[retro] Visual Pinball v10.7.4 Beta 18/03/23

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[retro] Visual Pinball v10.7.4 Beta 18/03/23

Visual Pinball nie tylko pozwala na zabawę fliperami, ale też w miarę szybki i bezbolesny sposób, na tworzenie swoich własnych stołów pinballowych.  Oczywiście nic nie zastąpi prawdziwych maszyn, gdzie dobrze wykonany tilt i huk odbijanej metalowej piłeczki gwarantował świetną zabawę:). 

VP 10.7.4 Changelog


  • add native ball shadows for bulb lights


  • fix analogue nudge not working for joysticks/gamepads in XInput mode
  • fix some problems with playing sounds via BASS: pitch/frequency change and loop/restart should now be matching the 'old' player
  • fix Light Debugger dialog 2nd color button
  • improve script editing performance again
  • see Scripts.txt for the actual usage and "documentation" of the scripts that come with VPX

VP 10.7.3 Changelog


  • fix missing render updates when debugging/changing parameters in pause mode (10.7.0 regression)
  • show bulb in UI/viewport
  • fix primitive animations getting stuck
  • fix primitive animation speed being dependent on the framerate
  • fix material list combobox not updating
  • fix missing decal UI updates (e.g. width,height)
  • fix loading of greyscale/8bit JPEGs (10.7.2 regression)
  • fix crash when bumper skirt is not visible
  • do not fail to load a table if only the hash/checksum fails, but instead just output a warning
  • do not attempt to play "<None>" reel sound (which otherwise polluted the debug outputs)
  • update BASS library to 2.4.17
  • see Scripts.txt for the actual usage and "documentation" of the scripts that come with VPX

VP 10.7.2 Changelog


  • add "Assign to Layer" context menu again by showing the first 20 layers.
  • expose background and selection color in the script editor preferences
  • add disable lighting option for balls (and their trails) to the video preferences (e.g. to help the visually handicapped)
  • add 'Go To Definition' to the script editor (via F12 key), which allows to jump to the function/sub/variable definition from the current cursor pos/selection
  • add more columns to the search/select dialog (Physics Material, Collection, Collidable, Visible, Timer enabled, Depth Bias, Static Rendering, Reflections enabled)
  • fix mem size ordering (culture neutral) and add image format column to the image dialog
  • add additive blending to primitives (same as flashers)
  • support HDR textures on primitives (same as flashers), full high dynamic range is only available if lighting disabled though (otherwise clamped to 0..1)
  • allow playfield mesh to optionally be not collidable (or a toy). In that case another collidable object must be added as the playfield. This allows to use different meshes for the physics and the visuals.
  • add new command line parameter "-GLES [value]" which overrides the global emission scale (day/night setting, value range: 0.115..0.925)
  • add new JP Physics recommendations (table, pdf, materials, script)


  • improve very slow layer operations (open/close table, filter/unfilter)
  • fix an issue when hiding all layers
  • assigning an element to a hidden layer, the element will also be set to hidden.
  • update line number for script subs/functions when updating the function list
  • (i.e. so that jumping to these works properly again after changing other script code)
  • remove subs/functions from the function list when these are deleted during editing
  • fix old VPX regression leading to wrong parent links for some of the script data (leading to all kinds of other side effects when parsing the script code)
  • update internal script representation continuously while typing (please notify us if this makes working in the script editor too slow for a specific table!)
  • implement simple duplicate test for subs/functions, and output these when script is brought into focus as a tooltip
  • update image/texture drop down list after importing/deleting images
  • fix (ignored) font size handling
  • fix animation/fading of lights when not visible/when only visible through reflections
  • fix crashes in Direct Sound when using certain WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT .wav samples
  • fix missing image(s) due to main memory limit when using multithreaded loading
  • fix bumper texture memory leak
  • fix showing property dialog if multiple elements were selected
  • fix tabbing with multiple selected drag points
  • fix registry defaults load/save for EM-Reels
  • fix extremely old problem with put_TimerEnabled (would only work 'most of the time')
  • fix "Reflection Enabled" not saving/loading for Spinners
  • avoid thrashing of the saved dock/window settings when running in minimized mode
  • fix extremely old wire ramp issue (too many triangles created)
  • fix Z/depth rendering artefacts in interactive camera/light editing mode (e.g. when launching the table with F6 or the respective menu entry)
  • remove 32 entry limitation for collections in context menu
  • on import/rename an image in the image manager also update the comboboxes to select the new image for selected elements
  • do not poll XInput gamedevice/joypad/stick if its disconnected, otherwise there was a noticable overhead/slowdown
  • decrease main memory usage for textures by using smaller texture formats where possible
  • optimize floating point texture video memory usage/bandwidth (e.g. flasher/primitive and environment textures)
  • improved full example table (thanks kiwi!)
  • see Changelog_Scripts.txt for the respective core script changes (version 3.59)
  • see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes
  • see Scripts.txt for the actual usage and "documentation" of the scripts that come with VPX
  • add Visual Studio 2022 support

