[APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.2 28/11/2020

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[APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.2 28/11/2020

Pojawiła się nowa wersja multiemulatora Agat, który pozwoli nam zaemulować rosyjskie i bułgarskie klony komputera Apple ][ - Pravetz (bułg.) i Agat (rus.), a także oryginalną konstrukcję Apple ][ i mikrokomputer Acorn Atom. Wszystko mi mówi, że oprócz poprawki z wersji roboczej nie pojawiło się nic innego;)

Changes in the version 1.29.2

  • Fixed a crash after closing an emulator window.
NOWSZY [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.30.2 15/12/23

Changes in the version 1.30.2 15/12/24

  • Fixed distribution

Changes in the version 1.30.1

  • Fixed extended font for Agat-7
  • Fixed help files.

Changes in the version 1.30

  1. Implemented Agat networking card in test mode.
  2. Improved Agat text mode output.
  3. Fixed compatibility issue in language switch register.
→ [APPLE] Eksperymentalny Agat Emulator 1.29.2 exp1
Porównanie nowego i starego modułu emulacjącego wyświetlanie grafiki w emulatorze AppleII/Agat AGAT.

Changes in the version 1.29.2-exp1

This version contains an experimental rendering engine. New features include:

  • Proper 7x8 pixel characters in text modes
  • Fonts are used exactly as taken from system ROMs
  • Real-time NTSC TV simulation in native Apple modes

Known issues:

  • New graphics is displayed in a separate window, in addition to the original  graphics implementation.
  • 80-column Apple text modes will also display in NTSC simulation mode which  looks really bad--as it would on an actual NTSC TV-set. There is currently no   way to switch to pixel-precise rendering on demand.
  • Combined graphics modes and partial page animations don't work for Apple2e, as seen on the Test Drive title screen.
  • Not all fonts are replaced with ROM versions. Some systems will display text  inverted and flipped.
→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.2

Changes in the version 1.29.2

  • Fixed a crash after closing an emulator window.
→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29.1
Knight Lore

Changes in the version 1.29.1

  • Fixed distribution bugs occured during transition from version 1.28 to 1.29
→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.29

AgatEmulator version 1.29 - 06.08.2017

  • Reimplemented ACM sound driver

AgatEmulator version 1.28 - 06.08.2017

  • Fixed printing to TIFF, text, and raw files.
  • Control manually when new pages are created while printing to TIFF and Windows printer.
  • Added support for .pds images traditionally used for Pravetz emulation.
  • Disk images are now opened in window mode instead of fullscreen when started from a shell association.
  • rgb-monitor-16.pal is fixed to support the "bright black" color.
  • PRAVETZ8A.FNT is replaced with three distinct variations: Bulgarian font pravetz8a8c_bg.fnt, font for exporting to Soviet Union pravetz8a8c_su.fnt, and a Variant version pravetz8a8c_uz.fnt.


→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.27

Changes in the version 1.27 - 3.10.2015

  • Fixed raw printer output to a file
  • Added an ability to print directly to a printer connected to the PC's parallel port
  • TOR disk image is replaced with an authentic version
  • Fixed an error in the extended Agat-7 font


→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.26.1

Changes in the version 1.26.1 - 13.02.2014

  • Improved compatibility with some programs for Agat-7 with 140K-drive.


→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.26

Changes in the version 1.26 - 21.04.2013

  • Improved sound quality for Mockingboard
  • Improved simulation of Pravetz 8A
  • Added support for Liberty Drive (Apple //e, Pravetz 8A)
  • Added support for Dallas No-Slot Clock (Apple //e, Pravetz 8A)
  • Added two new sample floppy images

→ [APPLE] Agat Emulator 1.25

Changes in the version 1.25 - 28.02.2013

  • Improved quality of sound via ACM subsystem (Windows Audio)
  • Added sound of Seagate SCSI hard drive
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