[music] Beepola 1.08

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[music] Beepola 1.08

Beepola jest prościutkim trackerem pod Windows pozwalającym na komponowanie utworów w postaci nadającej się do odtwarzania na komputerach Sinclair Spectrum i kompatybilnych, pozwala także nagrywać muzyczkę w formacie WAV.
Beepola obsługuję parę modeli renderujących dźwięk, dzięki czemu możemy dobrać najbardziej pasujące brzmienie. 


 Beepola v1.08

  • Manual note detune for Huby beeper engine.
  • New engine: QChan. A 4 channel engine, written by Shiru. It has a similar sound to the popular SpecialFX engine, but with 2 more channels, 12 drums, smaller player code, user-settable volume levels, and requires no IM2 routine. The overall sound has been likened to some of Tim Follin's classic work.
  • New engine: Tritone, also by Shiru. A powerful 3 channel engine, with 24 percussion sounds, manual note detune, and tone skew.This This thread has some stunning examples of what can be achieved with this engine.
  • Improvements to the Song Ripper. It'll now also rip Tritone and QChan songs in addition to the other formats, and has a new Manual option for ripping song data that uses modified/non-standard player code.
  • Various UI improvements and new features (Edit->Pattern->Split, changes to the way File->New behaves, etc).


→ NOWSZY [music] Beepola 1.08.1

 Beepola v1.08.01

  • Fixed Edit->Pattern->Copy not copying all detune/skew values over.
  • Fix note entry when clicking on piano keyboard for Tritone and QChan.
  • Note indicators for channels 3&4 no longer erroneously show when editing songs using a 1 or 2 channel engine.
  • Now correctly sounds tritone note skew values when entering notes into a pattern.
  • Edit->Pattern->Expand->x2 and x3 now correctly expand skew values for tritone patterns.
  • Added new Edit->Pattern->Expand->x1.5
  • Edit->Pattern->Append... now correctly appends skew values for tritone.
  • Tools->Options->Emulation tab now contains an option for switching I/O port contention in Beepola's Spectrum emulation ON (original 48K/128K Spectrums) or OFF (+3, Timex, Pentagon and most other clones). Default is off.


→ [music] Beepola 1.07.03
Spectrum PC:Tools:Beepola:Music

 Beepola v1.07.03 - 18/Nov/2013

  • Fixed errors when attempting to use "Play song from current position" in the editor for a Huby song.

Beepola v1.07.02 - 18/Nov/2013

  • Fix phasing issues with Huby player. This was causing problems such as two simultaneous F-1 notes (one on each channel) sounding like an F-2, and sound quality issues when playing songs using the Huby engine.
  • Added Help->Local Help Contents menu item.
→ [music] Beepola 1.07.01
Spectrum PC:Tools:Beepola:Music

 Beepola 1.07.01 17/11/2013

  • Fixed "FX" replay in compiled Savage code (thanks utz).
  • Fixed Edit->Song/Pattern->Transpose bugs for Huby engine (thanks Mr.BEEP).
  • Fixed broken loop/exit-on-keypress options for compiled Huby code.
  • Fixed some minor editor issues with song loop position marker when deleting items from the pattern list.
  • Added warning to compile dialog when compiling a Huby song with a loop point other than the very start of the song. Huby does not support this.
  • Changed default compilation address to 40000 rather than 60000 in the "Compile Song" dialog, as some very large songs (>5KB) were causing the interrupt vector table to be overwritten, and were thus crashing when compiled to 60000.
  • Reduced size of TMB compiled code for songs contains drums by 32 bytes (thanks introspec).
  • Added Huby support to File->Import->Song Ripper.
  • Per introspec's request a copy of the online help is now included in the zip file (in a subfolder named "help/").


→ [music] Beepola 1.07
Spectrum PC:Tools:Beepola:Music

 Beepola 1.07 13/11/2013

  • The Music Box (Wham!) engine now supports drums/white noise. So finally utz has the gabber kick he's been asking for for the past 3 years :)
  • New engine: ROMBeep. This was included in v1.06 as a compile-only option; it's now been added fully into the editor. It's fairly uninspiring, but it does have the advantage of being able to run from contended memory (so will work on a 16K speccy).
  • New engine: Plip Plop. Something I've been hoping to add for a while as it was pretty ground-breaking in its day. A single channel, with pitch bend, and 4 drums. Written originally by Joff and subsequently modified by various programmers at Ocean/Imagine over the years, it can be heard in Konami Pong, Cobra, Renegade 3 and many other Ocean & Imagine titles. A massive thanks to Paulie Hughes for kindly sending me the source code for this engine from Cobra (about 2 years ago - I've been sitting on it for a while :D). I'd never have got around to implementing this without his input.
  • New engine: Huby. Another great engine by Shiru. 2 channels, with a single drum effect that can replace the note on channel1. This one sounds, to me, quite similar to the engine used by Odin in Heartland and Robin of the Wood. It has the advantage of being tiny (a shade over 100 bytes for the player code, depending on the options selected) so would be great for use in games. Beepola has a smart compressor for this engine that I'm very pleased with -- it scans the music data looking for groups of notes and effectively reduces Huby tune data down the smallest size mathematically possible without altering the sound. It's perfectly possible to do a neat-sounding 2 channel tune in 200 bytes using this engine.
  • Improvements to the Song Ripper. It'll now rip tunes from TAP or Z80 files in the following formats: The Music Box (orignal speccy version and Beepola-compiled), Phaser1 (Shiru's origninal linear player and Beepola-compiled), The Music Studio (Beepola implementation), and Special FX (Beepola implementation). It still needs some work, but it's getting there slowly...
  • I've moved all of the demo songs that where previously included in the zip file into a separate online section, linked to from a startup dialog in Beepola and also available from Help menu (Help->Beepola Showcase...). The zip file is growing in size and it seems to make more sense to make the tunes available online individually to those who want them rather than blindly including them all in the distribution zip file.
  • I've also made a number of optimisations and generally tried to tidy up the mess a bit...
  • This version is built with a new toolchain, and is internally quite a bit different to the previous release. So expect some (hopefully minor!) bugs. Please let me know if you find anything awry so I can fix ASAP.
  • Thanks to everyone who made suggestions and bug reports in the 3 years since the last release of Beepola.


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