[AMIGA] Winuae 2.7.1 beta 4

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[AMIGA] Winuae 2.7.1 beta 4

Kolejny beta test WinUAE, emulatora całej rodziny komputerów [tsearch=amiga]AMIGA[/tsearch], i bezsprzecznie najbardziej profesjonalnego wśród udawaczy tego sprzętu. Nowa seria zapowiada się ciekawie, a w zasadzie to co powinniśmy zobaczyć w 2.7.1 - jeszcze dokładniejszą emulację klasycznej A500,

Amiga WinUAE:Hover Sprint:Codemasters:1992
Hover Sprint (Codemasters, 1992)

WinUAE 2.7.1 beta 4 [18/01/14]

  • More than one horizontal DDFSTRT-DDFSTOP window is now accurately emulated without requiring any hacks. Random garbage between display windows is also gone. (Subtle Shades / Nuance)
  • Removed some more obsolete variables from display emulation.
  • Saigon Megademo fix got accidentally broken in b2.
  • 260b17 "strange right edge overscan display shift" optional hack removed, new delay/shift register behavior creates identical output automatically simply by reseting delay counter (hpos counter) at the end of scanline. NOTE: Some programs with large overscan can now have small graphics corruption in right border (gap in graphics), it is not a bug, it is accurate emulation. (For example Back in Bizness / 2000AD)
  • Some OCS only programs may now have graphics corruption in ECS mode (if bitplane DMA crosses scanlines), this is also not a bug, real hardware would show even worse corruption. Someday this will be more accurately emulated.
  • Agnus vpos counter increase delayed by 1 cycle. Fixes Hit the Road / Flash Production "Floffy2" part.
  • Keyboard leds as power/floppy/etc indicators are now properly restored back to original state when keyboard input is not active, changing led config on the fly also works now.
  •  Exiting GUI with close button or ALT-F4 didn't save GUI position.


→ NOWSZY [Strzałki][AMIGA] WinUAE 2.8.0 spolszczenie
→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.0 Final

WinUAE 2.8.0  [05/05/2014]

Standard A500 compatibility is now practically as good as it can get without knowledge of blitter's undocumented internal logic design. (Mainly problem with some demos that accidentally modify blitter registers while blitter is already active)

New features:

  • Full A4000T and A4091 NCR53C710 SCSI emulation.
  • A590/A2091 and A4091 boot ROM GUI selection.
  • Separate graphics filter settings for native and RTG modes.
  • 256k ROM image inserted in floppy drive emulates A1000 KICK disk.
  • Super Card Pro image file support (.scp).
  • SLIRP network inbound port support (default: 21, 22, 23 and 80, others can be added by editing configuration file)
  • Input panel previously toggle-only events can be optionally set to on and off state, audio/video recording input event added.
  • Joystick/joypad can be used to control light pen cursor.


  • Remaining 68000 cycle-exact mode timing fixes.
  • 68000 reading from write-only or non-existing custom register compatibility improved.
  • Big chipset edge case compatibility update, for example demos with vertical "copper" bars work perfectly, real hardware glitches in horizontal scaling are now accurately emulated and much more.
  • 68040/68060 without emulating unimplemented FPU instructions is now fully compatible with Motorola FPU emulation library, FSAVE special FPU exception stack frames implemented.
  • Programmed modes (Super72 etc) now automatically select best fit horizontal resolution and is more compatible with different filter modes, also display positioning is improved.
  • Recently dumped Arcadia arcade system ROM images supported.
  • Debugger full FPU and 68020+ bitfield, and other previously missing 68020+ only instructions supported in disassembler.
  • Magic mouse + mousehack mode now always stops keyboard input when mouse is outside of emulation window, even if window still has focus.

2.7.0 bug fixes:

  • Unformatted partition hardfiles didn't mount and had incorrect geometry.
  • Resolution autoswitch was not compatible with new interlace scanline modes.
  • 68020 CE mode FPU exceptions fixed, broke for example KS 1.3 FPU detection.
  • Sound glitches in games that use OCS compatible "fake 60Hz" screenmodes.

Bug fixes:

  • Keyboard led indicator state syncronization problems fixed.
  • Fixed very rare JIT FPU bug introduced in 1.2.
  • Vertical centering works again, improved horizontal centering.
  • Full tablet emulation boot guru fixed.
  • Graphics glitches in some borderblank and border sprite modes.
  • Master floppy write protection setting was not loaded from config file.
  • Some narrow AGA modes clipped some pixels from right edge of display.
  • A590/A2091 didn't work in all supported CPU modes.
  • CPU polled disk reading was unreliable in some situations.

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