[arcade] QMC2 v0.38

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[arcade] QMC2 v0.38

QmameCab jest frontendem napisanym pod bibliotekę QT obsługującym emulatory MAME/MESS. W panującym ścisku wśród nakładek wyróżnia się całkiem sprytnym modułem obsługujący MESS'a, posiada, a jakże możliwość przekazywania komend dla filtru HLSL, wyświetla wszystko, co da się wyświetlić jeśli chodzi o informację o obsługiwanym sprzęcie - łacznie z informacjami pobieranymi z MAWS. Dodatkowo od następnej wersji QMC2 będzie wspierał także UME (Universal Machine Emulator), który jest próbą połączenia w jedno multiemulatorów MAME i MESS.

Jeśli dodamy do tego mnogość portów (jak to w wypadku wszelkiej maści programów QT) i to, że autorzy starają się korygować działanie swojego frontendu podług zgłoszonych uwag przez użytkowników

Full change-log for v0.38:

  • fix: corrected progress-bar updates when loading catver.ini or category.ini
  • fix: corrected remapping of key-sequences using the Command key on Mac OS X
  • fix: the key-sequence scanner now also scans num-pad keys
  • fix: system-notes: template loading didn’t work correctly initially
  • fix: corrected full-screen switching when the menu-bar is hidden
  • fix: Windows: corrected HLSL multi-part float handling
  • fix: fall back to the default style when a previously set style wasn’t found
  • imp: system-notes: template macro additions ($PARENT_ID$, $ROM_STATUS$ and $ROM_STATUS_UT$)
  • imp: updated MESS/UME variant logos / splash-screens and all app-icons — thanks to Jacques Châtelet (JacKc)
  • imp: demo-mode: added an option to launch emulators sequentially rather than randomly
  • imp: Win32 MinGW build: changed the default for ‘MKSPEC’ to ‘win32-g++-4.6′ — this assumes Qt 4.8, so whoever still uses Qt 4.7 has to pass ‘MKSPEC=win32-g++’ on the make command (i.e. ‘make configure MKSPEC=win32-g++’)
  • imp: image-checker: potentially obsolete items contained in image- or icon-directories include files and folders now
  • imp: control-panel images are now available to all MESS variants as well (i. e. for use with AntoPISA’s new MESS controllers)
  • imp: YouTube video player: added support for YouTube’s new requirement to add session signatures to stream URLs
  • imp: removed no longer required file-removal tool settings
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.148
  • imp: Mac OS X: replaced key-sequence ‘Ctrl+O’ with ‘Ctrl+,’ (commonly used short-cut for open preferences dialog); ‘Ctrl+O’ can now be used for its actual use case on Mac OS X (open/activate item)
  • imp: software-lists: added a ‘supported’ column (possible values: yes/no/partially)
  • imp: HTML editor: the menu-bar can be hidden now, and the editor’s contents can be made read-only (i.e. to avoid unintended changes)
  • imp: system- and software-notes: template loading allows asynchronous URL retrieval now (i.e. remote image URLs), indicating the current progress while loading
  • imp: HTML editor: replaced the standard QWebView with the MiniWebBrowser’s tweaked internal web-view to support JavaScript actions that open new windows
  • imp: software-notes: template macro additions ($SOFTWARE_SUPPORTED$, $SOFTWARE_SUPPORTED_UT$, $SOFTWARE_INFO$, $SOFTWARE_INFO_STATUS$)
  • imp: the documentation browser’s zoom-setting is now restored as well
  • imp: added ability to store an option’s short-name in the emulator configuration template (i. e. <option default=”roms” name=”rompath” shortname=”rp” type=”directory”>)
  • imp: using a proxy-style when Qt 5 is detected to avoid single-click item activations (that’s not really suitable for us)
  • new: ROMAlyzer: the set rewriter and checksum wizard now also load repro-data from regular files (when they are stored in expected folders and have the correct file names / CRCs), the set rewriter can also reproduce sets in individual sub-directories (see ‘reproduction type’ in ROMAlyzer settings)
  • new: demo-mode: added filtering by category, driver-status and set-names when selecting eligible sets for the demo
  • new: image-checker: bad image files (subset of the missing ones) can now be filtered and removed by means of the GUI (so searching for bad image files in the log and manually removing them is no longer required)
  • new: made a complete rewrite of the sample-checker which wasn’t working correctly for ages — see also bug tracker ID #31
  • new: MiniWebBrowser: added a search widget to find arbitrary text in web-pages
  • new: MiniWebBrowser: added support for persistent cookies (stored in / retrieved from an SQLite database)
  • new: added PDF.js — a JavaScript / HTML5 PDF rendering library
  • new: added support for HTML5 ‘localStorage’ to the MiniWebBrowser and notes-templates (this allows templates to store and retrieve local settings)
  • new: system- and software-notes templates: exposing the notes-editor object to JavaScript allowing templates to call editor slots directly (!) — right now, there are four slots you can use: ‘qmc2NotesEditorObject.loadCurrentTemplate()’ will reload the template itself (for example to react on changed settings), ‘qmc2NotesEditorObject.getIconData()’ will return the base64-encoded icon data which you can use in <img> tags, ‘qmc2NotesEditorObject.getColor()’ will open a color-dialog and returns a named color, and finally ‘qmc2NotesEditorObject.getImage()’ will open a file-dialog to select an image file (see data/gmn/template.html for an example)
  • new: MESS device configurator: allow in-place renaming of stored device configurations (see context menu)
  • new: added support for a ‘software info DB’ using MAME history.dat’s new (MAME & MESS) software infos, available in all variants — thanks to Alexis Bousiges for his efforts and kind cooperation on this matter
  • new: added ability to reset, revert and/or store individual emulator options by adding a column with respective action tool-buttons that are enabled/disabled according to the option’s current ini-state
  • new: file-chooser: folders can now be included in the file-list and are opened/followed when double-clicked or Enter/Return is pressed on them (there’s also a new context-menu item for this); the folder-mode itself can be switched through a new menu-button in the widget’s tool-bar (folders are hidden by default, select ‘Show folders’ to display them or ‘Show folders first’ to show them on top of the file-list, before any regular files)
  • new: added a new QML based implementation of the long-awaited ‘arcade mode’ as a stand-alone application (QMC2 Arcade, see arcade/ folder)
  • new: added support for Qt 5.0, however, the recommended Qt version remains 4.8 (when Qt 5 is used, the build rules will automatically disable embedder functionality on X11 platforms as well as all Phonon features on all platforms — this is due to dropped Qt modules, add-on modules may cover this later perhaps)
  • new: added alternative system- and software-notes templates contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • new: added MESS category.ini contributed by ASH
  • inf: the SVN repository has been moved to a new location — use one of these URLs now: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/qmc2/code/trunk or http://svn.code.sf.net/p/qmc2/code/trunk
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