
  • imp: produce a nicer command line when the emulator is launched in embedded- or demo-mode (no duplicate or redundant options)
  • imp: updated the alternative system- and software-notes template contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added read-only support for 7z archived ROMs
  • new: added support for 7z archived icons and image artwork – note that for best performance 7-zipped icons should be packed in a solid block (7z default) and images should be packed non-solid (7za option -ms=off)
  • new: MESS device configurator: added support for 7z archives to the file-chooser (just like the existing support for zip archives)
  • new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for game/machine icons (only supported by the ToxicWaste theme at the moment)
  • new: revised the XML data cache to be stored in / retrieved from an SQLite 3 database in order to save memory and speed up initial loading (per game/machine XML data is queried from the DB on demand)
  • new: added a web-search feature (currently supporting Google, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo and Yandex)
  • new: MiniWebBrowser: added experimental support for anonymous FTP (warning: don’t use this for big downloads)
  • new: added a built-in PDF viewer based on PDF.js (experimental)


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[arcade] HbMameUI x64 0.232 26/05/2021 [arcade] HbMameUI x64 0.232 26/05/2021
HbMame (HomeBrewMame) jest modyfikacją MAME umożliwiającą odpalenie nieoficjalnych gier na sprzęt arcade obsługiwany przez MAME - nieoficjalne, amatorskie to wcale nie znaczy, że gorsze.
[arcade] Mame x64 0.231 28/04/2021 [arcade] Mame x64 0.231 28/04/2021
Następne MAME na horyzoncie. Ahoj.    
[Arcade] DevMAME [log only] [Arcade] DevMAME [log only]
Raz na jakiś czas będę publikował nowe deweloperskie binarki projektu MAME, natomiast BobBudowniczy będzie się starał na bieżąco śledzić zmiany w changelogu tego  największego projektu emulacyjnego. W wypadku binarek udostępniam także resztę plików z folderu MAME. Link przy każdym wpisie umożliwia samodzielne pobranie źródeł i skompilowanie na własne ...

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