VP 10.7.1 Changelog

  • internal release only

VP 10.7.0 Changelog


  • reworked UI
    • layer handling is now in a seperate window. Uncheck the checkbox to hide a complete layer or single elements
    • support added to add unlimit amount of layers
    • layers with no elements will be automaticaly deleted
    • fast double-click a layer will select all elements of this layer and double-click one element will select it
    • with a slow double-click on a layer or element let you rename it
    • toolbar, properties and layers are now dockable windows without the need to restart VP
    • add context menu item to assign selected elements to the current selected layer.
  • to reset the position of the dockable windows in the editor, open Preference -> "Editor/UI Options..." and click on "Reset Window Possitons"
  • when exporting/importing a POV file, the custom user settings per table are now also exported/imported
  • when importing a primitive mesh, there is now a new option that prevents internal reordering/optimization of the data
  • add support for loading VPP/physics settings automatically: One can define an extra VPP(.vpp) file for each table, named like the VPX file
  • Example: you have some custom VPP settings for the table "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpx". Save the VPP settings into the file "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpp" and place it in the same directory as the VPX file. VPX will then also load the VPP settings automatically when loading the "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpx" (in the editor/player).
  • Or if you like to have default VPP settings that are used for any other tables, save it as "autovpp.vpp"
  • add MP3 and OGG support (via the BASS library) to the sound manager and the 'standard' sound commands
  • these new file types are now also saved directly into the VPX file, unlike the music commands (which still use the 'music' folder for legacy reasons)
  • Going forward, tables should only use the sound commands and not the music commands anymore (unless one needs to ship a music pack separately)
  • add XInput (and for now disabled SDL) input APIs, selectable in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • -> this means for example better support for XBOX controllers and (via additional driver software) PS controllers
    • added (optional) Rumble effects when XInput or SDL input APIs are selected, can be disabled in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • add another 7.1 SurroundSound mode tuned for SSF cabinet configurations (7.1 Surround Sound Feedback (enhanced)) this exaggerates the positional feel of the playfield sound effects when played in a cabinet with exciter pairs positioned at each end of the cabinet
  • add WEBP to list of supported image formats
  • add various anaglyph (e.g. red/cyan) 3D stereo glasses modes to the video preferences, also an additional left<->right flipped interlaced mode
  • as with all 3D stereo modes, please note that turning off "Reflect Elements on Playfield", Ball motion trails and Ball shadows (if the table implements these) can help the perceived image quality
  • also the same/known 'F10' key to turn on/off the 3D stereo rendering during gameplay works
  • optimize table loading/pre-processing time to reduce the amount of parallel CPU threads running, use the new command line parameter "-LessCPUthreads"
  • optimize loading of JPG images in the table
  • reduce temporary memory needed for images and automatically downscale textures if CPU memory is running out
  • add table save date and revision to table info and also show this in the pause info/menu
  • add new plunger option: Enable 1s retract
    The plunger will move forth and back between the maximum and minimum position, allowing for a retry, if the desired firing position has been missed. Useful for button/key plunging and should become your new default.
    Note that some few tables may (ab)use a manual plunger for e.g. kickbacks and these can then be fixed by enabling the autoplunger checkbox for that element.
  • add Inder/Playmatic trigger mesh
  • make debug text/FPS output adapt to resolution and rotation
  • first press of 'F11' will now show a minimalistic FPS-only text, then pressing it the next time will continue with the already known detailed statistics/profiling displays (as the latter had too much impact on the FPS itself)
  • the script editor now works in UTF-8 mode and also saves it like that (note though that VBS itself may not digest all of UTF-8!)
  • add post-processed sharpening filters to the video preferences: CAS (less aggressive, rather subtle) and Bilateral CAS (can effectively counter the general blur coming in from FXAA or SMAA, etc, while keeping the AA alone)
  • improve quality and performance of internal DMD shader (especially visible on FSS tables)
  • support to add custom notes to a table. To open a dockable notes dialog use the menu View -> Notes. Any text that was entered there is saved with the current active table.
  • add ElasticityFalloff to the wall physics properties
  • add Flashers and Primitives to Light sequencer collections
  • ability to do a rough profiling of the table loading
    if a file 'Profile.txt' exists in the same directory as VPX, then statistics for the loaded tables will be appended
  • add a button to the video preferences that resets the (windowed mode) player window position
  • add new command line parameter "-PovEdit [filename]" which loads and runs a table in camera mode, then exports a new pov on exit
  • add new command line parameter "-ExtMinimized" to start VP in the 'invisible' minimized window mode, but with enabled Pause Menu
  • add new command line parameter "-Primary" to force VP to render on the Primary/Pixel(0,0) Monitor
  • add support for capturing any window content into a flasher texture (intended to be used with PUP content)
  • be able to 'loop' the automatic loading/select-file dialog if this new setting is enabled in the editor preferences
  • (i.e. after having played a table and one exits, the table is unloaded and one can directly select the next one to play)
  • retweak default saving filenames for Blueprint-images, .obj, .pov and .vpp: It's now copied from the table filename
  • add 2 new tables to the 'File->New' menu: A completely empty table and a light sequencer demo table


