[Arcade] Arcade x64 0.245 29/06/2022

[0] @ !!! Czwartek, 30 Czerwca 2022 00:15 CET [29-04-2022 16:24 CET]

[Arcade] Arcade x64 0.245 29/06/2022

Jeden z najlepszych klonów MAME wcześniej rozwijany przez MameSick jako MameUIFX a teraz przez Robbberta (MameUI32, MessUI, HomebrewMame).


ARCADE x64 0.245 29/06/2022

  • Changes: sync to MAME x64 0.245
  • This month the results of the survey have been applied. Bingo games, casino games, poker games, mahjong games, and video-based fruit games have been added. Polygonet Commanders is playable now, so it is also enabled.

    There were 5 attempts to kill off winui, but it was possible to revert all those changes and keep the project going.

    Next month will be even more challenging. The old file split by drivers, machine, video, etc has been wiped away, replaced by some arbitrary scheme. Whenever a file is moved, the local modifications are lost. It will quite a task to keep control of this. There might be more disruption that isn't known about yet.

ARCADE x64 0.244 25/05/2022

  • Changes: sync to MAME x64 0.244
  • There's been some cleaning up for this month. All the broken stuff that snuck in has been removed. Also, more poker and mahjong games have been deactivated. These may return next month depending on the results of the survey (which closes on June 15). If you haven't voted, do it now!

ARCADE x64 0.243 29/04/2022

  • Changes: sync to MAME 0.243

ARCADE x64 0.242 1/04/2022

  • Changes: sync to MAME 0.242
  • Changed GCC version to 11.2 (old version will still work)
  • Last month's reversion was unreverted and changes applied to make it work again [Mamesick]

ARCADE x64 0.241 23/02/2022

  • Changes: sync to MAME 0.241

ARCADE x64 0.240 30/01/2022

  • Changes: sync to MAME 0.240
  • Please note that a new bug was noticed just as I was about to upload the new version. If you enter rubbish via the command line, it will freeze. For example, trying to run a non-existing game will give an error-message box and then hang. I don't know when this started, but I assume something changed in MAME.

ARCADE x64 0.239 29/12/2021


  • sync to MAME 0.239
  • ... none

ARCADE x64 0.238 24/11/2021


  • sync to MAME 0.238

ARCADE x64 0.237 28/10/2021


  • sync to MAME 0.237

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