[3DO] Phoenix 2.0

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[3DO] Phoenix 2.0

Nowa wersja emulatora konsoli 3DO - Phoenix, bodajże ostatni z projektów, w którym coś się dzieje został dzisiaj opublikowany publicznie. Co prawda od czasu, do czasu ECR publikowało wersje testowe tego projektu, jednak bez klucza nie dawały się one odpalić (taki mały wstręt autora i beta testerów).

Autor twierdzi, że jego nowa wersja zapewnia 100% kompatybilności z emulowaną konsolą, biorąc  pod uwagę, że 1.9 radzi sobie naprawdę doskonale, to może być prawda:)

3DO Phoenix:Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge:Dynamix, Inc.:Dynamix, Inc.:1993:
Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge (Dynamix, Inc., 1993)

The current version - 2.0

The new version of the emulator, reached 100% compatibility ?! Not sure, but do not know is not working games =).

  • Compatibility: 100%[???].
  • Requirements: video card with Shader 2.0, 2.5GHz processor from.

additional Features

  • Hardware Rendering
  • Built-in annotations editor
  • Compressed images
  • Working with the file system images
  • Built-in debugger (debug version only)


  • Wean from BIOS emulator
  • Automatic detection axes control setup.
  • Generator optimal shader to reduce the load on the GPU.
  • Check the order of audio channels
  • Remove dependency management from layout
  • Genres as a set of checkboxes
  • Assign shortcuts to the functional emulator
  • Supports CD-ROM drive
  • Emulation Audio-CD
  • Emulation of other input devices
  • Integrate translation tools play and work with the resources in the emulator
  • Bring up to 100% compatibility
  • Implement watchdog and reset the console
  • Support for Video-CD
  • Integrate the compiler of images and application development tools in the emulator

Version 2.0:

  • + Separate settings for dynamic recompilation ARM and PPROC
  • + Protection against accidental deletion of annotations
  • + Automatic snap axis joysticks
  • ! Fixed DMA-channels
  • ! Fixed a random number generator
  • ! Modified interrupt XBUS
  • ! Exhibited the correct order of the stereo channels by default
  • ! Restored support ROM fonts
  • + Annotations change after the current element in the collection

Version 1.9:

  • ! Restored Crash'n'Burn
  • ! Fixed race flows
  • + Improved texture mapping with respect to memory (texture RAM size of most console led to hang with hardware rendering)
  • ! Removal of restrictions on the size of the list of drawing
  • ! Fixed interrupt XBUS
  • + Annotations editor
  • ! Fixed a bug in the hardware renderer by SPORT (falling Alone in the dark)
  • + Add records download the memory bus by CEL-Engine
  • + Dummy FPS added to the profiler

Version 1.8:

  • + Fixed static tools (error with the flag of the transfer)
  • + An refactoring
  • + Added the ability to search the list of dumps
  • + Optimization constant calculations in recompiler ARM
  • + Fixed a processor reset
  • + Adjusted emulation CD-ROM for future support Audio-CD or Play-sheet
  • + Pick up more white noise generator
  • + Added annotations editor

Version 1.7:

  • + Optimized triangulation quad texture
  • + Control screen proportions in the hardware rendering mode
  • + Added zooming function
  • + Restored Crush'n'Burn
  • + Texture caching LR-Cel non bitmaps
  • + Fixed bug when adding duplicate images with the "#" symbol in the title
  • + Changes in the library dumps: the status bar shows the checksum and the real size, duplicates are highlighted, you can delete the dumps with the file
  • + In DSP recompile two new tools
  • + Dynamic recompilation

Version 1.6.3:

  • + Full support chip Anvil
  • + Added support PAL consoles and custom screen resolutions (to run in PAL mode needs an appropriate system BIOS)
  • + Optimized generation and loading textures

Version 1.6:

