[Apple IIe] AppleWin

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[Apple IIe] AppleWin

Nowa wersja, eksperymentalna (czyli kolejna beta)AppleWinemulatora rodziny komputerów APPLE II. (][, ][e, ][+) .

Pełna wersja podsumowująca ostatnie zmiany, jakie można było prześledzić w wersjach eksperymentalnych. - 3 Feb 2018

Full release that rolls-up all the changes and fixes from the 1.26.2 & 1.26.3 experiment builds.

Changes (misc):

  • [Change #428] Added Config Input option to use PC Joystick 1 Thumbstick 2 for emulated Joystick 2
    • play Nick Westgate's updated Robotron using gamepads with two analog thumbsticks, eg. Logitech F310, PS4 DualShock 4, Xbox controller
  • [Change #528] Improved logging to log when Apple2 type changes
  • [Change #469] New -no-printscreen-key switch to prevent the PrintScreen key from being registered.
  • Swapping disks while a drive is on now warns and prompts if you still wish to do this instead of silently failing with no feedback.
  • [PR #441] Update zlib to latest version 1.2.11
  • [PR #275] Attenuate speaker (and 8-bit DAC) output sample after 0.25s of inactivity


  • [Change #504] Full-screen: hide mouse pointer after 2 seconds of inactivity (and show again if mouse is moved)
  • [Change #488] New -fs-height=<best|nnnn> switch.
    • best: picks the highest resolution where the height is an integer multiple of (192*2)
    • nnnn: select a specific resolution with height=nnnn pixels
      Use to select a better resolution for full-screen mode.
      NB. This changes the display resolution (and restores on exit).
  • [Change #224] Added Config checkbox for 'Full-Screen: Show drive/keyboard status'
  • [Change #492] UI fixes for full-screen & 2x windowed-mode
  • [Bug #464] Fix for full-screen: bottom line missing when vertical resolution is 768

DiskII/Hard disk:

  • [Change #323] Skip hard disk boot by holding down the Open-Apple key during an Apple II restart
  • {Bug #525] Fix to prevent stepper motor changing track when drive if off
  • [Bug #125] Support formatting of DOS3.3/ProDOS for .dsk/.nib in authentic/enhanced disk modes
    • includes support for Pascal formatting (#196) and Ultima I formatting (#338)
  • [Bug #499] Flush current track (if dirty) before 'Send to CiderPress'
  • [Bug #452] Fix for unmounted HD now gives "NO DEVICE CONNECTED" (before gave "I/O ERROR")
  • [Bug #389] Disk's write-protect detection mis-reporting when motor off
  • [Bug #387] Support for 40-track .nib files

Peripheral cards:

  • [Bug #514] Emulator restart (or reset) wasn't clearing any pending Mousecard interrupt
  • [Bug #496] Support polling of Mockingboard's & Phasor's 6522 IFR.Timer1
  • [Bug #486] Peripheral card's expansion ROM ($C800-CFFF, eg. SSC) wasn't being correctly restored from a save-state
    • Resulting in regression: Mousecard crash to monitor (#495).
  • [Bug #423] Full support for INTC8ROM soft switch (fixes transient a2audit.dsk & Bejeweled failures)
  • [Bug #418] Fix for slot-3 ROM not returning floating bus when Uthernet card is enabled
  • [Bug #413] Save-state: bug when saving >9 RAMWorks III 64K banks
  • [Bug #386] SSC: Experimental support for 6551's DTR, DCD and DSR bits via -modem switch
    • ie. -modem is shorthand for passing -dtr -dcd -dsr
    • Experimental support for 6551's control bit: DTR via -dtr switch
    • Experimental support for 6551's status bits: DCD and DSR via -dcd and -dsr switches
  • [Bug #320] Mockingboard/Phasor: support 'inactive' function like real hardware
  • [Bug #308] SSC ACIA Status register's interrupt bit not set when IRQ enabled and using TCP Port 1977


