[AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 Final

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[AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 Final

Tym razem naprawdę bardzo krótka seria wersji testowych i proszę...  opublikowana została pełna wersja emulatora całej rodziny komputerów AMIGA  -  WinUAE 3.2.2

Amiga WinUAE:Harley Davidson:MindScape:1990
Harley Davidson (MindScape, 1990)

WinUAE 3.2.2  [12/21/2015]

3.2.0 bugs fixed:

  • JIT FPU 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility fixes.
  • Interlace mode blank screen in some configurations.
  • Slirp network mode high CPU usage.
  • Some programs that use AGA subpixel scrolling had horizontal jittering.
  • Per-monitor high DPI update still caused repeated GUI window closing/opening.

Other bug fixes:

  • Game controllers suddenly stopped working. Most likely only happened under Windows 10 and only in some setups.
  • MIDI out devices missing (x64 only).
  • Serial port transmit buffer was not always flushed.
  • 68020+ BFFFO undocumented offset calculation fixed.


  • AVIOutput in capture before filtering mode: width is now always divisible by 16 pixels and height is always even for best codec compatibility.
  • Useless, very basic and invisible touch screen mouse and joystick overlay.
  • Load config with joystick that is not connected, fall back to previously loaded (default.uae) setting instead of always falling back to keyboard layout A.
  • Out of bounds RTG coordinates are now clipped to valid region instead of rejecting whole operation.
  • Keyboard names (if available) are now listed in Input panel device list.
  • Built-in HRTmon update v2.36.
  • Phoenix Board SCSI emulation.
→ [AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.0 Final
Amiga WinUAE:F-15 Strike Eagle II:MicroProse Software, Inc.:MPS Labs:1991:
F-15 Strike Eagle II (MicroProse Software, Inc., 1991)

WinUAE 3.2.0  [12/11/2015]

Major updates:
  • 64-bit compatible 680x0 JIT.
  • 64-bit compatible PPC emulation.
  • PCI bridgeboards.
  • Commodore PC/AT bridgeboards.
  • A2410 RTG Zorro II board
  • DCTV video port graphics adapter (Partially)
  • Genlock "emulation", including transparency and ECS genlock features.
  • Directory harddrive and hardfile KS 1.2 and older full autoboot support.
New emulated expansion hardware:
Accelerator boards:

DKB Wildfire HD controllers:

  • 3-State Apollo 500/2000
  • A2090 previously missing ST-506 support
  • Elaborate Bytes A.L.F.
  • Kupke Golem Fast SCSI/IDE
  • Mainhattan Data Paradox SCSI
  • Multi Evolution 500/2000
  • OMTI-Adapter
  • Spirit Technology HDA-506
  • Tecmar T-Card/T-Disk
  • Vortex System 2000
  • Xebec 9720H Commodore x86 bridgeboards:
  • A1060 (A1000 Sidecar)
  • A2088
  • A2088T
  • A2286
  • A2386SX x86 bridgeboard expansion devices:
  • AT IDE HD controller (A2286 and A2386SX)
  • XTIDE Universal BIOS compatible IDE HD controller.
  • ISA VGA display card (Cirrus Logic GD542x based) PCI bridgeboards:
  • G-REX
  • Mediator 1200/4000
  • Prometheus PCI bridgeboard compatible PCI cards:
  • FM801 sound card
  • ES1370 (SB128) sound card
  • RTL8029 network card Notes:
  • SSE2 capable CPU is now required.
Other Updates:
  • CD and sound card emulation audio output quality improved.
  • 68020/030 prefetch emulation improved.
  • High DPI display support improved.
  • AGA subpixel scrolling emulated.
  • Support shortcut paths (.lnk) in command line.
  • More undocumented chipset features supported.
  • Right control = right Windows key option.
  • Memory accesses only -cycle-exact mode.
  • UAE devices (uaeserial etc) are compatible with KS 1.2 and older.
  • Improved compatibility with very old A500 config files.
Bug fixes:
  • WinPCap network mode didn't detect any devices.
  • 68030 data cache emulation fixes.
  • Custom to/from RTG mode switch didn't check for filter changes.
  • JIT on/off on the fly change (outside of GUI) was unreliable.
  • Keyboard layout changed (B/C only) during device re-enumeration.
  • D3D9 non-shader mode forgot scanline texture when switching modes.
  • Audio wave recording created huge broken wave files.
  • It was not possible to select HDF PCMCIA SRAM and IDE options.
  • Flash ROM and RTC file dialogs didn't allow creation of new files.
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