  • + Optional optimization raster shipments (adds speed Virtuoso, ShockWawe 2 and other games at the expense of a small loss of accuracy)
  • + Monitoring palette VDLP (in game Casper pictures were dark-saver instead of gradually appear and disappear)
  • SPORT + Rewrote implementation in hardware rendering for better compatibility
  • + Fixed clipping (glitch with the panel in Return Fire in hardware rendering)
  • + Adjusted work with a list of CCB (background in Samurai Shodown)
  • + Changed cycle DSP to avoid deadlocks with endless tools (applies to Sailor Moon)
  • + In the DSP-decompiler tool adds support for multiple entry points (improves performance)
  • + Fixed decompilation conditional jumps in the DSP-tools (treats squeaks when starting video)
  • + Refactor code core classes emulator

Version 1.5:

  • + Change the active dump when changing the current archive preservation and conservation of the current game
  • + Fixed a problem of backward compatibility and load the saved state when juggling power
  • + Disassembler list of commands VDLP
  • + Fixed decompilation DSP-tools commands a local procedure call
  • + Implemented hardware rendering (to control texture filtering has a setting - auto, forced to enable or disable hardware rendering resolution is governed scale factor FBO)
  • + Fixed decoder size bitmaps (DinoPark Tycoon)
  • + Profiler added to the Control Panel and is divided into two parts - a common and extended

Version 1.4:

  • Introduced + video modes (for 3DO is: 320x240 - for slower machines, 640x480 - is more correct, especially when mixing different frames)
  • + Leave shader for rendering software interpolation (acts like 2xSAI and other filters to improve resolution)
  • Framed + Tab video settings (all settings are copied to the external image)
  • + Added option to display images without filtering (good old pixels)
  • + Fixed a bug with the measures in the DSP (zavisonam led to hex in specific places and maybe some other problems)
  • + Static recompilation DSP-tools (significantly reduced requirements for emulation)
  • + In the profiler to include information about the current DSP-tools
  • + Dobavlno sound settings menu
  • + Enter 3 emulation mode DSP (fast (statically recompiled tools), and a normal cycle-accurate (the slowest and most accurate))
  • + DSP memory Disassembler

Version 1.3:

  • + System display Unicode fonts (for subtitles and other messages over the screen)
  • + Integrated profiler
  • + New software render caching (50-200% smarter than the old one, but DOOM 50% slower - in this game software rendering to texture, in connection with which they are constantly rekeshiruyutsya)
  • + Control screen proportions
  • + Fixed bug with auto-update position sprites when rendering fonts
  • + Fixed handling of CCB-list
  • + Fixed loading PIP-words in the table PLUT

Version 1.2:

  • + Improved support for mouse
  • + Has a function to save and load states (delta encoding saves for the further implementation of the debugger function of the inverse step in the instructions)
  • + Resource Manager now supports navigating the file system ROMs
  • + In the manager added a new type of BIOS (FMV - video BIOS module for 3DO, while you can only dig into its contents)
  • + Ability to take screenshots
  • + Full screen mode

Version 1.1:

  • + Added support for image compression (integrated data logger)
  • + Improved support for joysticks (analog input)
  • + Added support for mouse (not tested)

Version 1.0:

  • + New frontend
  • + New core architecture emulator
  • + Built-in resource manager
  • - Temporarily no support hardware rendering

Version 0.8.6:

  • ! Fixed Lost Iden
  • ! Minor changes in the registers CLIO
  • + Added profiling cycle emulation (you can find out - what emulation subsystem consumes the most resources)
  • ? Changes in DSP (should pay attention to the sound - I'm not entirely sure of the correctness of the changes)
  • + Added the ability to dump code and DSP (menu Debug)

Version 0.8.5:

  • ! Fixed dosing errors refresh in an optimized software rendering
  • ! Fixed a bug with palette in Lucienne's Quest
  • + Improved interception SPORT (hle)
  • ! Fix-version Crush'n'Burn

Version 0.8.4:

  • + Added a control screen proportions in the hardware rendering
  • ! Fixed jerkiness after optimization software otrisoki (version 0.8.2 and 0.8.3)
  • + In the window title adds information about the selected game
  • + Changed the status bar:
  • - The status bar is aligned
  • - Expanded Format: VTR = percentage of video traffic (the ratio of the transmitted video card to the raster of frame). It is very indicative figure, in most cases it determines the speed of the emulation of a game (less - better).
  • + Progressive optimization software output buffer

