[arcade] Mame x64 i x86 0.160

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[arcade] Mame x64 i x86 0.160

Nowa wersja MAME 0.160, bo i koniec miesiąca za pasem, niestety ostatnio kompletnie nie mam czasu być na bieżąco z prowadzeniem serwisu, a co dopiero ze śledzeniem zmian, więc odnotowuje dla porządku. Monotonia miesięcznic jakoś tak działa zniechęcająco:P

Mame 0.160 25/03/2015

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
  • 05846: [Core] ALT+TAB during ROM loading screen causes assert with debug. (peterferrie)
  • 04138: [Crash/Freeze] (hornet.c) gradius4: "SHARC: PC Stack overflow !" doing MASKROM check (peterferrie)
  • 05862: [Crash/Freeze] (queen.c) queen: [debug] Assertion (peterferrie)
  • 05880: [Documentation] (sam.c) bbh_160 and clones: Year of production is '2010'. (Tafoid)
  • 05879: [Documentation] (sam.c) bdk_294 and clones: Year of production is '2008'. (Tafoid)
  • 05852: [Crash/Freeze] (mw8080bw.c) m4: Crashed after insert coin (Osso)
Source Changes
  • Enable OpenGL renderer on Windows. By default, run
  • time function resolution is enabled. To resolve addresses, the code now first tries GetProcAddress followed by wglGetProcAddress. [Couriersud]
  • Fix memory leak warning (autorelease pool) on OSX. [Couriersud]
  • improvements to monkelf (bootleg of avspirit), now playable [iq_132]
  • NeoGeo documentation updates [JacKc]
    • kof96h - Tagged AES version
    • kof98h - Tagged MVS and AES version
    • ncomabth - Tagged MVS and AES version
    • Updated game pcb info
    • Misc Documentation update
  • OpenGL on windows now supports glsl options. This worked out of the box with wine64 and on virtualbox windows7 (64bit). [Couriersud]
  • Fix mame restart (builtin game selector) in draw13.c. [CourierSud]
  • Fix clipping bug (e.g. apparent in neogeo) for video accel. Minor code changes. [Couriersud]
  • Aligned monitor handling between sdl and baseline. [Couriersud]
  • thunderx.c: convert to bankdev, merge with gbusters.c, add notes and correct various things based on schematics [Alex Jackson]
  • add dumped prom to 64street [system11]
  • Fix fullscreen toggle for the accel driver os OSX. [Couriersud]
  • Use measured clocks from brickzn PCB, fixes music tempo. [system11]
  • Figured out the additional protection the Brick Zone sets used on the sound sample playback / selection. [system11, Luca Elia]
  • First step to move osd_printf_* into osd again. Callbacks are now implemented using an interface and use a push/pop approach where the pop can happen out of order of pushes. [Couriersud]
  • m6502: Fix icounting [Peter Ferrie]
  • Fix crashing on ARM Linux targets. [R. Belmont, rjosal]
  • Mad Alien documentation improvements [Andrew Welburn]
  • goldstar.c: overhaul of the Golden Star driver with improvements to many games [Vas Crabb, Amanda King, Bad A. Billy]
    • Fix GFX decode for pkrmast and crazybon, add PROMs from cmv4 to get usable colours until real dumps are acquired [Amanda King]
    • Identify board type for crazybon, connect sound, inputs and DIP switches - now working [Amanda King, Vas Crabb]
    • Split up machine state class into six classes for different board families, reduce redundancy using derived machine configs and input port includes [Vas Crabb]
    • Identify, document and verify many inputs and DIP switches, correct some game descriptions, add notes on PCBs and info from manuals [Bad A. Billy]
    • Verify and correct many DIP switches and inputs, add lamp and coin counter outputs for most games [Vas Crabb]
    • Hook up AY8910, DIP switches, VBLANK IRQ enable, lamps coin counters and ticket dispenser on unkch hardware - all four sets are now playable with sound [Vas Crabb]
    • -Add internal clickable control panel artwork for almost all games with working lamp outputs [Vas Crabb]
  • segas32.c: Correct rom names for Sonic the Hedgehog and document the FD1149 number & board types. [Brian Troha]
  • megasys1.c: fix status read for second OKI sound chip, fixes a lot of samples in hachoo [Mamesick]
  • use dumped (from unprotected MCU) MCU rom on mrheli [Silvio Grazini]
    • Japan warning screen is uploaded to tilemap but not shown due to video emulation faults
  • hooked up decapped MCU to X Multiply (Japan, M72) after tidying the driver a little [David Haywood]
  • OS/2 patches for SDLMAME 0.159 [KO Muyng-Hun]
  • debugwin.c: avoid race condition where debugger window update request is made before debugger is initialised [Peter Ferrie]
  • font_windows.c: don't crash if no memory for bitmap [Peter Ferrie]
  • gradius4: avoid stack overflow when adsp21062 device is reset while inside interrupt handler [Peter Ferrie]
  • queen: intercept OOB access to PIIX4 device [Peter Ferrie]
  • pinball2k: correct notes, install port handlers [Peter Ferrie]
  • mediagx: implement missing opcodes [Peter Ferrie]
  • tms6100.c: add the tms6125 4KiB VSM pinout [Lord Nightmare, plgdavid]
  • chelnov: simulate some protection instead of patching rom [iq_132]
  • iteagle: work-in-progress [Ted Green]
