[arcade] Mame x64 i x86 0.165

[1] @ środa, 26 Sierpnia 2015 22:05CET

[arcade] Mame x64 i x86 0.165

Nowa wersja MAME 0.165, bo i koniec miesiąca za pasem, niestety ostatnio kompletnie nie mam czasu być na bieżąco z prowadzeniem serwisu, a co dopiero ze śledzeniem zmian, więc odnotowuje dla porządku. Monotonia miesięcznic jakoś tak działa zniechęcająco:P

Mame 0.165 26/08/2015

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
  • 05762: [Crash/Freeze] (itgambl2.c) All sets in itgambl2.c, namcos23.c: Crash directly after OK (hap)
  • 05435: [Sound] (leland.c) offroad, offroadt, possibly others: Audio in offroad, offroadt sounds horrible (crazyc)
  • 05377: [Sound] (leland.c) All sets in leland.c: DAC sounds differently between 32-bit and 64-bit (crazyc)
  • 02892: [Misc.] (cps1.c) 3wondersh: Dialog box on launch (Robbbert)
  • 03193: [Misc.] (cps1.c) 3wondersh: Three Wonders (hack?) unmapped ports (Robbbert)
  • 05801: [Color/Palette] (cps1.c) 3wondersb: Status change from GAME_NOT_WORKING to GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS suggestion (Robbbert)
  • 06006: [Crash/Freeze] (rocnrope.c) rocnrope, ropeman: Game resets when pressing start (Mamesick)
  • 06014: [Documentation] (aerofgt.c) karatblzj: Wrong name for Japanese ROM set (hap)
  • 05690: [Graphics] (eprom.c) eprom, eprom2: Graphics glitch occurs when destroying compuer equipment. (hap)
  • 05217: [Sound] (exidy.c) spectar: Missing sounds (credit/Title Tune) (Osso)
  • 06008: [Graphics] (bfm_sc4.c) bfm_sc4.c: FATAL ERROR: Too many live textures in src/emu/renderer.c:500 (hap)
  • 06007: [Speed] (suna16.c) bssoccer: significant performance drop during intro (David Haywood)
  • 06005: [Graphics] (taito_x.c) kyustrkr: Screen is shifted up (Mamesick)
  • 03966: [Graphics] (macrossp.c) macrossp, quizmoon: Implement priorities, fix bg and sprite zoom (Tourniquet)
  • 05814: [Graphics] (apple2.c) ivelultr: Font is flipped (R. Belmont)
Source Changes
  • Sega 837-14645 JVS I/O dumped [Darksoft]
  • monzagp.c updates: [Sandro Ronco]
    • fixed 8035 vram read/write
    • added background graphics
    • added coin and DSW inputs
  • vidbrain.xml: Added Information Manager prototype. [Sean Riddle]
  • Add correct CD2802 chirp rom from decap [Sean Riddle]
  • mk4: Add rudimentary blending. [MooglyGuy]
  • utf8 support for pstring. Opted for a scalable solution which should be easily extensible to utf16 and utf32 as well. All position related operations now operate on char code positions instead of byte positions. [Couriersud]
  • chihiro.c: Move parts common with Xbox console into their own files machine/xbox.c and includes/xbox.h [Samuele Zannoli]
  • gei.c: Minor Clean up [Brian Troha]
  • Xbox console driver now uses the base common machine setup with Chihiro [Samuele Zannoli]
  • Add support for M58819 'VSM-emulator', fixes speech in Radar Scope TRS01 set. [Lord Nightmare]
  • Replaced the frame parse and speech generation code from tms5110.c with the code from tms5220.c, should be significantly more accurate and allow the cores to be much more easily merged in the future. This also allowed finally getting rid of the COEFF_ENERGY_SENTINEL hack in tms5110r.inc [Lord Nightmare]
  • deco32.c: Verified and corrected the rom labels for the Fighter's History (World ver 43-07, DE-0380-2 PCB) set. [Charles MacDonald]
  • monzagp.c updates (part 2): [Sandro Ronco]
    • fixed gfx RAM
    • added 7-seg artwork
    • added my car sprite
  • hp64k: fix to allow multiple screens (for RS232 terminal) [F. Ulivi]
  • goldstar.c DIP switch documentation [hsialin]
    • Hold Pair for cmv4, cmv801 and crazybon
    • Card Shuffle Animation for cmv801
    • Fast Take for crazybon
  • Fix interpolation on TMS52xx to match samples from real chip. [PlgDavid, Lord Nightmare]
