[TOM] TEO 1.8.7 Beta 1/03/2022

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[TOM] TEO 1.8.7 Beta 1/03/2022

Pojawiła się testowa aktualizacja wersji 1.8.7 emulatora mikrokomputera Thompson TO8 - TEO, który obok DCMoto i drivera w MESS pozwala całkiem dobrze odświeżyć sobie tą francuską konstrukcję. Jak widać, pełna wersja jest planowana dopiero na maj

Version 1.8.7 (May 2018 - May 2021)


  • Improving THMFC1: now, the Amiga virtual disks HFE can be read by Amiga-To; it's also possible to initialize an HFE disk in simple density and using HFE disks with shifted data (like Kryoflux).
  • Image files and configuration files are both INI files.
  • The '.' key pad is working.
  • The keyboard is reacting well.

Version 1.8.5 (November 2017 - April 2018)


  • Reduction of the sound interferences with other applications
  • Keys iopklm;:! for joystick 0
  • Restoration of the automatic unprotecting for SAP, FD and direct access (thanks to emulix75)

Version 1.8.4 (August 2015 - October 2017)


  • Emulation of the 6804
  • Update the documentation about the activation of floppy drive under      Linux (thanks to credenhill from forum.ubuntu-fr.org)
  • Improve the sound generation behavior
  • Improve the disk controller THMFC1's behavior
  • Disk protection is now controled by checkboxes on the control panel (no more disk conversion error)

under Linux :

  • Improvement of the debugger window
  • Increasing of the fast speed

Updates of version 1.8.3 (June 2015)

Windows debugger

  • Correct the disassembly coherence of lines at end of list
  • Increase the width of breakpoints textedit

Version 1.8.3 (May 2013 - June 2015)  


  • Reorganization of the control panel
  • Activation/deactivation of the memory extension
  • Creation of the debugger for Windows
  • Improvement of the debugger for Windows
  • More safe management of the sound
  • Total reset (including memory)


  • Add a checkbox to force the reading of Thomson-like disc with selection of the disk sides
  • Number of retries user-definable (only for the Thomson-like sides)

Updates of version 1.8.2 (April 2013 - November 2013)

  • Improve image loading
  • Allow debugger reaction whatever the mode is
  • Joystick fire button is now emulated by R-CTRL and R-SHIFT when NUM_LOCK off (suggested by Wood)
  • Oops! The cold reset button is doing its job again (thanks to Wood)

under Linux :

  •  Improve display


→ [PSX] PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.0 (2015/12/16) i PCSX Reloaded 97972m

PeteOpenGL2Tweak - Tweaker for PeteOpenGL2 plugin


  • Added FBE detection (requires setting Framebuffer Effect to 2 (Standard) !)
  • NOTE: Detection happens when this icon is displayed on OSD: [​IMG]
  • FastFBE option to use Nearest Neighbor when FBE is rendered.
  • Added (very lame) Texture Cache for scaler. Currently does not cache FBE textures (spam), and also have not size limitation so it may eat your RAM, be warned! :p
  • Fallbacks removed, ForceNearest added as option.
  • NOTE: TextureCacheSize is size in texture count !
  • Also updated PCSXR
  • NOTE: VS2015 Updated 1 fixes corrupted graphics bug.


  • Updated to xBRZ 1.4 (ie. added 6xBRZ)
→ [PSX] PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.0 (2015/07/19)

PeteOpenGL2Tweak - Tweaker for PeteOpenGL2 plugin 2015-07-17

  • Added fallback to Nearest Neighbor
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