[Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.26.2

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[Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.26.2

Nowa wersja AppleWinemulator rodziny komputerów APPLE II. (][, ][e, ][+).

v1.26.0.2 Sep 18, 2016


  • [Bug #126,#157,#194] Beta NTSC support TV Color, TV B&W, Monitor Color, Monitor B&W
  • Full-screen native resolution (no longer 640x480 resolution)
  • [Bug #260] Save-state file v2: human readable (Yaml-based format) All hardware configurations save/restored:
  • Apple model, sub-systems, memory, cards (except Uthernet and SAM cards) Old v1 .aws file format still loaded
  • [Bug #270] Added SAM/DAC sound card support
  • AppleWin built with VS2008 Express (supports Windows 2000 or later)
  • Unit tests added for 6502 and 65C02 opcodes
  • Added -load-state command line option
  • New repo created with test save-state images: https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin-Test
  • Remove unsupported PC speaker sound types
  • [PR #235] New start-up title screen by Paulo Garcia
  • [PR #233] Configuration Dialog->Disk tab: Buttons replaced with drop-down menu for select/eject by Paulo Garcia


  • [Bug #129] Tight loop page-flipping causing heavy CPU load (fixed by NTSC / cycle-accurate video emulation)
  • [Bug #204] Problem running Wrath Of Denethenor (fixed by NTSC / cycle-accurate video emulation)
  • [Bug #317] [Disk] Only mounts version 1 .2mg not version 0
  • [Bug #296] VS2015 unresolved external in Release
  • [Bug #255] CyclesThisFrame not saved to save-state file
  • [Bug #282] Timing test for undocumented AXA (zp),Y
  • [Bug #288] Timing issue with DEC (abs)
  • [Bug #278] 6502 emulation: bSlowerOnPagecross setup too late in CPP macros
  • [Bug #271] Timing problems with ASL, INC and DEC (abs,X)
  • [Bug #264] JMP (IND) is 5 cycles only - not 6 - on 6502
  • [Bug #287] CPU emulation timing fixes
  • [Bug #286] -d1 command line argument & declining GPL causes crash
  • [Bug #277] SSI263 speech data-race leading to crash
  • [Bug #267] Mousecard movement & button events not working in MODE_STEPPING
  • [Bug #227] [Debugger] [1.25] AppleSoft symbol: COPY.FAC.TO.ARG.ROUNDED overflows into registers
  • [Bug #246] [Debugger] Memory (Changing Memory) command in CHM help files
  • [Bug #309] Silent Service hangs during Mockingboard use
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 27/07/19 - 27 Jul 2019

  • [Bug #662] Fixed WOZ 'Wizardry III' not booting.
  • [Bug #669] Fixed WOZ 'Space Quest I' not booting reliably.
  • [Bug #670] Fixed PAGE2 not displaying correctly when in full-speed mode.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 8 Jul 2019

  • [Change #544] Support for .woz disk images.
    • WOZ1 and WOZ2 formats supported.
    • read-only: images forced to write-protected (so 'Stickybear Town Builder' doesn't work).
    • only 5.25" (not 3.5").
    • known issues: 'Wizardry III' not booting.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 28 Jun 2019

  • [Change #648] Support 50Hz(PAL) video refresh rate and implicitly PAL 1.016MHz.
    • NB. TV video modes still use NTSC rendering.
  • [Bug #656] Fix for PAGE1/2 ($C054/55) not having a 1 cycle delay.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin

AppleWin - 15 Jun 2019

  • [Bug #654] Fix for Sather's "Little Text Window" not rendering correctly.
  • [Bug #652] Fix for 6522 TIMER1's period to be N+2 cycles.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 2 Jun 2019

  • [Bug #651] Cycle-accurate interrupts:
    • Interrupts sources are checked after every opcode (full-speed after every 40 opcodes).
    • 6522 TIMERs in free-running mode now accounts for the underflowed cycles when resetting the count.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 6 Apr 2019

  • [Change #631] Improvements for the RGB AppleColor card:
    • Relax the video-mode precondition to just ignore if VF_MIXED (previously required HIRES on) for Apple II Desktop.
    • Changing from DHGR B&W mode to HGR remains in B&W (color burst is off).
    • For '50% scan lines', don't blend in NTSC B&W mode, as this was inconsistent with the RGB colour rendering.
  • [Change #633] Improvements for the RGB AppleColor card:
    • Improved the video-mode precondition to ignore if 80COL ($C00C/D) occurs before DHIRESON ($C05F) for Renegade.
    • Support new switch -rgb-card-invert-bit7 to invert bit7 for Dragon Wars.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 16 Mar 2019

  • [Change #616] Improved accuracy for 'RGB (Color Monitor)' for hires.
  • [Bug #611] Holding down F9 to cycle through the video modes results in occasional flicker with garbage.
  • [Bug #627] Rainbow demo not working correctly when vertical blend is enabled.
  • [Bug #628] Filename suffix check for .gz and .zip needs to be case-insensitive.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 3 Mar 2019

  • [Change #625] AltGr+<key> does not send the <key> value to $C000.
    • This reverts the default behaviour introduced from 1.27.6 (#558).
    • Use -altgr-sends-wmchar to allow AltGr+<key> to work correctly together.
    • NB. The reason for the revert was that it was preventing international keyboards from typing certain characters.
  • [Change #616] Vertical blending now uses 560-pixel granularity for half-dot shift support (consistent with all other video modes).
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 24 Feb 2019

  • [Change #616] Support vertical blending for 'RGB (Color Monitor)' for hires.
    • Support the old AppleWin 1.25 vertical blending for hires via a 'Vertical Blend' checkbox.
  • [Change #621] Support RGB AppleColor card's 160-color pixel mode by squashing 640 pixels into 560 pixels.
    • Squashing is done by losing every 8th pixel.
  • [PR #623] Do not reset on minor state load errors.
  • [Bug #609] Configuration dialog didn't correctly reflect lack of Mockingboard/Phasor when loading a save-state without this sound card.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin
King Quest 3 (1988, Sierra) - 2 Feb 2019

  • [Change #523] Support Extended 80-Column Text/AppleColor Card's DHGR Mixed mode and 560x192 Mono mode.
  • [PR #620] Corrected a few symbol names in APPLE2E.SYM for the 80STORE and 80COL I/O addresses.
  • [Bug #617] Apple II,II+ keyboard: up/down arrow keys are now ignored.

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