  • c128: Emulated the PARTNER 128 cartridge. [Curt Coder]
  • Fixed 3wondersb [Robbbert]
  • apple2: fix Ivel Ultra's unique text drawing (MT#5814) [R. Belmont]
  • tms51xx: removed target_x variables in favor of reloading from coefficient ROM during the generation loop (as the real device does). Implemented proper ZPAR and unvoiced ZPAR logic for zeroing parameters during idle and unvoiced frames. Changed the pitch zeroing logic during frame inhibit to last an entire interpolation period rather than one sample. Replaced the speech-is-synthesizing state machine with the original patent TALK, TALKD and SPEN bits. Redid the talk_status logic to use (TALKD || SPEN) as the real device does. [Lord Nightmare]
  • pet: Added French CBM 8032 ROMs. [Hervé Warin]
  • pet_rom.xml: Added Edex (France, v4.4) [Hervé Warin]
  • floppy.c: Added drive sounds (must be activated in drivers using MCFG_FLOPPY_DRIVE_SOUND(true); quite simple still, same sounds for all drives) [Michael Zapf]
  • at29x: Created a general class for AT29 family from previous at29040a; added implementations for at29c040 and at29c020 [Michael Zapf]
  • geneve: Added Programmable Flash Memory boot feature (PFM512)[Michael Zapf]
  • ti99: Added new cartridge types paged378, paged377; HFDC has new switch "wait for HD" (available in later HFDC models); 32K internal memory mod is now off by default [Michael Zapf]
  • midzeus.c: Further improvements: [Phil Bennett]
    • Added alternate back-face culling method
    • Added additional blend modes
    • Added depth test and write enables
    • Slightly improved rasterization
  • OS/2 patches for MAME 0.164 [KO Myung-Hun]
  • x68k: added brightness controls, used for fade in/out effects [Barry Rodewald]
  • Dumped thedealr's i8742 internal ROM [Porchy]
  • Added correct color PROMs for tahjong [Mike Coates]
New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
  • Bandai Pair Match [hap, Kevin Horton, Rik]
  • VTech Invaders [Kevin Horton]
  • Castle Toy Tactix [hap, Sean Riddle, Kevin Horton]
  • Pack'n Bang Bang (prototype) [rtw]
  • Merit Joker Poker (9131-01) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Touch & Tell [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Vocaid [hap, Sean Riddle]
New clones added
  • Saint Dragon (bootleg) [Yves Marchand]
  • E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force (set 2) [Yves Marchand]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0555) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (KE1012) Keno (set 2) [BrianT]
  • War: The Final Assault (EPROM 1.6 Jan 14 1999, GUTS 1.1 Mar 16 1999, GAME Mar 16 1999) [Alex Cmaylo] (not working) [Gun.Smoke (US, 851115) (alt set) [Caius, Alexander F]
  • Fighter's History (World ver 43-05) [??]
  • Hissatsu Buraiken (Japan, bootleg?) [David Haywood]
  • Americana (9131-01) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Fighter's History (US ver 42-09, DE-0396-0 PCB) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Meteors [Andrew Welburn, Trevor Brown]
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (USA 980616, SAMPLE Version) [Guru]
  • Mahjong The Mysterious Orient Part 2 - Exotic Dream [Dyq, Guru]
  • Mighty Monkey (Kaina Games, bootleg on Scramble hardware) [Team Europe]
  • Knuckle Bash (Korean PCB) [caius]
New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
  • Techno Drive (Japan, TD2/VER.B, 2.06) [Guru, R. Belmont]
  • Sega Picture Magic [David Haywood]
  • Joy Stand Private [Luca Elia, Guru]
  • Dino Dino [Guru]
  • Fruit Paradise (V214) [Guru, iq_132]
  • Face-Off (EM Bubble Hockey) [Jarrod Wright, Luca Elia]
  • Chexx (EM Bubble Hockey, 1983 1.1) [Clay Harrell, Luca Elia]
  • ROLLing eX.tre.me [Ville Linde, Guru]


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