    • Hooked up PCI devices and bridge correctly using new PCI subsystem
    • Fixed BIOS selection
  • vrc4373: fix PCI target accesses. [Ted Green]
  • identified that Table Tennis Champions uses the same style DMA/blitter as the recently added Spider, made some improvements, added sound, it isn't driven by PIC, role of PIC still unknown [David Haywood]
  • add basic hookups of internal peripherals to the V53, made it an actual CPU type derived from the V33. Most of these have come from the PC emulation
    • DMA Controller (subset of uPD71071/uPD71037), clone of 8237A
    • Serial Controller (modified uPD71051), clone of i8251
    • Interrupt Controller (uPD71059 equivalent), clone of PIC8259
    • Timer Unit (identical to uPD71054), clone of pit8253 [David Haywood]
  • hooked up ROM banking to Hyper Neogeo 64 Sound CPU, this, along with the above V53 peripherals improves the code flow on the CPU significantly, although the interrupt hookups, communication, and sound generation are still not yet understood [David Haywood]
  • Improved some textures (billboards) in Xtreme Rally (Hyper Neogeo 64)
    • some road parts now look worse however, so still needs work, might be mirror flags too [David Haywood]
  • Added / enabled save state support for the following drivers: argus.c, bbusters.c, cabal.c, capbowl.c, cocoloco.c, deadang.c, fgoal.c, flyball.c, hotblock.c, ironhors.c, jankenmn jchan.c, junofrst.c, mgolf.c, mosaic.c, nova2001.c, psychic5.c, pturn.c, re900.c, realbrk.c, rltennis.c, sandscrp.c, shougi.c, shuuz.c, sidearms.c, speedbal.c, srmp2.c, srumbler.c, ssozumo.c, ssrj.c, sstrangr.c, ssv.c, sub.c, subs.c, suna16.c, supdrapo.c, suprgolf.c, suprloco.c, suprridr.c, tagteam.c, tankbatt.c, tankbust.c, taotaido.c, tbowl.c, tgtpanic.c, timelimt.c, tryout.c, tsamurai.c, tugboat.c, vulgus.c, wc90b xain.c, xtheball.c [Osso]
  • luaengine: clip screen coordinates to screen size [Luca Bruno]
  • ui: use per-container pixel aspect (LUA draw_text bugfix) [Luca Bruno]
  • docs: add initial documentation for luaengine API [Luca Bruno]
New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002111P+XP000038) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker (with Seq Royal Flush) [BrianT]
  • Crazy Bonus 2002 [Amanda King, Vas Crabb]
  • Castle Of Dracula [Caius, The Dumping Union, Luca Elia]
  • New Cherry Gold '99 (bootleg of Super Cherry Master) (set 1) [Vas Crabb]
  • Spider [system11, The Dumping Union, David Haywood]
  • Brick Zone (v1.1, Spinner) [Luca Elia]
New clones added
  • Nitro Ball (World, set 2) [Bill D. / The Dumping Union]
  • Brick Zone (v6.0, Joystick) [system11, The Dumping Union]
  • New Cherry Gold '99 (bootleg of Super Cherry Master) (set 2) [Vas Crabb]
  • Super Cherry Gold (bootleg of Super Cherry Master) [Vas Crabb]
  • Grand Cherry Master (bootleg of Super Cherry Master) [Vas Crabb]
  • Chouji Meikyuu Legion (Japan ver 1.05) [ShinobiZ & COY]
  • Boot Camp (set 2) [chaneman]
  • Frogger (videotron bootleg) [system11, The Dumping Union]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0158) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker (set 5) [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0190) Deuces Wild Poker (set 1) [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0203) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker (set 4) [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0515) Double Bonus Poker (set 3) [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (BE0014) Blackjack (International English/Spanish) [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X000006P+XP000038) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X000042P+XP000038) 10's or Better [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X000764P+XP000038) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002010P+XP000038) Nevada Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002016P+XP000038) Full House Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002017P+XP000038) Full House Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002037P+XP000038) Nevada Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002039P+XP000038) Nevada Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002247P+XP000038) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002386P+XP000038) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [BrianT]
  • Puzznic (bootleg) [cmonkey]
  • Mahjong Electromagnetic Base [Dyq, XingXing, Luca Elia]
  • Battle K-Road (Korean PCB) [Manuel Assoni]
  • Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan 920611, B-Board 91634B-2) [Bonky]
  • Willow (World) [Jets (from Emu-france) and Layer (from Neo-arcadia)]
  • The Combatribes (US, older) [Jets, Layer]
  • Raiden II (France) [Jets, Layer]
  • Golden Axe II (Mega Play) (original rev) [Jets, Layer]
  • Daioh (location test version) [CoolMod, trap15]
  • Thunder Deity Biography (Chinese hack of Battle Garegga) [caius]
New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
  • Mahjong Ougon No Pai [Dyq, XingXing]
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