Version 0.8.3:

  • + Put Election FBO rendering with the modification of their content (extra team 3DO Graphics Folio ignored)
  • + Optimization software rendering and interpolator

Version 0.8.2:

  • + Support for bios Anvil and original dump Japanese 2-megabyte bios
  • - Emulation is reduced to a single stream
  • + Optimized hardware rendering function
  • + Optimized software rendering
  • ! Fixed interpolation at the edges of the framebuffer
  • ! Fixed order of scanning lines VDLP

Version 0.8.1:

  • + Change the way that the joints between the textures
  • ! Fixed pixel decoder (the level of health in Po'ed)
  • ! Minor fixes pixel processor

Version 0.8.0:

  • ! Corrections emulation ARM, instruction STR
  • + Small code optimization ARM emulation
  • ! Fixed emulation DSP (Killing Time saver and Blade Force)
  • + Improved interlocking functions of software and hardware rendering.
  • + Optimized cycle emulation
  • + Added output files and debug messages kprint
  • + Added saving the settings window

Version 0.7.9:

  • ! Fixed bug removal of multiple textures (version 0.7.8 - falls in some games, not recommended for use)
  • + The mechanism controlling the number of textures based on relevance (yet fixed - 1024 textures)

Version 0.7.8:

  • + Added output in the status bar. format:
  • Rendering mode - SW (software) or HW (hardware)
  • TEX [number of texture RAM]
  • FBO [number of frames, RAM]
  • FPS = frames per second
  • SND = percentage load sound buffer
  • + Added dropped frames
  • ! Fixed color decoding operations SPORT (HLE)
  • ! Adjusted contrast palette (HLE)
  • + Improved interception mechanism textures

Version 0.7.7:

  • + Improvements menu (informative, autostart, lock, lock directory)
  • + A report on the possibilities of the system user (frontend.log)
  • + Error messages from the OpenGL (frontend.log)
  • + Adjust the volume scroll wheel mouse

Version 0.7.6 (relative to the first beta 0.7.5):

  • ! Fixed disappearing sprites DOOM
  • + Removed the limit on the size of the FBO (was 1024 * 512 resolution affects the frame)
  • + Improved clipping nelitsevyh faces (in HLE mode)


→ NOWSZY [Multi] Phoenix 2.8.23 (Debug)

Версия 2.8.23 Debug

  • Debug version 2.8.23 (32-bit) - only for Win32. It is not worth playing on it, because its performance is quite low due to debugging mechanisms, but for the translation of games, debugging homebrew is an irreplaceable thing!
→ NOWSZY [Multi] Phoenix 2.8 JAG

Версия 2.8.JAG: (Изменения касаются только Atari Jaguar)

  1. Исправления в объектном процессоре (заработал Rebooteroids)
  2. Исправлен блиттер в части внутреннего цикла (убрался ряд зависаний)
  3. В RISC-процессорах воспроизведена аппаратная ошибка с записью во флаговый регистр (улучшена совместимость)
  4. Исправлено предчтение команд в DSP
  5. Добавлена поддержка повышенного горизонтального разрешения экрана
  6. Скорректирована развертка (убраны излишние части экрана)
  7. Скорректировано выравнивание, чтобы работал Protector SE
  8. Добавлены опции эмуляции RISC-процессоров в отдельных потоках
  9. Выполнена общая оптимизация

Google translator

  1. Fixes in the object processor (earned by Rebooteroids)
  2. Fixed a blitter in the inner loop part (a number of hangs was removed)
  3. RISC processors reproduced a hardware error with writing to the flag register (compatibility is improved)
  4. Fixed prefetching of commands in DSP
  5. Added support for increased horizontal screen resolution
  6. The scan is corrected (unnecessary parts of the screen are removed)
  7. Alignment adjusted so that Protector SE works
  8. Added options for emulating RISC processors in separate streams
  9. General optimization performed
→ NOWSZY [Multi] Phoenix 2.8J
Tempest 2000 (Atari Corporation, 1994)
Alien Vs Predator (Atari Corporation, 1994). GUI