  • fix issues with 3D Audio setups and backglass sounds (like music)
  • the Play Button in the Sound dialog now respects the volume/pan/fade values
  • deleting an image will not copy the old alpha value over to the next image in the list anymore
  • fix problems when exporting multiple sounds or images
  • fix wrong bounceback direction of gate
  • fix problem with gate animations introduced in 10.1 when the open/close script functions were used before
  • fix issue where saving a table can cost up to 4x (8x on 64bit) the temporary memory
  • fix issues when fallback search of core.vbs is triggered
  • properly save recently opened directory for all kinds of dialogs
  • fix crashes and not being able to select files with very long file names (e.g. images)
  • fix hang on player exit on some setups
  • do not mark table as dirty if just starting to play it (i.e. due to backup phase)
  • replace dithering code with blue noise, fixes flickering patterns (especially in darker table areas)
  • disable dithering code when running in 10bit output mode
  • tweak AO (Ambient Occlusion) and SSR (Screen Space Reflections) to be a bit less noisy
  • slightly tweak light transmission filter to capture a larger radius (for very bright lights)
  • revamp bloom filter to capture a larger radius and to be more robust in general, incl. fixing slightly wrong offsets when downsampling
  • fix a small error in the original SMAA filter code, and also increase quality parameters slightly (to match reshade)
  • retweak Standard FXAA and Quality FXAA filters to be a bit sharper
  • tweak minimum physics cycle time, which mainly influences kickers
  • also update default kicker physics (Hit height 0.35 and Hit accuracy 0.5)
  • slightly optimize collision code, especially for dropped targets
  • fix slightly wrong flipper mesh (visible for very short flippers)
  • extend light blinking patterns from size 32 to 'unlimited'
  • fix some broken insert lights if playfield reflections are disabled
  • fix OBJ-exported names for all ramp types
  • fix missing wire thickness for triggers on OBJ export
  • fix crash on (at least) one pre-forsyth-mesh-reorder table
  • fix crash on loading older tables with too long collection names
  • fix crash on loading older tables with too long item names (now its also prevented to create these)
  • fix hangs on loading/playing older tables due to invalid shapes
  • in general be more robust against invalid/'too long' names
  • add many more different windowed mode resolutions
  • more robustly handle display resolutions that are greater FullHD(1920x1080)
  • fix various issues (wrong resolution selected, etc) in the resolution selection list
  • also search for table-script replacements (i.e. external .vbs with the same/table name) in the "Scripts" folder to match the core script behavior
  • when modifying the table-script, check if it was loaded from an external .vbs, and if yes, then save the modifications to that file (and only optionally to the .vpx table itself)
  • delete duplicate images and sounds (same filename/path in the Sound/Image Manager) and remove dead image/material/surface links from items (i.e. if that thingie's name does not exist anymore)
  • when using save-as for table saving, go to the same folder and prefill dialog using the same name as the current table
  • fix crash when importing older .vpp files in the physics import
  • import min & max slope, too, when importing a .vpp file directly in a table
  • when setting up the defaults for low- or high-end PCs in the video preferences via the respective buttons, ignore settings that do not influence performance like display, FS mode, etc
  • make debug dialog (and its text edit) resizable
  • improved script error messages and handling
    • there is a new dialog when you get a script error, showing a stack trace of where the error came from, as well as local variables and function arguments at each point in the stack
    • a script debugger needs to be installed to get this more detailed error information
    • installing Visual Studio 2010 Isolated Shell seems to work
    • this information is saved when you quit gameplay, and can be shown from "Script > Toggle error log" in the script editor
    • compile errors are now also shown in this log, instead of popping up a dialog box
    • further, runtime errors can be suppressed from showing a dialog box for the current play session, which can be useful if you keep getting errors on a timer
  • fix an issue where the light sequencer could become stuck
  • any light sequencer TailLength value higher than 0 will now 'Reverse', i.e. the lights will turn 'off/on' instead of default 'on/off'
  • tweak flipper shadows (via script) implementation in the example/blank table
  • update BASS library to 2.4.16
  • script editor updated to use scintilla library 4.4.4 (custom build)
  • see Changelog_Scripts.txt for the respective core script changes (version 3.58)
  • see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes
  • see Scripts.txt for the actual usage and "documentation" of the scripts that come with VPX
  • add Clang (via Visual Studio 2019) support, still has a linking prob with 32bit though

