[Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.24.0

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[Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.24.0

Nowa wersja AppleWinemulator rodziny komputerów APPLE II. (][, ][e, ][+). Sporo poprawek, w tym dwie, trzy, które były dość upierdliwe (typu - screenshot, gdzie mój screenshot;)).

1.24.0 - 1 Jan 2014


  • Support cursor keys (in addition to numpad) when using keyboard for joystick emulation.
  • Support auto-fire for all 3 joystick buttons (via Config->Input).
  • [Feature #5668] Added confirmation message box for reboot (F2).
  • [Feature #5715] Added -no-printscreen-dlg to suppress the warning if AppleWin fails to capture the PrintScreen key.
  • Changed save-state file persisted to Registry from filename to pathame.
  • [Feature #5105] Added About dialog showing GPL (at startup, but only when AppleWin version changes).


  • [Bug #19154] ProDOS Order 2IMG crashing.
  • [Support #103098] Sometimes swapping disk could cause INIT to fail with ERROR #8.
  • Fixed save-state bug for when 4K BANK1 is dirty (previously it would save the stale data instead).
  • [Bug #18723,#19070] Mouse movement for CopyII+9.1 and ProTERM3.1.


  • Added "disk info" command.
  • [Bug #18940] Extend BSAVE and BLOAD Command To Memory Banks 0 and 1.


→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 6 Apr 2019

  • [Change #631] Improvements for the RGB AppleColor card:
    • Relax the video-mode precondition to just ignore if VF_MIXED (previously required HIRES on) for Apple II Desktop.
    • Changing from DHGR B&W mode to HGR remains in B&W (color burst is off).
    • For '50% scan lines', don't blend in NTSC B&W mode, as this was inconsistent with the RGB colour rendering.
  • [Change #633] Improvements for the RGB AppleColor card:
    • Improved the video-mode precondition to ignore if 80COL ($C00C/D) occurs before DHIRESON ($C05F) for Renegade.
    • Support new switch -rgb-card-invert-bit7 to invert bit7 for Dragon Wars.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 16 Mar 2019

  • [Change #616] Improved accuracy for 'RGB (Color Monitor)' for hires.
  • [Bug #611] Holding down F9 to cycle through the video modes results in occasional flicker with garbage.
  • [Bug #627] Rainbow demo not working correctly when vertical blend is enabled.
  • [Bug #628] Filename suffix check for .gz and .zip needs to be case-insensitive.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 3 Mar 2019

  • [Change #625] AltGr+<key> does not send the <key> value to $C000.
    • This reverts the default behaviour introduced from 1.27.6 (#558).
    • Use -altgr-sends-wmchar to allow AltGr+<key> to work correctly together.
    • NB. The reason for the revert was that it was preventing international keyboards from typing certain characters.
  • [Change #616] Vertical blending now uses 560-pixel granularity for half-dot shift support (consistent with all other video modes).
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin - 24 Feb 2019

  • [Change #616] Support vertical blending for 'RGB (Color Monitor)' for hires.
    • Support the old AppleWin 1.25 vertical blending for hires via a 'Vertical Blend' checkbox.
  • [Change #621] Support RGB AppleColor card's 160-color pixel mode by squashing 640 pixels into 560 pixels.
    • Squashing is done by losing every 8th pixel.
  • [PR #623] Do not reset on minor state load errors.
  • [Bug #609] Configuration dialog didn't correctly reflect lack of Mockingboard/Phasor when loading a save-state without this sound card.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin
King Quest 3 (1988, Sierra) - 2 Feb 2019

  • [Change #523] Support Extended 80-Column Text/AppleColor Card's DHGR Mixed mode and 560x192 Mono mode.
  • [PR #620] Corrected a few symbol names in APPLE2E.SYM for the 80STORE and 80COL I/O addresses.
  • [Bug #617] Apple II,II+ keyboard: up/down arrow keys are now ignored.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.28.0
Maniac Mansion (1987, LucasFilm)

AppleWin - 12 Jan 2019

  • [Change #357] Resurrected the AppleWin 1.25 "Color (Standard)" video mode as "Color (RGB Monitor)".
    • This is equivalent to emulating RGB video, ie. a video mode with sharp text and pixels.
    • NB. Unlike AppleWin 1.25, this is now cycle-accurate, so demos that synchronise with the video scanner will work correctly.
  • [Change #603] Removed support for v1 save-state files.
    • Any v1 save-state files should be loaded into AppleWin 1.27, and then re-saved to a v2 save-state file.
  • [Change #597] Removed the functionality for CTRL+F10 to reveal the mouse cursor.
  • [Change #585] Added a 'Swap' HDD button to the Configuration->Input property sheet.
  • [Bug #608] Mockingboard's 6522 TIMER1 wasn't generating an interrupt quickly enough for Broadside's detection routine.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.13
Ultima V (Origin Systems, 1988) Miało działać, a nie działa... Gra nie wykrywa zmian wirtualnych dyskietek, co przy 8 obrazach jest dość istotne;) - 8 Dec 2018

  • [Bug #599] Fix for Ultima V not loading in Authentic Speed mode (regression introduced at
  • [Change #205] Added support for Apple II/II+ custom 2K video ROMs.
    • Extended command line switch: -videorom
    • If the ROM size is 2K, then it replaces the video ROM for the Apple II/II+.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.12
Battle Chess - jeden z (nie)licznych przykładów, że szachy nie muszą być nudne. - 17 Nov 2018

  • [Change #574] Add support for PAL/European or custom 8K video ROMs:
    • Added new command line switch: -videorom <file>
      • Replaces the video ROM for the Enhanced //e.
      • Support video ROM sizes of 4K, 8K and 16K (top 8K only).
      • NB. The rocker switch is set to the European video ROM position.
    • F10 (for //e or Enhanced //e models) emulates the PAL //e's rocker switch (under the keyboard).
      • Use to toggle between European or US video ROM.
  • [Change #583] Added new switch: '-no-hook-alt':
    • Used to prevent left/right ALT from emulating Open/Solid Apple keys.
    • For European keyboards where AltGr is needed to type keys like '[',']'.


→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.10
Spy Vs Spy (1984, First Star) - 4 Nov 2018

  • [Change #590] Apple II original: default to 48K (so no LC installed in slot-0).
    • Added new command line switch: -s0 <languagecard|lc>
      ('lc' is an alias for 'languagecard')
    • When LC is in slot-0, it now use the Apple II+'s F8 (auto-start) ROM
  • [Change #408] Support Saturn 64K and 128K cards in slot-0.
    • Added new command line switch: -s0 <saturn|saturn64|saturn128>
      ('saturn' is an alias for 'saturn128')
  • [Bug #591] Save-state wasn't preserving the 'key-waiting' flag.
  • [Bug #587] Debugger: disassembly for branch targets < $1000 were missing the leading '0'.
→ NOWSZY [Apple IIe] AppleWin 1.27.9
Pool of Radiance (Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1989) - 2 Oct 2018

  • [Bug #582] Support for partial disk II latch reads when accesses are very close.
    • Fixes Curse of the Azure Bonds & Pool of Radiance (saving characters and creating disks).

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