  • [Change #483] Debugger: Shift+Left mouse button to toggle 6502 Status flag bits
  • [Change #462] Debugger: Changed Left mouse button (LMB) to Shift+LMB to toggle display items
  • [Change #406] Debugger: Support LC and MMU status & updated Help doc
  • [Change #269] When stepping, ESC no longer exits back to debugger (use F7, Pause keys or Debugger button instead).
  • [Change #217] Debugger G(o) command should use normal speed
  • Debugger: Added new gg command:
command run at normal speed run at full speed video quality sound quality
g yes only if disk active, etc precise precise
gg no always periodic muted
  • [Bug #484] Debugger: Some corrections to APPLE2E.SYM
  • [Bug #479, #476, #473] Debugger: Various UI and other fixes
  • [Bug #460] Debugger: F2 whilst debugger active will immediately stop the drive spinning (allowing disk swap)
  • [Bug #450] Persist debugger state across an F2 (reset machine state)
  • [Bug #445] Debugger: BPM cmd: Support trigger on stack access for BRK,JSR,PLn,PHn,RTI,RTS
  • [Bug #383] "Enhanced disk speed" is very slow when debugger is active
  • [Bug #250] Debugger: When MODE_STEPPING, fix issue with disk LEDs staying on


  • [Change #477] Help doc: Document behaviour full-speed mode
  • [Change #437] AppleWin.chm blocked from opening - delete the AppleWin.chm:Zone.Identifier ADS
  • [Bug #417] Typos in Uthernet documentation

Fixes (other):

  • [Bug #519] Support floating-bus in full-speed mode. Fixes Canyon Climber (#508), Oo-Topos (#532).
  • [Bug #516] Internal video-mode was having PAGE2 permanently cleared (instead of just masked) when 80STORE was set.
  • [Bug #456] Fix strange speaker clicks when changing configuration - DirectSound wasn't being uninitialised on a restart
  • [Bug #415] Fix for not being able to select Pravets 82
  • [Bug #409] Fix for AppleWorks 5.1 flickering when booting (latent bug from 2006!)
  • [Bug #405] Screen flicker in full-speed mode
  • [Bug #403] PrintScreen from Color TV or B&W TV video modes is missing top line
  • [Bug #392] Fixes for a2audit.dsk
    • Resulting in regressions in LC support for Gemstone Warriors (#395), Quark Catalyst V3 and BeagleWrite (#400).
  • [Bug #213] Pause not setting volume to zero
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin
King Quest 3 (1988, Sierra) - 2 Feb 2019

  • [Change #523] Support Extended 80-Column Text/AppleColor Card's DHGR Mixed mode and 560x192 Mono mode.
  • [PR #620] Corrected a few symbol names in APPLE2E.SYM for the 80STORE and 80COL I/O addresses.
  • [Bug #617] Apple II,II+ keyboard: up/down arrow keys are now ignored.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.28.0
Maniac Mansion (1987, LucasFilm)

AppleWin - 12 Jan 2019

  • [Change #357] Resurrected the AppleWin 1.25 "Color (Standard)" video mode as "Color (RGB Monitor)".
    • This is equivalent to emulating RGB video, ie. a video mode with sharp text and pixels.
    • NB. Unlike AppleWin 1.25, this is now cycle-accurate, so demos that synchronise with the video scanner will work correctly.
  • [Change #603] Removed support for v1 save-state files.
    • Any v1 save-state files should be loaded into AppleWin 1.27, and then re-saved to a v2 save-state file.
  • [Change #597] Removed the functionality for CTRL+F10 to reveal the mouse cursor.
  • [Change #585] Added a 'Swap' HDD button to the Configuration->Input property sheet.
  • [Bug #608] Mockingboard's 6522 TIMER1 wasn't generating an interrupt quickly enough for Broadside's detection routine.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.13
Ultima V (Origin Systems, 1988) Miało działać, a nie działa... Gra nie wykrywa zmian wirtualnych dyskietek, co przy 8 obrazach jest dość istotne;) - 8 Dec 2018

  • [Bug #599] Fix for Ultima V not loading in Authentic Speed mode (regression introduced at
  • [Change #205] Added support for Apple II/II+ custom 2K video ROMs.
    • Extended command line switch: -videorom
    • If the ROM size is 2K, then it replaces the video ROM for the Apple II/II+.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.12
Battle Chess - jeden z (nie)licznych przykładów, że szachy nie muszą być nudne. - 17 Nov 2018