VP 10.6.2 Changelog

  • add another 7.1 SurroundSound mode tuned for SSF cabinet configurations (7.1 Surround Sound Feedback (enhanced))
  • this exaggerates the positional feel of the playfield sound effects when
  • played in a cabinet with exciter pairs positioned at each end of the cabinet
  • improve quality and performance of internal DMD shader (especially visible on FSS tables)
  • replace dithering code with blue noise, fixes flickering patterns (especially in darker table areas)
  • disable dithering code when running in 10bit output mode
  • tweak AO (Ambient Occlusion) and SSR (Screen Space Reflections) to be a bit less noisy
  • fix a small error in the original SMAA filter code, and also increase quality parameters slightly (to match reshade)
  • retweak Standard FXAA and Quality FXAA filters to be a bit sharper

VP 10.6.1 Changelog

  • fix hang on player exit on some setups

VP 10.6.0 Changelog


  • add support for using a primitive as playfield instead of the build-in one:
    • to create a mesh playfield create a new blank table and export it as obj file
    • open the obj file in Blender and edit the playfield mesh (mesh name is "Table1")
    • cut holes into the playfield where you want to place kickers, VUKs and so on
    • export the modified playfield mesh as a separate obj file and import it to VPX
    • in VPX rename the playfield primitive to "playfield_mesh"
    • the playfield primitive doesn't need an image and a material assigned
  • VPX will use the texture and material from the playfield properties, but will respect the 'disable lighting' parameter from the primitive
  • Note: VP can only handle a simple mesh plate (with optional holes) as a playfield. Adding other complicated meshes to the playfield (e.g. merge kicker meshes with the playfield) is not supported.
  • The "playfield_mesh" is also handled as a special primitive type: its physics settings are copied from the table physics properties, but in addition you can also set "Has Hit Event" and set a "Hit Threshold"
  • if you want to be informed that the ball has hit the playfield. Settings like "Toy", "Collidable" or "Overwrite Material Settings" won't work for the "playfield_mesh".
  • See example table (File -> New -> Example Table) how to use it.
  • add object space-normal mapping support to primitive (our implementation matches the object space, +X +Y +Z, export/baking settings in Blender)
  • Object space-normal maps are commonly used if one reduces polygon counts of a complex model. The lost geometric details are then added back via a normal map
  • add proper dithering to final output buffer (most noticable on gradients and/or low-quality/cheaper output monitors)
  • implement proper sRGB pipeline for runtime filtering (only for images/textures that are used in the 'standard' material)
  • increase static table elements precomputation samples from 32 to 64 and in addition do not do aniso/trilinear filtering there, but rely on the oversampling and bilerp instead, leading to much crisper textures
  • add display selection in the video preferences
  • add buttons to video preferences to easily setup defaults for low- or high-end PCs
  • add 'Force Bloom Filter off' to video preferences to increase performance on extremely low-end graphics cards (like on tablets)
  • add checkbox to 'user customizations'->'overwrite physics by global set' to optionally change all flipper settings, too
  • add strength parameter for the (optional) legacy/VP9-like keyboard nudging code, can be set in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • add a circle outline to the gate element to help in selecting a gate in the editor and fix selection view, too