Phoenix version - 2.8J 05/05/17

  1. Не очень быстро, не очень качественно, но эмулируется Atari Jaguar!
  2. Поддержка PAL BIOS с отключенным RSA в 3DO
  3. Конвертация (опция через меню Файл) Jaguar ROM без заголовка и некорректных 3DO ISO
  4. Профилирование доступа к CD-ROM в 3DO

Google translator

  • Not very fast, not very high quality, but emulated by Atari Jaguar!
  • Support for PAL BIOS with disabled RSA in 3DO
  • Conversion (option via File menu) Jaguar ROM without title and incorrect 3DO ISO
  • Profiling access to CD-ROM in 3DO


→ NOWSZY [Multi] Phoenix 2.8

version - 2.8 11/10/16


  • Сильно доработана эмуляция SMS (совместимость 99%)
  • Оптимизирован оригинальный программный рендер 3DO
  • Доработан режим MARIA в CEL-Engine (D, Samurai Shawdow, ... ?)
  • Исправлен порядок выполнения операций над вторым источником в пиксельном процессоре 3DO (Crash'n'Burn)
  • Исправлена загрузка рабочих регистров CEL (Wiked 18 и другие гольфы)
  • Опция отрисовки CCB-списка в конце отведенного времени (помогает в Phoenix 3)
  • Более точная привязка кадра к сканлайнам в 3DO
  • Исправлен перехват SPORT в аппаратном рендере 3DO (BC Racers)
  • Реализована более эффективная многопоточность для CEL
  • Улучшен учет циклов CEL-Engine (для Jurasic Park следует выбрать "100% + вне кадра")
  • Обновлен AngelScript до последней версии, стандартный скалер текстур улучшен, но требует оптимизации
  • Генерация списка совместимости на основе аннотаций
  • Уменьшена латентность управления
  • В контекстном меню библиотеки можно массово удалять дубликаты
  • Вызов редактора аннотаций по Ctrl+A (во время игры будет автоматом вставлен скриншот)
  • Заблокировано логирование (оставлено только в отладочной сборке, поскольку влияет на производительность на слабых машинах)
  • Добавлена опция ускоренной эмуляции (для прогона тестов, так же вы можете оценить производительность своей системы в плане эмуляции)
  • Исправлены ошибки доступа к памяти в структурах картирования памяти (могло приводить к рандомным падениям при эмуляции 3DO и отладке всех платформ)
  • Массовое удаление необнаруженных дампов из списка
  • Тест ZEXALL проходит без ошибок(исправлены вероятно все ошибки эмуляции Z80)
  • Исправлена масса ошибок в TMS9918A благодаря VDPTEST (остались некоторые тайминги по HClock, но судя по проведенному тестированию, они ни на что не влияют)
  • 3D игры SMS отображаются через кадр
  • Сделан маппер для Pack 4 All Actions
  • Поддержка румов SG-1000 и Sega Game Gear в рамках SMS
  • Реализованы корейские мапперы SMS
  • Добавлена поддержка SMS-дампов до 4 мегабайт
  • Эмуляция кнопки Start в SMS (да я забыл целую кнопку! =)
  • В SMS добавлена поддержка маппера Codemasters и маппера без страничных регистров
  • Добавлена опция обхода ограничений TMS9918A на отрисовку спрайтов
  • Поддержка режимов 224 и 240 строк, а так же PAL развертки для SMS
  • Сформирована база игр для привязки к мапперам в SMS
  • Масса мелких изменений