  • [Change #574] Add support for PAL/European or custom 8K video ROMs:
    • Added new command line switch: -videorom <file>
      • Replaces the video ROM for the Enhanced //e.
      • Support video ROM sizes of 4K, 8K and 16K (top 8K only).
      • NB. The rocker switch is set to the European video ROM position.
    • F10 (for //e or Enhanced //e models) emulates the PAL //e's rocker switch (under the keyboard).
      • Use to toggle between European or US video ROM.
  • [Change #583] Added new switch: '-no-hook-alt':
    • Used to prevent left/right ALT from emulating Open/Solid Apple keys.
    • For European keyboards where AltGr is needed to type keys like '[',']'.


→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.10
Spy Vs Spy (1984, First Star) - 4 Nov 2018

  • [Change #590] Apple II original: default to 48K (so no LC installed in slot-0).
    • Added new command line switch: -s0 <languagecard|lc>
      ('lc' is an alias for 'languagecard')
    • When LC is in slot-0, it now use the Apple II+'s F8 (auto-start) ROM
  • [Change #408] Support Saturn 64K and 128K cards in slot-0.
    • Added new command line switch: -s0 <saturn|saturn64|saturn128>
      ('saturn' is an alias for 'saturn128')
  • [Bug #591] Save-state wasn't preserving the 'key-waiting' flag.
  • [Bug #587] Debugger: disassembly for branch targets < $1000 were missing the leading '0'.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.9
Pool of Radiance (Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1989) - 2 Oct 2018

  • [Bug #582] Support for partial disk II latch reads when accesses are very close.
    • Fixes Curse of the Azure Bonds & Pool of Radiance (saving characters and creating disks).
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.8 - 9 Sep 2018

  • [Bug #555] Fix for showing 559th DHGR/DGR/TEXT80 vertical column (retaining 560-pixel display width).
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.7 - 6 Aug 2018

  • [Bug #564] Fixed 'Save State on Exit' not working correctly when there's a Configuration change to the hardware.
  • [Bug #556] Reverted default so that ALT+TAB is not hooked
    • Support new command line switch: -hook-alt-tab to support hooking ALT+TAB.
  • [Bug #558] Reverted default so that ALT GR's fake LEFT CONTROL is not hooked
    • Support new command line switch: -hook-altgr-control to suppess ALR GR's fake LEFT CONTROL. - 28 Jul 2018

  • [Bug #570] Fixed lag when repeat-stepping in debugger.
  • [Bug #558] Fixed ClosedApple + <key> not working (when using right ALT key).
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.5 - 24 Jun 2018

  • [Bug #567] Fixed Mockingboard/6522: Reading the 6522's IER now returns 0x80|IER.
  • [Bug #556] Allow system key combinations to be read: Open Apple (left ALT) + ESC/SPACE/TAB.
    • Also fixes #145, #198, #448.
    • Support new command line switches: -no-hook-system-key, -alt-enter=<open-apple-enter|toggle-full-screen>
    • Fix for save-state which wasn't correctly saving last key.
  • [Bug #555] Reverted 1.27.4's "Fix for showing 559th DHGR vertical column".
    • So 559th DHGR vertical column remains hidden (this is still a bug).
  • [Bug #330] Any Key Down (AKD) wasn't working for the multi-key case.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.4 - 26 May 2018

  • [Bug #555] Fix for showing 559th DHGR vertical column.
    • But now an HGR HCOLOR=2 vertical line at column 0 is only 1 DHGR pixel wide.
    • Fix TEXT80 to be aligned with DHGR.
    • Fix FLASH in TEXT80 (the inverse aux-memory char would overwrite the main-memory char).
  • [Change #554] Help: Added a new help page about AppleWin's SSC emulation.
  • [Change #522] SSC: ZLINK not starting unless DCD is set.
    • DCD state is now a mirror of DSR unless -dcd switch is used.
    • Removed -dsr,-dtr switches, so -modem is now an alias for -dcd.
  • [Bug #308] SSC: For TCP mode, support DSR, DCD & CTS status bits.
  • SSC: Now DTR must also be set to enable interrupts (in addition to the respective Tx/Rx interrupt bit).
  • SSC: Change DIPSW1's baud rate to 9600 (was 19200).
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