  • add a rectangle outline to the spinner element to help in selecting it in the editor and fix selection view, too
  • show kicker (default) orientation in the editor
  • add support for showing the image of a primitive mesh in the editor. However this feature is far from perfect because Windows GDI (which draws the elements in the editor) can't handle meshes well
  • show amount of vertices/polygons for a mesh primitive in the status bar
  • add x/y scale support to the camera mode to scale x/y axis at the same time
  • support 'Add Point' hotkey (F10 normal and F11 for smooth point) for rubbers
  • add apply button to the dimensions manager to apply the selected dimension to the active table
  • add support for up to 9 custom start parameters (range 1-9). Usage: "VPinballX.exe -c1 param1 -c2 param2" sets two custom parameters "param1" and "param2".
  • To access these in the script use: GetCustomParam(1) to get "param1" and GetCustomParam(2) to get "param2"
  • new table-script manipulation features:
  • '-extractvbs' parameter: "VPinballX.exe -extractvbs tablename.vpx" extracts the script and exits
  • VPX will automatically replace the table-script with a vbs file named the same as the table file (similar to the existing pov file functionality)
  • add checkbox to sound- and image-manager to use internal name as filename for exporting
  • re-use existing sound settings if re-importing a sound file
  • allow to export blueprints in different image formats
  • add current active ball velocity/angular velocity, and the number of physics iterations per frame to the F11 debug output/stats
  • add rothbauerw's and cyberpez' ball dropping sound code to builtin example tables


  • fix lighting of the reflection of the playfield on the ball (before it was more or less ignoring the real lightsources and using a wrong lookup from the environment)
  • fix some issues with the physically based lighting calculations, this can change the brightness (most noticably on the playfield) for some tables (more so if the (HDR) environment map is very high contrast, especially on the poles)
  • fix normal computations of the old legacy primitive (i.e. that triangulated tube)
  • fix ball decal splotches if only a global ball image was set in the video preferences
  • fix some regressions (introduced with 10.5) with backdrop lights (most prominent: bulb lights had wrong falloff, the 'classic' lights wrong image mapping)
  • as a bonus, this should also finally fix all issues seen with backdrop lights on intel/builtin graphics in the past
  • disable transmit for backdrop bulb lights
  • fix ball through bumper issue
  • fix rather old bug in physics-settings-per-material for the collidable setting of walls (introduced with 10.2)
  • fix "all sounds to rear channels" bug
  • fix FPS-dependent animation speed if update interval of EM Reels and Light Sequence is chosen low (i.e. quick changes) and animate at the actual speed
  • do not ignore primitive setting 'Has Hit Event' anymore (before it was always implicitly on)
  • fix some regressions from 10.3+ within the physics options dialog, especially with some of its flipper settings and when importing settings
  • fix some potential crashes and quirks in the manager dialogs (most notably the alpha test value in the image manager being copied to other elements when deleting an image)
  • fix crash in collection manager if a collection is moved up/down
  • fix crashes if a POV file is broken/invalid
  • add missing implementation for -pov command line option
  • support both winding orders for lights, which fixes the invalid shape error message for (some) lights
  • fix some potential problems with balls and rubbers outside of the playfield range, and when importing certain primitive meshes via .obj