Google translator

  • Highly refined emulation SMS (99% compatibility)
  • Optimized original software renderer 3DO
  • Improved MARIA mode CEL-Engine (D, Samurai Shawdown, ...?)
  • Fixed an order of operations over the second source in the pixel processor 3DO (Crash'n'Burn)
  • Fixed loading workers CEL registers (Wiked 18 other golf)
  • Option drawing CCB-list at the end of the allotted time (helps in Phoenix 3)
  • A more accurate picture peg to Scanline in 3DO
  • Fixed interception SPORT in the hardware renderer 3DO (BC Racers)
  • Implemented a more efficient multi-threading for CEL
  • Improved accounting CEL-Engine cycles (for Jurasic Park, select "100% + is the frame")
  • AngelScript updated to the latest version, the standard scaler textures improved, but requires optimization
  • Generate a list of compatibility on the basis of the annotation
  • Reduced latency management
  • In the context of the library menu allows you to massively delete duplicates
  • Call for abstracts editor Ctrl + A (in the screenshot will be automatically inserted into the game)
  • Locked logging (left only in the debug build, as affect performance on slower machines)
  • Added the option of accelerated emulation (for the test run, so you can evaluate the performance of your system in terms of emulation)
  • Fixed a memory access error in the memory mapping structures (could cause a random crash when 3DO emulation and debug all platforms)
  • Mass undetected removal of dumps from the list
  • ZEXALL test runs without errors (possibly corrected all errors Z80 emulation)
  • Fixed an error in weight due TMS9918A VDPTEST (left some timings for HClock, but judging by the testing, no matter what they do not affect)
  • 3D games through SMS displayed frame
  • Made mapper for Pack 4 All Actions
  • Support rooms and SG-1000 Sega Game Gear within SMS
  • Implemented Korean mappers SMS
  • Added support for SMS-dump up to 4 megabytes
  • Emulating the Start button in the SMS (yes, I forgot the whole button! =)
  • The SMS added support Codemasters mapper and mapper without page register
  • Added option to bypass restrictions on TMS9918A rendering sprites
  • Support modes 224 and 240 lines, as well as scan for PAL SMS
  • Formed games base to bind to the mapper to SMS
  • Mass of small changes


→ NOWSZY [Multi] Phoenix 2.7
3DO FourDO:Iron Angel of the Apocalypse (a.k.a. Tetsujin):Synergy Interactive Corp.:Synergy Inc.:1994:
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse (a.k.a. Tetsujin) (Synergy Interactive Corp., 1994)

version - 2.7 02/08/16

  • Оптимизация эмуляции ARM процессора (снизились требования к эмуляции 3DO)
  • Исправлено падение эмулятора при работе 3DO-DSP в отдельном потоке
  • Добавлен автосейв и пересохранения в верхний слот по F4
  • Исправлена ошибка эмуляции Z80 (инструкция halt, заработали многие игры ColecoVision)
  • Исправлен режим 2 TMS99XXA (устранены графические ошибки в ряде игр ColecoVision)
  • Улучшены настройки ввода (теперь можно играть вдвоем мышками в интерактивных тирах)
  • Добавлена предварительная поддержка Sega Master System (жутко глючная 99% не работают =)
  • Множество мелких исправлений

Google translator

  • Emulating ARM Processor Optimization (decreased requirements for emulation 3DO)
  • Fixed a crash when using the emulator 3DO-DSP in a separate thread
  • Added autosave and resave in the top slot to F4
  • Fixed bug emulation Z80 (instruction halt, earned many games ColecoVision)
  • Fixed 2 TMS99XXA mode (graphical errors corrected in a number of ColecoVision games)
  • Improved input settings (now you can play together in the arms of interactive shooting ranges)
  • Added preliminary support for Sega Master System (terribly buggy 99% do not work =)
  • Many minor fixes
→ NOWSZY [Multi] Phoenix 2.6
Phoenix 3DO StellarX
Phoenix 3DO StellarX

version - 2.6 02/05/16

  • Добавлена эмуляция приставки ColecoVision
  • Видеозаписи прохождений (можно загрузиться с кадра, переписать конец записи - отмотав, продолжить запись)
  • Настройка степени сжатия видеозаписи ведется через период ключевого кадра (чем чаще - тем больше места занимает)
  • Исправлен баг в квиксейвах приводивший к некорректному определению размера 3DO-диска после восстановления
  • Переработан основной цикл приложения (должна улучшиться синхронизация аудио и видео ряда)
  • Доработан прицел (на игровом экране прицел вместо курсора, а для прицелов из настроек ввода отключается пропуск кадров)
  • Расширение цвета фона за пределы кадра (можно отключить)
  • Бордюры согласно развертке (можно отключить)

