[APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.2

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[APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.2

Pojawiła się nowa wersja multiemulatora Agat, który pozwoli nam zaemulować rosyjskie i bułgarskie klony komputera Apple ][ - Pravetz (bułg.) i Agat (rus.), a także oryginalną konstrukcję Apple ][ i mikrokomputer Acorn Atom.

Changes in the version 1.29.2

  • Fixed a crash after closing an emulator window.
NOWSZY [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.30.2 15/12/23

Changes in the version 1.30.2 15/12/24

  • Fixed distribution

Changes in the version 1.30.1

  • Fixed extended font for Agat-7
  • Fixed help files.

Changes in the version 1.30

  1. Implemented Agat networking card in test mode.
  2. Improved Agat text mode output.
  3. Fixed compatibility issue in language switch register.
NOWSZY [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.2 28/11/2020

Changes in the version 1.29.2

  • Fixed a crash after closing an emulator window.
NOWSZY [APPLE] Eksperymentalny Agat Emulator 1.29.2 exp1
Porównanie nowego i starego modułu emulacjącego wyświetlanie grafiki w emulatorze AppleII/Agat AGAT.

Changes in the version 1.29.2-exp1

This version contains an experimental rendering engine. New features include:

  • Proper 7x8 pixel characters in text modes
  • Fonts are used exactly as taken from system ROMs
  • Real-time NTSC TV simulation in native Apple modes

Known issues:

  • New graphics is displayed in a separate window, in addition to the original  graphics implementation.
  • 80-column Apple text modes will also display in NTSC simulation mode which  looks really bad--as it would on an actual NTSC TV-set. There is currently no   way to switch to pixel-precise rendering on demand.
  • Combined graphics modes and partial page animations don't work for Apple2e, as seen on the Test Drive title screen.
  • Not all fonts are replaced with ROM versions. Some systems will display text  inverted and flipped.
→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.1
Knight Lore

Changes in the version 1.29.1

  • Fixed distribution bugs occured during transition from version 1.28 to 1.29
→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29

AgatEmulator version 1.29 - 06.08.2017

  • Reimplemented ACM sound driver

AgatEmulator version 1.28 - 06.08.2017

  • Fixed printing to TIFF, text, and raw files.
  • Control manually when new pages are created while printing to TIFF and Windows printer.
  • Added support for .pds images traditionally used for Pravetz emulation.
  • Disk images are now opened in window mode instead of fullscreen when started from a shell association.
  • rgb-monitor-16.pal is fixed to support the "bright black" color.
  • PRAVETZ8A.FNT is replaced with three distinct variations: Bulgarian font pravetz8a8c_bg.fnt, font for exporting to Soviet Union pravetz8a8c_su.fnt, and a Variant version pravetz8a8c_uz.fnt.


→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.27

Changes in the version 1.27 - 3.10.2015

  • Fixed raw printer output to a file
  • Added an ability to print directly to a printer connected to the PC's parallel port
  • TOR disk image is replaced with an authentic version
  • Fixed an error in the extended Agat-7 font


→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.26.1

Changes in the version 1.26.1 - 13.02.2014

  • Improved compatibility with some programs for Agat-7 with 140K-drive.


→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.26

Changes in the version 1.26 - 21.04.2013

  • Improved sound quality for Mockingboard
  • Improved simulation of Pravetz 8A
  • Added support for Liberty Drive (Apple //e, Pravetz 8A)
  • Added support for Dallas No-Slot Clock (Apple //e, Pravetz 8A)
  • Added two new sample floppy images

→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.25

Changes in the version 1.25 - 28.02.2013

  • Improved quality of sound via ACM subsystem (Windows Audio)
  • Added sound of Seagate SCSI hard drive
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