  • optimize .obj importer
  • increase robustness (and reduce temporary memory used) when handling very large images/textures
  • remove caption and window borders in windowed mode (only re-enable/toggle that caption if the 'ESC'/Pause-menu is brought up so that one can move the window around after unpausing again)
  • save position of the windowed mode player window
  • remove all table encryption, old locked tables automatically unlock now
  • update BASS library to 2.4.14
  • see core scripts (header of core.vbs) for the respective changelog (version 3.57)
  • see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes
  • remove Visual Studio 2010 & 2012 & 2013 support, add Visual Studio 2019 support

VP 10.5.0 Changelog

  • add ScreenSpace Reflections to the global video and table user properties, strength can be changed in the table lighting panel. This adds very fake, but also very fast local reflection effects to all table elements
  • make exclusive fullscreen the new default when using Windows 10 build 1803 and above
  • add option to the global video preferences to disable reflections of dynamic elements on the playfield (to help lower end PC systems)
  • static table elements are now over-sampled/better anti-aliased and always rendered at highest detail level (latter only applicable for rubbers and ramps)
  • improve quality of internal DMD shader, now it's almost resolution independent, especially when using it via flashers (e.g. FSS tables and the like)
  • fix issue with optimized dynamic group rendering of primitives, in general note that
    1. if all elements in a group are dynamic primitives/meshes and all these use the same texture and same material, they will be grouped into one big render buffer/single render call to speed up the rendering of transparent meshes on the table (like the plastics for example)
    2. if elements are grouped together they will be treated as a group in the editor. Click on it and all elements in that group are selected at once
    3. if you group primitives you can't animate or move/rotate them dynamically via script!
  • throw balls in player: add support to change the default ball mass when throwing a ball. The user can also set the default ball mass in the editor options (menu: preferences)
  • built-in ball control: Enable in debug window (or via "ball control always on" in the global options)
  • - left mouse click directs the ball towards the mouse cursor, left flipper key releases control
  • - can also double click to make the active ball jump to the cursor
  • - can hold left mouse button down to guide the ball
  • - if "throw" and "ball control" are both checked, one can use the throwing action on the ball control instead of making a new ball
  • increase usable UI layers from 8 to 11
  • script button can now both open and close the script editor
  • optionally make View->Script always show the script (see new option in Preferences->Editor Options)
  • add copy/paste feature for control points. Select a control point, press the "Copy" button or CTRL+C to copy the coordinates.
  • Then select another control point of another element and press the "Paste" button or leave the mouse cursor over the control point and press CTRL+V.
  • ATTENTION: you can also copy/paste control points of the same element but this can lead to bad shapes of the selected element
  • add units conversion feature from VPUnits -> inches/millimeters in the status bar for control points.
  • If you select two control points of a wall/ramp the status bar shows the distance of X/Y in the selected unit.
  • The unit used for the conversion can be set in the editor options dialog.
