[SAM] SimCoupe v1.1 alpha 1 prerelease

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[SAM] SimCoupe v1.1 alpha 1 prerelease

Simon Owen opublikował nową binarkę swojego emulatora (imo z dostępnych najlepszego) mikrokomputer Sam Coupe - przynajmniej dla mnie konstrukcji będącej ukoronowaniem historii Z80A w domowych mikrokomputerach. Sporo zmian nawet w oficjalnym changelogu, nie ma jednak co się dziwić ostatnia oficjalna wersja tego emulatora pojawiła się... w 2006 roku.

Egzotyczne Sam Coupe:Sim Coupe:Prince of persia:
Prince of persia

SimCoupe Version 1.1 alpha 1 (2015-04-09)

  • Added tape loading from TAP/TZX/CSW files, with flash and trap features
  • Added SID interface emulation with traditional 6581 or newer 8580 chip
  • Added video recording to AVI (MS-RLE) or GIF, and audio recording to WAV
  • Added support for Atom Lite+ interface with installed DALLAS chip
  • Added persistent DALLAS NVRAM (8K) support
  • Added support for Blue Alpha Sampler, SAMVoc and Paula DACs
  • Added support for Velesoft Kempston joystick interface
  • Added manual speed control between 50% and 1000%
  • Added ROM-based auto-typing of clipboard text [Win32]
  • Added D3D9 [Win32] and SDL2 [Mac and Linux] accelerated video support
  • Added ROM symbol support to debugger, with user symbols from <disk1>.map
  • Added command-line input mode mode to debugger for more complex commands
  • Added execution, memory access, I/O, and interrupt breakpoints
  • Added pulsing dot at current raster position when debugger is active
  • Added code tracing feature, showing path leading to current instruction
  • Added timing measurement to aid consistent comparison of code alternatives
  • Added support for runtime RAM and ROM configuration changes without reset
  • Added complete ATTR port (FF) emulation, used by some Spectrum software
  • Added undocumented bit 3+5 flag behaviour to SCF/CCF
  • Added optional NMOS/CMOS Z80 support, for OUT (C),0/255 difference
  • Added automatic keyboard layout switching when Spectrum ROM is present
  • Added LBA28, 8-bit mode, and slave support to ATA device emulation
  • Added HDF v1.1 support, with extended IDENTIFY fields
  • Added SAMDiskHelper support for non-admin access to HDD/CF devices [Win32]
  • Added per-user settings with portable mode for legacy behaviour [Win32]
  • Fixed NMI erroneously clearing IFF2
  • Fixed missing R increment on interrupt acknowledgement
  • Fixed HEPR bug which could lead to an invalid paging configuration
  • Fixed video re-sync audio glitches by syncing to audio clock instead
  • Fixed intensity of border artefacts, which were previously too bright
  • Fixed DAC sample origin not being zero, which reduced playback quality
  • Fixed SAMDAC/EDDAC to only output new samples when strobed
  • Fixed output from simultaneous use of DACs on both parallel ports
  • Fixed FDC registers not being writable without a disk in the drive
  • Fixed FDC multi-sector reading, which caused SAM Mines disk error
  • Fixed FDC to use 2 bit size codes, matching WD17xx behaviour
  • Fixed corruption in SBT images over 400K due to repeated directory sector
  • Fixed invalid CHS geometry on disks over 8GB
  • Fixed data import/export sometimes clipping to 16K
  • Fixed failed writes to HDD/CF volumes under Vista or later [Win32]
  • Changed full-screen option to use the current/native display mode
  • Changed window click to capture mouse only if SAM software is using it
  • Changed options to use larger and simplified property pages [Win32]
  • Changed SBT virtual images to contain auto-executing code files
  • Changed built-in SAMDOS2 image to enable drive 2 and disable border flash
  • Changed debugger to use hex input by default, matching displayed values
  • Removed support for Win9x and W2K due to limited API and tool support
  • Removed support for SDF and TD0 disk images, and SAD image creation
  • Removed SD-IDE and YAMOD.ATBUS interfaces, and Atom boot ROM patching
  • Removed support for user-defined function key mappings [Win32]
  • Removed support for real printer devices [Win32]
→ NOWSZY [SAM] SimCoupe v1.1 alpha 1 Build 2020/08/27

20200827 build 28/08/2020

Changes since the last release:

  • added support for Blue Alpha VoiceBox.
  • changed default external memory to 1MB (new installs).
  • changed motion blur to lerp instead of max.
  • fixed error on minimising window [Win32]
  • fixed wrong menu shortcut for motion blur (Shift-F6, not F7) [Win32]
  • fixed AVI recording being half height.
  • fixed New Disk only working if disk already existed.
  • fixed function key options being truncated by old SimCoupe.
  • fixed dropped tape files not adding to MRU menu.
→ NOWSZY [SAM] SimCoupe v1.1 alpha 1 Build 2020/08/19

20200819 build (updated), 19/08/2020

  • updated D3D9 backend to D3D11 for G-Sync/FreeSync support (fullscreen).
  • updated DirectSound backend to XAudio2 2.9, for better dynamic device support.
  • added integer scaling to reduce scaling artefacts, especially in debugger.
  • added sRGB support to rendering pipeline for gamma-correct blending.
  • added motion blur option to reduce Gigascreen animation flicker.
  • added alt- window scaling up to Alt-9 (500%).
  • added multi-sector read support to ATA devices (used by PlayAnimHD).
  • changed frame sync to be time based for smoother frame delivery.
  • changed function key mappings to use strings in config file.
  • fixed reset when LINE port set to zero giving black boot screen.
  • fixed creating new MGT/CPM images.
  • removed video scanline support, which is less useful on modern displays.
  • removed window size snapping and forced window size changes.
  • removed real Windows printer support.

20200711 build (refresh) 11/07/2020

  • Fixed data corruption writing to Atom devices (doesn't affect Atom Lite).
  • added more ROM0 symbols for jump table entries and block instruction.
  • Added shortcut for UNTIL breakpoints, allowing just an address to be entered.
  • Updated SAASound to v3.4.0 to fix #23

20200528 build 28/05/2020

  • Changes since the last release:
  • Added support for LPEN b0 over main screen.
  • Added SOFF support for LPEN and HPEN.
  • Fixed TXFMST active time after MIDI OUT.
  • All current ASIC tests now match original hardware.

20200524 build 24 May 2020

  • added experimental SSX screen image saving.

20200512 released 12 May 2020

  • fixed CPI/CPD/CPIR/CPDR instruction timings


→ NOWSZY [SAM] SimCoupe v1.1 alpha 1 Build 2020/03/24
Defenders of the Earth (Enigma Variations, 1997)

SimCoupe Version 1.1 alpha 1 build (24/03/2020)

  • Fixed failure to open resources in non-ASCII paths
  • Fixed interrupt timing issue causing sample player demo flicker.
  • Fixed passing bare paths to portable EXE [Win32]
→ NOWSZY [SAM] SimCoupe v1.1 alpha 1 Build 2020/01/17
Jugggler Demo (1990, Codigo Software)

SimCoupe Version 1.1 alpha 1 build (20/01/19)

  • fixed issue if PC changed when CPU is halted.
  • fixed missing silence in WAV recordings.
  • fixed bad WAV recordings under Linux x64.
  • fixed refreshing debugger on reset or NMI.
  • fixed PNG saving writing invalid images.
  • fixed Atom media detection.
  • fixed use of Atom Lite ROM when enabled in drive 1 slot.
  • added keypad support for debugger number input.
  • restored support for external SAASound library.
  • moved ROM images to external files.


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