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[3DO] 4DO

Na johndude udostępnił nową wersję swojego emulatora konsoli 3DO - FourDO. Nowe poprawki może nie zwalają z nóg (oprócz 10% optymilizacji, dodano parę nowych skrótów i file browser pozwalający podejrzeć nam zawartość CD), jednak i tak warto odnotować pojawienie się kolejnej wersji tego programu.

3DO FourDO:4DO:Immercenary:Electronic Arts, Inc.:Five Miles Out:1995:
Immercenary (Electronic Arts, Inc., 1995)

4DO September 29, 2013 by Johnny

A few basic improvements for the File Browser utility.

  • Fixed file extraction – File extraction from the file browser was not functioning because of a missing DLL from the released files.
  • File browser tweaks – Users can now cancel copy operations, and basic progress indicators have been added.


3DO Panasonic:FourDO:Iron Angel of The Apocalypse:Synergy Interactive Corp.:Synergy Inc.:1994:
Iron Angel of The Apocalypse (Synergy Interactive Corp., 1994)

4DO 12/22/15 changes:

  1. updates in core Clio:
    • fixed all freezes in:
    • 3DO Interactive Sampler CD, The
    • 3DO Interactive Sampler CD 2, The
    • 3DO Interactive Sampler CD 3, The
    • 3DO Interactive Sampler CD 4, The
    • Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Sampler
    • Fixed long time to boot in – Twisted – The Game Show
    • Killing Time 2.2 alpha runtime freezes fixed
    • Maybe in some other games freezes fixed too.
  2. Graphic fixes:
    • for Dinopark Tycoon, but not completely 100%
    • Microcosm – fix start screens, game 100% playable now
    • Alone In The Dark – fixed fonts, the text written on books, etc, are readable now.
  3. New option added – “Scale Mode” enlarges the image, as in NTSC consoles
  4. Added support for anvil-bios, anvil chip emulated, needed to run some games of the European region.


→ [3DO] 4DO
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse (a.k.a. Tetsujin) (Synergy Interactive Corp., 1994)

FourDo 30 dec 2012

  • Input/Controller setup screen now shows a textual form of what button or function you're currently pressing ("A Button", "Save State") in addition to the yellow halo over the button.
  • Added ability to reset all bindings to defaults.
  • Added ability to bind to an "Exit" console function, to exit the emulator.
  • Emulation performance optimization: about a 5-10% improvement.
  • Fixed bug in which the default input bindings were blank if starting 4DO for the first time.
  • Fixed bug in which controller 6 input bindings were unavailable.
  • Some minor usability improvements to file browser (added "x files selected" message, and using "up directory" button will highlight the folder you came from).
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