  • make the Edit->Search/Select Element un-minimize if minimized when selected
  • fix detection of used materials (bumpers, triggers & kickers were missing) and used images (color grading LUT was missing)
  • fix sound device selection/mapping for music (i.e. usually the backglass device)
  • add 'Set Defaults' button to the editor properties to reset editor changes and position/size of the script window
  • configurable global flipper physics sets: setting a negative value for a flipper physics setting in there will ignore that value and use the respective table flipper value instead
  • fix immediate player shutdown if global physics sets not setup/initialized by the user in the global options
  • fix wrong initialization order for global physics sets, leading to uninitialized physics parameters on the first run of a table (including potential crashes due to strange values)
  • fix EOS Torque and EOS Torque Angle not overriding the table flipper settings when used via the global (flipper) physics sets
  • rubbers now fully respect the element detail level slider, plus their hit shapes feature less triangles (=faster physics/collisions)
  • fix rubber triangulation issue leading to visual artifacts (especially in the editor) and rarely also weird physics behavior
  • fix ramp collision/internal walls reaching below and above the actual visible walls or wires, which was mainly an issue for rather straight and/or very steep ramps
  • improve gate swing physics, correct backwards initial swing, and expose new gravity factor parameter.
  • Also add some "bounce back" for 1-way gates. Currently set up to use as-is defaults, but Wrd1972 recommends the following settings:
  • Ideal setting for GATE motion:
    • Elasticity = .4 (default)
      Friction = .02 (default)
      Dampening = .85
      Gravity = 3
  • Ideal for SWITCH ACTUATOR motion:
    • Elasticity = .4 (default)
      Friction = .02 (default)
      Dampening = .9
      Gravity = 1
  • animate bumper skirts depending on ball impact
  • add RingDropOffset to the bumper element
  • fix rendering of bumper base/skirt if ring is disabled
  • update bumper base, ring and skirt with better meshes provided by flupper1
  • allow reels and textboxes to be moved via the script (and textboxes can also be placed at floating point precision level)
  • add 'Disable Lighting from below' functionality for Targets and Walls (0..1) to optionally disable light coming from below (e.g. from light elements)
  • handle corner case if a timer is disabled and then re-enabled within its own handler to prevent falsifying the timer interval
  • fix flipper element's EOS Torque and EOS Torque Angle and Elasticity and ElasticityFalloff and RampUp to be able to be changed by the script
  • draw also flipper thickness in the editor
  • fix triggers getting "stuck" when the ball is moving fast
  • fix kicker export bug
  • update builtin tables with 3 different sling arms (thanks bord and BorgDog)
  • fix obscure bug where starting the blank/built-in tables with the options pane closed causes the ball to levitate off the table
  • allow ESC-key to resume table if pause dialog is up
  • add -EnableTrueFullscreen (force enables/overrides the true fullscreen video preference) to command line
  • improve table exit performance (particularly when using Windows 10 build 1803)
  • log message in debug window when PlaySound is called for a sound that's missing in the sound manager
  • add VPTableStart broadcast message for frontends as notification that playfield should be shown
  • update BASS library to
  • see core scripts (header of core.vbs) for the respective changelog (version 3.56)
  • see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes

