[Arcade] Arcade x64/x86 0.192

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[Arcade] Arcade x64/x86 0.192

Arcade to nic innego, jak bazujący na kodzie autorstwa MameSick MameUIFX klon MAME, rozbudowywany przez Robbberta (MameUI32, MessUI, HomebrewMame).



ARCADE 32/64 0.192 29/11/17

  • You can right-click on a game and get the contents of the "info" panel into Notepad. This lets you have both the game and the notes on the screen at the same time.
  • The download is now a full package with all needed files. There's no need to download MAME as well.
  • Included 17 bonus glsl shaders, thanks to Mamesick.
  • The definition of what games are included has been refined, so there's a number of extra games added.
wstecz29/11/2017 22:48
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