[Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.161

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[Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.161

MameSick opublikował wersję swojej mutacji MAME 0.161 - MameUIFX. MameUiFX może poszczycić się jednym z ładniejszych GUI wśród klonów MAMEUI i jest jednym z najlepiej działających klonów tego multiemulatora.


MAMEUIFX 0.161 April 29, 2015

  • Updated to MAME 0.161

Changelog from 0.160.1


  • Added ability to setup 3 different GLSL shaders directly from the Interface
  • Added support for Jezze HLSL shaders and source code fixes
  • Added support for CRT Geom GLSL shaders (u-man, Retroarch Forum)
  • Added support for Ketsui Arrange 1.7
  • Completely changed the layout of "About" and other Interface Dialogs
  • M1FX 10.0 released: see the Forum for the full list of changes


NOWSZY [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.167

MAMEUIFX 0.167 September 30, 2015

Updated to MAME 0.167

  • Added support for VECTOR new core options in the Interface
  • Added support for RASTER.INI specific options to stay inline with new HLSL improvements in MAME
  • Added support for CRT Geom Bloom OpenGL multiple shader (cgwg, u-man)
  • Added support for Sokoban LE (TAITO L Edition) (Details)
  • Added support for The Speccies 2 (TAITO L Arcade Version)(Details)
  • Fixed with an hack MAMETESTERS bug ID 00130 (darkseal: when firing music playback slightly increase)
  • Fixed with an hack MAMETESTERS bug ID 02108 (vaportra: music tempo all wrong when firing)
NOWSZY [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.164

MAMEUIFX 0.164 released. July 29, 2015

Updated to MAME 0.164

Changelog from 0.163:

  • Added support in Iterface for ProgettoSnaps Movies (Details)
  • Added to Interface new option "Show confirmation dialog on exit" (Details)
  • Added game Resolution and Refresh Rate info to the Interface Statusbar (Details)
  • Added Savestate and Dumping Status folder to the Interface (Details)
  • Added new OpenGL Shaders properties page to the Interface (Details)
  • Changed Background Color of all dialogs in the Interface. XP Silver style color is used (Details)
  • Fixed Background Color painting in the Interface game Picture Area (Details)
  • Fixed display of Japanese Text in the Interface game Info Area (Details)
  • Fixed with an hack MAMETESTERS bug ID 04701 (blandia: Graphic garbage)
  • Removed terrible DIRECTORIES.INI hack from Interface source code (Details)
NOWSZY [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.163

MAMEUIFX 0.163 released. June 24, 2015

Updated to MAME 0.163

Changelog from 0.162:

  • Added support for 1942 C64 Music (Minwah)
  • Added support for Mr and Mrs Pacman (Dave Widel, HBMAME)
  • Fixed "Joystick Mapping" core option behaviour in the GUI (h0tw1r3)
  • Fixed memory leak with GLSL shaders in official MAME (h0tw1r3)
  • Fixed with an hack MAMETESTERS bug ID 02640 (kazan: Slow graphic rendering, missing graphics)
  • Fixed properly MAMETESTERS bug ID 05959 (kyros: A few sound FX are missing)
  • Fixed properly MAMETESTERS bug ID 05962 (gotcha: Music suddenly stops) [darq]

NOTE: MAMEUIFX is now compiled with FULL MAME support, but until a real decision is taken by MAME Developers about the ability to distribute an ARCADES ONLY version of MAME, MESS drivers are disabled by default.

NOWSZY [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.161.1

MAMEUIFX 0.161.1 released .May 06, 2015

Updated to MAME 0.161

Changelog from 0.161:

  • Added support for Metal Slug 2 Turbo
  • Updated to latest Jezze HLSL source code
→ [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.160

MAMEUIFX 0.160 March 25, 2015

  • Updated to MAME 0.160

Changelog from 0.159:

  • Added a new Snapshot/Movie options dialog to the Interface
  • Added ability to select and use a different Cheat File than default one in the Interface
  • Added support for OpenGL Video Mode options directly from the Interface
  • Added support for GLSL shaders directly from the Interface (a new GLSL directory is available in which you can put your GLSL shaders and select them)
  • Added support for Timothy Lottes GLSL shaders (Timothy Lottes, SoltanGris42, u-man)
  • Fixed MAMETESTERS bug ID 04621 (ironhors: 30fps framerate seems abnormal)
  • Partially re-designed the layout of Default Game Options dialog
  • M1FX 8.0 released: see the Forum for the full list of changes
→ [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.159

MAMEUIFX 0.159 released. February 26, 2015

  • Updated to MAME 0.159

  Changelog from 0.158:

  • Added support for WARRIORS OF FATE - TENCHI WO KURAU 2 (Three extra players)
  • Enabled by default new video mode renderer OpenGL and made it available in Video Mode options
  • Implemented widestretch (Full Widescreen Stretch) feature for all video modes supported which are:
    • GDI
    • DirectDraw
    • Direct3D
    • BGFX (not working at the moment)
    • OpenGL (This new feature makes completely discouraged the use of DirectDraw Hardware Stretch option)
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues in the Interface
  • M1FX 7.0: fixed and improved the equalizer, now in sync with the volume slider
→ [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.158

MAMEUIFX 0.158 released. January 29, 2015

  • Updated to MAME 0.158

Changelog from 0.157:

  • Updated BUBBLE BOBBLE REDUX (With Level Skipper) to the latest version released


→ [Arcade] MAMEUIFX x64/ x86 0.157

MAMEUIFX 0.157 released. january 01, 2015

  • Updated to MAME 0.157

Changelog from 0.156:

  • Implemented SYNCREFRESH feature from GroovyMAME (thanks to Calamity and Haynor666)
  • Removed SOUNDSYNC feature from CabMAME (no more needed)
→ [Arcade] MAMEUIFX64/32 0.156

MAMEUIFX 0.156 November 29, 2014

  • Updated to MAME 0.156

Changelog from 0.155:

  • Added new Toolbar Icon to switch on the fly between "Normal" and "Grouped" View in the gamelist
  • Fixed MAMEUIFX bug in MIDAS.C driver (black screen in game as reported at MAMEItalia Forum)
  • Removed very old hack in TWIN16.C driver (no more needed)
  • Tweaked refresh rate in CAVE.C driver to a more reasonable value
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