VP 10.4.0 Changelog

  • add support for loading POV/backdrop settings automatically: One can define an extra POV(.pov) file for each table, named like the VPX file.
  • Example: you have some custom POV settings for the table "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpx". Save the POV settings into the file "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).pov" and place it in the same directory as the VPX file. VPX will then also load the POV settings automatically when loading the "QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vpx" (in the editor/player).
  • Or if you like to have default POV settings that are used for any other tables, save it as "autopov.pov".
  • in addition, there is also -Pov [filename] to load, export POV settings and then close VPX (via the command line)
  • change context menu behavior of add/remove to collection: it's now possible to add/remove one or multiple elements to other collections.
  • If you selected multiple elements but they are not part of the same collection/or are not part of any collection
  • the context menu is greyed out and the check marks tell you which collections were found for these selected elements.
  • add Rotate/Scale around origin option to the rotate/scale dialog.
  • Simply uncheck "Rotate around origin" or "Scale around origin" to rotate/scale around the mouse position.
  • To use the current mouse position as rotate/scale reference use the following workflow:
    1. select the element you want to rotate/scale
    2. place the mouse cursor where the origin should be
    3. press the context menu key on your keyboard (the one between "Alt Gr" and right "Ctrl") and select "Rotate" or "Scale"
    4. uncheck the "Rotate/Scale around origin" and start the operation
  • a selected element can be added/removed to/from a collection via the context menu
  • add a new "In Use" column to the material manager dialog
  • add a new column for the image manager to show the raw size in bytes for each image
  • let user change the scatter angle for bumpers in the editor UI
  • add additional thickness parameter to (transparent) materials,
  • which interacts with the standard amount (and/or alpha channel of the image) and edge opacity to provide a more natural look
  • add (optional) legacy/VP9-like keyboard nudging code, can be enabled in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog
  • add internal/rudimentary GPU & table element profiling functionality (accessed as usual via the F11 statistics/debug info display variants)
  • the normal statistics/debug info display now features multiple modes, the first mode works as before,
  • the second features additional timings for each main rendering block (like timings for Ambient Occlusion, pure rendering of the table elements, playfield reflection, etc),
  • the third one shows separate timings for each table element type(s), which is only approximate though, as it can not render the table in exactly the same way
  • extend 'Disable Lighting' functionality for HitTarget, Primitive and Wall from simple dis/enable to a blend value 0..1
  • add 'Disable Lighting from below' functionality for Primitives (0..1) to optionally disable light coming from below (e.g. from light elements)
  • add new kicker meshes (KickerCup2, KickerWilliams, KickerGottlieb)
  • add surround sound options/configurations:
    1. Basic 2CH audio - this should operate exactly as it did before. Forward/rear panning is ignored.
    2. All effects to rear - Moves the table sounds to the back audio channels. This allows one to move the sounds into the cab like one was able before, but without needing a second sound card.
    3. Surround, front is front - This is the best setting when using a dedicated card for the surround sound table sounds. It makes the front channels the front of the cab (closest to the player). This way if one uses older versions of VP, the old legacy output still works well.
    4. Surround, front is rear - This is a pretty "vanilla" surround setup. If you were to play on a home theater or with virtual 3D headphones, it's the most appropriate. The "front" speakers are in the rear of the cab (furthest from you). If VPinmame also uses the same soundcard, it will share the audio with these front channels.
    5. 7.1 surround (aka 6ch audio) - If one wants to drive the backglass, and 4 channel table sounds all off of one card, this is the setting to use. It shifts all of the table audio to the side and rear channels, leaving the fronts available for VPM and backglass sounds. This might also be a good setting to try if you are using just 2 speakers in the cab and 2 in the backbox, the table sounds will pan partially towards the front in 4 speaker mode, letting the backbox provide some of the surround effect.
  • Please note that these modes are used in conjunction with the Windows speaker configurations. You can use any mode on any speaker system.
  • Some sound cards even have virtual surround options that would work with this setup. You could set up a full 7.1 setup and dedicate it to just the playfield if you wanted with option #3 or #4, and use a separate card for VPM.
  • The 7.1 mode was tested and it works great, but we recommend using the #3 option for now(!) as it is the most backwards compatible when also using VP9.X and VP9.X/PhysMod5.
  • There's also a much revamped sound manager that lets you tweak the positions without touching the table script.
  • add tweaked ball rolling/collision PlaySound calls to the default table, to use the new surround/front_rear_fade parameter
  • extend all other PlaySound calls of the default table to use the respective elements X and Y position (on the table) for panning and front/rear fading
  • extend some PlaySound calls with DOF/Controller.vbs commands
  • new table extended by an additional stripped down version of the default table and an updated example table (Thanks to BorgDog and Hauntfreaks)
  • add nudge test and calibration table (by DJRobX, modded by Sir Cheddar) to tables directory
  • stop playing sounds when exiting the sound dialog, or exiting position dialog, or when you pick a different sound
  • remove rendering of lower playfield border/quad
  • fix missing kicker holes at inclination values close around 0
  • drop target hit event problems fixed
  • fix duplicated functions in the script editor dropdown box (which also resulted in a lot of slowdown over time)
  • fix some uninitialized dialog state
  • fix some more editor crashes
  • see core scripts (header of core.vbs) for the respective changelog (versions 3.54 and 3.55)
  • see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes
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