Google translator

  • Added emulation of consoles ColecoVision
  • Videos passes (you can boot from the frame rewrite the record end - rewind and continue recording)
  • Setting the video compression is done through the period of the keyframe (more often - the more space is required)
  • Fixed a bug in quicksave leads to incorrect determination of 3DO-disk size after recovery
  • Redesigned main application cycle (should improve the synchronization of audio and video series)
  • Improved sight (sight on the game screen, instead of the cursor, and for the sights from the input setting is disabled skipping frames)
  • Expansion of the background color beyond the frame (can be disabled)
  • Curbs according sweep (can be disabled)
→ NOWSZY [3DO] Phoenix 2.4
3DO Phoenix:Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse

version - 2.4 10/01/16

Версия 2.4:
  • Многопоточность (DSP и CEL в отдельных потоках)
  • Исправлен графический баг в Alone in the Dark II
  • Проведена масштабная оптимизация кода
  • Добавлено случайное семя для Random
  • Шейдеры теперь доступны для редактирования - можете издеваться над картинкой =)

Google translator

Version 2.4:
  • Multithreading (DSP and CEL in separate threads)
  • Fixed a graphical bug in Alone in the Dark II
  • A large-scale code optimization
  • Added random seed for Random
  • Shaders are now available for editing - you can mock picture =)
→ NOWSZY [3DO] Phoenix 2.3.4
3DO FourDO:Phoenix 3:Studio 3DO:Gray Matter Inc.:1995:
Phoenix 3 (Studio 3DO, 1995)

version - 2.3.4

    доправлены проблемы юникода.

Google translator

  • Fixed work with files in Unicode
→ NOWSZY [3DO] Phoenix 2.3.1
Phoenix 3DO Emulator
Phoenix 3DO Emulator

version - 2.3.1

  • Исправлена запись XML-атрибутов в файле настроек

Google translator

  • Fixed record attributes in the XML-configuration file

version - 2.3

  • Поддержка образов с экзотическими размерами секторов (2353, 2368, 2448, 2449 и т.д.)
  • Копирование в буфер обмена информации о выделенных тайтлах (расположение + контрольная информация)
  • Проверка оригинальных сигнатур для контроля целостности образов
  • 64-битная сборка
  • Изменен состав вспомогательных библиотек, чтобы меньше зависеть от Qt
  • Кеширование в приводе компакт-дисков (не заикается Сейлор Мун)
  • Горячие клавиши в полноэкранном режиме
  • Исправлен пиксельный процессор (палитра в Crash'n'Burn)

Google translator

  • Support for images with exotic sector size (2353, 2368, 2448, 2449, etc.)
  • Copy to Clipboard information about the selected titles (+ layout control information)
  • Check the original signatures for integrity monitoring images
  • 64-bit assembly
  • It changes the composition of the subsidiary libraries to be less dependent on Qt
  • Caching in the CD-ROM drive (not stutters Sailor Moon)
  • Shortcuts in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed pixel processor (palette Crash'n'Burn)


→ NOWSZY [3DO] Phoenix 2.2

The current version - 2.2

  • Fixed record is in the original frame rendering software
  • Prohibited tessellation kvadropoligonov mono color (add speed in the same Wolfe)
  • Fixed a bug with loading saves (no longer necessary to rename the exchange saves)
  • Integrated converter for images of curves
  • Highlighting contours textures (debug version)
  • Implemented dostur to map graphics (debug version)
  • Deleted LibJIT (buggy and prevents porting later compensate static patterns)
  • Undo / Redo and tracking conversions in the debugger (debug version)
  • The mass memory dump and resources (debug version)
  • Image operations are performed as a background task
  • Scaling CEL (the similarity 2xSAI)



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